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SVP of Engineering

San Jose, CA
November 08, 2019

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San Jose, CA . C: 408-***-**** . Empowering senior executive and leader of innovative engineering teams who sees around corners, exploring and producing technology that delivers extraordinary value and bottom line impact. Deeply understands the creative process, balancing it with a systemic understanding of business strategy, marketing, finance and sales. Driven by a tireless work ethic, a contagious passion for excellence and delight in learning and teaching. Establishes a shared vision and end goals to enable teams to find their own best solutions to technical challenges. Ensures portfolio breadth, revenue growth, and speed to market through collaboration, transparency, and a customer-centric focus in consumer electronics, core networks, telecom, home automation, and home security products. Increasing Value through Innovation and Leadership

● Revenue Generation: Provided technical and product support to sales and marketing to increase business unit revenue from $90M to $385M.

● Product Development: Took product portfolio from start-up to 90 SKUs in eight years.

● Innovation: Delivered multiple cross-functional leading edge products and processes that drove market differentiation in a variety of industries.

● Cross-Business Perspective: Created business and process documentation not only for engineering, but also for marketing, finance, and sales, laying the foundation for an integrated, high-performance culture.

● Operational Excellence: Increased turnaround time on product design, reduced first shipment issues across all ODM factories, and eliminated non-value work in engineering.

● Quality Enhancements and Cost Reductions: Eliminated overheating issues with critical units and at the same time reduced the cost of units by 36%. Expertise and Abilities that Drive Success

● Global Leadership

● Advanced Technology

● Product Life Cycle Management

● Innovative Problem Solving

● Revenue Growth

● Margin Improvements

● Budgets and Expense Control

● Turnaround

● Negotiations

● Engineering Management

● Staff Development

● Mentor

● Go-To Guy

● Presentations and Training

● Organizational and Team Culture

Market Leadership through Collaboration and Mentoring Freewave Technologies, INC., Boulder, CO 2015-2019 A leader in industrial, secure Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) networking solutions

Recruited to turn around a company that had not released a product in 5 years SVP OF ENGINEERING

Successfully turned around Freewave’s Engineering capabilities and Revenue trajectory. Reorganized engineering and cross functional systems, enabling Launch of new products and features. The new team is innovative, takes ownership, agile, has no fear of taking on new challenges, and beating delivery dates. 2

Installed a continuously improvement program to address challenges in quality, features, processes, testability, support, manufacturability and delivery dates. This resulted in elimination of waste across organization.

Initiated automation of regression tests for all new products, to cut down the time for testing, creating an iterative feedback to developers on the status of the new features introduced, and increasing test coverage. As a result quality of the products are winning accounts from incumbents, shortened release cycles with better quality. Big culture change.

Completed development of a cost effective edge computing and intelligent platform to fill a void, and disrupt IIOT market, partnering with companies with Machine Learning plus AI applications, and entry into soft PLC market. The new direction has been accepted by customers and app developer partners as the future technology for Industrial markets, and has started generating revenue. Freewave is now focused on selling software in addition to long range industrial radios. Proven with AWS, Azure, and private cloud platforms.

Redesigned all Freewave legacy and revenue generating products to extend the life of the product and continued baseline revenue to fund new product lines. NETGEAR, INC., San Jose, CA 2006-2015

$1.4B maker of Wi-Fi, DSL, and cable routers, power line, and home security products for clients such as ADT and Comcast

Hired as engineering manager to lead DSL Gateway Engineering team. Promoted in three months to Director and subsequently to Sr. Director and then VP of Engineering. Lead global teams in multiple U.S. locations, China, India, and Taiwan. Visit ODMs face-to-face, building relationships and helping to guide their team development. Along with rest of senior leadership team, create road maps, review P&L performance, and guide overall strategic direction of organization. VP OF ENGINEERING, SPBU



● Scaled up the number of concurrent projects to 90+ parallel SKUs globally, enabling increased market penetration and sales revenues.

● Took Cable team from $8M in revenues to $200M.

● Took Home Security team from zero to $25M.

● Optimized quality from Chinese ODMs. Enhanced their internal processes, provided machine-to- machine automated testing systems and ongoing training to their engineers. Enabled 90+ engagements that far exceeded the capabilities of competitors.

● Expanded Wi-Fi test lab to 150+ clients, significantly minimizing the number of Wi-Fi field interoperability issues.

● Initiated cost reduction program that resulted in 70% margin improvement on enclosures used for high volume products.

● Eliminated non-value added work within engineering. Added tools to aid project prediction, such as bug and test progression prediction data and charts to automate awareness of slippage in schedules.

