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Engineer Manager

Chesterfield, MO
December 01, 2019

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Vijay Kumar


Professional Summary:


Over 7+ years of professional IT experience on middleware administration (WebLogic/JBoss/Tomcat) for Production, Development, Staging and QA environments.

Worked for 5 yrs as contractor in various domains finance, health care, telecom,supply chain, ecommerce.

Over 3 years of providing cloud based solutions– infrastructure automation, configuration and deployment for cloud platforms (AWS, open stack).

Worked on tools for infrastructure automation (DevOps tools) – (Ansible,version control –git, continuous management tools –Ansible,Chef,scripting – shell,python,Docker,splunk,appdynamics),security –site minder.

Knowledge on working with Open source technologies HAproxy, NodeJS, spell-check

Experience in Implementation and maintenance of Enterprise Applications o WebLogic Server 8.1/9.x/10.x, LDAP on Solaris, RHEL, AWS EC2, and openstack.

Configuring WebLogic OSB, integrating SOA and OSB, monitoring OEM, appdynamics.

Understanding of networking concepts such as DNS, DHCP, Email, HTTP, SSL, OSI Model, and TCP/IP protocols and applications

Knowledge on working with Open source technologies NodeJS, spell-check, Jasper Report,

Proficient in handling all the aspects of Installation, Configuration, Clustering, Deploying Applications, Load Balancing, Performance Tuning WebLogic Server issues in production, and testing environment.

Knowledge of store and forward procedure in Weblogic JMS servers.

Cluster Configuration – Single Cluster, Multiple Clusters and Deployment over clusters.

Connection Pool and Multicolor configuration with Oracle, MySQL, DB2 and SQLServer etc.

Well experienced in Migration of WebLogic from 8.1 to 9.2 and upgrade of JDK in application environments.

Configure Apache on DMZ, creating proxy, indexes on client facing.

Configured maintain BIGIP F5 LTM, virtual servers, supporting teams for their DR plans.

Good understanding of IIS Management, Managing websites, application pools, IIS trouble shooting, Maintain and Apply SSL certificates

Configuration and support of spring applications hosted primarily in JBoss Application Server

Expert in configuring Cognos 8.4.1, WebLogic 10.3.2 and I Planet 7.01, LDAPs.

Security concepts like User and Group configuration, 1- Way SSL and 2 - way SSL configuration and External LDAP configuration - I Planet, e-directory and ADS.

Working Experience on VMWARE ESX, Open stack servers.

Experience in writing Scripts to handle automation using Shell scripting, WLST.

Knowledge of Java Naming and Directory Services (JNDI).

Performed extensive Troubleshooting of backup problems.

Worked on Deployment of applications in WAR, JAR and EAR formats in Domain and Clustered environments of WebLogic Server.

Experience in MQ Series administrative duties such as creating and configuring Queue Managers, Channels, Queues, Process definitions, clustering, etc.

Experience in all the WebLogic utilities - weblogic.Admin, weblogic.Deployer, ejbc, appc.

Good experience in Designing Enterprise Applications for J2EE platform using, JAVA, JSP1.2, Servlets 2.4, EJB 2.1, JDBC/ODBC, JMS 1.2, Apache Ant 1.6.

Experience in writing Scripts to handle complex automation using Shell scripting, WLST, and Python.

Upgraded of WebLogic servers in development, testing and production environment and applying patches.

Extensive working experience in setting up WebLogic cluster environment, including WebLogic Domains, Admin Servers, Managed Servers and Node Manager.

Good at Server Performance Tuning - Thread Dump, heap dump Analysis when Server crashed unevenly.

Experience working in distributed development and support environment including offshore experience





Masters of science

Murray state university, KY


Bacleors of science



Experience Summary:

Charter Communications Oct 18 to till date

St. Louis, MO

Middleware admin

Supporting all production, UAT operational activity on the middleware layer Weblogic, Jboss, tomcat

Configure, monitor, tune middleware domains in cluster and high availability environment.

Performance Tuning, Capacity Planning, Cluster Design mplementation and troubleshooting.

