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Peoplesoft Security

Morristown, NJ
February 27, 2020

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****,**** ***** **, ****** PLAINS, NJ – 07950. USA

Phone: +1-804-***-****

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Ramakrishnan has been in the Information Technology Industry for 10+ years with specific focus on ERP solutions and has specialized on administering the computing environment by identifying PeopleSoft system requirements, installing upgrades, and monitoring the system's overall performance.

He has a proven experience in installing and configuring application server domains on Windows & Unix platforms and configuring Change Assistant for upgrades while applying updates and fixes. Over these years, he has worked in various domains that include Retails, Manufacturing, Transportation and Banking.

He has expertise in working on projects involving PeopleSoft Architecture, Analysis, Design and Development and Testing. Responsible for troubleshooting Web Servers, App Servers, Process Scheduler & App Designer Problems in 2-tier, 3-tier

& PIA environments.

Has diverse experience in multiple applications such as PeopleSoft, Confluence, Adobe Products (Analytics, DTM, and Target & Launch), MicroStrategy etc.

His educational background includes:

• Master of Computer Application

Bharathidasan University, India

Proficiency in ERP


Expertise in Configuration &

Installation of various

applications such as

PeopleSoft, Quest STAT,

Tracker PRO, Confluence,

Adobe Digital Products,

MicroStrategy, Metastorm

BPM and so on.

Extensive knowledge in

PeopleSoft Financials and

Supply Chain Management


Proficiency in Upgrades,

Patches, Tax Updates and

Bundles using Change

Assistant and PUM

Good knowledge of PIA


Proficiency in PeopleSoft

Security Components,

Application Messaging/

Integration Gateway

Have in-depth knowledge of

PeopleSoft component such

as Application Designer,

PeopleTools, PSADMIN

Utility, Digi Certs, PS Query,

Process Schedulers and

Data Mover.

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ERP PeopleSoft Financials and Supply Chain Management 9.2, 9.1, 9.0, 8.9, 8.8,8.4, 7.5



People Tools, PUM, Change Assistant, ElastiSearch, Application Engine, Component Interface, PeopleCode, PSQuery, Process Schedulers, Data Mover, Security, File Layout, Application Messaging, Excel to CI. Middleware WebLogic, Tuxedo, JDK



Portal Administrations, Object Security and Query Security Databases Oracle 9i,SQL Server (2000)

Scheduling Tools Process Scheduler, Control-M, TWS Migration Tools Quest STAT & Phire

Monitoring Tools SiteScope, CACTI

OS Unix & Windows

Reporting Tools SQR, Crystal Reports, PS Query, nVision, BI Publisher, MicroStrategy Other Utilities MS Office, SQL*Plus, Toad and Visio 2000 1. PROJECT NAME RTB Cards and Payments – Internal



CLIENT Barclays, LLC

COMPANY Compunnel Software Group Inc (Independent

Consultant) – Jan 2016 to June 2017

Barclays LLC (FTE) – July 2017 – Till Date

DURATION Jan 2016 – Till Date

ROLE Application Administrator

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Client Description:

Barclaycard is a credit card provider, helping people achieve their financial goals for over 50 years. Backed by Barclays PLC, one of the world’s largest and most solid financial services companies; they collaborate with over 60 top companies to empower their card members with innovative products and a personal level of service. ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES IN THE PROJECT:

Application: PeopleSoft

• Installation and Configuration of Web Logic, People Tools, Tuxedo/Jolt, Application Server and Process Scheduler on UNIX environments.

• Developed UNIX shell scripts to schedule reset of Process Scheduler, and Application Server domains stop and start the services when necessary without manual intervention.

• Responsible for troubleshooting Web Server, Application Server, Process Scheduler & Application Designer problems in 2-tier, 3-tier & PIA environments.

• Involved in upgrading People Tools from 8.51.12 to 8.51.25.

