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Cerner clinical

Wesley Chapel, FL
November 09, 2019

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Heather Redlin Hampton, RN

***** ******* ***, *****, ** 33647


I am a Registered Nurse (RN) with Cerner Millennium, experience as a project manager, team lead, analyst, builder, testing team lead, and trainer. My experience has included full life cycle implementations, including software selection, to sunsetting an EHR. Some of the areas I have worked with are Acute Care, ancillary departments, and Ambulatory Clinics. I have experience with analytical work, workflows, Data Collection Worksheets (DCW's) and Design Decision Matrices (DDM's), IT testing and scripts build, order set review, designing order sets, data mapping, developing, documenting and demonstrating workflows, process mapping, and gap analysis. I have activation project management experience focused on meeting the goals of physician compliance and best practices. I have experience with C-Suite, both in leading meetings and reaching key performance indicators. I have developed documentation showing improved outcomes based on support and education. With an analysis of the needs of the clients, I have made recommendations to utilize resources for fiscal responsibility and based on resource skill sets. I have created and modified curriculums to achieve adoption success. My activation support experience, coupled with my analyst and Meaningful Use expertise, have positioned me to support my clients in achieving successful outcomes successfully.


Team Lead providing Physician/Clinician support/liaison while working with C-suite. Utilizing education, change management, and analysis to support and resolve issues and improving EMR adoption.

Project manager of 8 resources providing ATE support for CPOE implementation.

Build in both Cerner and Meditech. Built orders, user profiles, PowerPlans and PowerForms in Cerner Powerchart. Built in PCS, MIS, NUR, OE, ITS, PDoc and PCM in Meditech. Completed module dictionary compares to identify differences between Test and Live.

Optimization and break/fix support for Cerner systems post Go-Live.

Meditech Magic 5.67, Legacy Support experience supporting Help Desk for Meditech including Meditech modules: ADM, MIS, RAD, NUR, OE, PDoc, EDM, PCI, PCS, PCM.

Clinical analyst for Cerner and Meditech, including building, maintaining, and supporting order sets, dictionaries, physician, and clinical documentation.

Completed six complete implementations as team lead, involved with 10 module implementations for the single/multi-facility.

Cerner Testing Lead with knowledge and experience regarding unit, system, and integrated testing, including creating integrated test scripts.

Workflow analysis for current and future use with Visio. Creating documentation, presenting, and implementing change management.


Experienced with the design, writing, build and support Cerner Millennium 2015: iView, PowerNotes, PowerForms, Orders, and mPages. As well as PowerOrders and PowerPlans for the development of orders, order sets, and Interdisciplinary Plans of Care (IPOC) for acute inpatient, ancillaries and ambulatory needs

Meditech Client/Server and Magic 5.64, 5.66, 5.67 and 6.0 NUR, OE, PCS, PCM, MIS, RAD, ITS, EDM, PWM

Process mapping for processes future state

Workflow Design for current and future state

Microsoft: Office, Share point, Visio, Powerpoint


Implemented three full-cycle EMR over five months as a team lead.

Involved with six full cycle implementations and ten upgrades.

Proficient in Meaningful Use 1 and 2. Capitalized information health system in meeting MU attestation centering on identified data points in documentation. Created attestation documentation for multi-facility MU stage 2.

Created Cerner training schedule for nine provider specialties, 400 providers at Multi-facility. Spoke with MEC to start engaging providers and tracking training.

Created training video of new Cerner functionality for experienced Cerner users, currently being used by Cerner at 30 sites.

Reviewed national directory of orders for optimization reducing redundancy.

Identified need for Radiologist training materials for Cerner. Assisted in creation of training agenda and scenarios currently being used at 30 Cerner sites.

Created a physician training tracking tool, which Cerner implemented at 30 sites.

Upon completion of workflow review, identified a department missing over 20 key order sets.

Identified need for workflow, regarding ED to Inpatient status while the patient is still in ED yet working on two systems in the department: Picis and Meditech. Need to be brought to the attention of Physician Steering Committee.

Identified breakdown for medication reconciliation during post-implementation, created and implemented a new training approach and started the same day after notifying C-Suite.

Post Implementation project raised CPOE compliance numbers from 28% to 58% in 3 weeks as the Project Manager.

Training remediation: Reviewed and revised curriculum to cut down training time and focus on remediation to compel compliance from 30% to 72% with the nursing staff.


9/19-present Northern Light, Cerner Ambulatory 2018 and Meditech analyst/trainer

Cerner Ambulatory 2018 upgrade training for various clinical specialties. Trained providers, clinicians and front office staff.

Provided post-Go-Live support for ambulatory clinics.

New hire training for nursing and providers on Cerner and Meditech.

Assisted with validation of ancillary build for 2018 code upgrade.

Validated Cerner 2018 upgrade for acute nursing.

Identified KPIs for Meditech to Cerner conversion.

Identified best practices for various issues related to Meditech-Cerner conversion.

Created crosswalk of change management areas related to Meditech-Cerner conversion such as new workflows, verbiage and roles.

