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Herndon, VA
December 03, 2019

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Roger Hwang

Oak Hill, VA *****

Cell: 571-***-****



-ISTQB passed, Agile, Scrum, Sprint, SDLC, Salesforce CRM, Risk Base Test

-TFS, JIRA, HTML, XML, PVCS, SSIS, Jenkins, QTP, SoapUI,, Web Service

-Rational Clear Case, Clear Quest, Quality Center/ALM, DOORS. Winscp, TortoiseSVN tool

- JDK 1.3, JAVA, Dynamo 5.1, Apache Stronghold 3.0, Perl 5.6.1, Web Sphere, J2EE, WeLogic

- ORACLE, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server/SSIS, SQL Developer, TOAD. ERWin Tools.

- PUTTY, UNIX system; Cron Job Schedule; Shell Scripts.

-NFS, TCP/IP, Ethernet, Virtual Terminal System.

-System functional test, UAT, Regression test, Integration test, and End to end test.


12/18 – present Ampcus, INC. for Ginnie Mae

Senior QA Analyst

-Write test cases in ALM for Ginnie Mae GUI applications that create different role of users and grant permission to the users. Users can create different type of pools, e.g.: fixed, ARM, HMBS. Functional and regression executed those test cases.

-Work as QA/test role on Ginnie Mae automated Platinum Pool processing module. The users can create different type of pools and allocate the same type of loans to the pool. This process can minimize personal interactions and increase the efficiency.

-Use Celoxis to create defects. Discuss the defects with developers and users to help resolve the issues and retest before deploy to production.

07/15 – 11/18 StrategicIT at NRUCFC (National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance


Senior QA Consultant

-Data Conversion Test. Based on mapping rules validate one data format is converted into another data format and the data can be used seamlessly by another system (source to target). Involved in ETL validation where data is extracted from Oracle and loaded to Sybase and MS SQL Server DBs for daily and monthly jobs.

- Perform regression testing to ensure the newly released codes won’t impact the existing system functionalities. Used risk based regression test approach to cover the most critical area.

- Involved with the End-to-End and Interface testing. Created data using the Salesforce CRM and/or Cassiopae UI and ensure data is transferred to downstream systems. Verify the data flows and results are correct on each step.

- Use ALM to create test cases and store execution results.Use JIRA to track defect and story tickets.

- Use Jenkins and Unix command line to execute daily and monthly jobs and push data from one system to another. Use SoapUI to interface the Web Server for data update.

- Use SQL Developer, TOAD, RazorSQL to querying Oracle, Sybase databases. Microsoft SQL Server for data warehouses and data analysis.

07/07 – 07/15 FannieMae

Senior QA Engineer

-Maintain and execute QTP automation script. Fix the object repository for new release. Data driven test with the automation scripts.

-Used Agile methodology, Scrum to support ETL, Ab Initio, to extract data from Excel sheet to upload to Sybase database and generate reports for management metrics.

-Follow SDLC procedures to conduct system test full cycle – review requirement, spec, create test strategy, test plan and test cases. Execute targeted and regression tests. Create test artifacts after test to meet SDLC PQO checkpoints in each stage.

-Lead multiple projects in different platforms – GUI web pages, back end Unix server and database test. Use Quality Center, Clear Quest and Rapid SQL tools. The projects are implemented with Sybase or Oracle, Swing, JAVA and J2EE.

-Transfer projects to outsource company. Train the vendor’s contractors and transfer the knowledge to them. Supervise the vendor’s performance to make sure it meets the schedule and company’s standard.

-Conduct black and white box tests. Execute the autosys jobs for the interface tests,

-Execute the automation script for regression suite. It’s data driven scripts. Fix the data sheet or object repository to match the new object after the GUI changes. Execute the Autosys jobs in Unix server to verify the execution status and results.

03/07 – 07/07 LJT & Associates, Inc

Senior Software Architect

This is IRS MeF (Modernization eFile) project which handles the tax payers’ electronic tax file. It is implemented with Unix server, Java, J2EE, Websphere, Oracle and DB2 DBMS.

-After the performance test identify the performance problem areas then review the java source codes and the system set-up and configuration to find the solutions to improve the system performance.

-Also review the SQL scripts and database set-up to make sure they won’t impact the system performance and reduce the resource waste.

03/06 – 03/07 FannieMae

Senior QA Consultant

-Write the automation GUI regression test with WinRunner 8.2. Upgrade it to QTP 8.2. Maintain the regression suite for each new release and add the new functions.

-Create input data for automation regression suite for each test scenario. Make it as data driven to reduce the script modification for different test scenario.

