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Civil (Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental) Engineering Engineer

Raleigh, NC
November 02, 2019

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Md. Ahsanuzzaman/Ahsan; Linkedin:

**** ******* ******, *** #***, Raleigh, NC 27607; Email:; Phone: 775-***-**** SUMMARY:

Registered Professional Engineer (P.E.) with Extensive Professional Experience in the Field of Civil (Geotechnical, Construction Materials QC/QA) Engineering, and Construction Project Management in the State of Texas, Hawaii and North Carolina. Currently, Ph.D. Candidate at North Carolina State University under Professor Mo Gabr, and Working as a Research Assistant to develop a “Novel” Foundation Systems for Ocean Renewable Energy Devices by Large Scale Field Testing and Numerical Modeling using FE Software (PLAXIS). Achieved Deep Knowledge of Subsoil Investigation, Foundation (Shallow and Deep) Design, Ground Improvement and Soil Stabilization, Slope Stability Analysis and Retaining Structure Design, Forensic Investigation in the Field of Geotechnical and Construction Industry, and Construction Project Management of Research Materials Lab Renovation, Roads, Highways and Bridges. Future Goal is to achieve the Highest Level of Recognition in the Field of Civil Engineering. EDUCATION:

North Carolina State University (NCSU): Currently Ph.D. Candidate in Civil (Geotechnical and Geo- environmental) Engineering; Expected Completion Date of Graduation December 2019; Current Total Cumulative GPA 3.68/4.0.

University of Nevada at Reno (UNR): Master of Science (MS) in Civil Engineering (Geotechnical and Pavement/Materials); Completion Date of Graduation December 2013; Total Cumulative GPA 3.72/4.0. University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM): Master of Science (MS) in Civil (Transportation) Engineering; Completion date of graduation May 2009. Total Cumulative GPA 3.53/4.0. Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET): Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Civil Engineering; Completion Date of Graduation November 2004. Total Cumulative GPA 3.38/4.0. TRAINING and CERTIFICATIONS:

Registered Professional Engineer (P. E.) (PE License No. 132880, Texas Board of Professional Engineers).

Certification in Engineering-in-Training (EIT) (No. 50007, Texas Board of Professional Engineers).

40 Hour Training on Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Honolulu, HI.

Nuclear Gauge Inspection Certification, Houston, Texas. QUALIFICATION, SKILLS and AWARDS:

Soil-Structure Interaction Analysis through Numerical Modeling and Large Scale Experimental Study with Pile Static Load Test, Instrumentation, In Situ and Laboratory Testing for Geo-materials Characterization, Pile Axial and Lateral Capacity Assessment, Drilled Shaft Integrity Evaluation, Slope Stability Analysis, Expansive Soil Shrink/Swell Assessment, Flexible and Rigid Pavement Design.

Reconnaissance of Geo-structural damages due to FLORANCE hurricane around North and South Carolina under Geotechnical Extreme Events Reconnaissance (GEER) ( affected-ground.html).

Civil Engineering Software: Finite Element Software Packages (i.e. PLAXIS), Finite Difference Software

(FLAC), Deep Foundation Analysis Software Packages (i.e. L-Pile, A-Pile), Slope Stability Analysis Software Packages (i.e. SLIDE, SLOPE/W, SEEP/W), Soil Nail Ground Improvement Software (SNAILZ), Soil Swell/Shrinkage Analysis Software Packages (PTI VOLFLO, PVR), Earthquake Hazard and Ground Motion Analysis Software Packages (SeismoSignal, SeismoMatch, Deepsoil), and Other Important Software Packages such as gINT, AutoCAD 2D and Civil 3D, Microstation, AASHTO M-E Pavement Design Guide, 3D Move Analysis and STAD Pro.

Programming, Statistical and General Software: MATLAB, MINITAB 16 and Microsoft Office.

Award: Honored for the Best Poster Presentation on “Micropile Foundation Systems to Anchor Ocean Renewable Energy Devices off the Coast of North Carolina” in the 7th Annual North Carolina Renewable Energy Symposium


Research and Teaching Assistant September 2015 - Present North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC

Evaluating Feasibility of Different Types Offshore Anchoring Systems (Marine Micropiles, Suction Piles, Suction Embedded Plate Anchors, SEPLA, etc.) for Marine Hydrokinetics (MHK) devices under Ocean Renewable Energy Research Project of University of North Carolina Coastal Studies Institute.

Conducting Large Scale Field Test (Pile Static Axial Load Test) with Instrumentation (strain gauges, load cells, LVDTs etc.) to Evaluate Axial Capacity of Potential Offshore Anchor Systems, i.e. Marine Micropiles, off the Coast of North Carolina.

Assessing the Performance of Marine Micropiles for Anchoring MHK Devices at Offshore through Numerical Modeling (PLAXIS and FLAC), and Large Scale Field Experiment.

Assessing Slope Stability off the Coast of North Carolina for Offshore Foundation Systems through Geostudio

(SEEP/W, SLOPE/W and SLIDE Limit Equilibrium Software.