7/19-8/19 Ellis Medical, Cerner Physician Track

Assisted the physician team with education refresher before Go-Live

Identified issues with Production domain and assisted build team with analysis and fixes.

Attended daily provider meetings to communicate issues, fixes, and troubleshoot issues to help achieve improved compliance and satisfaction.

Assisted with Go-Live for Acute and Ambulatory providers on Cerner Millineum 2018.

Worked with physician champion to identify critical areas of concern and find solutions to implement.

9/18- 7/19 Covenant Healthcare, Cerner Physician Track Analyst

Assisted site with break/fix issues post go-live and optimization.

Part of the testing team for Cerner Upgrade.

Audit charts for break/fix issues as 2nd tier support.

Updated 2000+ providers ePrescribe information in Bedrock Core

Member of optimization and change request team, providing insight into dynamics that may affect end-users, financial needs, resourcing needed to build and education.

Updated build in three domains related to 8 hospitals and over 30 clinics.

Utilized Bedrock to make changes and updates to provider profiles, groups, OEF, and Powerplans.

An assisted site with education needs surrounding new workflows, fixes, and optimization post go-live.

3/18 – 9/18 Gwinnett Medical Center, Cerner Physician Build team and education team

Assisted site with the build and update of over 200 PowerPlans, reviews and three rounds of IT testing

Reviewed and assisted with testing script build

I worked with the education team to develop and test education simulations for providers and nursing.

On team for creating Instructor-Led Training for nursing and providers. The team created patient demographics for training, training scenarios, training competencies.

1/17-12/17 St. Lukes, Cerner Senior Clinical Analyst, team lead

Client site representative for implementation to Cerner Millennium from another EHR.

Worked closely with inpatient nursing departments and ancillaries while guiding the site through the implementation process.

oDCWs, DDMs, Future State, Validation, multiple testing phases, training, and Go-Live

Led meetings with various departments and management.

Team Testing Lead

oLed the nursing team through Unit testing.

oCreated 90 system test scripts for nursing workflows

oCreated 26 Integrated Test scripts for each IT1 and IT2

oLead workflow session which included all departments to walkthrough integrated test scripts to verify workflows appropriate in integrated test scripts

Provided, created, and edited training curriculum and materials for nursing and providers.

Worked side by side with physician champion regarding testing and training.

Identified risks to project timelines and offered solutions.

Identified culture, education, and policy future state changes needing to be addressed and assisted client through these.

Experienced with the design, writing, and support: iView, activity view, PowerNotes, Dyn Doc, Powerchart, PowerForms, Orders, and mPages.

11/2015-11/2017 Southlake Medical, Meditech Senior Clinical Analyst, team lead

Three full implementations of C/S 5.67 while moving from multi-facility to a single facility.

Lead team of seven consultants.

Engaged C-suite with issues and resolutions as they arouse.

Documented current workflows and educated on new workflows in various departments.

Created training documents and trained users on new EHR and workflows.

Maintained and set up MIS, Interface manager, user dictionaries, printers.

Compared Test and Live dictionaries, identifying misnomers.

Built new OE, NUR documentation, and ITS orders.

Optimized ITS, OE, and PCS/NUR, dictionaries.

Updated user menus and customized user setups.

Completed over 400 DTS testing in Meditech Client Server modules PCS/EDM for an upgrade to 5.67.3 involving nine sites.

Tested customs DTS’s and Meditech identified safety updates.

Assisted and supported three phases of integration testing.

Assisted with customer support during Go-Live of an upgrade to 5.67.3.

Compared Test and Live dictionaries, identifying misnomers.

Assisted problem-solving issues identified during testing and Go-live.

4/2014-11/2015 Southcoast Medical, Meditech Senior Application Support

Provide remote legacy support to site covering questions and break/fix for the following Meditech 5.66, P8 Magic modules: ADM, LAB, OE, EDM, NUR, PCI, PWM, PCM, MIS, RAD

Build-in OE, NUR, MIS, and LAB focusing on orders, order sets, nursing documentation, interventions, and discharge information, based on need and regulatory changes while using best practices.

Build CDSs, Queries, and Attributes.

Served as a liaison between specific vendor, client management, and departmental end-users to ensure all enhancements, upgrades, and patches are thoroughly tested and planned before implementation in the production environment

Customized order sets as appropriate to meet MU requirements

Reviewed Zynx Clinical Content for accuracy of order sets

Handled troubleshooting system problems, utilizing critical thinking in a quickly changing environment

Modify and Create Pdoc templates and sections.

Assisted with DTS testing during upgrade to Meditech Magic 5.67 PP 8.

Assisted with Meaningful Use Stage 2 attestation documentation.

Utilized Provation when building order sets for data mapping.

Made recommendations of "Best Practice" regarding all facets of Meditech and the site.

