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Sales Manager

Georgetown, Texas, United States
November 09, 2019

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CV/Resume of: Gary D. Lee, PhD.

Personal Information

Birth Date October 21, 1944

Citizenship USA

Marriage Status Married (Patricia)

Family Two grown sons (Bart and Tony)

Address ***** ******t Dr.

Georgetown, TX 78628

Telephone (Home) 512-***-****

(Cellular) 512-***-****

Education Bachelor of Arts Degree


Simpson College (1962-1966)

Doctorate of Philosophy Degree

Physical Organic Chemistry

University of Nevada

Academic Awards NDEA Fellowship

Petroleum Research Fund Fellowship

Past Associations American Chemical Society

Commercial Development Assoc.

Society of Plastic Engineering

American Plywood Assoc.

Polisocyanurate Manufactures Assoc.

American Assoc. of Textiles

Chemists and Colorists

Patents and Publications

Patent No. 4,048,080- Issued 9/13/77

Gary D. Lee, P.F. Vartanian, J.B. Biasotti

A lubricating oil composition containing an amine- alkenyl succinic acid or anhydiride reaction production in which the alkenyl radical has a molecular weight ranging from about 250 to 3,000.

Patent No. 4,248,719- Issued 2/3/81

Gary D. Lee, H. Chafetz

Quaternary ammonium salts and lubricating oil containing said salts and dispersants.

Patent No. 4,325,876- Issued 4/20/82

Gary D. Lee, H. Chafetz

Process for the manufacture of an alkenyl succinic anhydride.

“Purification and Properties of a Homogeneous Aryl Sulfatase

A from Rabbit Liver”, Lee, Gary D. and Van Etten Robert L. (1975)

Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 166, 280-294.

“Evidence for an Essential Histidine Residue in Rabbit Liver

Sulfatase A”, Lee, Gary D. and Van Etten, Robert L. (1975)

Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 171, 424

Professional Experience

Independent Consultant Jan. 1997 to Present

Quest Inspar, LLC Gen. Manager January 2015 to February 2016

Benchworkzz, LLC January 1, 2006-December 2014

Quest TruTec, LP March 2004- November 2006

Director, Sales and Marketing

General Manager, Process Diagnostics Group

Quimica Pumex/Pumex, Inc.

Director of Operations/Sales Manager June 1997- October 2001

The Flexible Products Company 1996-1997

Business Manager OEM Division

Premium Polymers Inc. 1992-1996

Vice President/General Manager

EPL Bio-Analytical Service, Inc. 1991-1992

Senior Environmental Chemist

Freeman Chemical Division/ 1989-1991

Cook Composites and Polymers

Technical Director/Marketing Mgr.

Horizon Chemical (Div. Of A.E. Staley) 1987-1989

Director, Chemical Intermediates

Business Unit

A.E. Staley Mfg. Company 1982-1987

Marketing Manager

Texaco Chemical Company 1981-1982

Product Supervisor

Texaco, Inc. 1975-1981

Coordinator, International Sales

Research Chemist

Purdue University 1971-1975

Visiting Assistant Professor

Of Chemistry

Professional Functional/Responsibilities Summary

And Key Contributions

Quest Inspar, LLC

General Manager

This is a start-up company utilizing leading edge robotics technology that manufactures an in-place plastic pipe providing about an additional 50 years of productive pipe utilization. Responsibilities include planning, hiring and managing Operations. Operations include R&D, Production and facilities management.

Benchworkzz, LLC


This was a grassroots start-up software company that I established all the solid baseline facets which included raising Operational funds, Planning, Patents, Legal, and Hiring. I backed away once established (about 2012) and hired a President to promote sales. This was not a full-time function.


Director of Sales & Marketing

General Manager of the Process Diagnostics

These functional positions were simultaneous with the total sales revenues of about $13,000,000. The Process Diagnostics Division had sales of about $ 7,000,000. Quest TruTec LP is a service organization, composed primarily of engineers, conducting tests and reliability interpretation of core equipment utilized in refining and petrochemical processes.

About 55 people reported through the two combined functions. Typical management type Operational, P/L, Sales/Marketing, and Administrative responsibilities were realized over this period. The Division grew in revenues over 30% during the period. This revenue increase, coupled with margin improvements, was realized while hiring and training with substantial personnel changes. Approximately 50% of the work force left the company the first year and additional employees were required to company growth. At the end of the first 2-year segment, about 40 of the reporting personnel were new hires or conducting substantially different types of company functions.

Quimica Pumex

Director of Operations (1997-2000)


Pumex, Inc.

Sales Manager (1997-2000)

subsidiary of Quimica Pumex.

These functional positions were simultaneous with Pumex, Inc. being a wholly owned by Quimica Pumex. Quimica Pumex is a polyurethane systems house and polyurethane polyol manufacturer located near Monterrey, Mexico. Pumex, Inc. is an USA (Georgetown, Texas) company representing sales, marketing, and customer service for Quimica Pumex products.

Operations included a total of about 50 personnel (functions are Quality Control, Production, Shipping and Receiving, Technical Service, and Technical Development).

