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Mechanical Engineer Project

Bacoor, Cavite, Philippines
November 10, 2019

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Block *, Lot *A, New York St., Manuelaville, San Agustin 2,

Dasmarinas City, Cavite, Philippines, 4114

E-mail :

Mobile # : +63-947-***-****, Landline : (046-***-****

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering


Cebu City, 1984


Mechanical Engineer for 30 years, spearheading the rehabilitation and fire proofing of structural steel space frame platform at the GLRU LNG plant in Sirte Oil Company, Brega, Libya. Reviewing and recalculating the client scope of works and contract. Discover a huge deficiencies of materials/members, thus avoiding the company from great loses, saving about more than 50% of the total project cost.

Leading a Team of 15 to 25 people, Rehabilitation of structural members, gratings, ladder, stairs and mechanical vessels, painting and fire proofing at Refrigeration system, L1 area project, Mellitah Oil and Gas.

Project management of Surface Facilities for New 9 Infilling Wells at Wafa Field, Mellitah Oil and Gas pipelines project, Central Plant, Libya. Monitoring daily activities of a 30 kilometers 24”, 7 kilometers 20”, 2.43 kilometers 12”,

11.3 kilometers 10”, 17 kilometers 8” trunklines and flowlines projects in API 5L standard.

Replacement of a 50 year old main 48”, Crude Oil line, 3 kilometers pipeline project from Cargo loading pump to Metering station at Sirte Oil Company Project. Libya.

Offshore projects, complete rehabilitation of Bouri Field, DP3 and DP4 projects. Replacing old drainage, hydro-sanitary, hot and cold, fire water and sea water piping system at Mellitah Oil and Gas, Libya.

Qatar Gas project at Ras Laffan, a 423.2 million dollars project construction of an 11000 metric ton/day sulfur facility and the 20 kilometers heated pipelines which use to transport sulfurs from 11 sulfur producer refineries. Completed ahead of time.

Core competency includes, estimates, communication skill and math skills, time-management abilities, problem solving, equip with drafting techniques, cad engineer, defining and managing of attributes, blocks, plot style and xref, expert in Autocad 2019 version and below, 2D and 3D drawing, advance knowledge of Excel, Msword and Powerpoint, exposure to International codes, industry standards, such as ISO 9001 ( ver.2015), ASTM, ASME, ANSI and API.


Philmaxwell Electric Company, Inc.

Plant and production department 293A, NIA Road, Bagong Silang, Plaridel, Bulacan

Position : Mechanical Engineer / QMS September 30, 2018 to June 15, 2019

Duties and Responsibilities

Ensuring the smooth operation in production, winding and assembly facilities. Coil must be evenly wound to withstand high short circuit Evaluate production processes for compliance with quality requirements

Periodically calibrating the tools and testing equipment to ensure high quality product in accordance and conformance of ISO9001 .

Company cad technician, company cad standardization such as plot style, fonts, line weight and drawing entity uniformity. Overseeing Import documentation, forwarder, brokerage and material suppliers.

Internal auditor, implementing of procedures, health, safety and environment awareness.

VAOS (Value Added Oilfield Services)

Projects and Technical Department Brega, Libya

Position : Junior Engineer September 1, 2017 to August 10, 2018

Duties and Responsibilities

Checking and review of contracts condition, scope of works, procedures, bill of quantities and project drawings.

Monitor, listing and recording if there are change orders, materials to rehabilitate, attend meeting and bidding.

Cad drafting of consumables such as general arrangement, isomeric, lay out plan, elevation, details and 3d Drawings.

Materials take off, such as computing of total members, beams, columns, channels, surface area for painting and for fireproofing, total weight of beams, angle bars, checkered sheets, pipes, bolts and nuts and supports.

Bonati S.P.A

Engineering / Planning Department Mellitah Oil & Gas Wafa,, Libya

Position : Pipeline Engineer April 17, 2017 to August 15, 2017

Project : Surface Facilities for new Nine Infilling Wells in Wafa

Duties and Responsibilities

Project management and monitoring activities or project flow by preparing daily, weekly and monthly construction report, daily and weekly progress report, daily, weekly production report, project monthly HSE report.

