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Resident Engineer

Rawdat Al Khail, Qatar
November 09, 2019

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Seeking to take up managerial position in the field of Civil Engineering. Take Challenging, Creative and Diversified projects.

EXPERIENCE SUMMARY – (9years Qatar +(8years const +5years consultancy india )

Total 22+ Years of Experience in the field of Civil Engineering ( 9yearsQatar+13 years india)

Hand of Experience in construction of Roads & bridges, Buildings, Commercial and Industrial Buildings, Supervision, Quantity Survey, QA/QC and Survey Works.

Experience in Quality Control of Roads & utility works of gulleys,soakways of drainage works, pipe culvert, pipe line, GRP & HDPE etc Airport works like taxiway, hanger buildings etc.

Road works, Preparation of embankment, sub grade shoulders, compaction, asphalting & survey works.

Water Supply and Sanitary Projects – Construction of overhead tanks, Ground level reservoirs, Raising main, Construction of valve Chambers etc.


Attained Bachelors Degree on Engineering (B.E) in the year of 1992 from Malnad College of Engineering, Hassan. Under University of Mysore.

Attained Post Graduate Diploma in Business Computing (PGDBC) from University of Mysore in the year of 1996.




From ; 2013 to till date

Works : ROAD PROJECT (North Road Doha to shamal) IN charge for earthworks,

Pipe Line I.e. GRP & HDPE, Microw tunneling works,Hydro test, Air test

Installation of Qtel ducts,ITS,QAF,SL2,SL4,Trafficducts,Pipe culverts,

Drainage system for Roads like galleys & Soakways,Traffic sign boards,

Installation of guard rails etc


Company ; Kettaneh construction WLL Qatar

Position Held ; Project engineer

From ; 2011 Jan-to 2012 Dec

Works ; PMP (Platu Maintenance Project) RASLAFFAN

Under Qatar Gas (sub stations ALBARA,DOHA central.Abunakala &,ALWAJPA )

Company : Al Riyadh Contracting Co. Qatar.

Position Held : Project Engineer

From : 2009 to Dec 2011

Works : Asphalt works for internal Roads, Qtel Buildings, Qtel Duct line works, Ras

Laffan works, Refurbishment works, KAHARAMA-SUB- STATIONS etc.


Qtel Building Supervising, Giving Instruction to the subcontractor regarding Quality Control, Safety and Co – Ordinate with the Qtel Engineers.

In charge of receiving Major or minor repair / refurbishment / Major Inspection prior to Repair which is received via different division requests.

Categorize and Manage outsourcing the received request mentioned above and Preparing sufficient scope of woks / BOQ / Estimation of Work as per rules and follow to completion.

In charge of Technical and Financial evaluation of tenders.

Preparation of report for Head of Division Regarding network defects and any activity at sites, and reporting construction work progress.

Requesting Material required for construction activities.

Review of contractors Quality assurance policy and responsible on establishment of required quality documents.

Monitoring and inspection of effected activities on production quality.


Company : Globe Consultancy, Bangalore, India.

Position Held : Quality Coordinator

From : 2003 to 2008

Works : Roads & drainage works, water supply works etc.


Assist the Quality Manager to implement, Maintain and. Improve the Quality Management System.

Plan and manage Internal Audit for the Operating Centre.

Induct new staff into the requirements of the Quality Management System.

Train and Assist staff to effectively utilize the Quality Management System when managing Project.

Assist with the external (Second and Third Party) Audits.

Maintain the Operating Centre Quality Management Records and Document Control.

Assist Project managers and their teams in the preparation of project Quality Plans, Reviews and records Management.

Company : D T P constructions Karnataka, India

From : 1999 to 2003

Position : Project Engineer

Works : Airport works like hanger buildings, Warehouse, taxiway etc.


Establishment and Responsibility for project communications with client and

Subcontractor’s Development and review project planning and programming.

Preparation of weekly and monthly report to client and senior management.

Co-ordination and preparation of project close out reports. Quality

Preparation, Development and review of project quality plans.

Compliance with quality management system.

Ensure compliance with client quality objectives

Company : Jai Hind Construction Corporation,PUNE,(KOLHAPUR) INDIA

From : 1995 to 1999

Position : Project Engineers

Works : Construction of Roads, school buildings, Dormitories, Hostel buildings etc


Assists the project manager and construction manager to ensure that the elements of public building construction projects are being completed according to time, budget accepted quality standards.

Assists the construction manager to monitor the work completed by the EPMC partner company on the development of construction contract package. This could include architectural, civil, electrical and mechanical aspects of technical design, drawings and specifications, engineering estimates and project budgets and job scheduling.

Analyses survey reports, maps, drawings, blueprints, topographical and geologic data to provide inputs to construction manager for inclusion in tender documents for EPMC contracts.

As directed by the construction manager and/or project manager inspect construction sites on a periodical basis to ensure conformance to design specifications and adherence to quality. Resolves within level of authority or raise concerns regarding modifications or structural changes to construction manager.