Effectively manage multiple, competing, high-priority projects with varying deadlines.

Environment : Weblogic 12c, SOA, OSB, Jboss, tomcat, microservices, appdynmamics, RHEL, splunk, solarwind

Cardinal health (CONTRACTOR) Apr 2018 till Sep 18

Dublin, OH

Middleware admin/ Accenture

This is a short term contract. For patient recovery project at Cardinal health added medtronics. Ask was to scale existing servers -vertical and horizantal in Stage,production.Completed stage.

- Installed oracle agile PLM in weblogic 12c, filemanager hosted on tomcat in stage servers. Working on production servers hosted on Linux servers.

- Create proxy setup using f5, siteminder, apache

- Participate in regression test for stage /production go live date.

- Monitor performance testing using Wiley, fix defects .

- Dynatrace configuration with WebSphere application server.

- Install/uninstall Dynatrace Oneagent, Analysis of WebLogic specific metrics like GC metrics, All requests,Live sessions etc.

- Document IQ, OQ, PQ

Lifetimefitness (CONTRACTOR) Mar 2017 to March 2018

Chanhassen, MN

Application support engineer

Providing 24*7 production support for enterprise applications hosted on WebLogic 12c, ESB, mule .WebLogic /SOA 11g installation,configuration,monitoring (BPEL, OSB, BAM), managing SOA composite applications.

Automated continuous delivery based on business need, end to end installation, configuration, deployment of EAR applications on JBoss EAP.

Support LTF agile teams, source control, build, deployments.

Configure irule, SSL on F5 LTM, configure wordpress.

Maintain build scripts for java enterprise applications.

Linux system administration(Redhat,CenOS) – package management, services administration, networking, firewalls

Web server IIS administer, support,configure, troubleshoot .

Experience using mCollective – create manifests

Configured Ngnix install NodeJS, spellcheck on production servers.

Monitoring enterprise applications using Zabbix, splunk, appdynamics

Environment : weblogic 12c, ESB, ADF, jboss EAP, mule, zabbix, splunk, Atlassian,Bamboo, GIT,chef, IIS, F5, wordpress.

Freddie Mac(CONTRACTOR) McLean, VA May 2016 –Dec 2016

Middleware engineer/Hexaware


Worked on agile development, continuous Integration, continuous delivery application release automation

Jenkins setup for java using Maven, fetching code from Art factory, .NET using MSbuild,SONAR for code scanning

Migrate on premise applications to AWS.

Automate deployment on WebLogic using Maven on Jenkins; configure JMS on Linux, UNIX servers, .NET code on NT servers.

Setting up TAM junctions, firewalls.

Good understanding of iptables, ssh keys, firewall rules, security groups.

Jenkins setup for java using Maven, fetching code from Artifactory, .NET using MSbuild,SONAR for code scanning

Worked on REST APIs, SOAP/XML, unit testing, remedy management SCRUM.

Automated deployment using bash.

Configured, deploy application on Docker container

Environment: WebLogic 12c, GIT, Jenkins, Maven, .NET using MSbuild, artifactory, SONAR,Docker, Citrix shared file transfer,appdynamics, WLST, bash, Service now, python,bash.

Delta dental of California, Rancho cardova, CA Feb 2015 to Apr 2016

UNIX engineer (FULLTIME)


Configured created new realms, domain, policies to protect URLs on siteminder, configured reverse proxy, installed web agents.

Worked Installing, configured and troubleshooting applications on WebLogic, SOA,OSB, JBoss AS (Wildfly), Fuse, monitoring using App dynamics.

Configure Jenkins continuous integration server. Worked on automating applications deployments in DEV, SIT, UAT.

Automated installations using maven, shell .Improved build systems using python.

View logs using splunk, monitoring with app dynamics.

Provided on call production 24*7 production middleware applications.

Managed,maintained,configured,patched middleware software in various operating systems :Linux,Solaris,AWS

Integrate salesforce, PEGA BPM hosted on weblogic.

