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Electrical Engineer Power Plant

Dubai, Emirate of Dubai, United Arab Emirates
December 03, 2019

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Fazal Subhan

BSc Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineer – Projects

Swat, Pakistan




Believe in professionalism, teamwork, commitment and always striving for improvement. Seeking a challenging position in a growing organization/company where acquired skills and knowledge will be utilized towards continued growth and development. I am familiar with the modern and advance electrical engineering, technology, standards & engineering codes which I want to utilize for the company’s benefit and growth.


Highly target oriented.

Great attitude, strong leadership & team leading quality.

Analytically adept, self-directed, team oriented, thrive on challenges and ambitious.

Demonstrated leadership potential with good team-working experience, friendly disposition, flexible, compassionate, persistent and able to work under high pressure.

Excellent communication skills in English, Hindi, Urdu and Pashto languages.

Safety awareness in the field of construction, electrical substations & metro/railway.

Successful in maintaining a harmonious work atmosphere in companies.

Tolerant and flexible, adaptable to new concepts and responsibilities.

Well understanding, balancing of soft skills versus hard skills and where to use them.

Team leading quality, planning and efficient time utilization talent.


Merit Scholarships in perusing Engineering


Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSc Elect Engineering 4 years) from COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Attock, Pakistan.

Higher Secondary School Certificate (Pre-Engineering Group): Government Degree College, Mingora, Pakistan.


I have four (4.0) years of experience as electrical site engineer, site inspector and power switching engineer. My specialty is in high voltage, medium voltage, low voltage engineering with keen knowledge of high current and low current engineering, LV engineering, electrical assemblies such as circuit breakers, switchgears, relay, cables and transformers in substation as well as in railway/traction. I have a good knowhow of overall equipment layout and electrical drawings like, single line diagram SLD, section, termination, installation hook-up, schematic, panels drawings etc. and working knowledge of electric power system, system protection, protective relays and their applications. I have site supervision, site inspection, quality control and quality assurance experience in hands. I have a good knowledge of Electrical installations, power switching of high i.e. 500KV, 220KV & 132KV, medium i.e. 33KV, low i.e.400V and DC voltages i.e. 750V & electrical testing and commissioning of different systems in substation. I have a good knowhow of railway/traction energization/de-energization of switchgears, isolation and de-isolation of 3rd rail, opening/closing of traction circuit breakers etc. point machine, changing the position of switches, participating in the transfer of the trains between legacy and extension lines.


Company Name: Anotech Energy, Dubai UAE

Department: Metro/Railway

Designation: T&C / Power Supply Engineer

Job Duration: 04/2019 – Present

Area of works and functions:

I have worked within Projectized organizational structure as Power Switching Engineer

Roles and responsibilities:

Participating in the train movement during T&C and for train transfer between Legacy and Extension Lines

Controlling work train activity along with work train supervisor

Performing track survey, dealing with different people coming from different domains of activity

Performing routine inspection, monitoring the position of the switches and daily reporting of the activities

Installation of primary protecting device and VAT while accessing the track and other activities

Power switching operations in substation for different tests of train/metro following proper LOTO procedures

Doing switching operations for MV (33KV), LV (400 V) & DC (750 V) switchgears

Energization/de-energization of auxiliary/traction transformer and rectifiers

Opening/Closing of SF6 (AC), HSCBs (DC) & traction circuit breakers i.e. TPBs &TDBs for train movement

Isolation/de-isolation of 3rd rail for train movement

Installing/removing of third rail earthing device TRED and maintaining safe configuration on site

Performing track/site inspection and reporting any findings, reporting the line power controller for electrical configuration

Coordination with third parties/subcontractors during 3rd rail energization/train movement

To make sure PTWs/WRs of subcontractors/working groups are valid & they are working within the scope of their PTWs/WRs i.e. zones, time etc.

