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Dacula, GA
December 05, 2019

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Resume: JOE GREEN Ph# 770-***-****

-SKYPE: 770-***-**** Linkend: (joe-green) Suwanee Ga. AS/400 AND iSeries System/34/36/38

Manufacturing, Distribution, Wholesale, Retail, Inventory, Warehouse, Shipping, Orders, Billing, finance Construction, Job Cost, Equipment Management, Automotive Ind. Trucking Ind. Offshore Environment Insurance Y2k IT Manager project manager IFS SQL Code/400 Sub procedures Binding Directory EDI QDS related system Modemization consepts MQ, PCMLconcepts q

INFOR XA MAPICS V9 & BPCS LX, INFINIUM, Aldon, Turnover Hawkeye Rp/2 Rpg /3 Rpg/4 Rpgle Rpg Free, RdI, Rlu, Sda; Seu, Pdm, dfu, Sql dda, clp, dbu, clle, ocl, dbu, Strdbg, Ocl Nep. More than 20 YRS Exp. Harris Data Services Software interactive & Batch, Accounting experience (reading AS/400 & Rpg Code all version Working with management and end users .Mapics AP AR PR ERP INV into G/L (profit and lost statement) CLLE, DB2/400 JDE Production and Supply Chain Management, work with Off Shore Environment JDE Sla, Sox & Jsox. Service Request Ticket. Tl-Ashford 4th gen language FTP EDI Extrol Gentran Trailblazer 856-***-***-*** 832 IBM.370 Cobol to AS/400 RPG NEP. Service Programs, Modules, Binding Directory. Flat & Lock Files Processing Manufacturing, Retail Distribution and Construction. Journaling. Agile Environment Jira Kanban scrum Embedded SQL. Insurance Company Y2K Batch & Interactive Development Triggers Erp Sdlc. ISO 9000 Scan Upc & Plu Bar Code Modernize Cobol & Rpg Decommission Legacy Code. IBM Construction Cmas Software. RDI DDM DDL DDS XML HTML Java PRMS Software System EDIFACT Flat File Trans

PCML FTP QDLS IFS MQ Json Modemization consepts OFF-Shore Coordinator

(Joe Green Enterprise Inc.) Programmer Analysts. Project Manger 01/88 to Present Real Time Labor & All-data Software Code Cobol RPG/2 RPG/3 Rpg/4 Rpgle Rpg Free Se, Sda. Rlu. Pdm. Dfu, Db2, Nep OCLl RDI JDA and Mapics Accounting System SQL IFS Code AS/400

Interactive & Batch Rpg Sql Programming CL Transfer FTP CD Flat & Lock Files CLLE Embedded Sql, Ascii to Ebcdic both ways. Retail Scan Upc & Plu Bar code Scan Bar code into inventory.

CARDINAL HEALTH Waukgen, iL PRMS Sofware Systems Net Quote MRP Forcasting software support for several company locations Worldwide operations Work with off shore support team

service and cloud environment MPS Download Triggers inbound from Sap PRMS SYSTEM

Heavily modified for each location Review hundreds of programs, reading codes and reviewing

database being updated. New Relic Functionalities A Cloud TOOL 2019 to Aug 3/2019

H.J. Russell & Co.(Consultant & Mentoring staff Hardware & Software) 02/05-05/17 Programming Analyst AS/400 Rpg/400 Construction & property management. convert AS/400 data base to Oracle data base.IBM software package Mapics / Cmas wrote programs to convert Data base to Harris data service & Tenman property management software, Hud & Section-H. G/L, AP, AR, Payroll Fix Asset INV, Infinium Payroll ro Oracle database for wage verification system. Ftp Payroll data to Dunn & Broad street Sub procedures IFS Code/400 SQL Service Programs Modules Binding Directory

Lathim Times Mapics Mfg Atlanta Ga. 10/99 – 12/04 RPG Analyst. Update 20 IBM Mapics PTF's to a heavily Modified Version of Mapics, test & implementation of modified version, for Phoenix Software Co. and Mapics the Magazine. Project manager

Clariant Chemical Co.- Charlotte N.C 03/99-10/99 RPG AS/400 Programmer Develop a system to down load a banking a/t system from AS/400 to a p/c.system . automatic down load,age trail balance age into a p/c based spread sheet for dun & Broad Street Risk management from Bpcs data base work on a rotation base with Bpcs help desk. Develop a system to .handle company guide lines for chemical ware house storage and DOT shipping, & Msds.

