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Medical administration, operations, quality

Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, India
November 07, 2019

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He (years Pathology) is of a **-work year-from experience. old Lokmanya Medical professional Tilak Municipal (MBBS) Medical from College, Grant Medical Mumbai college with more Mumbai, than MD 22 QUALIFICATIONS: MBBS: MD (Pathology): Grant Lokmanya Medical Tilak College-Municipal Mumbai-Medical 1994 College-Mumbai-1997 ADDITIONAL PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS:

• • • • • Lead Lead Lead Certified Laboratory auditor auditor Assessor risk Management for for assessment for NABL ISO NABH 9001:ISO from Program- specialist 2000 /IEC Quality 17025 from IIM Malaysia BSI.Council from (Ahmadabad) -2006 NITS 2008 of India Delhi. 2012 -2006 -2005 DA 2 Sheesh Mahal Apartment

Shalimar Bagh Delhi 110088

Mobile: +91-981*******


DEC Suasth 2018 Hospital TILL Kalamboli DATE Navi Mumbai VP- JOB 1. Medical RESPONSIBILITIES Plan, organize, Services direct, control and coordinate Medical Programs and Clinical Services in the hospital.

2. Budget Preparation and budget gap mitigation

3. Establish & deploy Standards of medical Care

4. Manpower and Equipment planning

5. Clinician performance evaluation

6. Foster Medical ethics & Conduct

7. Community relationship management

8. Medico Legal & Licenses- Medical

9. Marketing activities:

a. Plan a business strategy which is market driven and ensures the team executes it. Closely work with sales team to develop various medical programs and enhance the team’s knowledge.

b. To understand market dynamics and key success factors of the Hospital. c. To coordinate with corporates, community, companies and internal stake holders 10. Report Publishable medical releases

11. Bylaws & Doctors Management

12. Induction & Training Program- Clinicians

13. MIS- Dept wise & Plans

FEB Norvic 2017 International TILL DEC Hospital 2019 –Kathmandu, Nepal Director JOB RESPONSIBILITIES Clinical Services

• Plan, organize, direct, control and coordinate Medical Programs and Clinical Services in the hospital.

• Maintains Standards of Medical Care and provides leadership to ensure an appropriately skilled medical workforce.

• Lead and Control Administrative Operations such as budget planning, Report preparation and expenditure on supplies, equipment and services.

• Develop, implement and Monitor procedures, policies and performance standards for medical and non-medical staff.

• Manpower planning, senior managers Recruitment, training of Senior personnel and performance evaluation of the heads of the department.

• Monitoring the use of diagnostic services, inpatient beds, facilities, and staff to ensure effective use of resources and assess the need for additional staff, equipment, and services.

• Equipment planning and ensuring optimal utilization of all the technical resources.

• Responsible for heading the Quality Function and adhering to all NABH/NABL/JCI/Process improvement /Quality protocols/SOPs.

• Drive the International Business by fostering the Medical Tourism and acquiring the International Medical Tourism Quality Assurance Accreditation (MTQA).

• Responsible for Management of all day to day Issues which includes issues related to Clinicians, Customer complaints, regulatory authorities in the hospital

• Actively the set budget involved targets. in Strategy, Marketing and Business Development to achieve AUG HCL Healthcare 2014 TII JAN - Delhi 2017

A. JOB Medical • RESPONSIBILITIES Optimal Director Manpower planning of medical and paramedical service lines as per the business requirement. Establish Doctor Engagement Models and take clinicians

• onboard. (Contribute Credentialing Design to the & Privileging) strategic the methodology direction and thereafter of by effective actively periodic involving evaluation Performance in key of Clinicians Evaluation. decision making at joining and

• • • • recommending Act the Establish mechanism Development equipment Establish Core as a leadership Committees. a a for for Dashboard Quality of best continuous and strategies lamp results approving Assurance house / in MIS monitoring for an by policies for ethical best Program the the establishment utilization of organization way. and the for procedures same. the of Organization for of the the managing accordingly. Governance service all and lines the apply structure clinics. and strategies right Establish and mix Chair to of a

• • • • achieve a Collaboration Be the Optimal organization. To required right the fulfill vision central mix the central by of Technology of the Medical the tools driving with organization. organization. role Johns of Excellence. force Medical and Hopkins for Equipment attaining training Foster International the the and National culture planning Continuous for of / Training, Continuous International as Medical per Quality the Quality Education requirement Accreditation and Improvement Operations activities of as etc. per the by as

• Assist in the development of care pathways and promote the culture of evidence-based medicine.

• Interact with all employees and identify requirements related to medical administration JAN Sir • • H.2012- N. concerns. Services. Support Participate Hospital AUG Marketing Supervise in 2014 (A annual Mukesh related day budgeting Ambani to activities day operational exercise. Hospital)and - Mumbai administrative aspects related to Medical Associate JOB • RESPONSIBILITIES Designing • Medical Architectural of medical Director services and designing which include support. :

• Equipment planning and selection.