Configuration and administration of Liferay Portal in development and production

Worked on installing, configuring, tuning, clustering and maintain ADF J2EE enterprise application consisting on WebLogic 10.3.6, tomcat, apache and site minder on AWS EC2,RHEL.

Monitor server applications, use monitoring tools OEM, app dynamics, and splunk log files to troubleshoot and resolve problems.

Troubleshooting, provided production support in middleware technologies: WebLogic, JBoss EAP, life ray portal, Wildfly, Oracle OSB, MQ, OAS servers, BOXI/BW/BODS.

Working with developers to meet there application requirements .Placing JIRA defects.

Hands on experience RHEL servers.

Have good understanding of PKI, SSO, SSL, LDAP, certificates.

Environment : AWS EC2, Chef, Jenkins,WebLogic,ADF,WLST, PEGA, OSB, OAS OEM, coherence,MQ,JBoss(wildfly), Edifecs, BOXI/BW/BODS Splunk, siteminder,app dynamics, Docker, Maven, JIRA, HEAT.

Epsilon (Alliance Data) (CONTRACTOR) Irving, TX May 14 – Jan 15

Middleware support/ Cognizant


Providing production support for enterprise applications hosted on WebLogic 10.3.6.

Automated continuous delivery based on business need, end to end installation, configuration, deployment of EAR applications on JBoss AS servers hosted in Openstack servers using Jenkins integration using maven, bash,Ansible.

Writing cook books using Ansible .Scripting using Shell using automation tool Jenkins.

Providing production support for end customer Charles Schwab.

Worked on openstack servers.

Work with developers to identify defects.

Configured HAproxy, install NodeJS, spellcheck on production servers.

BMC remedy –ticketing system

Environment: Jboss, Apache, open stack, Ansible, Jenkins, HAproxy, MySQL, NodeJS, spell-check, Git, bit bucket repo

NetApp (CONTRACTOR), Sunnyvale, CA Jun 13 – Mar 14

Middleware support/(Consultant for HCL)


Installing, configuring, clustering, tuning, troubleshooting Koni mobile application on WebLogic 10.3.6.

Test case of moving mobile applications to JBoss AS

Worked on creating test plans for JMeter to conduct stress test on Koni mobile applications.

Automate deployments using WLST.

Configuring apache on DMZ servers.

Environment: Koni mobile application, WebLogic 10.3.6 .Apache JMeter, WLST

Cisco Systems (CONTRACTOR), San Jose, CA Jan 13 – May 13

Middleware engineer/ (Consultant for Capgemini)


Automate domain creation and data sources using shell, Perl and python on multiple servers.

Performance tuning, memory management, tuning JVM, heap size, connection pool, thread management, node manager, database, transactions, JMS of WebLogic.

Implementation SSL, Node Manager, JMS, Connection Pool and WebLogic Tuning

Conducted security scan on DMZ apache servers.

Configured JDBC connections and data source with Oracle database 9i/10g in troubleshooting and fixing problems.

Test case making PEGA function on tomcat, deployment, tuning, clustering, troubleshooting etc.

Investigating middleware and integration issues to provide resolution and to develop root cause analyses which will support maintenance improvement and upgrade planning.

Environment: Oracle Web Logic 10.3.5, PEGA BPM, Red Hat LINUX, Remedy Change Control, ANT, WLST,python,Maven, VMware

Wellington Management Investment (CONTRACTOR)

Marlborough, MA Mar 12 – Nov 12

Sr. Middleware engineer /(Coginzant)


Providing production support for middle tier critical trade applications hosted on WebLogic 10.3, 8.1, tomcat, Jboss AS on Linux, Solaris.

Taking diagnostics, performing root cause analysis within narrow time window.

Experience in MQ Series administrative duties such as creating and configuring Queue Managers, Channels, Queues, Process definitions, clustering, etc

Tuning JVM, heap size, connection pool, thread management, server instances, database, transactions, JMS, web services on top of WebLogic.

Administered CISCO ACE, Apache, tomcat, iPlanet on Linux servers.

