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Quality Manager

Anniston, Alabama, United States
$90,000 - 110,000
November 09, 2019

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Theodore Jeffrey Fiorella

*** ******* ******

Anniston, Alabama 36107

TEL: 256-***-****

Jeff is open to relocating for the right opportunity.


Experienced manager with over twenty years in the building materials industry.

Skilled in Quality Control, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, …

Adept at drilling down to root causes, in addition to building and using analytics, dashboards, morning meetings, etc. to drive improvements in quality.

Demonstrated ability for mounting, executing and sustaining continuous improvement, team building and leadership skills.

Safety first focus on Voice of the Customer; "Right Part, Quality Part, On Time Part!"


Continuous Improvement Manager January 2018 – October 2019

Legacy Cabinets Eastaboga, Alabama

Tasked with oversight and liaison with contracted lean manufacturing consultants engaged to introduce Lean Manufacturing to this cabinet manufacturer who, in its current state, relied on traditional manufacturing methods and thinking. Responsibilities encompassed teaching Lean 101, 5S and Kaizen training starting at the executive level and working down through the operational leadership tiers.

Established current state process map and created a future state process map. Vetted future state vision with lean team and executive leadership to include work activities and risk mitigation for a successful deployment. Established and trained various Kaizen teams and 5S teams for deployment. Established baseline for targeted cabinet assembly value stream with key focus points – material and components presentation of part, material and components, to the assembly operators, equipment reliability and storage and assembly operator work activity. Established base cabinet and wall cabinet assembly models with balanced work activity, 5S, Standard Work and Zone Performance Metrics. Mounted, executed and sustained assembly models across 9 assembly zones resulting in 27% / $1,260,000 reduction in direct labor. Reduced waste in movement and transportation by 60%.

Effected transition from consultants to Legacy stand-alone lean manufacturing in October of 2018. In the reallocation of associates to other zones in the plant the CI Team was allocated 8 associates to continue improvements into the future. These efforts encompassed revisiting the assembly zones, Voice of the customer quality improvements. Just-in-Time drawer box cells at each base cabinet assembly zone. Mounted, executed and sustained performance metrics, accountability and practical problem solving: PDCA, 8 Step and A3

In 2019 efforts by the Legacy CI team yielded an additional $1,750,000 improvement to EBITDA

Operations / Quality Control Manager February 2014 – JANUARY 2018

HB&G Companies (custom millworks), Troy, Alabama

I am operationally responsible for the full range of HB&G Companies Wood/PVC stock and custom millworks operations, such as: HB&G Millworks in Troy, Alabama; TKM Millworks in Raleigh, North Carolina; and Crown Column & Millworks in Attalla, Alabama. My responsibility includes all aspects of Voice of the Customer driven manufacturing; "Safety First, Right Part, Quality Part, On Time Part".

Consultant Forest Wood Products October – November 2013

Consulted for Boozer Laminated Beam on issues regarding Adhesive Qualification, % Moisture Content, Modulus of Elasticity, Lumber Grading, Statistical Process Control, T Tests for Shear Strength Perpendicular to Grain, Tension Parallel to Grain, Goodness of Fit, Proof Loading, Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Action. FSC and SFI Chain of Custody Certification.

Door Plant Supervisor March – October 2013

Masterbrand Cabinets, Auburn, Alabama

Supervised the activities and personnel engaged in manufacturing of products within their assigned department and shift. Corrected, maintained, and enforced all necessary supply inventory levels. Interpreted, applied, and/or enforced all company policies, programs, rules, regulations, labor contracts, and safety rules.

Achieved departmental, plant, and corporate goals for safety, quality, and productivity. Promoted clean, safe work areas throughout the plant by continuously checking for hazardous conditions.

Led production employees in continuous improvement activities. Maintained employee morale by portraying a positive image of the company. Developed, directed, and managed manufacturing personnel and trained them to properly utilize all equipment and tools.

Directed manufacturing personnel to maintain product quality and meet customer requirements. Consistently administered company policies and practices regarding attendance, performance, etc. Communicated with employees daily. Participated in activities such as training and safety programs in order to enhance the overall effectiveness of the work area(s) involved. Initiated and completed value adding projects.

