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Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
November 06, 2019

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Arivarasi A


Accomplished industry professional with Fortune 500 clients experience from elite industry leaders (Wipro

/Infosys/HCL /EDS).

• Digital transformation specialist

• Certified Agile Practitioner – CSM 2019

• Robotic process automation manager

• Agile Project Manager

• Leading researcher and Doctoral awardee in 3D printing specialization @ BITS PILANI

• Passion for product development and IT applications Proven experience in handling complex IT projects and extensive research experience in 3D printing. To achieve significant milestones both from scientific & corporate arena through innovation and hard work on emerging technologies like 3D printing (Additive manufacturing).

• Published 7 international journal articles on 3D printing research topics; 2 in progress

• Presented research papers from 4 international conferences on emerging 3D printing topics

• Published a book chapter for World Scientific publisher on micro/nano 3D printing research

• Reviewer for top journals ‘Rapid Prototyping’ and ‘Micro-Nano letters’ IET, the journal of engineering

• Worked as consultant/project manager role for software development – Infosys, Wipro Technologies, HCL Technologies, EDS Corporation and Probotiq IT solutions

• Extensive experience in SDLC, Oracle JD Edwards ERP and a Function Point Estimation mechanism.

• Worked with Wipro Technologies as Project Manager, Specialist in a Function Point based Role and as consultant for Enterprise Application Services Practices

• Led Successful Projects through good team work, functional, technical guidance and leadership Skills

• Got in-depth experience on (SDLC) Design, Development, Enhancement, Testing, Conversion, Maintenance, Documentation and Training of software projects.

• Certified Function Point Practitioner (CFPS) by IFPUG, 2012 (One of the challenging exam in industry with 90% pass mark)

• Corporate trainer for mainframe technical skills / soft skills (2010-2012)

• Conducted corporate trainings in Madras Management Association for soft skills to employees (2013)

• Completed Masters Engineering degree (Applied Electronics) from Anna University, Chennai

• Conducted doctoral research from 2014-2018 as part of Doctoral study @ BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus


Professional Accomplishments

Name Of The Organization Designation Duration


Electronic Data Systems, Chennai Programmer 01/08/2000 17/01/2003 HCL Technologies Ltd, Chennai Software Engineer 20/01/2003 26/07/2006 Infosys Technologies Ltd, Chennai Project Lead 31/07/2006 06/06/2008 Wipro Technologies Ltd, Chennai Project Manager 9/06/2008 03/03/2010 Pegasus Mgmt Consultants, Chennai Corporate trainer 01/04/2010 22/03/2012 Jerusalem College of Engg, Chennai Student 01/04/2012 30/03/2014 BITS Pilani, Dubai, UAE PhD Research Scholar 01/09/2014 22/06/2018 Probotiq solutions Pvt. Ltd Project Manager 9/05/2020 Till date


• Certfied Scrum Master from Scrum alliance® 2019

• Certified Function Point Practitioner (CFPS), IFPUG, USA

• WCFPP (Wipro Certified Function Point Practitioner) in 2010 (First person in Wipro 93% marks secured)

• Conducted Function point workshops for PMO (Wipro)

• Project Management Elite Certification from Wipro Technologies, 2009

• Life Insurance Certification (FLMI 280) Part of LOMA (HCLT)

• Banking Domain Exam BN101 - By Infosys (88%)

• Certified for ‘Business English Communication’ by British Council Assignment details:

• Employer : Probotiq Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Duration : May 2019 to till date

Designation : Project manager

Nature of work : Agile Product Delivery, Onsite offshore co-ordination, people management, quality management, resource allocation, project management, daily task management, communication and status reporting, Technical reviews Clients Handled : PKF Germany (Share point development), Shahi Exports (RPA) Skill Set : Share point, Robotiq Process Automation – Automation anywhere, Agile Project management

• Employer : BITS, Pilani, Dubai, UAE

Duration : June 2014 to June 2018

Designation : PhD Research Scholar

Nature of work : Intensive research done on “Design and Evaluation of Micro Dimension 3D Printing Process and Application to Sensors”

• Employer : Jerusalem College of Engineering, Anna University, Chennai Professional Experience & Affiliations

Professional Certifications


Duration : June 2012 to June 2014

Designation : Masters of engineering scholar

Nature of work : Pursued Applied Electronics engineering along with IEEE published project in Image Processing

• Employer : Pegasus Management Consultants, Chennai Duration : Apr 2010 to May 2012

Designation : Director (Own consulting initiative) Nature of work : Corporate trainer for Main frame, ERP, Function point and Soft skills for prominent clients Skill Set : Oracle JD Edwards ERP, Mainframe, Soft skill, General management

• Employer : Wipro Technologies

Duration : Aug 2008 to March 2010

Designation : Project manager

Nature of work : Onsite offshore co-ordination, people management, quality management, resource allocation, management, daily task management, Spread headed function point methodology across EAS project managers.