• Coordinate with application developers, technical leads, database administrators and management to develop, participate in, and enforce procedures for change control, migration of changes to production, and communication of patches, to all affected parties

(technical staff and power users).

• Responsible for Configuring and maintaining Application messaging/Integration Gateway.

• Monitoring Control-M jobs for PeopleSoft and ensure the jobs are running successfully without affecting the business.

• Worked very closely with the developers on troubleshooting issues in a heavily customized system involving multiple third party agencies.

• Involving in Upgrade from PeopleSoft 9.1 to PeopleSoft 9.2 and PT 8.51 to 8.55.

• Implemented ElasticSearch Framework and troubleshoot issues, deploying and maintaining search indexes for all the PeopleSoft environments.

• Working with Integration Broker configuration and maintenance.

• Extensive knowledge in Configuring and Installing Quest STAT and use it for migration purposes.

PROJECT SPECIFIC SKILLS PeopleSoft 9.2 Financials and Supply Chain, People Tools 8.55, Control-M, Crystal Report,

nVision,Security & PeopleSoft Admin Utilities,

Quest STAT, PUM, WebLogic, Tuxedo, JDK,

Unix, Shell Scripts, Oracle, MicroStrategy,

MetaStorm, Omniture Site Catalyst, CA

Transactions, Adobe Digital SiteScope &



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• Assist Unix/Windows and DBA teams with Quarterly Server Patching fail-over plans relating to the primary and secondary nodes for application high availability.

• Create plan and document detailed instructions for application Contingency/Disaster Recovery environment and fail-back to the lifecycle Production Environment.

• Provides analytics delivery thought leadership, and support for strategic development and execution. Ensure alignment with the enterprise analytics strategy and development, maintain and execute the business intelligence and analytics strategic roadmaps. Clearly and effectively, communicate roadmap, and gain enterprise buy-in and, funding and support for delivery strategy and supporting projects.

• Interface with other central organizations to improve and implement application process, procedures and automation.

• Performance analysis, monitoring, troubleshooting and resolution of the issues.

• Plan and execute replication and DR activities that pertain to application systems

• Keep abreast of IT industry trends and developments to help identify potential new technologies for the improvement of systems infrastructure.

• Working closely with developers, clients, DBA and IT Team to troubleshoot problems & performance issues on database systems and PeopleSoft applications. Application: Confluence

• Manage and Configure Confluence application and the servers for agile development in the organization.

• Experience working with Confluence pages and spaces to create documentations for each applications in the company.

• Upgradation, Migrations and Fine-tuning of Confluence instances.

• Responsible for maintaining all confluence spaces, workflows, permissions and users.

• Installed Confluence on Linux environments with SQR Server database.

• Performed upgrade in test and production environment by backing up databases, home directory and installation directory as well as add-ons

• Worked on Confluence-assigned user personal space and provided assistance in using Confluence.

Application: Adobe SiteCatalyst

• Improved Standards, internal process and developed documentations for Adobe Analytics by implementing it on multiple sites.

• Involved creation of User maintenance and other Omniture Administration Process.

• Handled Tag Implementation for Adobe Marketing Suite using Dynamic Tag Management across web and offline properties.

• Experience on other Adobe suite of product to configure the properties and other admin tasks.

• Maintain enterprise consistency and best practices in configuring property settings to user Adobe products effectively.

Application: Tracker PRO

• Manage and configure Tracker PRO application and the servers for Agile development in the organization.

• Configure and maintain IIS Servers.

• SSL Certificates renewals and application.

• Plan and execute replication and DR activities that pertain to application systems.

• User provisioning and maintain ACL to adhere to the company policy. Page 4 of 9

Application: MicroStrategy & Metastorm BPM

• Administered MicroStrategy environments and formulated user groups.

• Handled user licenses for Projects.

• Managed backup of Metadata.

• Supervised report delivery and established project schemas.

• Formulated grid, graph, document and dashboard reports.

• Coordinated with internal and external stakeholders.

• Enforced advanced administration, management and performance tuning techniques.

