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Oracle Developer

Montreal, QC, Canada
February 26, 2020

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***-**** ******** *'Anjou Blvd.

Montreal, Quebec H1J 2K2



Bilingual Programmer-analyst with than 30 years of professional experience in IT with 5 years with e-business suite Oracle Financials. Solid expertise in Oracle, performing functional analysis and programming. Played a professional role in IT departments for different industries as well for consulting firms. Fields of businesses: Finance, Payroll, HR, Government (management of files), Accounting (AP, AR, GL, Finances), Retail, Life Insurance. A team leader, reliable, honest and optimistic.


Oracle E Business Suite EBS ERP 11.5i and R12.1 (Forms Personalization, Flexfield, Multiple Organizations, Workflow, AME)

Oracle Developer (Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports), Apex (Application Express) 5.0

Oracle Designer (Generation at 100%)


Remedy, C2, DMR Macroscope (P+), SCRUM methodology (JIRA), Redmine

Windows 10 and 7, Linux, Unix

Team Leader, Scrum Master with Agile


Systematix September 2019-January 2020



Achievements: Public Curator. Perform the analysis with the Macroscope methodology and the resolution of issues for the central PSO system. Project for the management of digitized documents and the employee work plans. Preparation and presentation of workshops for development. Creation of mock-ups. Design and perform functional and integrated test sets.

Environment: PL/SQL with Oracle 12c, Macroscope P+ (P490S-Functional Spec., P750S/P770S-Tests Cases, M049S-Workshop), Tortoise, Oracle Forms.

Sogema Technologies Inc. November 2017-September 2019

IT Services to Governments for Emerging Countries


Achievements: Perform the analysis, development and maintenance of the company's suite of applications. Called to work on the different projects entrusted by our clients, governments of emerging and developing countries. Knowledge and skills was put to the service of a team that works in Agile mode with dynamism, passion and conviction to build a better world. Analyze and program business application development needs. Actively participate in the design effort and design of new features. Perform the maintenance (fixed bug) of the software. Design and perform unit test sets.

Environment: PL/SQL with Oracle 12c, Agile, Apex, Oracle Forms and Oracle Reports. Tortoise, Javascript, CSS Classes.

STATPRO May 2013-October 2017

Financial Data Provider

Oracle Developer

Achievements: Programming and testing using Linux/Oracle. Analysis and design of packages to meet business requirements in Finance. Enhancements and maintenance of existing data products. Able to produce accurate time and cost estimates. Ongoing documentation maintenance and creation. Primarily working on projects relating to Oracle database 12c. Daily work on system enhancements and bug fixes. Evening support to production.

Environment: Oracle Forms 10g/11g, Oracle Reports, PL/SQL, Linux, Shell scripts, Toad, GIT, Scrum JIRA, ETL, Sqlloader.

OSI October 2012-April 2013



Achievements: At Videotron. Data migration module development for Contracts and their Billing. Analysis and programming PL/SQL. Use of External Tables, data modelization. Team of 15 persons.

Environment: PL/SQL, Oracle 11g, Remedy, Tortoise, Toad, Filezilla, Putty, Unix, Shell script, Eclipse, methodology Macroscope P+ P340S, P375S, P490S, P600S (functional and organic analysis), ETL, Sqlloader.

CAE January 2009-September 2012

A global leader in modeling, simulation and training for civil aviation and defense.


Achievements: Creation of the processes of payment in batch of the suppliers using the format of files of various banks in Europe and America. Application of the changes on checks by changing the signatures and adding information. Migration towards R12. Various changes of logics on the screens Invoices, Payment Batches, Customers, Suppliers. SYSADMIN role for managing the responsibilities, the profiles, the menus. Creation of report/ratio of finances and accountancy. Team of 30 peoples. Affected parties were accounts receivable AP Accounts Payable AR and GL great book. Application Forms Personalization on the following screens: Customers, Invoices, Payments Batches and Suppliers. Using profiles were used in Personalization Forms for initiating a specific screen behavior. In the Invoices screen, change the workflow to allow better management of payment approval using the departmental hierarchy with AME. For example, a clerk just pay bills of $ 5,000. and less. Any amount above must be approved via a return e-mail to his supervisor. Using Flexfields for making additional information or to help trigger a validation. As my former employers were companies with multiple organizations, fndload function was used to duplicate Responsibilities privileges. Supported production alone for almost two years while his teammates were busy migration software. So accustomed to working under pressure mainly to produce checks and pay suppliers. Any change was initiated by a written Statement Of a functional analyst often carrying non-IT Work. Production of the document in the Oracle methodology, MD50, MD70 to write a detailed analysis of his speech and produces a MD120 for the start of production and Test TE020. Everything was tracked using Remedy software helping to manage the stages of development and testing using the approvals to move from one task to another. Reports using either the pl/sql or Oracle Reports and were formatted using XML Publisher, BI Publisher. Used to go in with Forms Oracle Forms since it has directly created with this tool and it gave him an advantage over other developers to study the logic is there. Using .inst scripts to create database objects. Using Custom libraries .pll to add code.

