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Manager Mental Health

Denver, CO
November 08, 2019

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Anita Klein

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Denver, CO *0209

(C) 720-***-****

Professional with many years of executive experience with exemplary performance in both non-profit and public sectors. Excels in management and the implementation of policies and procedures that further an organization’s mission. Superior interpersonal skills working with diverse populations. Desire work culture that supports collaboration, integrity and serves the general public.


12/2015 Black Belt Lean Process Improvement; City and County Denver Peak Academy

8/2004-5/2006 Regis University –Denver, CO; Masters of Science in Management (MSM), Graduate Honors

5/1982-5/1987 University of Wisconsin- Madison, WI; Bachelor of Arts-Psychology


City and County of Denver (3/2000-8/2019)

Public Works Lateral and Promotional Positions

4/1/2019-8/7/19 Interim Director, Right of Way Enforcement (ROWE)

8/7/19-5/1/15 Manager of Enforcement (ROWE)

County Court Lateral and Promotional Positions

5/1/15-5/1/13 Parking Magistrate Supervisor

4/30/13-8/15/11 Probation Supervisor

8/1/11-3/1/2000 Probation Officer


Interim Director: Performed Director Duties as assigned by Executive Management, including implementation of Vision and Mission edicts into department that improve culture and personnel morale. Directed all Operational Duties of 8 Supervisors in the efficient delivery of efficient services across sister agencies and to the public. Directed the Operational Processes and Interpersonal Training of 8 Supervisors and 50 Parking Agents and completed Performance Management Reviews determining and delivering accolades and discipline, contingent on employee performance. Collaborated in the annual budget process, presenting past, current and projected analysis and providing rationale for budget requests such as equipment, contract procurement and consultation needs.

Manager of Enforcement: Performed Managerial duties over 8 supervisors and 50 enforcement agents in busy and technologically advanced department that enforces the city’s right of way. Operations includes traffic citation issuance and cancellation, equipment maintenance and assignment, establishing and maintaining safety standards for employees, managing citizen conflict/complaints/requests, working collaboratively with inter and intra-agencies to forward compliance with policies and procedures, maintain Office of Human Resource objectives through consultation with OHR and appropriately applying and documenting OHR Rules and Regulations. Oversee the hiring, termination and discipline of employees including investigating and testifying in administrative hearings. Collaborate in City Personnel process to revise the Performance Reviews for agents and supervisor positions. Reviewed municipal codes and citations protocol for accuracy and reasonableness and utilized it in communications with citizens and staff.

Parking Magistrate Supervisor: Supervised 5 Parking Magistrates in conducting administrative Parking Violation Hearings, including adhering to proper protocol and procedures, interpreting statutes and applying them to the case, providing excellent customer service despite contentious citizens and completing all required documentation to preserve the record. Organized a standardized work process for granting continuances within the Parking Magistrate Office, resulting in streamlined dockets for the court and greater convenience for customers. Resolved systemic problems and mediated daily operational conflicts through creative and innovative problem-solving resolutions. Conducted hiring interviews and selected candidates for Traffic/Civil job openings for the Denver County Court and managed the hiring, termination and discipline of employees.

Probation Officer Supervisor: Supervised, planned, assigned, reviewed and evaluated all probation officer work product for 12-20 Probation Officers with individual caseloads of 250 clients that included DUI, domestic violence, child abuse, assault, sexual offenses, theft and animal cruelty. Reviewed and approved Pre-Sentence Investigation Reports (PSIs) to ensure relevant and proper investigation of inmates and pre and post-sentenced defendants regarding psychosocial, educational, risk and criminogenic factors and approving comprehensive recommendations and statute interpretation done in accordance with criminal and general session statutes for judicial review and sentencing. Coordinated petitions of Probation Revocation and provided direction on courtroom demeanor. Supervised victim Advocate Officer and provided clinical support to ensure department compliance with victim rights and confidentiality. Reviewed and assisted in the creation of victim safety planning and coordinated victim services within the criminal system as determined by victim’s preference and in compliance with court orders. Modeled trust building behaviors with employees, including setting clear expectations, meeting commitments and collaborating, communicating openly and honestly, and setting goals that forwarded the mission and vision through efficient processes and procedures, while providing excellent customer service to multiple stakeholders. Promoted Officer Consistency through the training, application and implementation of best practices tools, such as ASUDS, LSI and Sex Offender Management (SOMB) Standards. Initiated and followed through with complex coordination, management and sustainability of individual staff autonomy and work groups, while promoting flexibility in change processes.

Probation Officer: c Performed thrice monthly duties of Primary Coordinating Responsibility (PCR) for revocation hearings and court appearances. Organized cases, assigned peer work, and managed client discussions regarding their case disposition with district attorneys, private counsel and public defenders. Worked cooperatively with court clerks/personnel, and respond to the changing needs of the court and Judges to ensure the progression of the docket and timely completion of the day. Demonstrated initiative, leadership and excellence in time management strategies in providing reliable and comprehensive work product. Established flexible and clinically appropriate interpersonal communication with clients and court personnel. Participated in collaborative team work and eventually assumed greater level of responsibility over departmental policies/procedures that led to promotion to supervisor.

