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Graphic Designer Customer Service

November 07, 2019

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Curriculum Vitae

Ahmad Al-da’our


Xperience in graphic design work 3D & 2D and video editor for over 6 years in working with companies from within the team.

Working with many years television, targeted promotional advertisements, channel identity and short films with infographic technique.

I look for work within a distinguished team where I can use my experience and benefit from the experience of others to provide the best creative work and develop experiences PERSONAL DETAILS:

Address : Qatar, doha

Date of Birth : Feb 23, 1988

Marital Status : Married

Health Condition: Excellent

Mobile No. : +974********

Email Address :


Graduated from Al-Ahliyya Amman University with a degree of Bachelor of Graphic Design.


* The ability to deal with the computer and office programs. Television production and kinetic effects programs.

* The ability to edit video and TV programs work and able to work on the 3D Graphics Design TV projects.

* Promotion programs of TV serials, films, plays, and direct programs.

* Excellent user of Software related to graphics Design both on PC or MAC ..

*The ability to deal with the television production programs (video editing)both on PC or MAC .

*The ability to deal with the relevant programs in the sound (audio editing).

* Deal with all promotional materials including packaging, booklet, posters, leaflets.

* Role of packaging design, creating packaging to brief and bringing brands to life.

* Corporate identity including logo, business cards and web graphics.

* Customer service - advising regarding appropriate materials for various creative projects.

* good command in English Language.


1-The transition to Elements Systems Company that specializes in broadcast a number of Arab channels and World.Responsible for the operation of the three Royal broadcast channels (Royal EDHAK & Royal BADAWI & Royal SECRET & ALMASDAR news

& libya alhadath & Al-Masdar News & Iqraa ...)

.Work the Company in the technical support department, specifically under the name of Functional (Graphic Designer 2d & 3d animation and Video Editor) Assigned to the company's tasks:

1-Responsible for Graphic Design for the three Royal channels and the identity of the channel.

2-Responsible for the video editing in channels

3-Work as a designer 3D graphics

4-Work on spacers advertising

5-Overseeing the daily news channels (ALMASDAR news) 6-Work on many television programs

For many television channels such as channels read and Iraqi news event

(Work from 1-8-2013 to 10-8-2017)

2-work in Royal International co.

(Royal Laugh & Royal Badawi & Royal Secret) under the name of Functional Graphic Designer for TV and Promotions, at the company of Jordan Media City. The following activities were done for the company:

• work as a graphic designer for channels and resting adv.

• Promotion action programs channels.

3-worked as an editor for a video of the three TV channels. 4- Working to reform programs rings of which there are problems . 5. The 2d & 3d animation graphic designer.

(Work from the date of 1-11-2012 to 1-4-2013)

3-Work in (Arab Network For Art Production And Distribution ) . The following activity were done for the company:

1. Video Editing program (Adobe Premiere pro CS5)

2. Graphic Design

3. But the voice control and audio oxygenator

(Work from the date 1-6-2011 to 15-10-2012)

I present to you some of my work in previous years :


Computer skills PC or MAC

Experienced with

• Adobe Premiere pro

• Final Cut Pro

3. Adobe Audition

4. Adobe After Effects


6. Adobe Photoshop

7. Adobe Illustrator

8. AutoCAD

9. Microsoft FrontPage

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