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Development/ Production/ Operations Geologist, Project Mgr.

Paramaribo, Suriname
November 17, 2019

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Petroleum Geologist

Home in Venezuela: Urbanizacion Las Minas, Residencias Vidama Uno, Apt 82, San Antonio de Los Altos, Edo. Miranda.

Telephones in Venezuela: Home… 58-212-***-****


Telephone en Suriname: Mobile …597-***-****

Birth date: March 2nd, 1960

Place of Birth: Maracay, Venezuela.


EXPERIENCE: 31 years in oil industry.

IGP Consultants: Production Geologist & Sedimentologist – 2 years Maraven (PDVSA): Production, Operations Geologist and Sedimentologist – 7 years Intevep (PDVSA): Production Geologist (Integrator) – 1 year Schlumberger: Geology Coordinator & Sedimentologist – 1 year Sincor: Leader of Subsurface Operations – 9 years

Landmark-Halliburton (Repsol-YPF): Production Geologist – 6 months Schlumberger: Subsurface Manager, Senior Reservoir and Production Geologist, Project Manager and Integrator – 3 years

TOTAL: Development and Operations Geologist- 8 months DPE: Wellsite Geologist

Staatsolie: Senior Operations Geologist (Actual)

June 2018 – Actual

Staatsolie, Suriname. Senior Operations Geologist for Near Shore Drilling Project. Exploration Team technical support. Integrated services bidding process. Wireline and LWD services logging programs. Mud Logging evaluation. Technical support to Drilling Dept. Advisor for subsurface operations to Exploration and Development teams. Coaching for young engineers. Realtime operations. Wellsite geologists support and coordination. August 2014 - March 2015

DPE (Dubai Petroleum Establishment). Fateh offshore field, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Operational supervision onsite of a exploratory well and horizontal development wells in carbonatic and clastic reservoirs to promote de production of oil and gas. Realtime operations, samples description, geosteering, gas curves analysis. May 2013 – December 2013

Total - Abu Al Bukoosh offshore field, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Operations and Development Geologist. 3D static model update, structural and stratigraphical interpretations, planning and proposals of new wells, real time interpretation, geosteering, support to drilling department. Wellsite supervision. Carbonatic gas and oil Jurassic and Cambrian reservoirs. March-April 2013

Halliburton. Production and Development Geologist for Abkatun-Pol-Chuc project. Paraíso, México. Revision and update of the geological static model, integration with the petrophysical model, production history and completion diagrams for detection of possible areas to optimize and decide final state of wells.

July 2012 – September 2012

Halliburton. Project Leader, Senior Reservoir Geologist contracted by Halliburton at Ciudad Ojeda, Western Venezuela. Evaluation of 10 exploratory prospects to be drilled in the following 3 years in the onshore fields Tomoporo, Franquera and La Ceiba. Integration of data to be used in DMS platform.

November 2010 – December 2011

Schlumberger. Senior Reservoir Geologist and integrator assigned to client s office Lagopetrol, Maracaibo, Venezuela, responsible for developing and integrating the static model of the area 70/80 of the B2X reservoir in offshore wells.

September 2010 – November 2010

Schlumberger. FDP Project Manager in Pointe Noire, Congo, Africa. Development of MKB field Mengo, Kundji and Bindi) for the state own client SNPC. Managing of static and dinamic models, production optimization, surface facilities, economic analysis and risk evaluation. June 2010 – September 2010

Schlumberger. IPM-DCS Project Manager in Poza Rica, Mexico. Chicontepec Project. Promote the improvement of the interaction between IPM and DCS segments. Drilling optimization,geomechanical models, hole stability, geological model. May 2009 - May 2010

Schlumberger. Senior Operation Geologist for DCS in Chicontepec Project, Poza Rica, México. Drilling proposals, geological correlations, mapping. Directional Drilling support. On site assistance for sampling description. Data integration (geomechanics, geophysics, reservoir pressure, petrophysics and geology). Field study, geological model update in Petrel. October 2008 – May 2009

Schlumberger. Subsurface Manager in DCS department for Mexico and Central America Operations. Interpretation and operational support to all DCS and IPM teams in all projects around Mexico. Processes improvements, detection of red money, workflows. Febuary 2008 – July 2008

Halliburton. Production geologist in Argentina, Comodoro Rivadavia. Geological interpretation of the fields Manantiales Behr and Maurek, under the supervision of Repsol-YPF. Stratigraphic and sedimentological interpretation. Integration of the data in order to propose new candidates for drilling. Operational support, core description.

January 1999 – December 2007

Sincor, strategic association consortium (TOTAL, STATOIL and PDVSA) for exploiting extra heavy oil from the Orinoco belt, Anzoátegui state, eastern Venezuela. Leader of Geological Operations. Managing of 20 wellsite geologists distributed in five rigs during the drilling of 430 horizontal wells, 120 slanted wells and more than 80 vertical wells. Real time operations, LWD logs interpretation in horizontal wells using azimuthal gamma ray, 5 resistivity curves in 3 different frequencies and density/neutron. Geosteering operations for optimization of sand recovery, also stratigraphic branches and fish bones.

Managing of contracts in mudlogging, wireline services and wellsite geologists. Tender processes, methodology for selection, interviews.