Preparing drawings needed for the project such as spool drawing, plot plan, elevation, section, P&ID, piping general arrangement, isometric, piping routing, piping tie-in list, tie-in point location plan, block diagram, key plan, equipment location plan, plot plan, enlarge plan and some other deliverables. Layouting of trunk lines/flowlines, crossroad, flow lines, satellite facilities from well head to refinery, alignment sheet, anchor block details, pigging facilities for trunk lines, road and line crossing for trunk lines and flow lines, crash barrier, right of way, excavation, valve box, shrinkable sleeves for joint, anchor block, backfilling of trenches, laying of electrical cable and fiber optic cable, telecommunication, cctv, cathodic protection system, isolation required for tie-ins, evacuation of crude oil from existing lines, flushing/purging and cleaning up of right of way.

GMS (General Maintenance Services)

Engineering / Planning Department Mellitah Oil & Gas, Suwara, Libya

Position : Mechanical Engineer Nov 22, 2016 to May 30, 2017

Project : Refurbishment of L1 Unit, Refrigeration Area,

Duties and Responsibilities

Leading a team size 15 to 25 people. For structural, mechanical rehabilitation project, fire proofing and painting of Refrigeration System compound, L1 area project o Melitah Oil and Gas

Preparing work order with its description, job and safety plan, equipment location and discipline using Maximo.

Maintaining or repairing of vessels, tanks, exchangers, debutanizer, boiler, compressor and some other equipment.

Preparing work procedure, getting the permit first, removal of equipment insulation, installing scaffolding, valve status (tag and lock out). Install blinds by following the blind plan. For the Heat Exchangers, removal of cap, preliminary inspection of the tube bundle, cleaning the shell-side internals and the tube bundle. Removal of tube bundle for inspection. Re-installation of new or cleaned tube bundle, partially boxing-up, hydro testing, final inspection, removal of blinds and scaffolding then close the permit.

Preparing line schedule, tie-in list and bill of materials, bar charts, weekly progress evaluation, blind plan list, bolting, purging isolation procedure, marking the P&ID, bolting, purging, isolation procedure, lifting plan and valve status report.

ETOS (Engineers for Technical and Oil Services Co).

Engineering Department Tripoli, Libya

Position : Mechanical Designer Jan 16, 2016 to Sept 29, 2016

Duties and Responsibilities

Refurbish, repair and redesign drainage system, hydro-sanitary system, cold water, hot water and sea water system at Militah Burie Platforms (DP3 and DP4) Projects

Preparing project’s bill of materials, take-off and estimate using Excel program. Review scope of works, procedures, bill of materials and any tendering job.

Select, procure and estimate materials such as PPR, epoxy line carbon steel pipe and GRE Pipes.

Preparing Isometric drawings, detailing of supports, elevation, plan, 3D drawings and as-built drawing using autocad.

Sirte Oil Company

Drafting and Technical Support Group Brega, Libya

Position : Piping Designer June 30, 2015 to Oct 01, 2015

Duties and Responsibilities

Design and drafting of complete project packages or deliverables such as P&ID, piping general arrangement, piping isometric, piping routing, bill of materials, pipe support details, piping tie-in list, tie-in point location plan, block diagram, key plan, equipment location plan, plot plan, enlarge plan and sections. Locate the proper pipe routing and see to it that it is safe, economical and accessible for maintenance.

Document controller and back up electronic files in external drives for future reference.

Providing Contractors necessary drawings such as the existing underground pipes, cables, racks elevation, grade and P&ID’s as basis of their project design and construction.

POWER PROJECTS and Maintenance Solutions, Inc.

Project : Resorts World # 73 East Kapitolyo, Pasig, Manila, Phil.

Position : Mechanical Engineer May 03, 2011 to May 30, 2015

Duties and responsibilities

Supervising job for Electrical projects such as installation, termination and commissioning of Switchgears, Transformers, UPS, and other electrical equipment.

Preparing the scope of works, bill of materials, manpower list, work schedules as built drawings and other documentations.

Preparing of quotation include computation of materials, labor, transportations, brokerage, forwarder, paint and coating, equipment, disposable tools needed, safety gears, consumables and demobilizing/cleaning expenses.


