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Seattle, WA
November 06, 2019

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**** ********** *** ** #***, SEATTLE, WA 98105

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Professional Technical Writing

Certificate program at the University of Washington, completed June 2019

oProduced instructional and quick reference content related to Magic: the Gathering for in-class projects

oProgram focused on Every Page is Page One UX strategies for online help content


Computational: XML, HTML5, DITA, SharePoint CMS, Wordpress CMS, Wiki editing, Github, Slack, Google Drive, Microsoft Office Suite, Quip, Dropbox

Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Mastodon, Blogger



Appen Seattle, Washington

Produced annotation guidelines and documentation of data-processing scripts for Natural Language Understanding projects

Performed annotation and grammar development tasks

Volunteered as part of on-call editing rotation for client’s internal newsletter

oProduced internationally distributed newsletter issue for the weeks of October 9 and December 11, 2017

TECHNICAL WRITER (CONTRACT) 1/2019-present Seattle, Washington

Edited documentation for a machine learning project using Every Page is Page One content authoring strategies and Chicago Manual of Style

oEdited and proofread customer-facing documentation and tutorials for software

oConducted subject matter interviews and wrote copy for company website, including articles on example applications of a software product

oEdited and proofread company internal wiki

Wrote and edited marketing copy for company blog


Simon Fraser University Department of Linguistics Burnaby, British Columbia

Developed documentation for advanced Microsoft Word 2013 usage in linguistics research

WRITER (FREELANCE) 7/2019-present

MtG Nexus Seattle, Washington

Wrote blog articles on topics related to new Magic: the Gathering lore and deckbuilding

Weekly Random Brew series (published 20 September 2019-present)

"Fairy Tale Archetypes in the Throne of Eldraine Reveal" (published 12 July 2019)

"Brewing for Brawl with M20's Multicolor Mythics" (published 19 July 2019)

WRITER (FREELANCE) 12/2018-present

Card Kingdom Seattle, Washington

Wrote blog articles on topics related to Magic: the Gathering lore and mechanics

"Intro to Innistrad" (Published 20 Oct. 2019)

"A Beginner's Guide to Magic Formats" (Published 2 September 2019)

"Building Your First Commander Deck (Published 5 August 2019)

“MTG Character Profile: Tamiyo” (Published 1 May 2019)

oFeatured on Daily MtG 2 May 2019

FREELANCE EDITOR 5/2017-2/2018

Cactus Global

Edited academic abstracts and journal articles for EFL clients using Microsoft Word and client-dependent style guides

oManuscript topics include linguistics, AI research, and EFL education


"Because Internet makes a linguist’s case for l33t speak, other online-text fads"

Freelance article published 2 November 2019

"When MS Paint ruled the fandom world: An innovative webcomic, 10 years later"

Freelance article published 19 October 2019 on Ars Technica

“What is the origin of the cliché ‘Bob’s your uncle’?”

Guest column published in Babel magazine vol. 23 (May 2018)

“Politeness Theory and a New Taxonomy of English Speech Acts”

Master of Arts thesis approved September 2016

“Politeness Theory and a New Taxonomy of Speech Acts”

Paper published in the Working Papers of the Linguistic Circle of the University of Victoria, volume 25, no. 2.

“The UNIT ‘Dating’ Crisis: Investigating shipping choices in Doctor Who's UNIT era”

Undergraduate honors thesis approved May 2014


M.A. Linguistics Burnaby, British Columbia

Simon Fraser University 8/2014–10/2016

B. Phil. Linguistics Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

University of Pittsburgh Honors College 8/2010–4/2014

B. Phil. Chinese Language and Literature Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

University of Pittsburgh Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences 8/2010–4/2014

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