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Clifton, NJ
November 03, 2019

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Imran Mustafa [Dynamics ***/ CRM, AX & Sharepoint]

Independent Senior Consultant & Architect for Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM, AX & Sharepoint

Email :

Skype : mscrmexpert


4 times awarded MVP - Dynamics CRM (Technical, Architecture). He is working as Practice manager (Dynamics) and Senior Architecture focusing on Microsoft Dynamics 365/ CRM, AX & Sharepoint, implementation, development, integration, defining best practices, Architecture, conducted training in Singapore, Switzerland & UAE many times. Worked with Microsoft to implement Dynamics CRM, Sharepoint for gold certified partners. He has over 14 years of professional experience including more than 9 years working as a Technical Managerions industries for such companies as Sony, Panasonic, and theCRMBusiness UK. He has been working Microsoft Dynamics CRM since its inception to the industry, and has established himself as an industry leader by obtaining the MS CRM Certification and Most Valuable professional (MVP) award. He has worked with clients to build complete infrastructures that include policies, standards, strategies, design architectures and procedures that enable them to control security and performance on their systems.

Over 14 years’ experience including 9 years as Technical Practice Lead for Dynamics CRM, AX, Sharepoint.

Experience with Latest version of Dynamics 365 / CRM (2016) and AX 7.

MVP-MS CRM Technical(4- years, 2008, 09, 10, 11)., AX, GP, Sharepoint expert.

I had worked in Switzerland, Singapore, Australia UK & Dubai to implement MS CRM 2015, Sharepoint, integration stuff for MS CRM. I am working as Independent consultant for MS CRM, Sharepoint ( implementation, customization, integration stuff).

TOP 1 on MS CRM forums from last 10 months & nominated for MVP – MS CRM.

I had implemented MS CRM, Sharepoint successfully in Dubai, Switzerland, Singapore.

I am Microsoft CRM Certified Professional (Customization)

I have completed MCAD.Net(Microsoft Certified of Application developer) and become Microsoft Chartered member (Early Achiever of MCAD.Net) in march 2003.

I have conducted training of Microsoft CRM in Avantus Training Singapore, Dubai (Course 8526 & 8531).

Developed many add-ons & Customization for MS CRM ( Ticket Management System, Email2Case, Import/Export, Spell Checker, ActivitySorting, SearchDocuments, Search inside Attachments, Email Monitoring, Download Attachment etc

Working Experience of Microsoft CRM, Sharepoint portal, .Net

Working experience with US, UK & Australian based companies, also participating in communication with foreign clients.

Having much experience in .Net Technology (C#, VB.Net, ASP.Net, Azure, Cloud, Big Data, AWS, Crystal reports, XML Webservices, XSLT)

Having High first division academic career (MSC- Computer Sciences, B.Sc-Mathematics)


SPECIALTY: Microsoft Dynamics CRM, AX & Sharepoint

He has deployed over 75 implementations of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, AX & sharepoint including latest versions of CRM 2016, AX 7. He is a seasoned professional successful in the analysis, design, development, and deployment of new technologies into large user communities. He is a highly versatile technical manager with a proven track record of developing strategies, procedures, practices, and applications that support organizational goals.

CRM Highlight

Successfully rolled out Microsoft Dynamics CRM to 2000+ users

Rollout was across seven distinct sales organizations that shared a 360 view of the customer

Rollout included custom screen development

Rollout included custom application programming

Integration with Sharepoint, Dynamics AX etc

Data Integration

Exchange Integration

His diverse background includes:

Extensive knowledge of current technologies


Start up and expansion

Seamless integration of emerging technologies in multi-functional groups

Expansive thinker with outstanding record of achievement implementing new business concepts, delivering innovative business solutions, and facilitating transitioning operations with a high level of ethics/risk management.

Extensive experience in process/system improvements to increase productivity, reduce costs, using both dedicated and shared development resources.