Quality Manager May 2006 – March 2013

Boozer Laminated Beam Company, Inc. Anniston, Alabama

Responsible for mounting, executing and sustaining “Voice of the Customer” driven built-in-quality objectives using Lean/Six Sigma knowledge and expertise. Assured that quality control procedures were maintained in accordance with ANSI/AITC A190.1. Liaised with accredited third-party inspection agency at monthly audits and new product qualifications in order to validate compliance with the established manufacturing standard.

Provided direction and training to associates in order to assure that all company resources (people, equipment, materials, and the facility) are utilized to their maximum potential to give the company its greatest return on its investment. Developed and established an ongoing training regimen to enhance associate’s ability to support the company’s Built-in-Quality objectives which were designed to improve process efficiency, reduce the Cost of Poor Quality and exceed the customer’s quality expectations.

Oversaw the Quality Assurance laboratory function to assure that testing facilities and practices met current methods, procedures and practices established by AITC/ANSI 200. Directed all efforts to audit and calibrate production equipment and measuring systems for accuracy and precision.

Measured and published key quality indicators; Statistical Process Controls, Qualification Stress Levels (QSL), Long-span Modulus of Elasticity (MOE) and 5th Percentiles with 75% confidence established by ANSI/AITC A190.1 and ASTM Standard D3737.

Provided written and visual quality guidelines and specifications at point of use. Maintained quality policies, manuals and updates.

Responsible for interfacing, both on site and off, with supplier and customer quality representatives concerning problems with quality control and assured that effective corrective action was implemented.

Always supported company initiatives to maintain a ‘Safety First!’ working environment.

Responsible for identifying, testing and qualifying new materials and products.

Lean Six Sigma February 2000 – May 2006

MasterBrand Cabinets Talladega, Alabama

Shipping / Receiving Supervisor responsible for distribution to Southeastern U.S. Lowe's customer. Made significant hands on contribution to introducing new warehousing plan, UPC scanned and verified loads. Service levels improved above 98%.

Planner / Scheduler for MasterBrand Talladega Wood Door Plant. Scheduled / Expedited up to 5,600 wood doors per shift for Masterbrand internal customers Schrock, Aristocraft and Kitchen Classics.

Production Supervisor / Six Sigma MasterBrand Talladega Door Plant. Responsible for all phases of production supervision; safety, training, motivation and progressive discipline. Completed two Six Sigma projects to improve on shipping completion % and accuracy. Removed bottle neck in panel sanding process.

Lean / Six Sigma Black Belt Led monthly Kaizen events to eliminate waste, improve process efficiency and optimize Takt Time. Worked on Corp 3P Team to reduce material & labor cost in cabinet assembly by $3M per yr. across 19 plants.


Continued Studies, Physical Science, Cultural Anthropology, Creative Writing, … University of Massachusetts at Amherst and University of Miami, 1974 – 1976

Boozer Laminated Beam Company, Inc.

CEU Course AITC / Shear Plates and Split Rings in Glulam (J Linville P.E. AITC)

CEU Course AITC / Fire Resistance- Rated Construction (J Linville P.E.)

CEU Course AITC / Connection Detail in Glulam (J Linville P.E. / AITC)

CEU Course AITC /Structural Glued Laminated Timber Manufacturing & Quality Control

(J Linville P.E. / AITC)

MasterBrand Cabinets

Lean / Six Sigma Black Belt Training / Wes Vickers - Jason Carter Master Blackbelt (Corporate Training)

Zenger Miller Leadership Training (MBCI Corporate Training)


Supplier Quality Management - Appalachian Wood Products March 2005 – April 2005

Supplier Quality Surveillance (SQS) was conducted for the largest supplier of incoming Maple cut components (Rails & Stiles) in the MasterBrand Talladega Door Plant. Random length and width measurements of incoming components were compared to established USL and LSL. Variable Capability Analysis was conducted. It appeared that supplier's machining process was not centered. A team was flown to supplier’s location and assisted him in centering his process. % Moisture Content for randomly observed components at Talladega was also compared to random % moisture observations made at supplier’s location. This 2 Sample T analysis of moisture indicated that at least some of the variation could be coming from range of moisture found between the supplier’s Allegheny and Talladega locations. Team efforts were made to improve the supplier’s machining process and close the gap between % moisture at both locations by modifying supplier’s drying process. This dramatically reduced stack up issues and COPQ at Talladega and in MasterBrand downstream manufacturing operations

