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Anchorage, AK
November 04, 2019

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907-***-**** Justin T. Phillips

Strategic & Emotional Intelligent Thinker Independent Self-Starter Skilled Problem Solver Recent Work History

GCI, Project Coordinator, Anchorage, AK May 7, 2019 – Present

• Training new hires on circuit order process established as a contractor for GCI.

• Establish new migration circuit order process to reduce costs and create more room on devices for future growth on sites across all of Alaska.

• Running projects primarily consisting of single sites across Alaska between $300k - $700k in budgets that range from installing or migrating new equipment and services, to coordinating with contractors, and coordinating projects with other businesses/departments that have vested interest in the site(s). I maintain success across projects by using a high degree of organization, project management methodology, presentations, effective communication, time management, negotiations, budgeting, PO tracking/management, emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills and strategy.

o Completed project removing third party circuits and equipment bringing the entire site onto GCI’s systems to prevent connectivity loss and costs before third party cut connectivity o Installing/commissioning a NetScout and True Call server, software, and fiber in the main switch room managing a $630k budget and project completion across engineering and operations. o Managing Eagle River Valley migrating circuits off of a cisco router onto a SAR-M router to increase bandwidth and capacity.

o Managing circuit/equipment migration at St. Michael Earth Station establishing connectivity from the ES to a Terra site before the ES is decommissioned. ALASKA ENERGY SERVICES/GCI, Project Manager (Contracted) Aug 22, 2018 – May 7, 2019

• In the GCI PMO Wireless Group, I manage and track the design of circuits and project status across the various engineering groups (IP, Access, Circuit, Core Provisioning, etc.) to ensure designs are documented and completed. Uniquely relying on a working knowledge of the circuit processes, I act as the liaison between the PMO group and the engineering groups to ensure collaboration and completion of designs of the circuits being built, migrated or upgraded across Alaska.

• Increased the bottom-line by establishing the first blueprints for this role in the PMO group, making the processes more efficient, timely, and reliable.

• Key Activities: Project management, PO/Materials, Project Workflows, NCSRs, tracking, Organization, Effective Communication, Microsoft Suite products, MetaSolv (Oracle), Daylight, Planning Analytics, SharePoint, etc.

REAL ESTATE BROKERS OF ALASKA, Real Estate Licensee, Anchorage, AK July 2018 – Present

• Leading buyers and sellers through the real estate process to meet their realty needs

• Comfortable building and maintaining relationships and working collaboratively with buyers, sellers, landowners, financials representatives, property inspectors, contractors, and general public

• Having a working knowledge of the contractual processes for buying and selling properties

• Obtaining and reviewing property ownerships, leases, real estate zoning, maps, specifications, drawings, plats as needed

• Understanding real estate laws, permitting, and regulatory expectations

• Operate in MLS software sourcing properties and information to meet client/customers’ needs

• Negotiate property values for the best rate for buyers and sellers

• Maintain and protect customer / client confidential and proprietary information

• Key Activities: Determine Property Ownership, Sales, Branding, Advertising, Marketing, Real Estate Law, Contracts, Negotiations, MLS software, Protect Confidential Information, Interpersonal Skills RV HAVEN, Business / Operations Manager, College Station, TX Aug 2017 – March 29 2018

• Business management increasing the bottom line by efficiently managing daily activities/action items to completion, customer service, building and maintaining relationships, organizing 907-***-**** Justin T. Phillips Strategic & Emotional Intelligent Thinker Independent Self-Starter Skilled Problem Solver reservations, managing approximately $330,000+ in cash flows, maintenance and maintaining/enforcing business rules/culture

FLUX TECH LLC, CEO, Corvallis, OR Nov 2016 – May 2017

• Established strategy to source technology, originally used for solar thermal tech, and combine with catalyst combustor to enter oil and gas market to build up manufacturing for micro-channel heat exchanger

• Determined the product-market fit by performing market research for six months canvassing industry experts to understand user requirements and needs in the power-generation market ADVANTAGE ACCELERATOR, Market Research Consulting Intern, Corvallis, OR April 2016 – June 2017

• During MBA, I assisted startups in launching successful innovations and business models by performing the market research and determine what features and value propositions the products/services need to have to meet end-user needs ALASKA ACES & MORRIS COMMUNICATIONS, Sales Roles, Anchorage, AK Aug 2013 – Aug 2015

• Building and Maintaining Relationships, Sales, prospecting, cold calling, marketing, public relations, community involvement, customer service, trade arrangement, social media management, promotions, account management, fundraising, and e-blasts U.S. ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS, Engineering Technician, JBER, AK June 2009 – Aug 2012

• Assisting engineers in redlining, data entry, summer field operations, piezometer and relief well maintenance, levee degradation, delivery of files and samples, file site data and organization, operating in gINT and GIS software.


OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY, MBA Innovation Management, 2017

• Courses: Negotiations, Business Analytics, Business (Contract) Law, Marketing Management, Advanced Strategic Management, Venture Planning, Managing Projects, New Product Development, Accounting, Corporate Finance, Leadership, Advanced Supply Chain System, Intellectual Property Strategy

• Thesis: Over 12 months applying project management methodology built the business plan for a software startup performing market research, determining product-market fit, creating go-to market strategy, building the financial statements, and pitching/presenting the venture to actual angel investors in the Willamette Valley.

UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA ANCHORAGE, BBA Management and Marketing, 2013

• Courses: Negotiations, Personal Selling, Business (Contract) Law, Macro/Micro Economics, Statistics, Econometrics, Market Research, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Human Resourcing, Consumer Behavior

• Capstone: Establish a startup concept, build the business plan and financial statement assumptions projections. Pitch concept to professor, a local Alaskan angel investor. Licenses / Certifications / Additional Courses

Alaska Real Estate License, 2018

Scuba Diving Certified

• Open Water, 2017

• Dry Suit, 2019

• Advanced Open Water (In Progress 2019)

PMP (In-Progress 2020)

GCI University, 2019 - 2020

907-***-**** Justin T. Phillips Strategic & Emotional Intelligent Thinker Independent Self-Starter Skilled Problem Solver

• Courses: TCP / IP Fundamentals, Sonet Based Solutions, Managing Emotions in the Workplace, T1 Fundamentals, Leadership.

Humanitarian Work

Compassion International October 2018 - Present

• Sponsoring a child in poverty in Kenya, Africa helping them receive food, educational and medical supplies

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