-Use Quality Center to create the test cases and execute the test cases. Use Clear Quest to create defects. Use Rapid SQL for SQL query test tool for Oracle and Sybase. Verify the test results from database tables.

-Test the mainframe system which provide data to downstream systems for interface tests.

12/03 – 03/06 PEC Solutions, INC

Senior QA Engineer

This project is to handle military medical care records. It is implemented with Java, Shell script, DB2, J2EE, Cognos, WebLogic, and DOORS.

-Provide technical testing which it requires Unix, Shell scripts, DB2 database and SQL scripts for front end and back end applications.

-Write the LoadRunner script for performance and load test with different number of users and durations. Analyze the test results to find out the bottleneck.

-Serves as the functional technical test for newly developed management software products, including the Patient Encounter Processing, EIDS, DCS and Reporting, and the Medical Surveillance System.

-Review documentation and prepare the test plans/cases. Conducted the front-end web page test and black box test. Wrote shell scripts, SQL, and C programs to automatic test the huge records comparison and verification.

11/02 – 12/03 Freddie Mac

Senior QA Consultant

This project is to handle mortgage loan and contract. The users are second mortgage office/bank. It is implemented with Java, Shell script, DB2, J2EE, WebLogic, Rational product: Clear Case, Clear Quest, Test Manager and DOORS.

- Use Test Manager to create test scenarios and test cases. Prepare test data pool for automation test. Rational Robot uses data pool as input for automation test.

-Use Clear Quest to create defects. Work with developers to analyze the defects and help to solve. Conduct functional and regression internet web page test.

-Participate the requirement, design and code review and provided feedback. Reviewed the test plans and test cases with business group, users and developers.

-For end-to-end test, create all the different loans and contracts, allocate loans to contract, clear loan edit, fund the loan and pair-off the contract. Verify each step through GUI front end and DB2 database.

5/02 – 11/02 TeleCorp, Inc.

Senior QA Consultant

This is AT&T wireless ordering, tracking and billing system. It is implemented with Java, XML, Shell script, Oracle 9i, J2EE,WebLogic, Data Warehouse and Convergy Atlys Activation Manager. Use TestDirector to link all requirements to test cases and create defect tickets.

- Wrote test scenario and test cases. Conducted unit, integration, and end-to-end test. Also work as TestDirector administrator to maintain the management tool.

-Recorded WinRunner programs and modified them to cover all front-end web pages automation test. Evaluated the final results and updated the test cases status.

-Joined the requirement review and provided feedback. Reviewed the test plans and test cases with business group, users and developers.

-Tested the cellular phone handset activation and password change for the voice mail. Wrote Shell scripts and SQL scripts to verify the result from Oracle database.

-Tested front end ordering system. It involved address, zip code validation, credit checking, different rate plans selection, phone number assignment and provision.

4/99 – 4/02 Verisign, Inc.

Senior QA Engineer

Maintain the Global Registry Service system. This system handles all domain names registry. It is implemented with Java, HTML, XML, Perl, Oracle 8i, Dynamo and Apache, J2EE,WebLogic, and JDBC to access database. The Web page users use HTTP connect through the firewall. There is Distribute Manager outside firewall and Load Balancer inside firewall to handle the client requests.

- Wrote test plans and test cases, conduct unit and integration test the system. Used PVCS to create defects and TestDirector is for test cases and requirement.

- Functional and regression test all the front end web pages, reports, Unix server, and batch jobs. Used Oracle replicate function to replicate data.

- Wrote Proc-C programs to interface the Oracle database to generate data for report automation test. Set up cron jobs to execute the scheduled jobs.

- Wrote WinRunner/LoadRunner programs for automation test internet web pages. These programs used Excel files as input data files.

- Load test and stress test the system on internet GUI Web pages and Unix command lines functions and batch jobs.

- Wrote Shell/Perl scripts as utility programs to automate Unix server test. These scripts executed SQL scripts or Java classes which to kick off reports or execute batch jobs.

- Wrote lots of SQLPLUS scripts to verify the GUI and report results. FTP and mail the reports to destination boxes.

-Installed Dynamo and Apache Stronghold for the Web pages and all the code drops from developers to QA environment. Set up the test environment.

3/96 - 3/99 GEC - Marconi

Senior QA Consultant

This system is designed with SUN/Solaris 2.5, Informix 7.21 and VB 4.0, Crystal Report 6.0 and Visual Source Save 4.0 for Bureau of Navy Personnel Selection Board.

- The test environment was client server, which server was Informix 7.21 and client was Visual Basic 4.0 GUI software and Crystal Report 6.0. Support system test, system maintenance and user training.

- Wrote many Triggers, Store Procedures and ESQL programs in the UNIX server to support the VB client applications. The triggers and store procedure made sure the data integrity and referential integrity. Use ERWin tools to generate schema, analysis RDBMS.