10/2013-4/2014 Waukegan and Portage, Cerner Physician Strategist

Participated in CAST, MEC, PAG, and Department Meetings

oIncludes Communication, Training, Governance, Issues, Enhancements, Device Strategy

Coordinated to ensure the site has established bylaws/policy and procedure to address HIT issues

Including not limited to expectation regarding training, CPOE, documentation, credentialing, physician onboarding

Coordinated Local Physician Communication plan (HIIM, Chief Marketing Officer, others)

oIncluding Office Manager Communication and Med staff communication

oCreation of Physician Project Newsletter or contributes articles if site newsletter in place already

Physician Work Area assessments

Responsible for EHR Laboratory (encompasses Favorites Fair and Sign on fair) coordination including:

oInitial Setup and Planning, scheduling resources, devices, hours of operation, and scope of services

oFacilitate BYOD strategy and getting physician-owned devices set up appropriately

Oversaw and ensured proper resource position assignment based on specialty, location, and group

Assisted with the development of physician training material, including:

oJIT, Handbooks, guides, and others as needed

oReview of training material for appropriateness

Participated in Go-live support and coordinated physician-specific Go Live resources

Coordinated and distributed physician workflow schedule

oLed workflow sessions

Coordinated and created physician training schedule with Education Coordinators

oEnsured physicians are attending and have been adequately informed of expectations regarding training

Conducted post-conversion assessment

Tracked and reported to the hospital executive team the effectiveness of the EMR implementation

Worked Physician specific logged issues in conjunction with site PM

Monitored Physician satisfaction using Lights On, Vertica tools, and Surveys (as needed)

8/2012 – 10/2013 CHI National Office, MD Anderson, and Christus Health, Cerner Analyst

Analyst for the National Informatics Team providing implementation support to 40 hospitals.

Project manager of 8 resources providing ATE support for CPOE implementation.

Mapped orders for order set build at a national and regional level for both Cerner and Meditech

Reviewed order sets and identified additional orders required to meet meaningful use.

Assisted with Unit and Integration testing of Cerner and Meditech build.

Analyzed and created Workflows Data Collection Worksheets (DCW's) and Design Decision Matrices (DDM's), while working with critical change control.

Utilized MethodM for addressing changes needed after review of pre and post-implementation.

Collaborated order set catalog with national meaningful use team and build architects to ensure all data documented appropriately.

Analyzed and documented national order catalog and Clinical Documentation for efficiency and to reduce redundancy.

Assisted the National Informatics Office with onsite support during Go-Live and critical change requests post go-live.

Named order sets for National Catalogue for both Cerner and Meditech based on the style guide.

Worked with analysts, department managers, and C-Suite to gather additional information to assist with workflows from alternate sources such as Intranet Policies and Protocols, Order sets built for CPOE, Zynx order sets, and past Order sets in use by facility. Created Excel spreadsheets to document findings

Created future state process maps with Visio from the collected data.

Presented workflows to analysts and departments.

Unit testing and integrated testing of systems

Trained super users, providers, and clinicians. Creating, reviewed, updating, and sharing training tools with sites. Providing daily tip sheets to site and presenting to departments.

Identified the need for CPOE training remediation for nursing staff and made recommendations to the client

Provided documentation of work to C-suite for future use post-implementation

Created and logged Excel Workbook all providers and staff trained, all issues tracked, and hours worked

Created a document of top paper writing physicians and tracked daily usage, documenting improvement in CPOE numbers in relation to ATE support

Trained client Super-users how to log contacts, issues and how to approach and assist providers and nursing

Evaluated ATE support team and Super-user team and made recommendations

Recommended changes and troubleshooting suggestions to improve adoption of EHR to C-Suite.

Performed assessment of full-time employees in the training department.

Created a style guide and facility approved format for documents/PowerPoints’/Handouts, etc.

Shared techniques for reaching out to providers, clinicians, and ancillary staff.

5/2012 – 7/2012 Atlantic Health Systems, McKesson trainer, physician liaison

Trained physicians on CPOM (CPOE) use and updated to include stage one MU

Educated hospital staff consisting of unit reps, nurses, and C+ level management on updates

Recommended changes and flaws in system and troubleshooting suggestions to improve communication between departments ease of use, and verbiage

4/2012 – 5/2012 Somers Point Hospital, Cerner Classroom Trainer/Physician liaison

Trained and implemented Cerner updates regarding MU, including medication reconciliation, quality measurements, and CPOE.

Trained hospital staff consisting of nurses, physicians, management, IT, and C-level management.

Made recommendations to the client regarding education curriculum, workflow analysis, and meeting MU goals.

Trained staff on MU requirements.

11/2011 – 5/2012 Advent Health, Cerner Physician Liaison

Served as Cerner trainer responsible for one-on-one and classroom training with class sizes up to 12 healthcare professionals (physicians, ordering providers, PA, NP and nurse management).

Assisted with implementation of Cerner in all departments in a 500-bed hospital moving from paper to electronic using modules: NUR, PCS, IVIEW, EMAR, Power Orders, Power Plans, Person Management, IPOC, Power Chart, Medication Reconciliation, Transfer/Discharge Process, and Problems/Diagnosis.

8/2010 – 1/2012 Sun City Hospital, Meditech Super User/Trainer/Registered Nurse

2/2009 – 8/2010 Bayfront Medical Center, Registered Nurse, Cerner Super User


Attending WGU, pursing BSHIM, expected completion 7/2020

AA, 2008 Pasco-Hernando State College

ASN, 2008 Pasco-Hernando State College



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