Intevep (PDVSA), production geologist working on stratigraphical interpretation of Orocual field, Las Piedras formation, Monagas state, east Venezuela. Study performed using integration of geological and seismic interpretation together with formation pressure data. Interpretation of new geological picks, updating of net sand maps, estructural maps. 1997

Schlumberger, Geology Coordinator for Venezuela, Trinidad and the Caribbean. Resistivity image interpretation (FMI). Generation of reports for clients including clastic sedimentological environment, structural and stratigraphical analysis, fractures identification, correlation with cores. and other wireline logs. Provided support to costumers for placing locations offshore and onshore, deep and shallow wells, clastic and carbonate formations, light, medium and heavy oil reservoirs.

Provided technical courses for interpreting dip meter and resistivity image logs. Provided support to clients for preparing wireline logging programs according to their needs. 1990 - 1996

Maraven (PDVSA), production and operations geologist for offshore locations. Performed integrated studies to provide drilling and logging proposals for placing locations in the Maracaibo Lake, blocks I, V, VI, VIII and IX in clastic formations from Eocene with light oil, also block XIII in Cretaceous carbonate formations Maraca, Lisure and Apon with light oil (Zulia state, western Venezuela). Also reservoir and production studies and operational follow up in Paleocene carbonate Guasare formation. Operational follow up on site, identification of geological markers by lithological and fossils description. Mud logging contract managing in 3 offshore heavy rigs. Production and operations geologist for onshore locations. Performed integrated studies to provide drilling and logging programs for placing locations in the Barúa, Motatán, Tomoporo and La Ceiba fields, Eocene formations with medium oil, deep reservoirs (Trujillo and Zulia states, west Venezuela). Drilling of vertical and horizontal wells, operational follow up on site, identification of geological markers by lithological and fossils description, drilling parameters. Performed integrated studies to provide drilling and logging programs for placing locations in the Bachaquero, Lagunillas and Tia Juana fields, Miocene formations with heavy oil, shallow reservoirs (Zulia state, west Venezuela). Operational follow up on site, identification of geological markers and drilling parameters. Elaboration of isopach maps of net sand, structural maps and correlation sections on Open Works.

Sedimentologist for clastic depositional environment. Study of fluvial-deltaic analogs. Performed study to drill first radial well in Venezuela, Ciudad Ojeda, Zulia state, west Venezuela. Identification of vertical and lateral sand distribution, shale barriers, formation anisotropy. Elaboration of LWD logging program, operational follow up on site. Mud logging contract administration.

Coring operations, managing of coring company. Participated on tender technical evaluation to select coring company. Provided intervals to be cored according to lithology and reservoir targets, operational follow up on site, core description. Control of drilling parameters during coring acquisition.

1988 – 1990

IGP Consultants, production geologist. Support to Maraven (PDVSA) on integrated studies, drilling and logging proposals for vertical and horizontal wells, onshore and offshore operations. Elaboration of net sand maps, structural maps. Integration of reservoir formation pressure data with geophysical, petrophysical and geological interpretations. Sedimentologist of clastic (fluvio- deltaic) depositional environment.


Field Geology Applied to Reservoirs, Coro-Maracaibo, Venezuela. March 23 – 27, 1992

Sandstone Mapping Workshop, OGCI, Houston, Texas.

April 20– 24, 1992

Subsurface Geology Applications Workshop, Schlumberger, Maracaibo, Venezuela. September 29, 1993

Well Images Interpretation (FMS-FMI), Schlumberger, Tamare, Venezuela. February 22, 1994

Schlumberger Applications to Geology, Schlumberger, La Puerta, Venezuela. April 20 – 22, 1994

Well Logs and Formation Evaluation, CEPET, Maracaibo, Venezuela. May 9 – 13, 1994

Structural Geology, CIED, Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela. September 11-15, 1995

Seismic Stratigraphy Applied to the Delineation and Definition of the Reservoir, CIED, Tamare, Venezuela.

September 23 – 27, 1996

Clastic Sedimentology and Electrofacies, CIED, Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela. October 21 – 25, 1996

Advanced Formation Evaluation and Well Log Analysis, Houston, Texas. September 28 – October 2, 2001

LWD / MWD Logs Interpretation, Schlumberger, Paris, France. May 31 – June 4, 2001

Reservoir Engineering for other Disciplines, Petroskills, Denver, Colorado. July 7 – 11, 2003

Development Geology, Petroskills, Houston, Texas.

December 13 – 17, 2004

Field Geology, Outcrops Analogs, Utah, USA.

November 04, 2007

Advanced Studies. Risk Analysis for Exploration and Development Projects, Villahermosa, México.

January to September 2009.

Project Management, Next, Houston, USA

March 2010

HPHT drilling conditions with MPD, Dubai, UAE.

September 2014


8th World Geophysical Simposium, Caracas, Venezuela May 1993

Multilateral Wells Simposium, Breckenridge, Colorado November 1999

SPE Horizontal Wells Convention, Calgary, Canada.

November 2000

Latin American Petroleum Exposition, Maracaibo, Venezuela. June 2001

4th International Horizontal Well Conference, Denver, Colorado July 2002


Advanced Studies (R2M), Risk Analysis, Mexico 2009. FIT (Florida Institute of Technology), Melbourne, Florida, USA. Master s Business Administration (not finished), 1987 FIT (Florida Institute of Technology), Melbourne, Florida, USA. Bachelor of Science in Geological Oceanography. 1985.

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