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Atlanta, GA
November 10, 2019

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Mohammed Abahussain

*** **** ******, ******** ** 30067 678-***-**** Github@Mohammed-Abahussain LinkedIn


Recent computer science graduate with a strong focus on app development. In the interest of advancing my career in software development, I seek to obtain unique leadership skills, gain analytical abilities, and to enhance my programming techniques.


Strong Foundation in Computer systems architecture, algorithms, and programming design. In addition, a conceptual framework to study, evaluate, and practice management principles. The program allowed the opportunities to work in various projects that engage in the diverse landscape of software development. I had participated in Five academic projects with multiple roles associated with each. I managed team that created a full stack solution and another that developed embedded systems made for healthcare providers. Also, the course of study focused on the fundamental concepts and procedures of computer forensics and cyber security.



Patient Portal Design: A solo project with the objective of designing a software system for healthcare providers. Followed UML based methods to develop a use case, a class, and an activity diagram. Developers would use the diagrams as a blueprint to approach implementing and managing a patient portal system for a healthcare organization.

SSO Architecture: The team has designed, implemented, and tested a web-service solution that supports S.S.O property of access. I have contributed to the technical research that discuss existing S.S.O services, and how an S.S.O service is integrated into different technologies. Also, managing the project by coordinating the assignments, and track the task performance. Moreover, documenting the System development life cycle.

Healthcare IOT System: Team members have designed and implemented a solution for patient healthcare systems that monitors the patient vital signs and pushes notification updates to the cloud server (salesforce). I have designed data flow diagram for the system. In addition, I have assisted in building the hardware component that utilizes different modules for both the Arduino & the Raspberry Pi.

Network Infrastructure: We have built and connected virtual private cloud networks with IPSec tunneling technology. Also, we have employed an open-source tools to enhance the security of the network, troubleshoot failed connections, and analyze the network packet. I have accomplished the tasks of configuring and testing the environment of MS Hypervisor and creating network of VMs to administrate. Furthermore, performing security activity on the network by utilizing open source tools such as Nmap. The focus was directed toward employing tool for information gathering and Sniffing.

Web Development: Project members have implemented a full-stack solution powered with NodeJS to operate dynamic cooking blog. I have implemented the backend structure with server-side scripting tools to run a service which produce dynamic web pages. Also, I have built a grid-based layout that is responsive. Further, as a PM, I have documented the project to ensure that the team stay on track. Additionally, I have participated in the documentation process that consist of scope statement and the work breakdown schedule.


CAU Office of Information Technology and Communications, Atlanta, GA

Information Technologist, July 2018 – December 2018

Removed and replaced malfunctioning components to correct hardware problems.

Configured hardware, devices and software to set up workstations for employees and students.

Responded to support requests from the end-users and walked individuals through basic troubleshooting tasks.



Packaging: Loading & Sorting 2017, April 2017 – December 2017

Assembled orders and packed items for shipment, conveying orders to shipping personnel.

Recorded information, shortages and discrepancies to keep records current and accurate.


Programming language: Java, JavaScript, Python, MATLAB.

DB: MySQL and MongoDB.

Source Control: GitHub.

Internet of Things: Raspberry Pi, Arduino.

Software platforms: Microsoft Office, and visual Paradigm.

OS: Unix Based (Linux, Darwin) and Windows.

Virtual Machine: GCP, hypervisor.

Server-Side Scripting: Nodejs, Flask.

Integrated development environments: IntelliJ, Visual Studio Code, Eclipse.



Bachelor’s in Science, Major in Computer and Information Science

GPA: 3.63/4.0

Dean’s list for spring 2017


COURSERA: Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure.

EDX: Networking Essentials Microsoft - CLD260x.

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