• Coordinate with application developers for change control, migration of changes to production and communication of patches.

Client Description:

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is responsible for building, maintaining and operating the State's roads, bridges and tunnels Through the Commonwealth Transportation Board; it provides funding for airports, seaports, rail and public transportation. Virginia has the third-largest state-maintained highway system in the country, behind Texas and North Carolina. ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES IN THE PROJECT:

AR/BI Module Lead Responsibilities:

• Resolving issues related to Tier 3 AR/BI module tickets. (Tier 3 = Technical Issues)

• Review and analyzes assigned Tier 3 AR/BI tickets. 2. PROJECT NAME PeopleSoft – Cardinal Production Support

& Enhancements

INDUSTRY Transportation

CLIENT Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) DURATION Noc 2011 – Dec 2015

ROLE Senior SQL Developer & DBA

PROJECT SPECIFIC SKILLS PeopleSoft 9.1 Financials and Supply Chain

(Accounts Receivable/Billing, Purchasing,

Account Payables, General Ledger, Project

Accounting), People Tools 8.50, Application

Engine, SQR, PS Query, Control-M,

Crystal Report, Security & PeopleSoft Admin

Utilities, Phire, ElasticSearch, Unix & Oracle


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• Gathering the requirements from business and designed the technical/functional document and start building the requirements.

• Worked on research & analysis of issues, functional feasibility for new enhancement requests.

• Follow up with Tier 2 Module lead to clarify issues regarding the tickets.

• Address the PeopleSoft Bug and follow up with Oracle to get the fix done.

• Help/Provide suggestions on Configuration/functional designs in AR/Bi module to client counterpart.

• Help Discretionary team to fulfill the new requirement for AR/BI module.

• Reviewing Part 3 (New Enhancement team) Functional and Technical documents for AR/ BI new enhancements.

• Designed the reconciliation process end to end in AR/BI module.

• Supported UAT for the development done by discretionary team.

• Improved the performance of so many batch processes.

• Created public and private queries using PS Query to assist users in analyzing data quickly and easily in AR/BI modules.

• Troubleshooting of Production issues in AR/BI modules.

• Designed the online Deposit approval page component in Account Receivables (AR) module as per the user requirements.

Security Activity

• Created the several permission lists, roles and user profiles as per the business structure across the business units.

• Modify the existing permission list, roles & query tree.

• Create/Delete the User Profiles for Roll On and Roll Off users.

• Implemented the Query Security for VDOT.

• Several documents have been created in order to follow the security processes by Client Counterpart security team.

• Help management in answering questions related to security in the Yearly Audit.

• Doing the Security refresh, which is partially involved in environment refresh.

• Setup Row Level Security for new agencies that come in for VDOT business.

• Add/Edit existing permission list/roles to removing or adding the page access.

• Worked on Portal Navigation Collection for one of the AP requirement. Batch Activity:

• Monitoring PeopleSoft jobs, which are run through Control-M, and troubleshooting the job abends.

• Address the failure jobs in the Batch at any time.

• Change the Batch schedule in Control-M as per requests across the modules.

• Created new Run Control for new requirement in Batch Schedule and implement the same in Control-M Desktop/Enterprise Manager.

• Created new calendars depend upon the business requirement in Production.

• Gathering the requirements from the business, created new set of jobs for new functionality, and placed in Production for Go-Live.

• Created new tables in Control-M and tied the new set of jobs to run on a daily batch schedule.

• On a daily basis, 600 batch jobs have been scheduled and the same has been monitored for failures that has been addressed immediately.

Application Admin Activity:

• Involved in troubleshooting Web Server, Application Server, Process Scheduler & Application Designer problems in 2-tier, 3-tier & PIA environments.

• Participated in Software installation for PeopleSoft Applications and PeopleTools. Page 6 of 9

• Applied Tax updates, bundles, fixes and troubleshoot long running jobs for the PeopleSoft. Provided round the clock support during production live process for EPM and Financials modules.