Work History

Accenture: (May -2018- October -2018) : Accenture is world leading company and I am working with them as Senior Dynamics365/CRM Technical Architect for Dynamics 365/CRM. I am responsible of the Architecture, Functional design, integration services for Dynamics CRM application for Healthcare project.

Adam Smith International (UK): (April -2017- Dec-2017) : Working as Senior consultant for DataMart application using the SSIS and .Net solution. I had implemented centralize the datamart to use in tableau analytical tool.

CRM-Executives (Netherland): (2016- 2017) Team Lead Over 2 years working as Senior Architect and lead developer for Dynamics 365 / CRM 2016 projects, specifically for Health insurance sector. Doing integration with several systems etc. Implement Operations and retails for Dynamics 365. I did perform work in Azure services.

Faircom - Neatherland : Team Lead, Implementation of Operation in Retail industry for Dynamics 365 /CRM 2016 and integration with website, provided web services for any other system integration. Faircom is retail store and having implementation of operations, products, orders management in Dynamics CRM

Velrada -Australia: (Jan 2015 – Nov 2015) Working as Practice Lead for Dynamics CRM since Jan 2015 to Nov 2015. Working on CRM 2015 projects like Mining, Financial and GOVT industry. I had visited Perth and Adelaide for onsite work on 457 visa. The work is mostly focusing on Dynamics CRM 2015 / Online. The major projects involve Mining and exploration management, Grant management for GOVT organizations and Data migration from Sharepoint to Dynamics CRM.

CRMXperts: (Sep-2008-Dec 2014) –Over 6 years work as Chief Technical Officer (CTO-Director) and Senior Solution Architect for Dynamics CRM, Visited USA, UK, Switzerland to implement the Dynamics CRM Solutions from version 3.0 to 2015.

Qualit IT Solutions: Working as Technical Director for the projects related to Business solutions (Dynamics ERP / CRM, integrations, mobility etc)

TheCRMBusiness - UK: (2006-2008) Over 4 years work as Senior Architect and Team Lead for Dynamics CRM and .Net solutions. I had implemented many financial applications, customize the CRM, extend and provide integration with CRM and sharepoint.

DRL- Pakistan: (2005-2006) Working as Senior Project manager of Educational ERP using .Net. I build team of 40+ .net resources.

Pisigma – Group - USA: (2003-2005) Over 3 years work as Team lead for .Net, Sharepoint development.


Operating Systems: Windows Server 200x, XP, Vista,

MS Servers: Exchange, MS SQL, SharePoint, OCS

Business Applications: MS CRM, GP,PIVOTAL

Desktop Applications: MS Office 200x,

Databases: MS SQL 200x

Programming Languages: C#, C++, HTML, ASP.NET, Jscript, AJAX

Personal Details

Name: Imran Mustafa

Father Name: Muhammad Mustafa

Passport# AC0875133

Passport Expiry Date 20 Nov 2019

Base Country Pakistan

Date of Birth 15-May-1978

Email :

Skype : mscrmexpert

Blog :

Visa’s: USA ( H-1B & b1/b2)

UK (Tier 2 General)

Australia (457 work visa)

Switzerland (work visa)

Singapore (Visit and work visa)

UAE (Visit passes)

Note: I had visited above countries for onsite work.


Master in Computer sciences (2002). Software Engineering

High first division academic career.


Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP)- MS CRM

Microsoft Chartered Member – MCAD.Net

MCAD.Net (C#, ASP.Net, XML Webservices)

MCP - .Net

MS CRM Certification – Customization

1Case studies ( MS CRM, AX & Sharepoint work).

1.Accenture - Digital. I am working for Accenture as CRM Technical Architect, I am currently working on Healthcare project transform to CRM Azure.

2.AdamSmith International-UK. I had visited Africa and implemented integration component as Datamart for them. I had used SSIS packages for the integration of different databases including Chart of account, budgeting, Payroll etc. Financial Services provided. Tableau Integration with multiple databases using SSIS Packages.

