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Engineer Design

Guy, Texas, United States
November 06, 2019

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Dewey Morris

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Senior Instrument and Controls Design Engineer

Senior Automation Technical Professional


Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, B.S. Electrical Engineering, Hamilton University, Evanston, WY


Summary: Over forty years of instrument and controls systems experience in the OIL&Gas, Fluidic Catalytic Cracking, petrochemical, chemical, refinery, pulp/paper, pharmaceutical, coal gasification, water/wastewater treatment, LNG (liquefied natural gas), and clean air fuels (sulfur removal) industries. His experience also includes the power generation industry including: fossil fuel boilers (drum, super critical), gas/steam turbines, HRSG (heat recovery steam generators, simple/combined cycle operations), and Co-Generation. He has broad experience in plant instrumentation from field devices and analyzer systems to distributed control, SPI, SIS and PLC systems. Assignments have ranged from minor to major revamps, control system upgrades (DCS/PLC/SCADA systems) to large expansions and grassroot/brownfield facilities.

Specific Experience:

Senior I&C Engineer

Bergaila Technical TechnipFMC

TechnipFMC Houston, Texas

2/25/19 – Present (Various Projects)

I&C Engineer on a field assignment at Westlake, La. This was a SASOL Project in the multi-billion range. I worked with TechnnipFMC and SASOL Engineers on the check out and start-up of the EO/EG area, at the Westlock facility in Westlake, La. I was primarily involved in as-builts and SPI completion of entries, as required. Note: I worked on the Design and Engineering for the SASO Project in Houston with Fluor, see below. It was in the water treating and Offsites areas.

I also worked on the design completion of the DP capillary level instrument calculations and entry’s into SPI.

I am currently working at the Houston, Texas office. I am assigned to the HPCL RAJASTHAN REFINERY LIMITED (HRRL), RAJASTHAN REFINERY PROJECT, PACHPADRA, BARMER, RAJASTHAN. This is a Petrochemical FCC Unit (PFCCU). TechnipFMC Process Technology worked in conjunction with Mumbai, India and Bogota, Colombia.

I was assigned to the PRU unit involved with the design of the P&ID’s, C&E dwg’s, Simple, Complex Control, SIS Interlock narratives along with the design of the P-P Mix Dryers sequence narratives. I, also, checked control valve calculations and sizing along with the instrument specifications, completed in SPI, from SPPID, from Mumbai, India. I was involved in the Client Review and HAZOP of the P&ID”s. On completion, the project was issued BEDP,(BASIC ENGINEERING DESIGN PACKAGE) to the client.

I am currently on the Zhanjiang Chemical Complex which is a restart for a Petrochemical FCC Unit.

Senior I&C Engineer

Aspen Technical Phillips 66

Phillips 66 (Sweeney. Texas) Sweeney Refinery

5/15/18 – 1/1/19 Sweeney, Texas, United States

Controls Engineer on small capital projects and small Instrument upgrade projects.

This included working with EPC firms as a Phillips 66 consultant and representative. The small

Instrument projects included detail design using SPI, developing, updating the P&ID’s, requiring MOC development and updating, new specification sheets, Requisitions reviewing and working with vendors on completion of PO’s. Lead for the design of loop sheets, in SPI, and markup/CAD of the P&ID’s design of changes, as necessary. Basic Instrument Design Engineer responsibilities.

Note: Sabbatical

Senior Design Engineer

Area Lead SASOL

Fluor (Sugarland, Texas) Lake Charles Chemical Facilities

3/2013 – 1/2016 Westlake, Louisiana, United States

Petrochemical Expansions, Greenfield and Brownfield projects, with additions for Utilities, Offsites, Cracker units, and Alcohol Expansion projects with a proposal of a new GTL unit.

Led the design and client review of P&ID’s, issued for design after the HAZOP reviews for the FEED estimate. This included assigning instrument tags and correct symbols for instrument and control functions. Preparation of the Instrument Index (SPI), I/O counts, inline instrument preliminary sizing with data sheets, preparing the Cause & Effect Drawings (included participation in the HAZOP and LOPA’s) and completed a final MTO spreadsheet with pricing to Estimating. Lead for the instrument and Controls systems Detail Engineering for the Utilities and Offsites.

Project Instrument Lead BP Oil Corporation

S&B Engineers FHSM (Fired Heater Safety Management Project)

03/2012 - 03/2013 Houston, Texas, United States

The redesign of the 6 fired heaters Instrumentation upgrade in the PS3B unit (Pipe still 3B).

Design included calculations, specifications (SPI), Inquiry Requisitions, Bid Tab’s and Purchase Requisitions for control valves. Also, specifications, Inquires and Purchase Requisitions for On/Off actuated shutdown valves, Bypass valves (adding limit switches), ASCO RCS panels (Redundant Control Systems), replacement of Rosemount Pressure Transmitters, position transmitters (on the Heater air dampers) and various miscellaneous instruments. Process Control is an existing SIS Triconex System. I was also involved in the design of C&E Diagrams from PLC logic drawings.

