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Engineer Engineering

Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria
November 06, 2019

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Hard-working Engineering Manager talented in satisfying client needs in fast-paced, high-volume settings. Able to successfully oversee teams of personnel completing challenging projects.

Detailed Geotechnical Engineer with a comprehensive 12+ years background in the Geotechnical and Energy engineering industry. Adept at all phases of the engineering operation. Dedicated to staying ahead of schedule and under budget for each project. Expertise includes data interpretation, risk assessment, and field investigations.




LAGOS, International/Outside Canada 10001












Staff Management


Downstream Operations


Project Planning and Development Skills


Environmental Engineering

Very Good

First Aid

Very Good

Geochemistry / Geo-sciences

Very Good

Engineering Management



Very Good

Quality Assurance & Quality Control


Upstream Operations

Very Good

Project Management


Supply chain distribution


Safety compliance

Very Good

Work History

2011-04 - 2018-11

Depot Terminal Manager

SWIFT OIL LIMITED, LAGOS, International/Outside Canada

Experience gathered from working on various projects across various industries spanning through Engineering Project execution and Management, Oil well Drilling Operations, Water Treatments, Water Borehole drilling, Production, Services, Oil & Gas, Energy and Information Technology Etc

With Swift Oil Group

Lagos Nigeria Oversees entire downstream Chain for major refined Petroleum products storage and distributions to retail stations/outlets nation-wide

Managed over 66 staffs and 7 sub units effectively

Provided engineering support to Operations team during commissioning phase of project

Reception of refined petroleum products (PMS, DPK, AGO, etc.) and storage in safe manner according to international standards

Maintained historical records by documenting system changes and revisions

Coordination of Refined Petroleum products depot units (Operations, Maintenance, Safety, Accounts, Security, Laboratory and Programming/Planning)

Interfaced with project management team to prepare engineering work plans

Coordination and meeting nationwide demands including bridging and local needs

Maintain professional relationship with all governmental regulatory agents (PPMC, DPR, PPPRA, NOSDRA, etc.)

Monitoring of loading and distribution operations daily

Directed, provided guidance and monitored performance of less experienced support engineers and in-house operational personnel supporting customer deployment and operations

Managed quality assurance program including on site evaluations, internal audits and customer surveys

Production Manager with Chorus Energy Limited under Swift Oil Group. Lagos Nigeria

Superintends re-entry, completion and production on-going at both Matsogo field and Igbolo fields

Selection of perforation intervals with professional justifications and validations

Worked closely with Chief Operation Officer (COO) on technical decisions

Deployment, installation, test running and commissioning of production equipment

Monitored site operation, production and on-site personnel's performance

Occasional pep talk, tool talk and meetings to resolve operational issues (if any) and streamline productivity

Developed and managed database to gather and streamline

Reviewed DDR, tubing tally setup, down-hole gauges and other pertinent field reports

Collation of production reports, drilling and others for top managements

Monitored service capabilities and collaborated cross-functionally to ensure needs were met and escalated issues were resolved

In charge all field logistics, forecast and operations management

2010-01 - 2011-01

Chief Drilling Engineer

O'Hara Construction Company Ltd Lagos Nigeria, LAGOS, International/Outside Canada

Managed over 50 engineers and Technical on multiple sites

Drilling operations, completion and pipeline routing setup and designs

Water well optimization, well test, yield test and grouting operations

Road construction, soil testing and drainage construction supervision

Demonstrated knowledge of company's mission, purpose, goals, and ability to help employees successfully achieve them

Participated in weekly team meetings to develop better plans and revise proper protocols to meet objectives

Managed quality assurance program including on site evaluations, internal audits and customer surveys

Identified project requirements by establishing personal rapport with potential and existing clients

Provided supportive link between external customers and internal operations

2007-03 - 2009-04

Construction & Quality Assurance Engineer

Giants Professional Limited, United Kingdom, London. United Kingdom, International/Outside Canada