Inspects compliance pertaining to building, fire, safety, handicap and environmental codes and regulations. Informs the Construction manager of any areas of non compliance, identifies corrective action and agrees with EPMC Partner Company.

Inspects safety aspects of jobs in progress, encourages contractors to observe applicable safety rules and regulations. Informs the construction manager of any areas of non compliance, identifies corrective action and agrees with EPMC Partner Company.

Collects appropriate data on EPMC partner company progress in order to identify any necessary changes, variations, addendums, and extension of time to contract. Inform construction manager on budget, requirements, work progress, milestones achieved and indicate operational budgets, expenditures and claim of the EPMC partner company and/or third party contractors.

As required prepares project files for the construction elements of projects.

Maintains logs and records of work performed, prepares periodic and special reports as required. Maintain accurate reports of contract work and other assigned activities, reviews progress, performance and completion reports, purchase requests, requisitions, and reports of claims.

Worked with Canadian project manager in execution and quality control

Handling the project to complete in time and co-operate with him.

Company : Mysore Construction Company (MCC), Bangalore, India.

Position : Senior Site Engineer

From : 1993 to 1995.

Works : Bridges (small), Hospital Building, Quarters etc.

In close cooperation with the Senior Project Engineer, plans and organises, the work of the Project implementation to ensure optimal use of resources and workload.

Contributes to organize Project implementation and contributes to the control of the quality of project design delivery and adherence to deadlines by EPCM partner companies.

Continually reviews Projects construction service provision to ensure resources are being used effectively. Identifies areas for improvement and agrees appropriate implementation plans with the Sr. Project Engineer.

In conjunction with the Sr. Project Engineer, develops and maintains key performance indicators/targets for the Projects implementation ensuring that they are realistic and support the objectives of the Department and organisation.

In consultation with the Senior Project Engineer, develops the implementation standards and criteria to be adopted for all related projects to ensure quality implementation. These will be adopted by the EPCM partner company.

Contributes and assists Sr. .Project Engineer in monitoring, evaluating and endorsing the outsourced implementation activities and managing the relationships with construction teams of the EPCM partner company. This includes reporting on project progress, deviations, dealing with issues such as scope creep, poor delivery etc. Contributes and assists in monitoring, evaluating and endorsing the EPCM partner company.

Implementation plans, specifications and cost estimates for all types of infrastructure projects.

If directed, participates in Technical Auditing of appropriate project’s implementation briefs that are prepared by the EPCM partner company. Ensures that the relevant EPCM partner company understands the project implementation brief and delivers accordingly.

Seeks the Sr. Project Engineer to ensure that procedures for maintaining high standards of quality, reliability and safety in project implementation are followed. This will be through implementing and maintaining implementation control and monitoring procedures for EPCM partner company construction activity.

Reports periodically and accurately on technical and financial, highlighting any variances and recommending strategies to address them.

Contributes and Assists the Superior in the planning and the subsequent fine tuning of the plan of the Area of activity.

Assists to Monitor and manage the allocated budget to the project implementation in his area, and regularly reports all expenditures to the Superior.

Provides day-to-day direction and works with staff to ensure a high performance, customer service-oriented work environment that supports achieving the Area, plan, objectives and values. Develops reporting procedures on the performance of his area and work on continuously improving product designs, adherence to deadlines and optimisation of costs by EPCM partner companies.

Plans, organises and manages the work of the Project implementation to ensure optimal use of resources and workload.

Organizes Project implementation and is responsible for the quality of project design delivery and adherence to deadlines by EPCM partner companies.

Continually reviews Projects construction service provision to ensure resources are being used effectively. Identifies areas for improvement and agrees appropriate implementation plans with the Superior.

Administers his assigned staff to ensure effective monitoring and evaluation of all EPCM partner company construction activity. The assigned staff should be satisfied that the implementation related deliverables of the EPCM partner companies are acceptable.

As Senior Site Engineer Responsible for Quality Controlling Hospital Building Construction.

Quality Checking in Laboratory for Concrete.

Company : Ashraya Design Group Bangalore India

Position : Civil Engineer (Roads)

From : 1992 to 1993

Worked in tendering section of quoting rates for PWD works and irrigation works like canal earth works and cross drainage works. Roads culverts bridges etc.


Date of Birth : 01–06–1963

Marital Status : Married

Passport Details : R 2281033

Date of Issue : 29-MAY-2017

Date of Exp : 28-MAY-2027

Place of Issue : DOHA

QATAR Driving license : YES 263********

Date Of Issue : 08-10-2009

Date Of Expire : 01-10-2019

Languages known : English, Hindi.kannada


Prasanna Kumar K.R.


3rd Cross,

Sahakar nagar,Bangalore-560092



Mobile: +919********* (India)


Prasanna Kumar K R


With NOC From Present Employer

, +974-******** MMUP-APPROVED-GRADE-A


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