Case Management Mental Health (6/1988-3/2000)

Mental Health Corporation of Denver-Denver, Colorado

12/98-3/2000 Case Manager High Intensity Treatment Team (HITT)

Tri-County Community Mental Health- Lansing, MI Clinton/Eaton/Ingham Counties (CEI)

6/94-10/98 Case Manager, Assertive Community Treatment (ACT)

10/93-5/97 Operational Residential Manager II

6/88-10/93 Operational Residential Manager I


Case Manager (HITT): Lead case manager on clinical team composed of psychiatrist, nurse, case managers that provided comprehensive case management and advocacy services to adults with persistent and chronic mental illnesses, including crisis intervention, financial resource payee ship management, vocational and legal support to further client enrichment and self-reliance. Authored comprehensive treatment plans by conducting client/family interviews, gathering information from medical/psychiatric/vocational realms to provide breadth of services. Initiated participants for compliance conferences that reviewed progress of care, connection of intra-agency resources, and focused resolutions when challenges threatened to diminish client care. Served as liaison between community based programs and county and state psychiatric services, focusing on ameliorating resource gaps and creating collaborative work teams focused on seamless client care. Presented excellent organization and communication skills to foster resolution between client wants/needs and available resources/services.

Case Manager (ACT): On clinical team of six case managers, provided on site case management services to adults with mental illnesses residing in community settings (apartments/homes), community based facilities (group homes), transitional acute facilities and psychiatric hospitals. Coordinated treatment and assessments among doctors, nurses and social workers and advocated under the principles of continuity of care to ensure that treatment and placement and aftercare were tailored to client needs. Provided crisis intervention during decompensating of client, including utilizing physical therapeutic techniques approved by the Department of Mental Health (DMH). Provided support and advocacy for clients transitioning from restrictive to lesser restrictive placements by teaching organization, pro-social behaviors, problem-solving and individualized skills, to enhance the likelihood of success in managing their own familial, psychological, pharmacological and social realms. Conducted home checks on clients to monitor after-care psychiatric stability and initiated outreach and monitoring environments for illicit substances or alcohol. Actively participated in team meetings and worked collaboratively with additional community resources in problem solving for issues inherent in the population such as homelessness, substance abuse, creating vocational opportunities, maintaining psychiatric stability, and triaging resources for the receipt of prompt services in order to decrease response time between mental status deterioration and the receipt of resources.

Operational Residential Manager II: Promoted to Operational Manager II to manage newly-built, state of the art Residential Program for 8 mentally ill persons who were state-psychiatrically admitted on a Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity status (NGRI) and had not been in the community for (minimum) 15 years. Served on treatment team that evaluated and selected potential candidates for the program. Developed admission criteria, transition protocol from hospital to Residential Program and supervised progress or deterioration once residing in program. Collaborated with police, Emergency Room and hospital legal team to provide swift and appropriate intervention to ensure safety of residents, staff and citizens. Supervised and trained 10 staff on 24/7 schedule, developed policies/procedures, and engaged in daily resident check ins to monitor mental status. Accounted for programmatic progress to Board of Directors monthly and collaborated with Case Managers and other stakeholders in providing appropriate care and support for residents.

Operational Residential Manager I: Managed tri-county psychiatric residential program for 18 adults with persistent mental illness and multiple needs including medication monitoring, Adult Daily Living (ADL) support, pro-social behavioral modeling, limit setting violent/reactive responses to peers, vocational coaching and financial support (through court-appointed benefit payee ship). Supervised and trained all 20 employees, scheduled and monitored work performance. Conducted performance reviews, provided active coaching through 1:1 counseling/feedback, provided on-boarding and recurring therapeutic and non-therapeutic training sanctioned by the Department Mental Health (DMH). Managed all Operational Duties of program, including budgeting, developing policy and procedure manuals, documenting medication administration, coordinating client transportation/medical/dental needs, and all relevant client interactions. Collaborated with Case Managers, psychiatrists and nurses to ensure they receive wraparound services, receive contacts per Continuity of Care, and have client access to treatment providers. Provided de-escalation and emergency follow through for agitated, mentally decompensated clients and recommended resolutions post -crisis, including legal actions and policy changes to anticipate and manage future situations. Advocated for facility improvements through budget development and presentation to the board of directors to improve facility condition, client care (improved food/beverages, hygienic standards). Promoted Inclusivity by creating the first ‘Meet and Greet,’ a gathering among clients, family, neighborhood citizens, the CEI Board of Directors to meet together and dispel stereotypes, provide education and facilitate assimilation and mutual understanding and tolerance among all stakeholders.


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