Environment: Oracle Financial 11.5i and R12.1 (ERP, EBS), Oracle 10g, PL/SQL, Oracle Developer 10g (Oracle Forms 10g, Oracle Reports 10g), Remedy, Tortoise, Unix, Shell script, SQL Developer. Oracle Methodology (MD50, MD70, MD120, TE020), ETL, Sqlloader.

GARDA January 2007-December 2008

Security management


Achievements: Development of systems for Invoicing, HR, Payroll, architecture of data and analysis by prototyping and programming. Team of 30 persons. Accounting Data to generates pays and schedules for guardians.

Environment: PL/SQL, Oracle Designer 10g, Oracle Developer 10g (Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports), Windows XP, Linux, C2, PVCS, Toad, XML, ETL, Sqlloader.


COFOMO March 2006-December 2006


Sureté du Québec. Proof Report System.

Achievements: Functional analysis, programming (forms and PL/SQL). Technical coach. Team of 4 members. 100% generation using Oracle Designer.

Environment: Oracle 10g, Application Server 10g, Oracle Internet Application Server, Internet Developer Suite, PL/SQL packages, Designer 10g, Developer 10g (Oracle Forms 10g and Oracle Reports 10g), Windows XP, methodology Macroscope P+ P340S, P375S, P490S, P600S (functional and organic analysis).

TEK SYSTEMS May 2003-March 2006


ALLSTATE, Chicago, THE HARTFORD, Hartford, Connecticut

Achievements: Project management for Life insurance and animal insurance. Technical assistance with other developers. Team of 20 peoples. Generation 100% with Designer and Head Start.

Environment: OWB, PL/SQL, Designer 9i, Developer 9i (Oracle Forms and Oracle Reports), Windows XP, HP 9000, Unix 11, Visio, Method 1 (comparable to DMR (P+) Macroscope), Oracle Enterprise Manager, Head Start, CDM Rule Frame, business rules via TAPI, CAPI.

FUJITSU November 2002-March 2003



Achievements: Project management on infringements and fines.

Environment: Oracle 8i, Designer 6i, Developer 6i (Oracle Forms and Oracle Reports), packages PL/SQL, Windows 2000, DELL, XML, Toad.

COVANSYS October 2001-July 2002



Achievements: Technical assistance with other developers. Maintenance of the security management database. Team of 10 peoples. Generation at 100% with Designer. Design of the data model.

Environment: Oracle 8i, Designer/2000 6i, Developer/2000 6i (Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports), packages PL/SQL, Windows NT 4.0, Windows XP, Pentium III, Sun Solaris, Unix, PL/SQL Developer.

KEOPS TECHNOLOGIES December 1999-September 2001



Achievements: Data architecture for the Witness Protection Services system. Technical assistance with other developers. Supervision of three developers. Maintenance of the security management database. Project management.

Environment: Oracle 8i, Designer 6i, Developer 6i (Oracle Forms and Oracle Reports), PL/SQL, Windows NT 4.0, Pentium III, Dell 6300, methodology Macroscope P+ P340S, P375S, P490S, P600S (functional and organic analysis).

SYSTEMATIX July 1998-November 1999


HYDRO-QUÉBEC, Ministère de l’Immigration et des Communautés culturelles (MICC)

Achievements: Development of the MPI material system for Projects and Installations. Conversion to year 2000, modifications with the modules and Oracle Word mass mailing for the system of immigration INTIMM. Recasting of the system.

Environment: Oracle 7.3, Designer/2000 1.3, Developer (Oracle Forms, Oracle Report), PL/SQL, Windows 95, Unix.

Different mandates for consulting firms and retail companies 1986-1998


Certificate in Marketing Management – HEC Montréal 1989

Bachelor in Computer Science – Université de Sherbrooke 1986

D.E.C. Pures Sciences and Healt - CEGEP St-Laurent 1984

A.E.C. College Certificate in Computer Sciences - Computer Institute of Canada 1983


Apex (Application Express) 5.0, FOEX

DMR Productivity More, Macroscope and modeling of data

Advanced SQL*FORMS, referential integrity, Computertime and Oracle

Precompiler, Computertime

Various tools of design of Web page (HomeSite, Dreamweaver)

Administrator of Windows NT


DBA Workshop

Oracle Database Administrator Leaves 1A: Structure

Oracle to develop: Release 1 to release 10 new features

Designer/2000 R 2: Servers design and generation

Oracle Designer: Forms design and generation

Certification Oracle 9i

Head Start


R12 Oracle Applications System Administrator Fundamental

R12.x Oracle E-Business Suite Essentials for Implementers

R12.x Oracle Install/Patch/Maintain Oracle E-Business Suite

Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop I DBA and II

Hyperion Planner OLAP123

Java EE, Javascript, CSS Classes, Object Oriented programming, UML





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