Project Instrumentation Lead Enterprise

S&B Engineers (Houston, Texas) WTF I Expansion Project

09/2011 - 02/2013 Mont Belvieu, Texas, United States

Expansion project that increased the total capacity to 75,000 bbl/day, and the addition of a new Ethane Compressor

Revising the existing and generating new P&ID’s, Cause and Effect drawings, design/purchase of new instrumentation to interface to an existing Honeywell DCS/Modicon PLC system. The design of a new PCR building with the addition of a new shutdown Dehydration PLC's, which were Allen Bradley. I was also involved in the design of C&E Diagrams from PLC logic drawings.

Lead Engineer BP

Mangan Engineering (Houston, Texas) FHSM (Fired Heater Safety Management)

07/2010 - 08/2011 Houston, Texas, United States

LOPA”s identified BP Texas City plant wide, safety deficiencies and developed safety device documentation per the Instrumented IPL deficiency resolution procedures

Prepared Safety Related Alarms, Safety Interlock–non SIS, BPCS Continuous Control Loops in the upgrade of the existing SIS system (Triconex), and Safety Instrumented Functions. These entailed writing procedures per the IPL failed check lists. Worked with BP personnel implementing the (SIF) test procedures during the refinery shutdown.

Project Lead Plains All American Pipeline

S&B Engineers Pacific L.A. Marine Terminal, LLC, Pier 400, Port of L.A

09/2008 - 03/2010 Long Beach, California, United States

Grassroots project located at the Port of L.A. for the purpose of providing unloading, storage and pipeline facilities to accommodate Super Crude Oil tankers. Worked with Bechtel sizing control valves, developing fire and gas monitoring location drawings. Developed the instrument index and specifications sheets in SPI.

Instrumentation design, engineering and procurement

Instrument Engineer Motiva Enterprises

S&B Engineers Port Arthur Crude Expansion Project

05/2008 - 09/2008 Port Arthur, Texas, United States

Design of instrumentation for the Sulfur Recovery, Tail Gas Treating and the Amine Recovery Units

Developed instrumentation specifications in Intools, instrument requisitions as required and design of SIS graphics

Instrument Engineer Big West of California

S&B Engineers Bakersfield Refinery Upgrade

12/2007 - 05/2008 Bakersfield, California, United States

Instrument Engineer Products Operating, L.P

S&B Engineers Meeker II Gas Plant Project

01/2007 - 12/2007 Rio Blanco, Colorado, United States

I/E Lead Enterprise Products Operating, LP

S&B Engineers DIB Expansion Project

12/2006 - 06/2007 Mont Belvieu, Texas, United States

I/E lead Engineer Enterprise Products Operating, LP.

S&B Engineers Splitter IV Project

06/2005 - 07/2007 Mont Belvieu, Texas, United States

Splitter IV project was a grassroots Petrochemicals plant

Detail design and engineering began in December of 2005. This included instrument, analyzers, custody meter runs, meter provers, DCS, PLC specifications, and procurement with scheduling and cost tracking. Mr. Morris was involved in the P&ID development from the approval, design, and construction issues. Mr. Morris, in conjunction with the process department, was involved in the detailed design of the cause and effect drawings and participated in the HAZOP/SIL reviews, of the P&ID and cause and effect drawings. Two major pipelines connect Splitter IV, ISBL unit, to the off sites well storage areas with new instrument upgrades, including custody metering stations and meter provers, for the north and east Storage areas, with salt dome well upgrades, as required

Lead I/E Engineer Enterprise Products Operating, L.P

S&B Engineers WTFII Fraction ISO-Octane Project

06/2004 - 05/2005 Mont Belvieu, Texas, United States

Instrument Engineer Marathon Oil

Fluor Garyville, Louisiana Refinery OSBL Revamp (Clean Air Fuels)

02/2004 - 06/2004 Garyville, Louisiana, United States

Instrument Engineer Marathon Ashland Petroleum LLC

Fluor Robinson Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Revamp

01/2004 - 04/2004 Robinson, Illinois, United States

Lead Controls Systems Engineer Siemens Westinghouse Power Corporation

Siemens Westinghouse Power Corporation Various Gas Turbine with Simple Cycle or Combined Cycle

10/1999 - 03/2002 Orlando, Florida, United States

Control Systems Lead Engineer Mazeikui NAFTA, Butinge Branch

Fluor Butinge Oil Terminal

07/1998 - 01/1999 Butinge, Lithuania

Control Systems Engineer Solutia Inc.

Fluor AN Expansion Project

05/1998 - 07/1998 Chocolate Bayou, Texas, United States

Control Systems Engineer Huntsman Chemical Corporation

Fluor Ethylene Oxide/Ethylene Glycol Expansion

10/1997 - 05/1998 Port Neches, Texas, United States

Lead Control Systems Engineer Upjohn Company

Upjohn Company Bisnor Alcohol Honeywell TDC 3000 Upgrade

08/1995 - 02/1996 Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States

Control systems Lead Upjohn Company

Upjohn Company Sanitary Waste Water Treatment Facility

08/1994 - 08/1995 Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States

Area Lead Controls Engineer Mead Paper

E&I Controls Chillicothe Paper Mill Bailey Net 90 Upgrade

11/1990 - 03/1992 Chillicothe, Ohio, United States

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