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Assistant Engineer

Gilroy, California, 95020, United States
November 08, 2019

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Seeking full time opportunity as an Entry Level Engineer which allows me to utilize my Computer Science domain Knowledge and enhance my skills & strengths in conjunction with Company Goals and Objectives.


Master of Science majored in Computer Science, Arkansas State University (Aug 2017 – May 2019) with 3.82 GPA.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Mu’tah University (Aug 2000 – May 2004),

Technical Capabilities


Programming Languages : C, C++

Operating System : Linux

Scripting and Tools : Bash, Python, make, GDB, CVS

Network and Protocols : TCP/IP, Sockets API, IPC mechanisms

Libraries and Tools : UNIX System calls, GNU libc, Pthreads

Database : Oracle 9i, 10g


Operating Systems Design Distributed Systems

UNIX Systems Programming Heterogeneous Computing

Advanced Computer Architecture Computer Networks

Advanced Analysis of Algorithms Analysis of Algorithms

Automata Theory Computational Theory

Advanced Database

Academic Projects

Map-Reduce – C APR 2019

Designed and implemented the framework using Sockets API which processes big dataset with a parallel, distributed algorithm on a set of machines.

Dining Philosophers Problem – C Mar 2019

Designed and implemented a solution to solve the classic Dining Philosophers Problem in Distributed Environment using Pthread libraries.

Process Info System Call – C Nov 2018

Project aimed at implementing and adding a new system call in Linux Kernel which provides a set of information about a specified process.

Pattern matching – Motif Finding – C++ Feb 2019

Implemented EXACT-APPEARANCE algorithm which employs the KMP pattern matching method to find the motif of given length in a set of strings

Implemented the (L, d) Formulation algorithm to find the common Motif of given length L with allowed mismatch d after correcting the motifs from all strings. Used Bounded Tree algorithm to find the K-Partite Clique Graph to optimize the performance of the pattern search.

Multiway Mergesort – C++ Mar 2018

Implemented sorting algorithm to sort and merge large amount of data on files from HDD in the system which is constrained by memory.

DNS Cache Feb 2018

Implementation of Local DNS Server Cache module which acts as a Local Proxy serving the clients DNS requests.


01/2018 – 12/2018

Graduate Assistant GA • Computer Science Department – Arkansas State University ASU

Professor Assistant, grading programs/ projects, teaching students.


Trained on C++ in UNIX, Gavilan College, 2012

Trained on Python programming language, Gavilan College, 2015

Trained on Database Management II, San Jose State University, Spring 2015

Honors and Certificates

Outstanding Student Honor Award, Arkansas State University, 2019

Master of Science Certification with Emphasis in High Performance Computing, 2019


Available upon Request.

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