3.Faircom Integration – Netherlands, Implementation of the retail store where implement operations, Dynamics 365 / CRM implementation with orders, products integration. Provided webservices and integration with CRM. Worked closely with website orders management and integrate with CRM, account, contact, orders, quotes etc.

4.CRM-Executives, Working as Senior Architect of Dynamics CRM 2016, review architecture of BUPA Crm system, implement webservices, integration with other system. Doing alot customization etc.

5.Mining Compliance Management System – DSD-Australia, I worked with CRM 2015, implemented Mining, Explorations, Tenements handling and their inspections, complaints / incidents etc. Also did data migration from Infopath to Dynamics CRM 2015.

6.DSR – Australia, I worked with GOVT of Australia in this project CRM 2015 integration with multi-organizations and real time integration of their event management, planning, payments on base of sport activities.

7.PrimeWest – Australia, Property management solution in Dynamics CRM 2015 online, work with the property, units, bank payments handling etc.

8.Livecare – Canada, based in Canada, I worked with Livecare to build add for ADXStudio portal based on CRM 2015. It has many features like Patient management, Patients appointments, Calendard of appointments and visits. Tracking every patient record etc. I have worked to complete implementation of MS CRM 2015, customization, development and integration of ADXPortal. The client main focus is Hospitals and Patients virtual clinics. I had worked with them more than 1 year on different add ons.

9.Vigilance Health Solutions – Canada, based in Canda and dealing in Health IT in different hospitals of Canda and USA, I did customization and integration of sharepoint. I had worked more than 2 years with them on different add on like barcode handling, patient management, customization of crm and sharepoint. Document handling of sharepoints. Inventory controlling in CRM, Fax handling in CRM etc.

10.Panasonic – Singapore, based in Singapore, Retail industry with franchises management. I worked with Microsoft Singapore to help in analysis as well architecture of the system. I have worked to complete implementation of MS CRM with multi servers, review of integration points with Axapta and also provide onsite consultancy. In this project there was integration with oracle financials as well to get the Franchises amount (debit / credit) and show inside CRM, the integration was through API’s provided by the Oracle. Also integrated Sharepoint system with dynamics CRM

11.WinMarq, USA, I had worked on different customization and portal integration tasks for CRM

12.Avantas Training, based in Singapore, is a leading training provider of Microsoft products. Imran have provided training services to company. It was to provide training to class of 20 students of various nationalities. The training covered following areas:

a.Installation and Configurations


c.Extending with .Net

13.Fuldrysarl is Switzerland based company that deals in IT solutions and services. We have integrated Microsoft CRM and MOSS 2000 using C#. The project covered activities like creation of customer websites, template documents a nd workflow management. Mail merge feature helps creation of proposals and sending it to different users based on workflow defined. User training for Micrsoft CRM was also provided.

14.Integral Solutions is a Singapore based IT Company that deals in artificial intelligence and data mining. Imran has integrated Microsoft CRM 4.0 and MOSS 2007. One creation of a customer account in CRM the document templates (contracts, invoices etc.) related to the customer are automatically created and arranged in various folders using Microsoft workflow Assembly. The user is able to view all SharePoint documents in Microsoft CRM. The customer can view a lot of information related to his account and activities.

15.Web Denmark is an IT Services Company that is present in Europe. We have carried out integration between Microsoft SharePoint Portal 2007 and CRM 4.0. On creation of a customer his portal is automatically created. The customer can get a lot of information about his contracts, agreements, invoices and other documents using this portal. Customized template documents for every customer are automatically created and arranged in separate folders. The user can view the same information using SharePoint portal or CRM.

16.The CRM Business is a UK based IT services organization. We have carried out integration between MOSS 27 and Microsoft CRM 4.0 for them. Our efforts have allowed the user to document sharing between the two application. When a customer account is created in CRM, the software automatically creates document templates (invoices, proposals etc.) for that customer and arranges them in a folder. Customer portal is atomically created for each customer; this provides a gateway to customer for information sharing. I had worked with them more than 3 years for different projects.

