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CFD engineer, Thermal engineer, Heat transfer engineer

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
November 07, 2019

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Dantong Shi Address: **** Lowry Ave., Cincinnati, OH, 45229

Mobile: (1-513-***-****


• 5 years of experience in thermal management and cooling technology;

• 7 years of experience in CFD, including heat transfer, turbulent flow, and multiphase flow;

• Proficient in STAR CCM+, ANSYS Fluent, SolidWorks, Python and MATLAB;

• Hands-on experience in air flow chambers, heat exchangers, radiators, and fans;

• Familiar with experimental techniques, trouble shootings, and thermo-fluid data analysis;

• Excellent communication, teamwork, and data analysis skills. SUMMARY


Research Assistant at University of Cincinnati 08. 2015 – Present

• Designed air-cooled condensers with to enhance air side heat transfer performance;

• Built and validated CFD thermal-fluid models with ANSYS Fluent for laminar and turbulent

(RANS and LES) flows;

• Developed and validated experimental setup and data processing method for prototype testing;

• Developed in-house MATLAB codes to size and optimize heat exchangers.

• Devised empirical correlations to predict thermal-hydraulic performance within 15% of error.

• Achieved 48% core volume reduction compared with the state-of-art techniques on the market. Research Assistant at Beijing University of Chemical Technology 09. 2013 – 06. 2015

• Developed and validated transient CFD multiphase models with ANSYS Fluent for gas-liquid flows in a novel high-speed rotating disperser.

• Obtained droplet/ligament diameter distribution and optimized rotor structure through simulation results.


University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, U.S. 08. 2015 – present

• Specialization: CFD, Heat transfer enhancement

Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, GPA: 4.00/4.00

Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Beijing, China 09. 2012 – 06. 2015

• Specialization: CFD, Multiphase flow, droplet behavior Master in Chemical Engineering, GPA: 3.77/4.00, Rank: 1/274 Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Beijing, China 09. 2008 – 06. 2012 Bachelor in Chemical Engineering, GPA: 3.73/4.00, Rank: 6/297 Dantong Shi Resume - Page 1 of 2

Teaching Assistant at University of Cincinnati 08. 2015 – Present

• Developed CFD tutorials for ANSYS Fluent and Star CCM+ with additive manufacturing, electronic cooling, thermal stress, and fluid-structure interaction applications;

• Instructed undergraduates to study finite volume method and CFD tools;

• Assistant lecturer for Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics courses. Process Simulation Intern at Schneider Electric - Invensys 11. 2012 – 2013. 01

• Built physical models with SimSci - DYSIM and conducted dynamic process simulations for unit operations including chillers, condensers, and chemical reactors. ACADEMIC PROJECTS


• CFD or FEA Solver: ANSYS (Fluent, CFX, Mechanical), Star CCM+, and Open FOAM

• Modeling and Meshing: ANSYS, Solid Works, Auto CAD

• Data and Image Processing: ANSYS CFD-Post, Tecplot, Origin, Excel

• Programming: MATLAB, Python, C

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• ASHRAE College of Fellows Travel Award (2019)

• Top Student Paper (Doctoral Level) in ASHRAE Winter Conference (2017)

• National Scholarship, China (2009, 2013)

• Outstanding graduate in Beijing, China (2012)

• Outstanding Thesis in Beijing University of Chemical Technology (2012) PUBLICATIONS

• Dantong Shi, Kuan-Ting Lin, Milind A. Jog, and Raj. M. Manglik. Three-Dimensional Computations for forced convection of air in offset-strip fin channels: effects of fin offset length. ASHRAE 2019 Annual conference (2019), KC-19-C006.

• Kuan-Ting Lin, Dantong Shi, Milind A. Jog, Raj M. Manglik. General correlations of friction factors and Nusselt numbers for laminar simultaneously developing flow in rectangular plain plate-fin channels. Journal of Heat Transfer (Under Review).

• Dantong Shi, Milind A. Jog, and Raj. M. Manglik. Computational Modeling of Low Reynolds Number Air Flows in Wavy-Plate-Fin Channels: Contribution of Pressure Drag on Performance. 16th International Heat Transfer Conference (2018), IHTC16-24221.

• Dantong Shi, Milind A. Jog, and Raj. M. Manglik. Correlating swirl behavior in low Reynolds number flows in wavy-fin heat exchanger. ASHRAE 2017 winter conference (2017), LV-17-C082.

• Zhengming Gao, Shugang Ma, Dantong Shi, Jianing Wang, Yuyun Bao, and Ziqi Cai. Droplet characteristics and behaviors in a high-speed disperser. Chemical Engineering Science 126 (2015): 329- 340.

• Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchanger Design (2017)

Designed and modeled a shell-and-tube heat exchanger to meet requirement of pressure drop and overall heat transfer rate;

• CFD modeling of air cooling through offset-strip fins using MATLAB (2016) Developed MATLAB codes to study air cooling performance for 2-D offset-strip fins.

• NBA outcome predictions with machine learning techniques (2016) Predicted NBA outcomes in regular seasons with machine learning methods using MATLAB, and achieved state-of-the-art prediction accuracy level of 68.5%.

• Thermal energy storage study of Coffee Joulies (2015) Analyzed the thermal energy storage ability of a commercial product “Coffee Joulies” by experimental tests and conjugate modeling.

• Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) characteristics in a stirred reactor (2012) Investigated the flow dynamics of fluid induced vibration in a stirred reactor, and developed MATLAB codes to analyze the bending moment and torque on the stirring shaft.

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