Construction & Quality Assurance Engineer with Encia Group Leeds, White Young Green Environmental. Cambridgeshire, RPS Group Plc. Bristol & Wardell Armstrong LLP. Stoke-On-Trent under Giants Professional Limited, United Kingdom (Umbrella Company)

Managed and coordinated 6 units on site effectively from sampling, Operations, laboratory - insitu testing, QAQC, execution and reporting

Geo-technical engineering investigation and Landfill Gas optimization works

Observed all Site and HSE safety regulations on job sites to keep accidents to minimum and by recording all near misses adequately

Construction of booth-cap as detailed in Construction and Quality Assurance specification & methodology

Involved in clay engineering, capping and gas well drilling using air as drilling fluid

Usage of Bentonite material to seal off well head and to optimize production of gasses in generating power

Boosted team efficiency and project requirements by correctly operating site equipment and team management

Bio-steering, directional drilling, sampling well drilling at every change in formation

2005-09 - 2006-12

Customer Service Engineer

British Telecommunication., Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Ability to meet target by scheduling service engineer to locations in need, with over 35 issues resolved daily

Fluidity engineer ensuring Fluidity of work; used packages E.g. CSS, KCI & Work Manager

Gained knowledge of standard equipment, including manufacturer repair guidelines

Learnt to work calmly and efficiently under pressure by listening, understanding and finding solutions to customer complaints while maintaining flexible approach

Explained diagnostic findings to customers and outlined repair or service options

Used number of software e.g WOOSH, VANTIVE, CSS, ONEVIEW & IDA in dealing with customers issues

Maintained historical records by documenting system changes and revisions

Resolved retrieval problems by customizing design to meet requirements

2004-10 - 2004-12

Data Entry Specialist

SERVICE CARE, Manchester, Manchester . UK

Managed documents by organizing forms, making photocopies, filing records, preparing correspondence and creating reports

Clearing all isle issues (24) per shift and entering all data correctly as required

Added documents to file records and created new records to support filing needs

Obtained scanned records and uploaded into database

Increased data-entry productivity by maintaining detailed logs of data projects, identifying issues and improving them

Recorded and filed employee benefit, salary and annual evaluation information while maintaining strict confidentiality to protect sensitive data

Corrected any data entry error to prevent later issues such as duplication or data degradation

Monitored database updates and verified for correctness

2003-08 - 2004-08

Site Engineer

Eternity Consult Ltd Nigeria). Bayelsa Nigeria., Yenegoa, Bayelsa state

• Managed 4 site location field reports collation

Coordinated Supply of site materials daily

Record keeping & scheduling ensuring productive operations at minimal time.

• Role included design of communication materials and facilitation of work process.

• Monitored quarterly maintenance of all physical company assets.

• Site supervision & co-ordination of workers

Analyzed survey reports, maps, blueprints and other topographical and geologic data to effectively plan projects execution

Reviewed construction plans and financial projections to verify accuracy and feasibility of projects

Responded to technical concerns quickly and effectively devised solutions

Checked technical designs and drawings for adherence to standards

Educated general public about civil works through professional presentations and community discussions of environmental impact statements

Recommended and selected new and replacement test equipment to improve research and testing capabilities

Facilitated construction by mapping out utility installations and establishing reference points, grades and elevations


2005-09 - 2007-01


University of Newcastle - NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE

Modules: Migration & Reservoir Geochemistry, Maturation & Generation of Oil & Gas, Petroleum Geochemistry of Wessex basin, Chemical Analysis of Organic Matter and Petroleum in Environment. Areas Studied: Drilling & Geo-technical Engineering, Geo-environmental Engineering, safety and environmental engineering, risk management, exploration and hydrocarbon production engineering.