- Wrote test plan/cases and test the Visual Basic 4.0 GUI application on Window 95 workstation. It involves true grid pro, spread and Sheridan design tool. The application allowed users to enter/update/delete records and verify the input data through the class to update the database.

-Design/Implement/test the Crystal Reports. VB programs run these reports. User can enter input parameters and it passed the SQL statement to report or VB created temporary tables and collect the necessary data to the temporary tables then call the Crystal Report to use the data to generate the final reports.

7/94 - 2/96 AT&T

Software Technical Consultant

Designed and implemented the Inbound Order Negotiation system. This system is developed under UNIX with TCP/IP, HP workstation, C, NMAKE, TUXEDO, AFT utilities and Oracle DBMS also link to mainframe.

- Wrote Pro/C programs to interface the Oracle database, it did the verification first then update the database and pass the data to different servers.

- Wrote several daemon processes as servers to serve the client requirement. It retrieved data from database or connects to another server to verify requirement and pass data back to client.

- Worked on the front end user interface program to handle the user’s keystroke and the input data. Pass the data to back end server also make sure the screen flow is correct.

-Used Shell programming to create utility tools to set up environment variables and verify user-entered parameters.

5/92 - 6/94 Cordant, Inc.

Senior Technical Consultant

The system was developed under MS-DOS, Window 3.1,Pyramid UNIX, SUN/Solaris3.0, Plexus/4GL, Informix On-line 5.0, ESQL/C, Rico/Fujitsu scanner, Optical Jukebox Microfiche Scanner, TCPIP/NFS and Client/Server.

- Responsible for design of application GUI. Programmed several Plexus 4GL modules used to implement the front end user interface.

- Front-end GUI functional components include image scanning, indexing, quality control, batch processing and administrative changes.

- Designed/implemented the database and print server to print the images on Unix server. The database checked data integrity and referential integrity. Wrote triggers and stored procedures too.

- Used Plexus to write the front end user login security check. Users have to enter correct ID and password and only allow trying three times.

-Wrote the software allow user to change the index of image after scan and previously index by mistake.

12/90 - 4/92 AT&T

Software Consultant

Designed and implemented the Outbound Order Negotiation (OON) system which is being designed as a tool for Sales Negotiator. This system is developed under UNIX with TCP/IP, NFS, C, NMAKE, TUXEDO, AFT utilities and On-Line Informix DBMS also links to mainframe.

- Created "shared memory" in UNIX system, load the data to shared memory. The application program attached to the shared memory to use the data.

- Used the ESQL/C to generate reports, get all information from shared memory and database tables through "join" or "outer join".

- Used TUXEDO utility to write interface routines to pass data to mainframe and receive data from mainframe. Convert the mainframe data to be UNIX format and store in database or shared memory.

-Wrote C programs to convert the data received from mainframe with the COBOL Data Structure format and put in UNIX linked list array of records.

9/87 - 11/90 PRC

Technical Consultant

Designed and implemented the Document Process System (DPS) for IRS. The DPS is developed under UNIX V with TCP/IP, NFS, Ethernet, C, RIP/VIP Board Image Processing, Scanner, Desktop Recognition, and OCR, X Window System, On-Line I-Net INFORMIX DBMS.

- Used X Window System to write user interface routines for QA workstation to display the scanned image.

- Wrote software to interface Desktop Recognition library routines to do OCR to get the data from image.

- Saved and updated all the image information and data in On-Line INFORMIX database through NFS.

- Designed, developed, and documented SBII system-wide and Instructor Area processes and all managers using C, Unix System, X Window System.

-Designed the software of configuration management tools, for development in INFORMIX ESQL/C and the SCCS to aid in configuration management of developed software.

8/86 - 8/87 AT&T

Software Developer

Developed and implemented the project for tracking the phases of a Defense Commercial Communication Organization (DECCO) order, measures the performance of the service ordering organizations, and provided work lists for these organizations.

- Used different tools in INFORMIX to create database, screens and reports. Wrote all reports by ACE in INFORMIX. Later converted them to ESQL/C codes to improve the speed.

- Used B Shell to write numerous utility programs to interface the screens, reports and database for front end checking.

-Created screens for user's interface and manipulated the database, use Share Memory to control the process to access the data.


EDUCATION: MS, University of Memphis; Memphis, Tennessee.

Major: Computer Science, Minor: Statistics; December 1985

TRAINING: ISQTB license, LoadRunner, WinRunner, Java Application Programming, HTML Programming, C, JavaScript Programming, Java Programming for Oracle Developer, J2EE WebLogic.

REFERENCE: Furnished upon request

US citizen

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