Akzo Nobel 2 Part Adhesive System May 2011 – October 2011

Purpose was to identify and introduce a more efficient adhesive system in the structural glued laminated timber face bonding process. In-house testing and qualification of various available one-part and two-part adhesive systems established enough empirical data for application ratio, clamp pressure, time, temperature, assembly times and shear strength perpendicular to grain to determine that the AkzoNobel 9563/1283 MF System was the most efficient system available.

Benefits from the AkzoNobel system were more flexibility in lumber temperatures, application spread lbs X 1000 sq ft, assembly times and clamp pressure periods. The project resulted in the introduction of a separate two-part application curtain and forward integration. These improvements to the existing adhesive system alone reduced adhesive consumption 25-30%. The greatest single benefit resulting from the project was the shortened clamp pressure periods. Reduction was from 5 and 6 hours to as little as 2.5 hours. This translated to a 30% improvement in productivity over a shift. Other benefits were a clear bond line for appearance, USGBC / LEED points for Non-Urea Formaldehyde and GreenGuard Certification for South Coast VOC limits.

Corporate 3P / MasterBrand, Ferdinand, Indiana AOK Facility June 2006 – June 2006

As part of a broader Kaizen event held at the MasterBrand Ferdinand Indiana AOK facility, I participated in a 3P event designed to study the material cost reduction used in a cabinet toe plate and design a new installation process of same. The 3P team utilized all of the elements of 3P to determine that installing the toe plate between the inside edge of the cabinet uprights, as opposed to the current method of installing the toe plate across from outside edge to outside edge, would result in a 6.25% material reduction across 21 manufacturing centers under MasterBrand control.

The team collaborated with Masterbrand engineers and millwrights to devise and manufacture a prototype speed clip that would be used to install the toe kick in a multi-task approach during assembly. The team went on to run trials in a real assembly environment. Based on time studies, the toe plate was installed consistently faster than the existing method of installation using one less associate as a result of the speed clip in a multi-tasking approach. The company adopted the recommendation of the team after engineering studied the structural integrity of the toe kick modification. This savings in material cost and head reduction resulted in a very significant impact to the company's ability to compete profitably in the kitchen cabinet marketplace.


American Institute of Timber Construction (AITC) Technical Advisory Committee March 2006 – February 2013

AITC Technical Advisory Committee / Arch Seismic Research Project 2012. Evaluation of the FEMA P-695 Methodology for Quantification of Building Seismic Performance Factors

AITC Technical Advisory Committee 6th Edition / Timber Construction Manual Revision (TCM) – 2009

AITC Technical Advisory Committee / Standards Committee for the Development of American National Standards ANSI / AITC 190.1 -2007 Revision

ANSI / AITC 405-2005 Revision 2007 Standard for Adhesives for Use in Structural Glued Laminated Timber

AITC Technical Advisory Committee / Subcommittee on Structural Design, 2007 – 2013

AITC / Technical Advisory Commitee. / Subcommittee, Chairman on Layup and Design, 2007 – 2013

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain of Custody Custodian March 2009 – February 2013

Authored Chain of Custody plan and process. Mounted, executed and have sustained the chain of custody April 2009 - 2013 Liaison with auditors through the certification process and into the future.

Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) Chain of Custody Custodian April 2009 – February 2013 Authored Chain of Custody plan and process. Mounted, executed and have sustained the chain of custody since 2009. Liaison with auditors through the certification process and into


Manufacturing Operations Management


Cross-functional Team Leadership

FMEA Kaizen

Process Engineering

Lean Manufacturing




TPS Lean Manufacturing

Quality Control

ISO & ISO 9000

Operations Management

Root Cause Analysis

Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, …

Toyota Production System

Supply Chain Management

Program Management

Quality System


Operational Excellence

Process Improvement



Team Building

Product Development

Continuous Improvement

Quality Assurance

Quality Management

Value Stream Mapping

Six Sigma


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