• • • • Associating Anderson Actively onboard. Defining To facilitate all establish etc.the Quality with ) for Policies collaborators various the Improvement Doctors & functions, Processes from Engagement trainings through for foreign the hospital. supporting and universities Models know how. leadership and and hospitals take of the Quality (John specialty Hopkins, Assurance doctors MD Programs.

• Establish, operationalize and manage the laboratory services in the hospital.

• • • National overall standards Medical To and keep • • • advise Assist based Identification practices To focused process direction training abreast / established ensure of international their medicine. in efficiency, on and to the of that necessary relevance one ensure local, CME development through and quality or national activities. waste more a accreditation Implementation word and to regulations improvement reduction, of ensure resources class and of the care following international healthcare that as and pathways safe necessary per and of services accreditation and the various goals: innovation delivery. reliable vision innovations and for are patient-their promote innovations of patient standards. provided policies the implementation. centeredness, organization. and the care. and in and culture quality protocols accordance good staff of To initiatives, evidence medical provide vitality, remain with JAN Iven Medicare 2009 TO (DEC ICICI 2012 Ventures)-Delhi VP JOB – Operations RESPONSIBILITIES & Quality

Help the four partner organizations strategically improve operations, quality and achieve Accreditation. Group Job Responsibility • • of Strategically organizations Set organizations Hospitals; up The various consisted Partner Sahyadri plan business the organization of: Group operational plans of Hospitals; comprised and structure profit Medica of building hospitals and Synergy rollout of all Group various over of of India these services Hospitals)(R.plans G. in Stone; . the Broadly in partner partner Vikram the

• • • • • • • • Set Set Carve organizations Participating Manpower paramedical Focused organizations. Contribute Analyzing margins, up up operational governance an projections improvement the in accreditation staff. planning in building achieve various the exercise and structure and NABH operational up and quality and corrections. service pathway for setting and expansion in Credit the MIS NABL. lines and partner up for Rating for and the financial of of the credentialing partner organizations. these the of way the laboratory MIS, partner to organizations partner profitability their and organizations organizations trends services privileging in in a top new in line, of all hospital. and medical the bottom help partner line, and the AUGUST Columbia Asia 2007 Hospitals TILL JAN Bangalore 2009 Chief of Medical Services

JOB RESPONSIBILITIES • • Plan regard clinical Ensure activities, ensuring target to programs. complete that equipment optimizing oriented all clinical supervision purchase budget the as well utilization allocation / non up of gradation, clinical all of as medical services, directed processes manpower operations addressing by CEO and allocation for protocols medical patient including and are department complaints development adhered patient with care and to. of

• • • • Review measures Developed lighthouse Implementation, policies. Responsible customer as direction Clinical for necessary. manpower enforcement satisfaction to laboratory the department. planning, and surveys as compliance a recruitment separate relating of to business the and medical medical credentialing unit team bylaws and and of provide takes consultants. and required hospital overall

• • • • • Business marketing plan. CO-administrative other Responsible improving Maintain Provide facility. ordinate processes. professional an promotion quality activities ongoing for with procedures accreditation standard concerned for Continuous through medical each of clinical relating the identification departments of direction Medical facility. the discipline to facility signing Education and of to in and target advice of line ensure consultant for oriented program with to implementing, all smooth hospital medical agreement, initiatives for the sales functioning medical personnel maintaining and and payment guides marketing staff. of in and and the the the MARCH 2003-AUG 2007

Max Group of Hospitals-Delhi

Manager Quality and Performance Improvement

Head Laboratory Services

JOB RESPONSIBILITIES • • • • • • • • • Setting Audit Setting the Set medical Driving improvement. Unit Non-Responsible Facilitating Accreditation, Managing memberships, up Medical) champion & up up documentation documentation. Medical improvement and system of Pathology for all Indicators Quality reporting for Analysis the Quality and objectives, Critical governance assurance policies laboratory of of of & standards processes the Patient To Monitoring and for Pathology Quality programs, the structure NABH, for Feedback & frequency and setting Dashboard procedures of lab NABL regularly medical Audits. and at up and Pitam and of all procedures the patient measurement for the quality ISO audit Pura meetings NABH committees 9001 satisfaction. Hospital them indicators & as ISO of per & to the 9001 analysis with NABL improve committee. systems and charting requirement (Medical actions upon up the of of & 1997- Janata Diagnostics 2003 -Delhi

Consultant JOB RESPONSIBILITIES: • • • Responsibility generation Ensuring Designing Pathologist the and of optimal test implementing for reports laboratory utilization quality of management the assurance equipment, program from reagents sample in the and laboratory receipt manpower. to testing and

• Interacting with the external and internal customers to ensure customer satisfaction.

• • • NABH Academy Max Media Implementation of Centre Hospital Administration program teaching FACULTY faculty

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