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Elk Grove, CA
February 26, 2020

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PATRICK MONDALA 916-***-**** Linkedin Github Portfolio


Ruby, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Redux, Apollo, MongoDB, Express, React, Java, Node (MERN Stack), Amazon Web Services (AWS), Docker, jQuery, SQL, Git, HTML5, CSS3


Whelp (MongoDB, Express, React, Node, Redux, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS) Live Site Github A full stack single-page Yelp inspired clone where users can find dog related businesses and write reviews.

● Formed a CSS work-around using calc to efficiently create the styling for reactive star rating change effects when hovering over the star ratings while making a review using a sprite-sheet.

● Display on the business show page if it’s open or closed based on the business’s available times and the time of the current user’s computer.

● Included Google Maps API in order to display the different businesses in a given area, and also allowed users to search by their geolocation.

Bacefook (Rails, React, Redux, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, HTML5, AWS and CSS3) Live Site Github A full stack single-page Facebook inspired clone where users can write posts/comments, add photos, and add their friends.

● Implemented Amazon Web Services for reliable image hosting to give users the ability to upload their photos as their profile picture or profile cover photo.

● Utilized React state to make the sign-up modal be reactive and responsive with immediate error display with visible tooltips along with showing all errored fields after a failed submission using a chain of state change callbacks.

● Setup a news-feed using the Rails association between multiple users and their posts using connected data of the logged in user to display all of the posts the user has made, along with the posts that user’s friends have made. FantasyPay&Play (MongoDB, Express, React, Node, Apollo, GraphQL, Docker, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS) Live Site Github A full stack single-page Sleeper inspired clone where users can bet on football matches and play fantasy football with friends.

● Incorporated a football stat tracking API which allowed for relevant stat tracking of current players along with recent and upcoming matches.

● Simplified the data sent to the front end in order to have the minimal information necessary for each component using GraphQL.

● Added higher compatibility and maintainability for the project by using Docker for deployment which gave a consistency and a standard to the development and release cycles. EXPERIENCE

Self-Employed, eSports Instructor Remote 2016-2019

● Mentored rising talent in the highly competitive world of professional gaming as they moved from casual play to playing with the top 10% of the United States competing against teams in well-known eSports competitive leagues.

● Helped 5 national competitive players research and develop strategies to enhance their national performance and presence.

● Trained students with daily practice with an hour long cyclable regimen enabling them to improve their effectiveness and efficiency.

Self-Employed, eSports Athlete Remote 2016-2018

● Devised and utilized strategies to win in tournaments by directly countering relevant strategies that teams were typically using and studied the top teams in the world to learn from their plan execution and bring it into my own games.

● Oversaw 4 players during matches and between official games with practiced plans and real-time on-the-fly decision making in high stress situations which resulted in beneficial strategies and increased wins. EDUCATION

App Academy San Francisco, CA 2019

Top national software development program with less than 5% acceptance rate.

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