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Machine Learning, Data Scientist

Bangalore, Karnataka, India
20000 INR
December 02, 2019

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Shivam Ralli +91-836******* Hubli, Karnataka (IN)

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Machine Learning Research Intern. Oct. 2019 – Present Machine Learning Research Intern under Dr. Kamlesh Vyas. Delhi, IN

Performing exploratory research in the field of supervised machine learning for the Employee Attrition of a company.

Undertaking the creation of research proposals, implementation of algorithms and documentation of results as a part of the daily tasks.

Comparing popular algorithms of Linear, Instance and Ensemble modelling to attain improvements in the employee turnover rate.

Career Launcher Aug. 2019 – Sept. 2019

Finance Market - Machine Learning Intern Delhi, IN

The main objective of the internship was to create numerous data analytical visualization and prediction for a specific stock.

Applied machine learning algorithms and garnered inferences for datasets of numerous Indian Stocks.

Was an integral member of the Infosys stock team where we attained a high accuracy, 85%, for the prediction algorithms. PROJECTS

Detection and Threat Classification of Abandoned objects. Sept 2019 - Present Research Project, Datasets: PETS, ABODA

Objective: Obtain cutting edge results, equivalent to the current research papers.

Goal: To create an application which locates abandoned objects in a video feed and classification of the threat level presented by it.

Result: Obtained a high accuracy for the detection of objects in the video.

Progress: Currently developing the threat classification model pipeline. Good Reads: Analysis and Book Recommendation Jul 2019 – Aug 2019 Goodreads Dataset. (Kaggle)

Objective: Perform exploratory data analysis and build a recommendation model.

Goal: To create a model which has an accuracy of over 90%

Result: A model based on KNN was created to recommend books derived from the relationships discovered.

Accolades: Gained a silver medal for the Kernel created on the site, being the best kernel for the dataset. NYC JOBS: Interactive Maps and Data Wrangling Jul 2019 – Aug 2019 New York Jobs Dataset (Kaggle)

Objective: Perform exploratory data analysis and gain an insight to the type of skills required.

Goal: To create maps and word-clouds from the raw data.

Result: Interactive maps, with all the openings located, were made available for the user

Accolades: Gained a bronze medal for the Kernel created. Other Projects of Note: Polaroid- PageRank Implementation, Bunky – Android application. Stock Price Predictor. Movie Recommendation Engine. Twitter Sentiment Analysis. CyWeather: Weather prediction in C++. Handwriting Recognizer – MNIST EDUCATION

KLE Technological University Graduating in 2021

B.E. Computer Science, Junior Year Hubli, Karnataka

GPA: 8.19

Held a workshop on Python and Image Processing, Sophomore Year.

A core member of the CodeChef Campus Chapter.


India Police Hackathon 2019:

National Finalist in the government hosted hackathon. Amongst the top 12 from over 100 teams. University of Helsinki:

Certification: Certified in Elements of AI, with respective, detailed articles. DataDriven:

Ranking: Was in the top 12% worldwide for Blood Donation Prediction. SKILLS & INTERESTS

Skills: Exploratory Data Analysis, Machine Learning Algorithms (Regression, Ensemble Models), Deep learning models. Product Pitching, Data Modelling and forecasting.

Interests: Kaggle Kernels, Writing, Swimming, Reddit, Voracious Reader, Travelling, Burgers.

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