System administration support of BOXI R2

Knowledge of SharePoint administration.

Support monthly continuity of business / DR exercises

Environment: Oracle Web Logic, SAP BOXI R2, JDK 1.5/1.6, Apache 2.2, Tomcat 6.1/7, Solaris, Red Hat LINUX, ITIL, Remedy Change Control, ANT, MQ, Cisco ACE

Capital Group (CONTRACTOR), San Antonio, TX Oct 10 – Feb 12

Middleware engineer (Infosys )


Installed Oracle WebLogic 10.3.3, Oracle Coherence &ers 4.x (apache/tomcat) on QA DR and Production containers and configured according to the client requirement.

Managed large WebLogic clusters & server farms, and developed intelligent scripts. The utilities created include:

Web tier monitoring using apache extended stats collated to single log file.

Worked on IIS to setup site, IP bindings, URL redirects, app pool recycling, HTTP response headers, output caching, compression, request filtering, handler mappings, IPv4 restrictions, SSL certificates, virtual directories, session state persistence, web server farms, etc.

Experience in MQ Series administrative duties such as creating and configuring Queue Managers, Channels, Queues, Process definitions, clustering, etc.

Monitoring application Server Services and Resources

Worked on capacity planning

Providing production support and administration of the enterprise reporting frameworks focused on Oracle report server and OBIEE.

Had the opportunity to administer and monitor BIG-IP LTM.

Problem identification related to BIG-IP creating rules, pools and monitoring, accessibility, functionality issues.

Working knowledge of F5 Big-IP LTM load balancers for continuous application availability.

Experience in handling network resources and protocols such as TCP/IP, Ethernet, DNS, and DHCP.

Environment: Oracle Web Logic 8.1/9.2/10.3.x, Oracle Coherence 3.7, JDK 1.5/1.6, Apache 2.2, Tomcat 6.1/7, JBOSS AS 4.1/6.x, MQ,Active MQ Sun Solaris, Red Hat LINUX, F5 Big-IP, Remedy Change Control, Jenkins, HP Site scope, HP OV, Evident Clear Stone, VMware, Ultra seek, OBIEE, TCP/IP,DNS

Administrative office of Courts (CONTRACTOR),Santa Ana,CA Nov09 - Oct10

Middleware Administrator (Deloitte)


Involved in stack upgrade, capacity planning, of Integration testing environment to support full functionality of V4 application hosted on WebLogic servers.

Managed and Monitored JRockit performance by analyzing heap dumps, garbage collection, JRA recordings.

Configuring and Administering JDBC, JMS, JNDI in WebLogic Server 10.x/9.x.

Analyzing the performance of CCMS –V4 application deployed on WebLogic servers, troubleshooting by working various team members

Installed and configured WebLogic 9.1/10.3.2 plugins with iPlanet 7.x .Checking the configuration issues with web gate with OAM.

Acted as main point of contact with data ware team to ensure successful integration and deployment of Cognos 8.4.1, WebLogic 10.3.2, iPlanet7, OAM.

Troubleshoot BOXI reports hosted on Weblogic 10.3

Supporting infrastructure tracker ticket depending on the severity level.

Configured the web server interfaces, session management, virtual hosts and transports for WebLogic.

Assisted in task automation and process improvements, as directed.

Configured WebLogic to authenticate against LDAP server. Implemented SSL communication between web server and WebLogic approver.

Worked on security stack OAM, OVD, OID.

Schedule maintenance, provided off-hours support as needed.

Troubleshooting oracle enterprise manager for exporting security policies.

Provided on 24/7 call support and interaction with Oracle, IBM.

Environment: WebLogic 10.x/9.x, JBoss 4.3, Apache 2.0.x,iplanet7, sun one webserver, Solaris 8.0/9.0/10, Windows 2000/2003, RHEL 3.0AS,AIX 4.3/5.1/5.2,BOXI reports, Cognos,Informatica,OAM,OID,OVD,Oracle 9i/10g, LDAP, Shell scripting, Clear Case UNIX shell scripting, AWK, WLST tool, Jython.

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