Marconi Communication (Later became Emerson Inc. and Tollgrade Communications. 1994-2006 Manufacturer of phone line testing systems that alerts telecom providers of issues, allowing for overnight correction 3

Brought over by previous boss during Emerson acquisition of Marconi to help turnaround a failing company and position it for profitable sale.


Company was losing $2.5M annually. Identified the right engineering talent to move from Texas to Illinois. After the move, continued to rebuild the team, redesigned the product portfolio, and helped move the factory to Cleveland, overseeing technology, manufacturing and people impacted by the relocation.

● Within 2.5 years, helped position the company for profitable sale to Tollgrade for $5M. Was asked to stay on after the sale to move engineering from Illinois to Pittsburgh, PA. Successfully completed the relocation in just six months, and decided to take on a new career opportunity with Netgear. Charles Industries LTD. (Previously Rockwell Wescom Division), Rolling Meadows, IL 1994-2002 Manufacturer of telecom products that ensure above ground DSL cabling and connections are kept dry and secure

Recruited to institute embedded software development capabilities, to prepare the organization for future acquisition of intelligent product lines, and evolve existing product lines with more intelligence and diagnostics features. Hired as manager of engineering to lead software development team. Was soon asked to take over leadership of HDSL products, POWER SUPPLY, DSP, and VLSI teams. Led final product development of all related products.

DIRECTOR OF ENGINEERING, TRANSMISSION TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT Persuaded upper management to finance an aggressive upgrade of engineering infrastructure to accommodate advanced development tools and life cycle processes. Led 35 engineers and 5 development managers. Initiated the life cycle model for development processes with emphasis on automation tools. Partnered with Sales and Marketing to provide technical support, training, and business development strategies with key customers.

● Reduced development time and re-spins of designs, saving 20% of development cost.

● Led full life-cycle development efforts of leading edge products such as T1-HDSL, G.SHDSL line cards and shelf controller, Quad-pots over DSL, BRI, D56K DAML, HVDL(High Speed Voice and Data Link), and Ethernet Access Multiplexer.

● Improved margins by as much as 45%, depending on product line.

● Invested in training for engineers and managers that significantly reduced re-fabrication and NEBS-3, FCC part 68, and UL certification re-qualification costs. Reduced time to market on average by 2 months, and saved related non-recoverable expenses.

● Initiated partnerships with Intel, Infineon, Globespan, Virata, Broadcom, Lucent, and Conexant to evaluate alpha chip sets in return for chip customization for in-house applications. Reduced multiple unneeded features, enabling reduced application costs.

● Automated management of software projects, incorporating sliding window prediction algorithms to estimate completion dates. Enabled senior executives to comprehend progression of product development phases and identify at-risk projects earlier in development. Previous Experience

Senior Software Engineer, Teradyne INC. Deerfield, IL. Senior Technical Staff Leader, TELLABS, INC. Lisle, IL A Passion for Life-Long Learning and Professional Growth 4

Formal Education

B.S. Math and Computer Science, University of Illinois Chicago, IL Continuous Business and Leadership Development

Strategy and Organization, Stanford Business School Executive Education Influence and Negotiation, Stanford Business School Executive Education Advancing Business Acumen, Wharton Executive Business Patents and Technological Contributions

2017 Patent 2018.0234192: Antenna alignment tool and Method. USA 2016 Patent 2018.0145910: Wireless traffic optimization for ISM radios. USA 2013 Patent 2188.266: Wireless access point management system and method. USA 2013 Patents 2188.273 and 2188.035: System and method for remotely updating cable modem software. USA, Australia

1999 Patents 6396910 & 6396911: Offer consistent 53.33 kbps connect rate for analog modems over DAML products on extreme distances.

Development of products ranging from Fiber optics digital cross connect systems to analog POTS products such as T1-E1 line cards, DSL modules, Packetized & Channelized VoDSL line cards (VoIP and VoATM over ADSL), DAML systems, wireless (Home-RF) NIDs, HPNA NIDs, IP Camera, Android tablet, Home Monitoring Security devices, POTS test systems, consumer electronics, retail networking devices, artificial intelligent surveillance system, and SONET based Digital Cross Connect Systems, VDSL, PON, Zigbee/Zwave router, Smart Home, IoT, Wifi IP Camera, Wifi routers, Wifi Video Bridge, DHFSS radio. Publications and Awards

● Certified a strong 64-bit DES based algorithm with NSA, successfully moving through 2 phases of scrutiny from NSA mathematicians.

● White Paper "DAML in DSL Region: Why ADSL Is Not A Viable Solution for DAML Deployed Regions.

● Recipient of NCF 2001 INFOVISION award for HVDL3.1 "High speed Voice and Data Link"

● Lecturer for 700 level course at Illinois Institute of Technology on IP Overview, ATM Overview, VoIP, and VoATM

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