• Worked on PS Admin Utilities to perform admin tasks. Client Description:

Target Corporation, often called Target, is an American retailing company headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is the second-largest discount retailer in the United States, behind Walmart. The company is ranked at number 30 on the Fortune 500 as of 2010 and is a component of the Standard & Poor's 500 index.


• Understand the existing business process and creating Technical Design Documents for development phase.

• Retrofit and Reapply activity were carried out for Records, Pages, Peoplecode, SQR, App Engine, PS Query, JCL and COBOL.

• Preparation of Unit Test Plan and Involved in Unit Testing across all the modules.

• Unit Test done through the Mainframe application (JCL and COBOL). Error were rectifying, if any abends during Unit Testing.

• Coordinate with client during SIT & UAT.

• Defects raised by the users were resolved and clarifications provided when necessary.

• Comparison and quality checking for the code written for 9.1

• Figuring out the missed object during initial analysis and made the changes as per the need.

• Providing Implementation support after Go-Live and resolving defects for new 9.1 environment issues.

• Providing Application Support for the Warranty Period and resolving issues. 3. PROJECT NAME PeopleSoft Upgrade


CLIENT Target Corporation

DURATION Nov 2010 – Oct 2011

ROLE PeopleSoft Technical Consultant

PROJECT SPECIFIC SKILLS PeopleSoft HCM 9.1(Core HR), People Tools 8.50, Application Designer, People Code, PS/

Query, SQR, Application Engine, COBOL

LOCATION Offshore (India)

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Client Description:

AutoZone parts, Inc. is a Fortune 500 corporation based in Memphis, USA, which is primarily engaged in the business of the retail sale of automotive parts and accessories. The project mainly deals with Support and maintenance of the HCM (Core HR & Benefits) and Financial modules (AR/BI, AP, GL) of AutoZone's PeopleSoft 9.0 System. ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES IN THE PROJECT:

• As a Team Member, was responsible for Maintenance and Production Support of the PeopleSoft Finance Application.

• Understanding their requirements, suggesting solutions to the issues rose as Incidents, estimation of time-scales, reporting to the Team Leaders on various issues.

• Study, Analysis of Functional Documents, Preparing TDD based on the Functional document (Finance Application)

• Solving day to day problems and process failures, analysis & finding the root cause of the process failures

• Account Receivable/Billing modules.

• Debugging the trace files and Fine-Tuning the trace files.

• Analyzing the problem by replicating the same on the mirror image of production copy

• Understanding AutoZone business processes, key users, AutoZone development methodologies, support processes

• Created run control records, run control pages for SQR programs and linked to PeopleSoft using Process Scheduler

• Handling the issues related to the application FSCM 9.0 in PeopleSoft (Account Receivable & Billing)

4. PROJECT NAME PeopleSoft Development & Support


CLIENT AutoZone Part, Inc

DURATION Aug 2009 – Oct 2010

ROLE PeopleSoft Technical Consultant

PROJECT SPECIFIC SKILLS PeopleSoft HCM and FSCM 9.0, People Tools 8.50, Application Designer, People

Code, PS Query, SQR, Application Engine,

UNIX, Crystal Report.

LOCATION Offshore (India)

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The Receivable Management Services Corporation (RMS) provides debt recovery services to Companies from a wide range of industries. The project is dealing with reporting system that generates day-to-day report and sends to customers. ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES IN THE PROJECT:

• Generate the reports once the batch jobs have been completed for First Party, Third Party & Naperville location reports.

• Sending daily status reports to the clients.

• Create reports on an Adhoc basis thru SQL server and Access database depends on the requirement.

5. PROJECT NAME RMS Support System

INDUSTRY Collections

CLIENT Receivable Management Systems

DURATION Aug 2006 – July 2009

ROLE Developer

PROJECT SPECIFIC SKILLS Datastage, Cognos 8.x/10.x, Oracle, Sybase LOCATION Onsite (USA)

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