Georgia Pacific Co – Atlanta, GA AS/400 01/98-03/99 RPG Programmer Consultant Maintain custom and modified code for Infinium for G/L, AP, Payroll system. utility call into 2000 y2k compliance project. .

Terminix AS/400 Programming Consultant Memphis TN. 12/97-08/98 convert software package to comply with Canada zip code with Aldon Service Management System .

CONSULTANT TOUCH1 PHONE CO. RPG/3 AS/400 Columbus Ga. 02/97-12/97 Programmer Analyst Rpg/400, Windows IBM Client Access in a Novell environment Develop a system that tracks telephone calls by trunk and location into Lotus type report. Develop a system to track total minutes and dollars by customer..

Equifax – Atlanta, GA AS/400 05/95–09/97 RPG Programmer Analyst AS/400 Rpg/4, Develop software to handle online interactive credit approval. Rpg Nep.

CONSULTANT MARCAM CORP. MAPICS INC. IBM CORP. ATL GA. 07/94-05/95 Programmer Analyst AS/400 Rpg/3 convert Payroll and Mrp for y2k 2000 (XA) change item# from 15 to 30 char. Iso 9000 DB, Erp Mfg.

CONSULTANT MEAD GROUP BPCS Mfg COLUMBUS GA., Hong Kong, Austria, payroll, rep, mrp. acct. OFF SHORE Cooradator 04/94-07/94 programmer Analyst AS/400 RPG/3 BPCS software package. Remote location United Kingdom


Programmer Analyst AS/400 Rpg/3. Develop an inventory system using a case tool call, CAS. work with template concepts 4TH gen following IBM SSA standard using the work with concepts IN tracking system that produce barcode labels for raw material. Scanning to receive into inventory at another location. TL ASHFORD 4TH GEN CASE TOOL/RPG AS/400 code to produce the barcode Plu system . Back up system and several remote sites.

KUPENHIMER MFG RETAIL PROGRAMMER Rpg Cobol AS400. ATL GA 1991-1993 Develop a check weitting system for customer returns. Develop a system to handle most credit cards processing to the accounting system. Interactive program for returns. Develop a gift certificate tracking system. EdI mapping to Bpcs system. Off-shore COBOL IBM main frame 370 Cobol to AS/400 Rpg mfg. OFF SHORE Coordnatora

EAGLE SYSTEM TECHNOLOGY, (Devilbis Air tools Jackson Tn. & DAYBRIGHT LIGHTING CO. Tupelo MS.) Programmer Analyst AS/400 RPG/3 EDI ORDERS from Sears main frame into Bpcs OMS System on AS/400 Software Package BPCS,. Develop customer tracking system. Create system that extract from a invoice system and post to Mapics accounts payable system to print commission checks.. 1990 - 1991

CONSULTANT IBM CORPORATION Atlanta Ga. . 1989 - 1990 Programmer Analyst AS/400,RPG/3. Extensive Ptfs, Erp. Major programmer program maintenance & conversion in IBM Mapics DB,XA Payroll, A/P, G/L Purchasing, inventory, PM&C, OE&I, forecasting, Mrp, REP, PTF’S.

H.J. Russell Construction and Property Management Co. Mapics Cmas Accounting System 1982 – 1988 IT Manager Project Management Atlanta Ga.

Dekalb Farmers Market Wholesale Distribution Mapics Accounting System PR AR AP GL


Columbia University, New York NY. Introduction to Data processing and Fortran and Cobol. School of public health medical research (employee) computer operator.

MitchellI Community College, Statesville N.C. – Rpg & Cpbol

Ncr School Dayton Ohio Near/3 Rep School

IBM education center, AS400 Query IBM Sql system 34/36/38 AS/400 RPG/2 RPG/3 RPG IV RPGLE FREE CL SEU PDM

Gwinnett Tech, Basic Programming. Java

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