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Oracle DBA

Hillsborough Township, NJ
November 08, 2019

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Vasudha Mungi

Database Administrator

Ph# 469-***-****

Professional Summary

Over 6+ years as a Database Administrator, managing databases in Oracle and SQL Server environments, AWS RDS and EC2 instances, supporting applications.

Management of Oracle and MSSQL database environments for OLTP and OLAP.

Supported Oracle database’s in RAC and Standalone environments with ASM and ACFS/NFS for various applications like PSRM, Peoplesoft, ETL's Warehouse.

Installation, configuration, administration and performance tuning of various RDBMS versions of Oracle 12C/11g on UNIX, LINUX and Windows environments.

Managed databases on AWS RDS and EC2 instances, Database Migrations to AWS RDS, EC2 instances, S3, Ec2 instance, Cloudwatch Monitoring.

Migrated on-prem Databases to AWS using aws DMS service, datapump, S3.

Working knowledge of Hot/Cold RMAN backups and Recovery of databases. Cloning/Replication of databases using RMAN Duplicate/ Active Duplicate.

End to End Implementation of Oracle Advanced Security Feature, Oracle 12C Transparent Data Encryption (TDE).

Database/Schema Data Migrations using RMAN, DATAPUMP, DB LINKS between the databases.

Database Security using Auditing and Experience in managing user grants, security, profiles and roles.

Performed database backups and tested crash recoveries using conventional hot & cold backups and RMAN backups.

Applied database CPU/PSU and SECURITY patches to the database in RAC and Standalone environments.

Experience in monitoring database performance using Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13C (OEM) and capacity planning, DB alerts monitoring, deploying templates using OEM 13C.

Installation and Configuration of Oracle DataGuard databases, Physical, Active DataGuard setup, Failover and Switchover configuration.

Performance Tuning databases using ExplainPlan, AWR/ASH/ADDM reports, sql-profiles, sql baselines, OEM.

Experience in working with Oracle Support to Create SR’s, troubleshoot issues.

Experience in SQL, UNIX scripting.

Installed MS SQL Server 2008/2012/2016 Database, Configuration and Maintenance using Management Studio. Backup and Recovery of MSSQL Server Database. Used Redgate to migrate data and DB Changes for Oracle and MSSQL Databases DB Backups.

Monitored the database using the SQL Performance tools such as SQL Profiler and DB Tuning Advisor.

Have experience in Agile and Waterfall Methodologies

Technical skills:


Oracle 12C/11g/10g RAC, 9i, 8i, MS- SQL Server 2008/2012/2016,AWS RDS


OLTP, DSS, VLDB, Data Marts


Grid Control/OEM, TOAD, RMAN, SQL*Loader, DB Artisan, Export, TDE, Data Pump, ASM, EMC SAN, NAS, Quest, Big Brother, MS SQL Management Studio, TSM, TWS/IWS, Redgate, S3, Ec2, DMS


SQL, PL/SQL, Shell scripting


Sun Solaris, HP-UX, IBM- AIX, Redhat/SUSE Linux, Windows Server 2008/2012


State of Ohio: DOT

Database Administrator, Columbus, OH

October 2015 - Present

Supported TAX, Peoplesoft, ESB, Reporting and ETL application databases. Oracle RAC, ASM and Database Installation and configuration, database upgrades from 11g to 12C and database migrations, creating new databases in Linux and Unix environments.

Managed Oracle DB's in Linux, Unix environments and MS-SQL databases in Windows environments.

Created new RDS instances in AWS and Migrated on-prem databases to AWS RDS using DMS, datapump and S3. Setup alerts using Cloudwatch and SNS.

Knowledge of AWS components like Ec2, S3, EBS, EFS.

RMAN backup and recovery. Used RMAN Duplicate/Active Duplicate when creating databases and migration. Refresh/Cloning of databases from production to lover environments.

Performing RMAN Hot/Cold backups (Level 0 and Level 1). Database Recovery.

Installation and Configuration of Oracle DataGuard databases, Physical, Active DataGuard, Failover and Switchover configuration. Applied PSU/CPU patches to Oracle RAC and Standalone Databases.

End-to-End implementation and Configuration of Oracle Transparent Data Encryption 12C (TDE) on ACFS filesystem. ORACHK administration.

Used Datapump export/import and DATA COMPARE to move data between Production and the lower environments (Data Refresh).

DB Monitoring using OEM 13C Cloud Control, performance tuning, custom incident and alerts template creation and deployment, OEM agents installation and upgrade.

Monitoring disk space utilizations, sizing, and capacity planning.

Experience in Performance tuning using EXPLAIN PLAN, AWR, ADDM and ASH.

Monitored the database performance and worked on the debugging the issues related to the performance. Troubleshooting database using ADRCI, TFA tools. Knowledge of Shell Scripting. Experience working in AGILE environments.

Managed and Administered databases instances on SQL Server 2008-2016 versions, backup and recovery of SQL databases, performance tuning

of databases. Managed Windows Server for SQL Servers, SQL Server Migrations to newer versions.

Refreshing SQL server databases from production to lower environments using backup and recovery native tool and Red-Gate Backup. Used Red-Gate schema compare, data compare to maintain data integrity in SQL.


Database Administrator, Hyderabad Area, India

August 2011 - May 2013

Provided 24*7 database administration and production support and on call rotation.

Oracle database migration between servers. Oracle RAC Grid and Database Installation.

Oracle database upgrades in cluster and standalone environments. Applied patches to Oracle RAC and Standalone Databases

Designing the database access and security having PCI, PII data.

Performing RMAN backups and crash recoveries. RMAN recovery and RMAN duplicate.

Monitoring disk space utilizations, sizing, and capacity planning. Adjusting database sizes as per the requirements.

Responsible for creating triggers, packages and stored procedures. Create tablespaces, tables, indexes, views, synonyms, database links etc Involved in the data migration from Oracle 10g to Oracle 11g using datapump. Installation, configuration, database upgrades, apply patches, performance monitoring & tuning, backup & recovery, cloning, space management, troubleshooting, data migration

Modifying and defining database objects as per requirements, Auditing databases using triggers, User Compliance, user management.

Experience in Application Performance tuning using EXPLAIN PLAN, SQLTRACE, TKPROF, STATSPACK, AWR, ADDM


Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kakinada, India

Bachelor's degree, Computer Science Engineering.

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