Enhance Oil Recovery (EOR), Jalilah Greenfield, Dubai Petroleum Project

Position : Piping Designer Nov 03, 2010 to Feb 28, 2011

Duties and Responsibilities

Preparing and drafting of project’s deliverables, such as lay out plan, piping arrangements, flow diagram, block diagram, location and key plan, isometric, spool drawings, pipe support drawing, piping tie-in list, tie-in point location, pipe routing, equipment location, plot plan, BOM for the materials and specifications, cad data sheet, line list registers and indices, general arrangement, isomeric, layout plan, elevation, cross sectioning, tables, BOQ and detailing.

Updating all marked-up (construct and destruct) P&ID’s from process engineers.

Arranging the P&ID drawings by fitting the inserted or removed equipment and instrumentations, notes, revision tables inside a crowded exiting paper size.

In charge of P&ID registers with its platform or field names, wellhead or equipment names, project numbers and title.

Manages and organized filing of project’s documents in share drive, numbering and revisions number as per contract specifications.


Engineering Department Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Position: Piping Designer Nov 01, 2008 to Nov 30, 2009

Duties and Responsibilities

Design and drafting of complete consumables such as piping general arrangement, plot plan of platforms and subsea pipelines, elevation and detail drawings, isometric drawings for piping, P&ID’s, wheel head schematic and riser diagram, fabrication spool assembly, pipe support, mechanical equipment and nozzles location lay out at platform such as tanks, vessels, pumps, separator, wheel head, in DPC drafting standards and specifications. Perform day to day design and drafting support in mechanical department such as updating “old” Philip Conoco drawings which was done by manual drafting, scanned in Raster image format and edit it using Cad VPraster.

Producing elevation drawing of platform’s piping, from sea floor mud line elevation to jacket deck, sub-cellar deck, cellar deck and main deck.

Maintaining the integrity of company’s drawings by updating the as built, survey of P&ID’s, isometrics, piping plan, structural drawings, equipment layout and plot plans.

Update the list register whenever there is newly assigned line number and check duplicated line number, wrong service code, line size, nominal wall thickness, specifications, stress analysis, corrosion allowance, P&ID number, design and operating temperature and pressure, pipe specification and insulation class.

Assigning new pipeline number with its line size, service code, sequential number, material specification, insulation code and documentation. Checking and updating piping line lists against platform’s P&ID’s for new and existing pipe lines.


Project : Common Sulfur Project – Qatargas 2, Ras Laffan, Qatar

Position: Field Designer II Oct 06, 2006 to Oct 29, 2008

Duties and Responsibilities

Design and drafting of pipeline project such as equipment layout, piping layout, isometric, mounting details for supports, trays, sleepers, pipe racks, pipeline alignment sheet, conveyors and granulator, underground cable layout, piping plot plan of sulfur line from gas plant to the storage tank, as built drawing and BOQ for procurement and construction.

Determining obstacles and clashes at site, locate pipe routing, location of supports, taking site photos for progress reports, for references and situation attachment,

Coordinate the execution of Qatargas Common Sulfur Project such as the two paralleled 17.5 kilometer Sulfur pipelines, facilities layout, sulfur storage, granulators, quadrant shiploaders, reclaimer, conveyors, stacker, dust suppression system and piping engineering in Ras Laffan Industrial City (RLIC) Qatar.

Ensuring the transport pipeline’s sleepers, bridges, loops, underground piping, cable trays, trenching are in accordance with Qatargas Operating Company Limited and Washington Group standards.

Material take off (MTO) activities, identify irregularities, discrepancies and shortfalls, take corrective action as required.


Project : Methanol Plant Equatorial Guinea Malabo, West Africa

Position: Plant Draftsman Nov 21, 2000 – October 11, 2006

Duties and Responsibilities

Responsible for the production of plant’s multi-discipline drawings, (electronics and hard copy) such as mechanical, piping, electrical, civil, process, plot plans and process instrumentation drawings. Producing and updating P&ID and PFD’s from process engineer’s table and updating the revised drawings. Produce isometric drawing for a new piping project with its material descriptions, classifications, sizes, tags, quantities and pipe support details using Autocad and in Raytheon Engineers and Contractor’s piping standard specification.

