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Qibla, Kuwait City, Kuwait
November 06, 2019

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Ahmad AlHammad

Innovative and proactive computer science specialist with strong foundation in math, programming logic and cross-platform coding, seeking to leverage solid development skills with a focus on collaboration, communication, passion and creativity as a programmer.


Content ERA.MEDIA, Creation Ardiya, Kuwait Intern July – August 2017

• Improved The Battle of the East website to ensure functionality.

• Support in conceptualizing and developing content for clients.

• Support in finalization of content production.

- Outstanding achievements-

Capstone/senior project:

• “Shofhoum” Designed and coded the front end of an application named “Shofhoum”. The purpose of this app was to involve guardians in the students’ education under their care, to provide an open window of communication between the guardian and the instructors, and to ensure that students are excelling in their schoolwork.

o Responsible for the design and coding of the front end of the application o Brainstormed with a team of three on developing the application and the purpose and the functionality.

• Awarded Best Technical Work For An Application for the standout functionality and concept and final product.

Database management project:

• Designed a complaints application named “Nabeeha A7sen” with one classmate. The purpose of the app was to give a voice to the people who are not being heard in the society by allowing them to post general complaints about public areas and institutions to better the country. As admins we would forward the complaints to the relevant areas.

o Developed the algorithm and the database schema for the application. o Designed the format for the application and was solely responsible for structuring the database and making sure the complaints would reach the relevant areas. Gulf University Of Science and Technology Local Programming Competition

• Competed in GUST’s local coding contest individually against 11 teams of 3 students to solve abstract problems and design algorithms.

• Received 5th place out of 12 teams that competed. The 2016 Kuwait Collegiate Programing Contest

• Competed in International Collegiate Programming Contest with a group of two classmates to solve abstract problems and design algorithms

- Education-

Gulf University of Science and Technology (GUST) – Mishref, Kuwait 2019 Bachelors of Science in Computer Science (B.S. CS) – CGPA 2.67

§ Main courses: Data structures, Objective oriented programming, Design and analysis of algorithms, Concepts of programing languages, Database management systems, Mobile application programing, Computer networks and communication, Network security, Software engineering, Operating systems.

§ Extra curricular activities: ACM training boot camp, GUST English club, GUST talent club, Booktherapy Book Club.

- Skills -

§ Soft skills:

o Problem solving skills.

o Leadership skills

§ Assumed the leader role in the database management project. o Ability to work in a team and deliberate and construct ideas respectively. o Communication skills.

o Tech savvy with the ability to quickly learn and apply new languages to the position.

§ Technical skills:

o Proficient with C++, HTML, SQL, CSS, Microsoft Office Suite. o Experienced with JavaScript, JQuery, Python, Assembly language. o Familiar with prolog, Ruby, Scheme, MATLAB.

o Experience in programing paradigms: Object oriented, Declarative, Procedural, Symbolic, Functional, Imperative.

o General knowledge with different data structures. o Experienced with algorithm design and analysis.

- Certifications -

• CCNA routing and switching: introduction to networks

• Leadership and innovation.

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