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Python, ML, AI, IoT, Java, Android App Development

Kolkata, West Bengal, India
December 02, 2019

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Saptarshi Mukherjee

*rd Year, B.Tech Student Æ +918*********

Computer Science and Engineering Q Indian Institute of Technology - Bhilai Q Institute ID : 11740860 in/saptarshi-mukherjee-52660616b Education

2017–Present B.Tech., Computer Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology - Bhilai, India. CGPA : 9.27.

2017 ISC (Class - XII), St.Stephen’s School Dum Dum, Kolkata, India 98.5%, including 100% in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Computer Science, with an AIR - 5 in ISC-2017.

2015 ICSE (Class - X), St.Stephen’s School Dum Dum, Kolkata, India 97.6%, including 100% in Mathematics and Computer Applications, 99% in Science, with an AIR - 9 in ICSE-2015.

Academic Details

2017 AIR 1260 in JEE Mains 2017 and AIR 5120 in JEE Advanced 2017 2017 AIR 6 in the Entrance Exam of Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), Kolkata 2017 AIR 28 in NEST (National Entrance Screening Test) 201*-****-** Secured A+ Grade for distinguished performance in subjects: Introduction to Programming, Discrete structures-I, Digital Signal Processing, Classical Physics, Quantum Physics, Applied Chemistry, Complex Variables, Relativity, Professional Communication Lab-II (Presentation Skills) and Professional Ethics Fellowships and Achievements

2017 Awarded the MAMRAJ AGARWAL RASHTRIYA PURASKAR at Raj Bhavan, Kolkata, by the Honourable Shri Keshari Nath Tripathi, Gover- nor of West Bengal for obtaining AIR 5 in ISC-2017 2016 Secured KVPY-SA 2016 Fellowship from the Government of India, with an AIR 406 and attended the Vijyoshi Camp organised by the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

2015 Achieved JBNSTS (Jagadis Bose National Science Talent Search) Fel- lowship in JTST-2015, from Govt. of West Bengal

Technical Skills

Programming Java, Kotlin, Python, C, C++



An Expert Rating (1752) in Codeforces link and a highest of 5-Star Rating

(2086) in Codechef link

ML/AI Familiar with Tensorflow and Keras, worked in Computer Vision Development Worked in Android App Development Projects, using Android Studio in Kotlin and Java

Assembly Familiar with MIPS Instruction Set Architecture and Verilog language DBMS MySQL, SQLite

Scripting Python, and Shell Scripting in MacOS and LINUX/UNIX operating systems Electronics Programming on Arduino platform

Documentation LATE


Oration Flair of delivering presentations on diverse topics. Linguistic Proficiency in English, Hindi and Bengali

Positions of Responsibility

May 2019-Present Chairperson, Students’ Senate, IIT Bhilai, the Chief Spokesperson of Aca- demic Affairs within the Students’ Body

May 2018-Present Student Representative of the IUGC (Institute Under-Graduate Commit- tee), IIT Bhilai

May 2019-Present Bonafide member of the Council of Student Affairs (CoSA), IIT Bhilai May’18 - April’19 Bonafide Core-Committee member of the Training and Placement Cell, IIT Bhilai

May’18 - April’19 Editor-in-Chief, Inside (News and Media Club), IIT Bhilai Internships and Experiences

4th July - 26th

July 2018

Summer Intern, Hindustan Copper Limited (HCL), Corporate Office, Kolkata. Undertaken and successfully completed the project on “Capturing Operating System Statistics on Real Time Basis”. Worked simultane- ously on an Android App Development Project for automatic marking of attendance by making use of location services

18th Dec - 20th

Dec 2018

Participant, 7th Inter-IIT Tech Meet at IIT Bombay; took part in Cam- pus Sustainability Challenge, formed a model on IoT and ML to optimise electricity usage in classrooms

