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IT Consultant

Birmingham, AL
November 06, 2019

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Carlene M. Davis

**** **** ******* **.

Birmingham AL, 35216


Professional Summary

Meticulous Epic Consultant adept at developing and implementing scalable IT solutions.

Especially proficient with the use of Epic utilities to generate project and system reports.

Specialize in providing comprehensive staff support in the use of Epic-related applications.

Summary of Qualifications:

●Operational experience in accessing healthcare-specific software

●Extensive knowledge of healthcare workflows

●Familiarity with Epic utilities, reports and maintenance processes

●Proficient with Epic Inpatient, Cupid, Cadence modules

●Good decision-making and delegation Skills

●Solid written and oral communication skills

●Excellent communication skills

●Proficient with Cerner Ambulatory and Inpatient modules

Work of Experience:

IT Consultant 2011 -Present

Epic Support Cadence(Sched and Reg)

Christie Clinic, Champaign IL

September 2019-October 2019

Provide support to the front desk users

Epic Support Cupid(Cath Lab)

Baylor Scott and White, Dallas, TX

August 2019-September 2019

Provide support help to the Nurse and Tech

Go Live Epic Support Cadence (Schedule and Reg)

NYC Health + Hospital/Metropolitan, Manhattan NY

Provide help to Front desk

Go Live Cerner Support Reg/Sched

Mercy Pain Hospital, Portland Maine

December 2018-December 2018

Provided support to End-users with Scheduling and Registration

Go Live Cerner Support Ambulatory/Nursing

Inland Family Care Downtown, Waterville Maine

October 2018- November 2018

Provided support to Medical Assistant

Go Live Cerner Support Ambulatory/RegSched

Family Medical Orono Maine

October 2018-October 2018

Provided support to End-users with Scheduling and Registration

Go Live Cerner Support Acute

Eastern Maine Mercy State Street, Portland Maine

September 2018-October 2018

Provided support to Nurses

Go Live Cerner Support Powerchart Maternity

Antelope Valley Hospital, Burbank California

September 2018-September 2018

Provided Nurses with support with Powerchart in NICU

Go Live Cerner Support(Acute)

Inland Hospital Waterville Maine

July 2018-August 2018

Provided Nurse with support

Go Live Support Cadence/Prelude

St. Mary Hospital, Lewiston Maine

May 2018-June 2018

Provided support to End-users with Scheduling and Registration

Go Live Support Cadence and Cupid(Cath Lab)

Main Line Health, Philadelphia PA

February 2018-March 2018

Provided support to End-users with Scheduling and Registration

Provided support to Nurse in the lab

Go Live Support Epic Cadence

Williamson Medical Center, Franklin TN

October 2017-November 2017

Trained End-users with Scheduling and Registration

Go Live Support Prelude/Cadence

Morristown Medical Center Morristown New Jersey

July 2017- September 2017

Provided support to End-users with Scheduling and Registration

Inpatient Go Live Support Radiant/Cupid

Methodist Houston Hospital Houston, Texas

May 2017- June 2017

Provided Nurse with support in the Cath Lab

Go Live Support Epic Cadence

Morristown Medical Center Morristown, New Jersey

April 2017-May 2017

Provided support to End-users with Scheduling and Registration

Epic Cadence Go Live Consultant

Anmed Health, Anderson SC

February 2017- March 2017

●Provided at the elbow support for clinician during go live

●Report/ Resolve any technical issues, error, message, printing issues, security problems enhancement suggestion etc

●Provide a link between the end-users and the command center for issues and problem resolution

Support ClinDoc Go Live

Hospital & Healthcare Detroit Michigan

September 2016- January 2017

●Trained physicians and nurses how to browse found medication, review patient header, allergies, result and enter medication orders

●Supported nurses and physicians on how to properly update information on flow sheets and work lists