17.YFM Group is a UK based that deals in financial services. Microsoft CRM and SharePoint portal were implemented. The CRM implementation has enabled the client to automate the sales, marketing and support activities. The customized SharePoint Portal covers collaboration activities like tasks, project, time sheet, event management etc. Both CRM and SharePoint are integrated using 360 add on. Client document templates are automatically created along with customer websites.

18.Code Blue is a New Zealand based IT Services Company. We have upgraded Microsoft SharePoint Portal 2003 to 2007. We have customized SharePoint 2007 to handle 10,000 users simultaneously. A customized collaboration suite helps the company to manage team activities, tasks, communication, escalations etc. The specially designed dashboards and customized reports allow the user to have an analytical insight into the team activities and make effective managerial decisions.

19.Interactive Web is an Australian company. We have integrated a payment gateway with Microsoft CRM 4.0. The product handles automatic invoicing and billing through PayPal, Pay Flow, Pay Oneer and credit card. The application checks the CRM invoice data (for payments due) and sends payment request to above mentioned payment services. This information is automatically sent to the customer and accounting staff. The customized dashboards and analytical reports allow the customer to take decision to set direction of future business.

20.The CRM Business is a UK based IT Company. We have developed and implemented a CRM application extension that automates help desk and support activities of the company. The help desk and support application automatically generates ticket on receiving an email from the client. The ticket is automatically assigned to the support staff. Ticket number and other related information is emailed to the client for future reference and record. The customer can login and view the status of his tickets. The analytical reports and dashboards were also developed to analyze the complaint data in a number of ways. The application extension help saving a lot of licensing cost because there is need for a separate CRM license for each customer.

21.LAN Support is a company of Australian origin. We have developed a customized help desk ticket management system for them. The application extends Microsoft CRM 4.0. On receipt of support email from a customer the application automatically generates a ticket, assigns it to a support staff and sends an acknowledgement email to customer. The customer can login and view the status of his tickets. In case of phone support the application allows to enter such tickets manually. The application uses a single CRM account and help user saving licensing costs.

22.ESKEL Porter is a USA based company. We have extended Microsoft CRM 4.0 to provide help desk and ticket management services. The user can manually enter the ticket data in case of phone support. In case, of email, the application automatically generates tickets and sends a mail back to the customer. The customer can see the status of his ticket by logging into the system. The tickets are assigned to help staff based on predefined criteria.

23.Columbus IT is one of the leading IT Services Company based in Dubai. We have implemented Sales and Marketing modules of CRM 3.0 at their Dubai office. In this project they were using PIVOTAL and we have to see best to use MS CRM. The project has automated workflows and business process related to sales and marketing activities. The customized solutions scans websites and automatically generates sales leads based on user defined criteria and keywords. Customized dashboards and reports allow the users to closely monitor customer relationship activities and provide the management a useful tool for decision making. Administrator and End User training has helped the client to effectively use the CRM and maximize the return on their IT investment.

24.Dotnetnuke Implementation for University Portal.


CRM Executives- Netherlands

Faircom -Netherlands

DSR - Australia

DSD - Australia

Primewest - Australia

Livecare - Canada

Vigilance - Canada

TheCRMBusiness - UK

Eskelporter - USA

ColumbusIT - UAE

Avantus Training - Singapore

Fuldrysarl - Swizterland

Stringray- Switzerland

Integral Solutions - Singapore

LAN support - Australia

Resource Intl. Inc - USA

iTicket - Australia

InteractiveWeb – Australia

TechSoft – USA

Webdenmark – Denmark

DSIData – Denmark


TechSoft – USA

HeroTechnologies- Canada

Reference Letters :

I have reference letters from the above clients, I can provide if required.

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