1st March - 4th

March 2019

Participant in Smart India Hackathon 2019 Grand Finale; worked on Improving Location Accuracy by using information of GAGAN satel- lite on Mobile Phones. The project was assigned and mentored by ISRO, and it involved the organising and augmentation of GAGAN information and the final implementation of accurate location coordinates on Android phones. 13th May - 12th

July 2019

Summer Intern, Think Future Technologies (TFT), Gurgaon. Under- taken projects on Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Android App Development. The ML projects essentially involved Image Preprocessing for implementing OCR in Digital KYC, and implementing Recommendation Engine for IBN (IIT Biz Network). Android Development Tasks involved Web Scraping (JSON format), creating Registration portal for companies, and diverse applications on Views with the optimum utilisation of Threads and Services Certifications

July 28, 2019 Certification from Google for securing 801st place in International Ranking in Google KickStart Round D, 1525th place in Round E, 419th place in Round F 2019 and 343rd place in Round G 2019

June 20, 2019,

5:03 AM GMT

Certification of Successful Completion of Course Machine Learning offered by Stanford University on Coursera, verifiable in this link July 23, 2019,

9:20 AM GMT

Certification of Successful Completion of Course Neural Networks and Deep Learning by on Coursera, verifiable in this link August 9, 2019,

6:00 PM GMT

Certification of Successful Completion of Course Improving Deep Neural Networks: Hyperparameter tuning, Regularization and Optimization by on Coursera, verifiable in this link August 25, 2019

10:47 PM GMT

Certification of Successful Completion of Course Structuring Machine Learn- ing Projects by on Coursera, verifiable in this link Projects

Arduino Implementing a Digital Clock by programming an IC using Arduino UNO IoT Implementing a Smart Power Distribution System using Arduino UNO, Temperature Sensors, LDR sensors, etc.

Android App


Implementing a GPS-controlled and obstacle-detecting car by use of Ar- duino Uno and Android Studio

Shell Scripting Capturing UNIX OS Statistics in real time. OS used were Oracle Solaris 10u11 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) on Windows 7 using Oracle VM VirtualBox and PuTTy

Android App


GPS-Authenticated Attendance Marking System using Android Studio in Java Platform



Android App


Improving Location Accuracy by using GAGAN information on Mobile phones. It involved computations on the correction data provided by GAGAN and the implementation of two softwares: one at the ISRO Hackathon Server, and the other – an Android app at the client ends

Android App


Building a complete Registration App for Point5bn, comprising a splash screen, entry of primary details, OTP for Mobile Verification, accepting image- based proof documents, etc. alongwith special functionalities Android App


A Calendar App with inbuilt to-do list and Reminder functionality. Transi- tion between Views has been implemented using lateral swiping, with interesting animations. Notification System has been implemented for creating an alarm even if the app itself is inactive

Android App


Weather Details’ displaying App. The project involved an Android applica- tion in Kotlin platform that performed Web Scraping of open source JSON data to display the weather details of a particular location Python


Creating IIT Bhilai Exam Time Table Scheduler. This project enables the automatic creation of the most optimised Institute Exam Time Table Schedule based on the lists of courses for all students and the available slots, in which maximum students may find a favourable distribution Machine Learning Optical Character Recognition for Digital KYC. The objective was to extract the text from a photograph of some document (like AADHAR card) and display the different fields distinctly by processing the text, employing OCR. The tasks primarily involved Image pre-processing, viz. cropping and resizing image, applying binary threshold, removal of noise, etc. followed by the extraction of text using appropriate regular expressions


Learning, Python


Recommendation Engine for IBN (IIT Biz Network):. This project essen- tially comprised a Recommendation Engine that would recommend to the users of IBN platform, the identity of the users relevant to their needs and interests. The project also involved creating an API for executing the functionality from a remote system using Python Flask, and the final result was sent in the form of a JSON object


Security, Android

App Development

SMS Based Payment System:. This project consists of a Server App and a Client App. It provides users the facility to send and receive digital money using SMS service. It involved the use of Public Key Cryptography for generation of unique AES Key for all transactions and other user requests. The implementation takes care of all Security threats, esp. Replay Attacks

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