Clients Handled : SIT II – TEST SUPPORT, Project managers from Wipro (Internal client) Skill Set : Oracle JD Edwards ERP, Mainframe, Function point, Project management

• Employer : Infosys Technologies

Duration : Aug 2006 to June 2008

Designation : Programmer Analyst

Nature of work : Offshore lead / multiple role, problem management, People management (20 member team), quality management, estimation & project schedule, team appraisal, risk management and mitigation, training management, configuration auditor role for deliveries, delivery management, high level testing/audit, reviews, defect control, client communication, estimation, test planning, monitoring and audit, team appraisal, technical, functional guidance, functionality review, client status reporting, team coordination and training management

Clients Handled : Royal bank of Scotland (RBS),

Skill Set : Project management, Mainframe, JCL, VSAM, CICS, COBOL,DB2

• Employer : HCL Technologies

Duration : Oct 2003 to July 2006

Designation : Software Engineer

Nature of work : Requirements gathering, requirement analysis and study, estimation preparation and communication with onsite, offshore (co-ordination) work assignment of CR’s, problem recreation of the production defect / CR, analysis & design of trackers, conducting A&D, code walkthroughs with client SME coding & unit testing, integration testing for the individual CR’s assigned, implementation support / system testing support, running parallels on a daily basis (comparison between production and unit/integration test data, results), internal & external quality reviews, peer reviews & quality reviews,, delivered KT as and when required, problem recreation of trackers assigned, analysis & design of trackers and preparation of status reports periodically, coding & unit testing of the trackers, integration testing of cross deliverables, implementation support for the assigned trackers, reviews, documentation and communication as per quality standards, scheduled quality audits and mentored the team whenever required

Clients Handled : USAA – United Services Automobile Association, USA Skill Set : IBM S/390, PLI, COBOL, IMS-DB, IBM OS/390, SCM, BTSTest, Impact, File-Aid, PDSE, (Client Built) Utilities like Ellipse, Star team, TMF tables, Easytrieve, JCL, SCM, Impact, MLTEST

• Employer : Electronics Data Systems (EDS)

Duration : Sep 2000 to Jan 2003

Designation : Software Engineer

Nature of work : Analysis, design, coding and testing, system maintenance, enhancement activities, support for new release of the consecutive quarter, quality support activities, prepared technical specifications, coding and test cases preparation, performed unit testing, assisting business analysts during integration testing, solved critical bugs during testing & debugging, involved in peer and conformance reviews, part of grand design development team in Toronto, responsible for development and maintenance work deliveries, application support, maintenance & enhancement activities, review inputs given by GM-POMS (USA) & clarify with onsite team, preparation of requirement specifications and technical design document, coding for the changes as per the technical design document, preparation of test plan and carrying out unit and integration testing, preparation of unit test results document, supporting user acceptance testing, involved in peer and conformance reviews along the team, assisted in project management activities, involved in periodic meeting with the onsite team, mentored a group of 6,part of Model Year support implementation process development which is a large JCL based application. Delivered training to fresher’s in mainframe applications, tools and languages.

Clients Handled : Prudential (UK), AFLAC (USA), General Motors (USA), Skill Set : COBOL, DB2, JCL, SPUFI, Windows NT/Workbench Animator, PVCS, IBM OS/390 Trainings attended:

• Agile training from Scrum alliance (2019)

• Customer Centricity from Wipro Technologies

• ITIL Foundation training from HP Consulting

• Function Point Workshop @ Wipro Technologies

• Spanish level 1 certification @ Wipro Technologies

• 3D printing conference @ Entraine 3D print UAE (2015)

• 3D printing workshop @ BITS – Pilani, Dubai (2016) Trainings Conducted:

• Agile training to Probotiq employees and managers 2019 Sep

• Conducted inter project technical trainings

• Delivered technical trainings for organization level (previously Electronic Data Systems)

• Delivered function point trainings for project managers (Wipro Technologies)

• Corporate trainer for PMC (Pegasus Management Consultants)

• Conducted engineering lab sessions in BITS PILANI Dubai Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Awarded Ph.D Aug 2019 BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus, Submitted Thesis, June 2018 International Academic City, Title: Design and Evaluation of Micro Dimension 3D Dubai, UAE Printing Process and Application to Sensors Master of Engineering (M.E) Graduated, Apr 2014

Applied Electronics, Score 80%

Anna University, Chennai.

Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) Graduated, Apr 2000

Vellore Institute of Technology, Score 81%

Electronics and Communication Engineering

Vellore, Tamilnadu.



• A. Arivarasi and Anand Kumar. "Layering of Copper ink using 3D printing and Characterization" WSEAS Transactions on Environment and Development, vol.13, pp.394-400, 2017.

• A. Arivarasi and Anand Kumar. "Design of Transduction using NMOS for 3D printed NPGF electrode" International Journal of Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing, vol. 11, pp. 376-389, 2017.

• A. Arivarasi and Anand Kumar. "Classification of Challenges in 3D Printing for Combined Electrochemical and Microfluidic Applications : A Review", Rapid Prototyping Journal, 2019

• S. Nasser, A. Arivarasi, Kapil Bansal and Anand Kumar. "Modelling and 3D printing of Packaging for Water Quality Sensor" International Journal of Circuits and Electronics, vol. 1, pp. 134-139, 2016.

• A. Arivarasi and Anand Kumar. "3D Printing of Copper Filament for Layered Fabrication" WSEAS Transactions on Electronics, vol. 7, pp. 38-43, 2016.

• Kavya, A. Arivarasi, Anand Kumar and Jegatha Nambi Krishnan. "Design and Material Characterization for 3D Printing Sensor" International Journal of Circuits and Electronics, vol. 1, pp. 128-133, 2016. Book Chapter

• S.L.Saldhanha, A. Arivarasi and Anand Kumar. "Design and Simulation of Piezo Walk Motor For Nano Resolution in 3D Printing" in IAENG Transactions On Engineering Sciences: Special Issue for the International Association Of Engineers Conferences, World Scientific, vol. 2, 2016, pp. 317. Conferences

• A. Arivarasi and S. Manickavasagam, "A simple fuzzy method to remove mixed Gaussian-Impulsive noise from colour images," International Conference on Information Communication and Embedded Systems (ICICES2014), Chennai, 2014, pp. 1-5.


• A. Arivarasi, Anand Kumar and Jegatha Nambi Krishnan, "Design and Material Characterization of Potassium Gold Cyanide Immersed Layers for 3D Printing Nano Sensor," Lecture Notes in Engineering and Computer Science: Proceedings of The World Congress on Engineering and Computer Science 2016, 19-21 October, 2016, San Francisco, USA, Vol I, pp 355-360.

Best Student Paper Award of International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Applications 2016: Ms. A. Arivarasi

Paper Title : Design and Material Characterization of Potassium Gold Cyanide Immersed Layers for 3D Printing Nano Sensor.


• S.L.Saldhanha, A. Arivarasi and Anand Kumar. "Design of a Stepper Motor for Nano Resolution 3D Printing," Lecture Notes in Engineering and Computer Science: Proceedings of The World Congress on Engineering and Computer Science 2016, WCECS 2016, 19-21 October, 2016, San Francisco, USA, Vol I, pp 280-285.

• Ishaan Vasant, A. Arivarasi and Anand Kumar, "3D Printing File Format and Design for Creating Material compositions for Porous Structure," Lecture Notes in Engineering and Computer Science: Proceedings of The World Congress on Engineering and Computer Science 2016, 19-21 October, 2016, San Francisco, USA, Vol I, pp 327-332.

RPA – Automation anywhere, Sharepoint online (O365), 3D printing, Computational Chemistry Tools (ADF/Band, Gaussian 9.0/Gauss view 5.0.9, VASP), PSPICE AD Lite 9.1, COMSOL 5.0, MATLAB, FreeCAD, Latex, Slicers – Cura, Slic3r, Repetier, printrun, Solidworks, Microsoft Visio, IT skills - PL/I, COBOL, JCL, Eztrieve (Languages), IMS-DB, Publications

Tools & Techniques

DB2 (Database), CICS, ISPF, VSAM, TSO, ENDEVOR, FILEAID, PVCS, SCM, Test Director, MVS (OS/390), Function Point, Oracle, Oracle JD Edwards ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) English, Tamil, Hindi, Spanish (Foundation)

Marital Status : Married Nationality : Indian

Birthday : August 30, 1979 Gender : Female

Declaration : I, Arivarasi, hereby declare that the information contained herein is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Arivarasi Chennai, Tamilnadu

04 Nov, 2019


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