Thesis: Seal Characterization of Offshore West Africa. Thorough characterization & evaluation of subsurface geological formations using geotechnical Engineering methods

Majored in Geo-sciences

1997-08 - 2002-08

Bachelor of Science: Mining Engineering

Federal University of Technology Akure. - Ondo State. Nigeria

Modules : Oil & Gas Well Drilling, Petroleum Reservoir Engineering, Drilling & Blasting, Exploration Geophysics, Rock Mechanics, Technology Policy & planning, Physical Geology, Field mapping & interpretation, Mine Surveying, Underground and Surface Mining.

Dissertation: Evaluation of Engineering Problems in an oil well drilling & Solutions

Graduated with 3.43 GPA



Supervised team of over 66 staff members

Increased sales and production as applicable

Managed all department/ units effectively

Represents the Company at meeting, seminal, presentations and workshops. nationwide

Used Microsoft Excel to develop inventory tracking spreadsheets

Documented and resolved distribution nationwide which led to Improved outputs, sales and reduction in led time

Resolved product issue through consumer testing, Feedback and incessant familiarization meetings with clients

Proven track record of Project and Budget Management


Nigerian Association of Mining Engineering Students - 2002.American Association of Petroleum Geologist {AAPG} - 2005.Member of European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers - 2005.Society of Petroleum Engineer (SPE) - 2007


INTERESTS:, Playing Football, Travelling and Meeting people.

Additional Information

Other Professional Certifications, Short Courses, Training & Workshops :

• Petroleum Exploration & Production - Next Schlumberger Dubai UAE 2015

• Gas sale Purchase Agreement (GSPA) - Utilization & Monetisation 2014

• Upstream Exploration & Production Operations- VI. Lagos. Nigeria. 2014

• Tank, Terminal Operability &integrity management- Dubai. U.A.E. 2013

• Managers as Leaders – Tom Associates. Nigeria. 2013

• AutoCAD 2010 Fundamentals – Lagos; Nigeria. 2012

• Process & Piping Engineering Training; Nigeria. 2012

• Pipeline Design & Stress Analysis using PDMS CEASAR II; Nigeria. 2009

• Cone Penetration Testing Geotechnical Engineering. Oxford; United Kingdom. 2009

• Construction Skills Certification Scheme (Supervisory Cat). Luton; United Kingdom 2008

• Certificate in Emergency First Aid (Registered). United Kingdom 2008

• Certificate in Financial Management (Workshop). - Luton; United Kingdom 2008

• Certificate in Financial Management (Workshop). - Luton; United Kingdom 2008

• Certificate in British Telecom's Retail Training. Newcastle; United Kingdom 2006.

Experience Proficiency:

• In the Energy, QC, Oil and Gas Engineering projects construction industries.

• Motivation & attention to details ensuring business opportunities are seized and explored.

• Commercial acumen with the ability to understand the organisation as a business.

• Supporting Project Manager to ensure timely and efficient financial performance of project

• Any other ad-hoc or project related activities as requested by Line Manager.

• Usage of IT applications (MS Excel, Word & Project) and Engineering software (PDMS, AutoCAD, etc.)

Seminars, Field Trips & Academic Projects:

• Seal characterization of Offshore West Africa (Evaluation of reservoir lithology, cap & fault seals from core samples for oil prospects and reservoir Optimization). Sept 2006.

• Geological oil prospect & analysis of Snorre oil field North Sea Norway. Sept 2006.

• Engineering Problems in an Oil well Drilling & possible Solution. May 2002.

• Undertaken at Nigeria Iron Ore Mining Corporation. Dec 2001

• Unit operations in Mineral Processing Operation. Nov 2001.

• Wessex 1-3 Basin Of Southern England {Working Petroleum System} – 2005.

• Nigerian Tin Mining Corporation Jos, {Alluvial Deposit of Tin} – 2000.

• Iron Ore Mining Corporation Itakpe .Nigeria {Iron Ore Deposit} – 2000.

• Enugu Coal Deposit Enugu, Nigeria {Strata Deposit of Coal} – 2000.





Inspiring and

Intelligent Professional

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