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Android Engineer

Dallas, TX
November 03, 2019

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Levente Kusai

Dallas, TX *****



Seeking a position that will provide a challenging opportunity to significantly contribute to a company’s efficiency, organization, growth and profitability. Languages: Java, Java for Android, Objective-C, C++, C#,Web Development (HTML5, CSS3, JQuery), REST/JSON, SOAP, XML

Operating Systems: Windows and OS X

Software Tools: Android Studio, XCode, Eclipse, Git, Cornerstone, Jira, Visual Studio 2010, UDK


01/14/2019 Apptricity

Technical Lead Irving, TX

● In charge of leading Mobile Team, mentored and code reviewed.

● Helped develop new applications and release current mobile applications on Apple and Google Play Store.

● Developed new applications and existing applications for client facing solutions.

● Developed for Android, iOS and NativeScript (cross-platform). 12/12/2016 – 01/11/2019 Verizon

Senior Mobile Engineer Irving, TX

● Developed and integrated new features to My Verizon for Android, an application where customers purchase plans, devices, accessories and complete purchase with PayPal, MasterCard, credit cards.

● Responsible for software development tasks associated with converting current and future internal and client facing solutions to Android from comps.

● Worked with all UI components, Accessibility, Analytics, Parsing Jsons into models, Android SDK, and API integration.

9/08/2015 – 12/01/2016 Magtek

Software Engineer Seal Beach, CA

● Developed and released Qwickpay for Android, an application which is a complete POS payment solution allowing your Android device (Phone or tablet) to evolve into a highly secure POS payment system for secure magstripe and chip cards.

● Developed in house applications using Magtek Api’s to connect and process transactions with all of Magtek’s readers.

● Responsible for software development tasks associated with converting current and future internal and client facing solutions to Android mobile apps.

● Worked with all UI components, Shared Preferences, SQLLite, Hashmap Encryption, Cryptography, Android SDK, AsyncTask, API integration, Content providers, and TLS communication with server.

4/30/2014 – 4/29/2015 The Mortgage Coach

Android Mobile App Developer Irvine, CA

● Developed and released My Nest for Android, an application that helps Home Buyers to keep a list of homes, share with friends and be connected to a loan officer.

● Developed in house applications using Edge Api’s to show client statistics of application usage via mobile, desktop, and software application.

● Responsible for software development tasks associated with converting current and future internal and client facing solutions to Android mobile apps.

● Worked with all UI components, SQLLite, Camera Integration, Google Maps Directions and Reverse Geolocation, Android SDK, AsyncTask, API integration, and TLS communication with server.

7/22/2013 – 3/25/2014 Palio Ignite

Mobile Developer 1 Irvine, CA

● Developed an Android application with web integration for a client.

● Developed multiple Android applications that focus on new technology such as: iBeacon w/ web integration, NFC (Near Field Communication), WebSocket communication, and Peer-to-Peer communication with AllJoyn. 4/16/2012 – 6/28/2013 Dealer Click

Programmer Santa Ana, CA

● Developed an released DealerClick for Android, an application that allows dealerships to manage their inventory from mobile or web on

● Allows dealers to add vehicles to their inventory, delete vehicles, edit vehicle’s information, and view inventory.

● Created plain paper forms for used car dealerships using Visual Basic. Applications Published on Google Play: DealerClick Application: Allows our customer’s (dealerships) with a Dealer Network account to Log-In, and manage their vehicle inventory through http client connection. They can add a vehicle by scanning the VIN, and it then decodes the car through our VIN decoder with Dealer Network. The customer can also upload a cover picture of the vehicle and save that vehicle into inventory. They can delete or edit vehicles information as well. This is a great for dealerships to use when going to auctions. The client can check their leads to see if any customers have sent an emails request to see if they have a vehicle in stock. Learntastic for Kids Application: This is a fun game for kids ages 5-8 that will help them to learn and to stimulate their memory. There are two matching sections: the first is shapes and colors, gives the player a choice to choose 16 – 36 cards to show on the screen; the second allows kids to match their vegetables. When a correct shape or vegetable is matched a clapping sound plays to notify the player their doing good. The other sections are titled Guess the Color, Addition, and Subtraction. Guess the Color gives the player four choices to pick the correct. If the wrong button is pressed then it plays a bad sound. If the correct button is pressed then a clapping sound plays allowing the kid to move to the next section. At the end of these sections a firework animation plays for about 5 seconds, to notify the player that they won. Addition and Subtraction portion are work similarly as the Guess the Color. NFC Reader/Writer: This application allows the user can read a NFC (Near Field Communication) tags or stickers with the ability to delete content on the tag and re-write to it. There will be a lock feature added to the righting where the user won’t be allowed to re-write to the tag it will be permanent. My Nest:Imagine being able to visit homes and record every detail with videos, photos and voice notes. Now you can with My Nest. With a simple, intuitive interface, My Nest is a home buying photo journal that captures and organizes every detail of every home to review and share later with friends and loved ones. After you’ve settled on your future home, MY NEST delivers the award-winning Total Cost Analysis by Mortgage Coach that provides complete transparency around your home loan options. QwickPay: This application is targets Point of Sale for merchants to securely process transactions via encrypted card reader devices sold by Magtek. Magtek API is integrated to work with an audio reader, bluetooth reader and bluetooth low energy. User's username and password are encrypted and stored into the Keystore. The application's settings are stored into Shared Prefences. Transaction information is sent to secure webservice which returns whether the transaction was approved. The transactions history is stored into a SQLLITE database which can be upgraded from original QwickPay and any future version upgrades. Education:

Westwood College

Bachelor of Science, Game Software Development

Graduated March 2012 - GPA 3.77


Mobile Application Experiences Part 2: Mobile App Design Mobile Application Experiences Part 3: Building Mobile Apps Mobile Application Experiences Part 4: Understanding Use Mobile Application Experiences Part 5: Reporting Research Findings Getting Started with React Native

Extra-Curricular Activities:

Android Workshop Flash Workshop

Fluent Languages:

Hungarian, English and Spanish

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