Over the three-year period every “existing” product was modified resulting in improved field performance, improved physical and performance consistency, reduced RMC, and with an accompanied increased throughput rate. The total Operations staff was reduced 5% over the period while increasing the respective Technical functions about 20%. New products (about 30) were successfully commercialized over the three-year period. Approximately 70% of my time was involved with Quimica Pumex Operations in Mexico.

The Pumex, Inc. operation was opened at my insistence and operated to improve the firm’s service and credibility to the USA market. The polyurethane polyol sales rate in the USA (all handled by me and one Customer Service Representative) increased 300% from 1997 to 2000. The expectation is that a sales rate increase in excess 500% (relative to 1997) can be achieved during 2001. The actual margin contribution to Quimica Pumex due to the increase in sales is over $800,000 per year.

The Flexible Products Company

Business Manager (1996-1997)

Flexible Products purchased Premium Polymers, Inc. during 1996 and the primary function was the company integration and focus on polyurethane spray foam sales and spray foam business development.

Premium Polymers, Inc.

Vice President/General Manager (1992-1996)

Initially, responsibilities were focused on the technical and production aspects of polyurethane “B” component manufacture. Later, the functions of Purchasing and Sales also reported to me. Over the years, I contributed directly, and in all facets, to the company’s growth starting from under three million dollars to over twenty-five million dollars in sales. This was accomplished with never exceeding twenty-four total employees at a given time.

EPL BIO- Analytical Services, Inc.

Senior Environmental Chemist (1991-1992)

This firm was a specialized service company conducting laboratory work and consulting for sponsor companies to obtain FDA and EPA approval for specific products. I prepared strategic and tactical plans and implemented broad programs of effective and efficient technical support and problem-solving services. In addition, I was solely, or as a team member, directly responsible for specific projects sponsored by companies to conduct Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) technical work to obtain FDA and/or EPA product approvals.

Two major projects involved the successful approval of new cooking oils for Nabisco (FDA) and new insecticides by Ortho (EPA). All the initial work was either conducted or directed with my interaction with the respective sponsors.

Cook Composites and Polymers

Marketing Manager (1990-1991)

Reported to the Vice President where accountability primarily involved P/L as well as the development of strategic plans for the polyurethane chemicals (“B” components for systems and polyester polyols). In addition, significant activity involved the integration of the polyurethane business due to the formation of Cook Composites and Polymers resulting from company purchases leading to the merging of Cook Chemical, Freeman Chemical and Chardanol.

Freeman Chemical

Technical Director (1989-1990)

Reported to the VP/GM with direct supervision of twelve personnel (Quality Control, Process Development/Improvement, new product development, and Technical Service).

This specific division produced polyester polyols for rigid polyurethane, at that time the largest in the USA.

Horizon Chemical Division of A.E. Staley Mfg. Co.

Marketing Mgr/Business Unit Director (1982-1989)

Initially I was hired as Marketing Mgr. by A.E. Staley to conduct efforts to determine if the prospect of entering the petrochemical business had merit. A.E. Staley (now owned by Tate and Lyle) was a major corn and soy bean processing company which believed they contained certain processing technology (only pilot plant at the time) that could convert starch to certain petrochemical type materials. After five years, sales, technology, and production had advance sufficiently that a new division was formed which had two chemical business units.

My major initial contributions were conducting all the field marketing efforts, demonstrating initial sales viability for all the products from pilot plant efforts, while developing and implementing the strategic plans. As Business Manager, I was responsible for all the functional facets of the Business Unit, sales were in excess of thirty million dollars at the time of my departure.

Texaco Inc., Texaco Chemical

Research Chemist (1975-1981)

International Sales Coordinator (1979-1981)

Product Supervisor (1981-1982)

The research effort in Beacon, NY was in the development of motor oil dispersants. I was successful with the chemical development, successful SAE approval development, and in the commercial utilization of a material actually used in Havoline Motor Oil.

A promotion and transfer to the Texaco Chemical Division located in Houston, Texas occurred during 1978. My responsibilities involved direct sales in the Far East and

Middle East with indirect sales to Europe. In addition, I was the USA liaison for a petrochemical production partnership in Japan. Petrochemical sales (exports) were increased to the Far East and Middle East from about one million dollars to an excess of twelve million dollars per year.

In 1981 I was promoted and transferred to the Olefins Business Unit where I coordinated all the business activities for C4’s (butylenes, butadiene and methyl-tertiary butyl alcohol). This was a five hundred-million-dollar business. The actual commercial development of methyl-tertiary butyl alcohol occurred during my tenure in this function.

Purdue University

Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry (1971-1975)

The primary functions were chemical instruction to undergraduates and conducting bio-organic chemical research. I was successful in supporting grant approvals for the group’s research efforts and obtained recognition through research publications and seminar presentations. Rapid skill development permitted quick success with both the purification and characterization of a sulfatase enzyme.

The undergraduate instruction was directed to nursing students. Two classes were accepted for each year; one at Purdue University (Baccalaureate Program with over 200 students) and one at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital School of Nursing (Diploma Program with about 15 students). This chemical instruction included three different chemistry disciplines; Inorganic, Organic and Biochemistry.

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