●Supported nurses on how to add and schedule tasks on the MAR

Epic Ambulatory Consultant

Cincinnati Ohio

May 2016- August 2016

●Prelude and Epic Care Support

●Trained and supported clinicians for Ambulatory Go-Live

●Provided one on one training and support to medical and staff nurses on clinical units with knowledge of Epic software in the processes of Admission, Transfer, Discharge, Medication Reconciliation and Order Entry process

Cadence Consultant

Saint Luke's Hospital, Kansas City

May 2015- May 2016

• Trained end users with scheduling and Registration

Epic Go-Live Consultant: Radiant

Hartford Health System

January 2015-May 2015

•Primarily assigned to the Invasive Radiology department at Hartford Hospital in Hartford, CT

•ATE RN/Tech/Physician Support in Pre/Intra/Post Op phases of Image Guided IR Procedures

•Floating to support all clinicians in other Procedure areas including CT/US/FL/Neuro Rooms

•Referral/Consult Orders, Case Opening, Procedural Documentation, Flowcharts, Notewriter, MAR

Epic Go-Live Consultant Cedars Sinai Medical Center

April 2014-November 2014

●Epic Inpatient Ambulatory, Cadence, and ADT modules

●Trained nurses and physicians on how to register, admit, schedule, transfer, and discharge patients, verify and check status, and make orders, including medications and scheduling follow-ups

●Conducted training on reviewing and Reconciling patient charting ● Provided “at the elbow” support during go-live project

Epic Inpatient Consultant

Northside Medical Youngstown, OH

December 2013-April 2014

●Help RN and Physician

●Provided elbow support and one on one training and support to medical providers and staff nurses on clinical units with knowledge of EPIC Front/Back Desk Scheduling, check-in & check-out

Epic Go-Live Consultant: Radiant/Ambulatory

Spartanburg Health Systems

October2013-December 2013

●Supported Radiant/Ambulatory at Ortho Surgery and Trauma clinics in Spartanburg, SC

●Provided ATE Support for Nurses and X-Ray Techs performing outpatient office visits Imaging Procedures Orders, Procedure Scheduling, Rooming, Visit Documentation, InBasket

●Also, provided back-up Physician support with CPOE, NoteWriter, Preference Lists, Templates

Cadence/Ambulatory Epic Care Go Live

UCLA Health System

July 2013- October 2013

• Ambulatory Epiccare Go live

● Support Physician and Nurses

Epic Cupid Go-live Consultant

Mobile Medical Center-Mobile, Alabama

March 2013-July 2013

●Provided One-on-One and group Cupid training

●Provided Epic phone support to both clinical and non-clinical staff

●End user support, ATE trainer to physicians, hospitalists and nurses in Cardiology

●Trained physicians, residents, hospitalists, and super users, on CPOE, order transmittals

●Managing in basket, problem lists admission/discharge/transfer/rounding navigators, Med Rec

●Progress notes, charges and smart tools

●Assisted with the use of Smart text and Smart phrases

●Provided support for techs and unit clerks

Kennestone Hospital Epic Big-Bang Go-Live/ System Integration

Well Star Health System-Atlanta, GA

January 2013-March 2013

●TDR testing and coding

●Running Scripts

●System Integration

●Analyzed, troubleshoot & log issues into database, and provide temporary workaround

●Managing in basket, problem lists, admission/discharge/transfer/rounding navigators, Med Rec

●Progress notes, charges and smart tools.

Epic Inpatient Go live

Good Samaritan Hospital, Long Island NY

June 2012-December 2012


●Support for Physicians, nurses, on general medical floor

Cerner Consultant/ End User Support

BVHS Findley Campus, Findley OH

March 2012-June 2012

Help Physician, Nursing and tech Support for the Emergency department

Cerner Consultant

Parkland Hospital, Dallas Texas

December 2011- March 2012

Provided Nursing and End User support for FirstNet,CPOE, Powerchart, Scheduling and Registration

Education & Certifications

Bachelor of Science-Computer Science

University of Alabama in Huntsville

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