Knowledge of 33KV and 750V DC based SLDs used in power supply/traction power supply of R2020 project to ensure the correct and appropriate switching operations

Implementing and understanding all key interlocking principles used in 33kVAC, 400 VAC & 750 V DC systems in ROUTE 2020 project as per Key Interlocking Schematic document


ROUTE 2020 Dubai Metro Project (EXPO2020), UAE

Company Name: Pak Elektron Limited, Pakistan

Department: Power/Energy

Designation: Electrical Site Engineer

Job Duration: 03/2018 – 04/2019


Construction and Installation of 220/132 KV Chakdara Substation, Malakand, Pakistan

Company Name: Potential Engineers Limited, Pakistan

Department: Power and Energy

Designation: Electrical Engineer

Job Duration: 12/2015 – 12/2017


Construction and Installation of 220/132 KV Burhan Substation, Attock, Pakistan

Area of works and functions:

I have worked within Projectized organizational structure as Electrical Engineer.

Roles and responsibilities:

220/132 KV AIS installation

Installation of HV, MV and LV switchgear i.e. CTs, PTs, surge arresters, control and protection panels AC/DC, distribution panels, lighting systems, lightning and earhting systems and power & control cables lying

Installation and erection of transformers, bus bars, isolators and medium/high voltage circuit breakers

To insure QA/QC is in compliance with specifications and requirements of the project

To insure overall construction activities are being carried out according to plans, specifications and client requirements

Supervise, inspect the work sites to ensure adherence to safety standards and procedures. Recommend and process for precautionary, disciplinary actions

Ensure employees’ Hand tools and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is regularly inspected and is safe to use

Prepare daily, weekly and monthly progress reports for site activities to report management

Study drawings and progress on construction activities as per drawing & forward schedule

Studying all technical drawings, documents and any revisions thereon

Testing and Commissioning of electrical equipment like, HV/MV Power/Auto transformers, Current transformers (CTs), voltage transformers (VTs), SF6 Circuit breakers and Isolators etc.

Company Name: WAPDA / Ghazi Barotha Hydropower Complex

Department: Power / Generation

Designation: Electrical Engineering Internee

Job Duration: 06/2015 – 09/2015 & 06/2014 – 09/2014

Roles and responsibilities:

Control and monitoring of hydro-generators while ensuring their Operation to be safe and within permissible limits in agreement with the load-demand as specified by NPCC (National Power Control Center) at the economical dispense of water as per requirements of IRSA (Indus River System Authority)

During Load Shedding hours transferring of load i.e. opening of CBs to balance load

Involved in operation and maintenance of Hydraulic Turbine, Governor System, Lubrication system, Cooling water system, Generator and Excitation system.

Monthly & Annual Mechanical Maintenance of Turbines and Auxiliary equipment installed at Power House.

Review of Monthly Check Sheets and Inspection Reports

Observe monthly maintenance of Power Plant, Turbines and Governor System.

Review of OHSMP (Occupational Health and Safety Management Plan)

Process Safety Management (PSM), Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)

Review of Operation of Turbines and their Monthly/Annual Maintenance, Check Sheets and Inspection Reports.

Review of Annual Inspection Plan Report

Professional Trainings:

Authorization for operating in low and/or high voltage systems

APAVE International Abu Dhabi, UAE

Basic Fire Fighting Training

International HSE Council/ALSTOM Dubai, UAE

MEDIC First Aid Training

International HSE Council/ALSTOM Dubai, UAE

EHS Testing & Commissioning Training

EXPOLINK 2020, Dubai, UAE


Microsoft Project (MS Project) Project Management software.


MS Office, Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel

AutoCAD Electrical

Computer Hardware and Software useful usage.

Membership and Affiliation:

Registered member of Pakistan Engineering Council PEC Pakistan under registration No: ELECT/60125

Higher Education Commission, HEC Pakistan


Visa Status: Employment Visa, transferable

Languages: English, Hindi, Urdu & Pashto

Driving License: Holding Valid UAE driving license – LTV

E-mail address:

Skype ID:

WhatsApp: +971*********

Cell phone: +971*********

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