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Social Media Data

Pune, Maharashtra, India
November 06, 2019

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Moshan Tayyab Ali Arab

Mobile : +91-932******* Email :


“To work in environment where I have the responsibility and accountability for using my skills and efforts to achieve valuable result”


MCA University of Pune pursuing 2020

B.Sc University of Pune 66.78 % 2017

HSC Maharashtra Board 55.08% 2014

SSC Maharashtra Board 73.09% 2012


Languages / Tools : Python,bootstrap, css, NLP, NLTK, machine learning, sentiment analysis, Data Science

Databases : Mongodb, MySQL

Frameworks : Flask


Weather data analysis - Currently working on project Weather data analysis . This project deals with historical weather data, process on historical weather data using sentiment analysis and gives the results that how will the weather in current or future. Sentiment analysis - This project deals with processing data on Web and social media. Gives sentiment result for articles, blogs and any entered URL. Also store and process user details from social media to show predictive content on user’s home page. Worked on sentiment analysis with two different approaches i.e. lexicon based approach and machine learning based. Natural Language Processing on Text data using NLTK - Understood various features of Natural Language Toolkit. Did hands on practice on various NLP operations like POS, NER detection, Tokenization, Lemma, Information Extraction, Sentence analysis, N-gram generation etc. Data Scraping on Web - Scraping various data from different web resource for analysis purpose. String processing using Python - different String operations using Python. MySQL Test project - This is simple test project on MySQL to create table and perform operations using flask


Currently working as Data Science Intern in CoAxn Technology. FIELD OF INTEREST :

Python, flask, machine learning, sentiment analysis, Data analysis, AI, NLP. PERSONAL DETAILS :

Name : Moshan Tayyab Ali Arab

Marital Status : Single

Nationality : Indian

Languages : English, Urdu, Hindi, Marathi

Address : 201,Sunaina Apartment, Camp, Pune-411001.



I hereby declare that above information is correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. Sincerely,

Moshan Arab

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