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Java, Python, C, MySQL, Javascript, Node.js, C++

College Park, MD
February 27, 2020

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A junior UMD student who is looking for CS internship opportunity and is eager to learn from real world experience.


University Of Maryland College Park August 2019 - December 2021(expected) Bachelor degree of Computer Science Overall GPA: 3.67 Howard Community College August 2017 - May 2019

Associate degree of Computer Science. Overall GPA: 3.88 PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE

Java, C, Javascript, Node.js, MySQL, Express, Python, C++, HTML. PROJECTS

Web Application: Javascript, Nodejs, MySQL, Express

Implemented an web application using Javascript and Nodejs.

Improved management of the web application implementing a database server using MySQL.

Reduced complexity of codes implementing Express framework. Gesture Text-er: Python

Open CV, Microsoft Azure Face API

Built an app by using an integrated webcam on a laptop and reading data upon the movement of face.

Enabled a neuro-degenerative patient to type in a sentence. Given an array of alphabetical char- acters, a user will be able to choose a speci c character by simply turning his/her head either to right or left.

Currency Exchange Rate Alarm: Python

Alpha Vantage API

Developed an app which checks real-time currency exchange rate and send an email if exchange rate is matched with target price.

Purpose of this app is to help people who need to know the exchange rate regularly, such as international student.


Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering South Korea March 2013 - October 2016 Mechanical Engineer

Designed mechanical systems in drill-ship projects and optimized performance of systems.

Oil Puri cation, Fresh Water Generation, Water Cooling System, etc.

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