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Mechanical Manufacturing

Vasant Nagar, Karnataka, India
November 09, 2019

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Bosch India-Mechanical Foreman (Floor

Manager), Bangalore,Karnataka

o Duration: Aug 2017-Sep 2019

#QualityManagement, #ProductOwnership,

#AssociateManagement, #Safety,

#CustomerIssuesHandling, #Quality, #SFMC,

#LPC, #SAP, #MechanicalSystems,

#Pump, #CBx, #Manufacturing, #Assembly,

#Testing, #PostTesting,


#Communication, #Management,


Bachelor of Engineering: Automobile

Engineering - 2016

o Manipal Institute of Technology,


Automotive pump implementation at client


Successful completion of audits

Received achievement awards for providing

highest production of pumps

Implementation of early stage Value Stream


Providing resolutions for process

improvement as preventive measure to

reduce customers issues

Mechanical, Pump Assembly, Automotive,


Mechanical Foreman (Automotive Manufacturing) with more than 2 years of experience

Working experience with global teams and various functions

Well versed with CIP, SAP and 4 M Management model

Knowledge on AUTO-CAD, Solid Edge, Ansys

Expertized in Process confirmation checking and implementing cycle time reduction

Sound knowledge on operation of mechanical equipment like Moelwed Test bench, Durr Machine, DNA (Dismantling and Analysis) and GROB

Maintaining and improving 5S in responsible area

Involved in Failure model Analysis, Value Stream Mapping, Value Stream Design within Bosch Production System

Worked on Kanban movement,A3 projects,CIP,SQCD(Safety,Quality,Cost and Delivery ) for establishing and monitoring supplier to customer workflow

Providing Regular Shiftwise communication to management on Safety, Quality and Production

Exposure on Shinin project

Carryout troubleshooting through problem solving tools such as Problem Solving Sheet, PDCA

Predict the problems in the machine and take preliminary actions to avoid the breakdown ( implementation of Predictive maintenance)

Working with Project Managers and Technical Managers to plan and target assigned projects goals

Troubleshoot all the production related Mechanical and Electrical issues without dependency and avoiding production roadblocks

Thorough knowledge of trouble shooting, Calibration and knowledge on Moelwed Test Benches

Periodical review of Preventive maintenance activities based on breakdowns Mechanical Foreman – Bosch India,Bidadi

Responsibility of ensuring production target is met. Continuously troubleshooting and fixing the production issues

Understanding and managing manpower to distribute and have no impact on production and effective tooling management

Effectively escalate the open points and major breakdowns to Suppliers and derive to a solution with in shortest duration

Documentation of breakdown and preventive maintenance and maintain the machine history record

Spare parts management and follow-up to get the spare parts

Implementation and sustenance of TPM

Perform equipment installation and maintenance work based on requirements.

Working with Project Managers and Technical Managers to plan and target assigned projects goals

Ensured that all followed safe working practices and quality is maintained.

Diagnosed causes of problems and/or failures in mechanical systems.

Product Loss analysis and associate distribution

Taking care of required training to all associates PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY








Problem Solving Sheet Communication, Presentation, PDCA, OE,Paretto chart Analysis

Payenter chart,FMEA,SFMC,LPC,SAP,QAC

TOOLS: MS Project, AUTO-CAD, Solid Edge, Ansys

Bosch India: CBx Pump

The CBx pump is easy to integrate into existing engine concepts. The pumps of the CB family are oil-lubricated and fit for use with different fuel qualities due to their robust design. Contribute towards achvieving CN 4, BS 4, Tier 3, Tier 4, Euro IV emission limits. The high-pressure pump of the Common Rail System delivers the fuel to the rail and compresses it constantly to the required injection pressure. The CBx pumps are used with diesel engines up to 200 kW. CB18 with engines up to 45 kW (minibuses, minitrucks), CB18 up to 110 kW (passenger cars, light-duty and off -highway applications), CB28 up to 160 kW with four-cylinder and up to 200 kW with six-cylinder engines with 2 or 3 lobes (medium-duty and off -highway applications).

Bosch India, Bidadi(6 months ) & Toyota Kirloskar, Bidadi(2 months)

Project Experience on Fretting wear counter measure for DV seat grinding in PF-45 pump at Bosch India- The project aimed at optimizing the process and improving the quality aspects by studying the PF-45 pump manufacturing streamline process to reduce the fretting wear in Deliver Valve seat of PF-45 pump. Mainly concentrated on producing high-pressure pumps capable of withstanding fuel at high pressures and on modular design to cater to a wide range of multi-cylinder engine operation.

Compressed Air Pressure Reduction at Toyota Kirloskar- Project focused on controlling the air leakage reduction which is to be a part of energy instruction manual. Understood the specifications, functions and purpose of the compressor, cylinder and Jig. Objective was to reduce the pressure by working around with the volume of the cylinder

Preparation of Standard Man Hour Database at Toyota Kirloskar - Project was to perform a brief database linking the various groups such that any updation by each individual group reflects directly on the database. It benefited in need of standard man hour database to potray the effect of time saved in various departments in terms of overall profitability. English, Hindi, Kannada, Tulu

Prashanth Kumar G

Place: Bangalore





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