Drafting and layout of new equipment’s footprint and foundations such as vessel, tanks, heat exchanger, reverse osmosis, compressor, boilers, turbines, pumps and update the plant plot plan.

Site visitation for verification of dimension, freehand sketching of the proposed new project, determining obstacles, inspect proper pipe routing, location of supports, as built drawing, taking site photos for progress reports, for references and situation attachment. Perform squad checks of vendor equipment drawings and drawing from other disciplines.

SAUDI OGER LTD., Construction and Maintenance

Engineering Department, Low Current Unit Riyadh, KSA

Position : Electro-mechanical Engineer Jan 19, 1997 to Oct 30, 1999

Duties and Responsibilities

Design and drafting of low current systems such as fire alarm system, telephone systems, local area networks, cctv, public address (PA), automatic barrier, FTTH/FTTP, turn style and access entrance using DSL and Fiber Optic light wave.

Layout system’s location of devices such as smoke detectors, gas detectors, manual pull station, break glass, exit lights, strobe lights, alarm, electrical outlets, fire extinguisher, speakers, telephones, computer outlet, cctv camera, barrier and turn styles.

Producing system’s riser diagram, cable tray routing, wiring loop, PABX, FACP and MDF control panels schematic diagram and equipment layout at control room. Material take off, devices tables, BOQ and scope of work using Excel.


Construction and Maintenance of Fire Control System, Riyadh KSA

Position : Draftsman June 1, 1995 to Nov 1, 1996

Duties and Responsibilities

Design and drafting of low current system’s layout such as Fire alarm (Notifyer) with its smoke detectors, manual call point, strobe lights, break glass and FACP, CCTV, gas detector, kitchen hood protection, fire hose cabinet and exit location. fire fighting system, sprinkler system, fire hydrant and monitor system, foam system, Fire water distribution network, Halon system, FM 200, pump room equipment lay out and control panel diagram.

Design and drafting of mechanical system lay out such as Producing deliverable such as piping arrangement, isometric, plot plan, pipe support, riser diagram, location of devices, equipment such as sprinklers head, hydrants, fire hose cabinets, fire monitors and hose reels, extinguishers, gas detectors, smoke detectors, manual pull station, break glass, FACP, exit lights and control room equipment layout..

Conduct fundamental calculations of pipe sizing and net positive suction head for pumps and hydraulic calculation.


ISO 9001, version 2015, Comprehensive with Risk-Base Approach - March 7 to March 8 2019

Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training - June 22, 2015 to June 24, 2015

Including Additional Norwegian Oil and Gas Modules (OPITO Approved)

Basic Hydrogen Sulphide – MSTS Asia Sdn Bhd (JB), Malaysia - June 22, 2015 to June 22, 2015

Revit MEP - Microcadd, Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines - June 03, 2011- June 24, 2011

Smartplant Review - Intergraph, Washington Group International, Ras Laffan, Qatar - Mar 11 to 24, 2008

Basic High Angled Rescue Response / Confined Space Emergency Rescue Response

Punta Europa, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, West Africa - April 16, 2006 – April 23, 2006

Heart Saver First Aid – Punta Europa, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, West Africa - Oct 11, 2005 to Nov 11, 2005

Autocad 2005 - Autodesk, Microcadd Technologies, Manila, Philippines - Sep 20, 2004- Oct 5, 2004


Punta Europa, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, West Africa – Oct. 31, 2002

Microstation/J - Bentley, CadVision Engineering Technologies, Manila, Philippines - Feb 5, 2003- Feb 14, 2003

Autocadd 2002 - Autodesk, CadVision Engineering Technologies, Manila, Philippines - Jan 18, 2003- Feb 5, 2003

MicroSation 95 - Bentley, RISURJ Computer Learning Center, Recto, Manila, Phil. - Jan 29, 2001- Feb 8, 2001


Date of birth : June 30, 1962

Civil status : Married with 4 kids

Nationality : Filipino

Passport number : XX3980913A, expire on August 9, 2022.

Driver’s license number (Phil) : N02-89-111922

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