Tutoring Graduate and Undergraduate Students of NC State University. PROFESSIONAL INDUSTRIAL EXPERIENCE:

Construction Materials Engineer: December 2014 – August 2015 QC Laboratories, Inc., Houston, TX

Performed QA/QC Assessment of Construction Materials of Auger Cast-In-Place Piles, Post Tensioned Slabs, Spread Footings, Mat Foundations and Drilled Piers; Earthwork (proof roll, field density) and Pile Load Test Investigation.

Analyzed and Interpreted Drilled Shaft Integrity Evaluation Data, and Preparing Engineering Recommendations.

Reviewed and Recommended Asphalt Concrete and Portland Cement Concrete Mixture Designs.

Completed Projects: (1) Historic Texaco Building Renovation, Houston, Texas, (2) Chelsea Tower, 4 Chelsea Blvd, Houston, TX 77006, (3) Mid Main LOFTS, 3550 Main Street, Houston, TX 77002, (4) City Center 5, 800 Town and Country Blvd, Houston, TX 77024, (5) Shadow Creek Ranch Sports and Complex, 13050 Shadow Creek Pkwy, Pearland, TX 77584.

Project Engineer: August 2013 - November 2014 Geotech Engineering and Testing (GET), Houston, TX

Subsurface Soils Investigation, Laboratory Test (Moisture Contents, Atterberg Limits, Shear Strengths, Triaxial, Consolidation, Percent Fines, Pin-Hole, Crumb Test etc.)

Foundation (Shallow/Deep) Design and Recommendation for Residential, Sub divisional, Commercial, Petrochemical Plants, Roads and Bridges.

QA/QC Performance of Construction Materials of Auger Cast-In-Place Piles, Post Tensioned Slabs, Spread Footings, Mat Foundations and Drilled Piers; Earthwork (proof roll, field density) and Pile Load Test Investigation.

Slope Stability and Seepage Analyses, and Recommendation for Retaining Structures (Bulkhead, Sheet Piles etc.).

Assessment and Recommending Soil Stabilization Process, Site Preparation, Earthworks, Compaction and Use of Specific Structural Fill Materials for Construction Projects.

Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) of City of Houston Projects.

Completed Projects: (1) Mission Trace Subdivision, Section 2, Fort Bend County, TX, (2) Residence Development at 12826 Butterfly Lane, Houston, TX, (3) Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessment Projects

- (a) Creekside Park Subdivision, Sec. 22, Harris County, TX; (b) Residence at 4227 Markham Street, Houston, TX, (4) Geoforensic Project of Port of Houston Berths 45 and 46, Houston. Texas: I evaluated the condition of the existing concrete piers in between Births 45 and 46 of Port of Houston. Civil Engineer II: May 2009 - September 2010 State of Hawaii Department of Transportation (HIDOT), Honolulu, HI

Highways, Bridges and Materials Laboratory Building Construction Supervision, Project Planning and Management, Scheduling, Estimation of Cost.

Review Contractor’s Contract Documents, Request for Information (RFI), Submittals and Contract Plans, and Comply with Hawaii Standard Specifications 2005 and Special Provisions of the specified project.

Preparing Memorandums, Field Orders and Change Orders, Weekly Progress Meeting Minutes, Monthly Billings, and Overall Project Management by Personal Communication with Designers, General Contractor and Subcontractors.

Completed Project: HIDOT Materials Research Laboratory Renovation Project at 2530 Likelike Highway, Honolulu, HI 96819.

Assistant Design Engineer: January 2005 - July 2007 Advanced Development Technologies Ltd., Dhaka, Bangladesh

Loads (Dead, Live, Wind and Earth Quake etc.) Evaluation based on Bangladesh Building Code.

Structural Analysis, Modeling and Design of Residential and Commercial Buildings by STAAD Pro.

Forensic Investigation of Residential Buildings.

QC/QA Assessment of Building Construction Materials.

Drafted Building Plans and Structural Elements using AutoCAD 2D.

Completed Project: Gloriana - A Six Storied Residential Building at Dhaka, Bangladesh. PROFESSIONAL ACADEMIC EXPERIENCE:

Graduate Research Assistant: January 2012 - November 2013 University of Nevada, Reno, NV

Assisted in Preparing Research Proposal (National Cooperative Highway Research Project, Project No. 1-50:

“Quantifying the Influence of Geosynthetics on Pavement Performance”).

Assisted in Developing Large Scale Experimental Model (i.e. Soil Tank) to Quantify the Influence of Geosynthetics on Pavement Performance.

Assessed the Applicability of Damping Materials for Soil Tank by Field and Wooden Box Experiments.

Developed Inventories and Instrument Lists from Vendors for the Experimental Research Project.

Developed Data Acquisition Systems to Measure Strains, Stresses and Displacements at different Locations of Geosythetics, Pavement and Soil Layers.

Analyzed the Effectiveness of Geosynthetics (Geotextiles and Geogrids) beneath Flexible and Rigid Pavements.

Assessed the Impact of Dynamic Vehicle Load on Flexible Pavement by Studying the Response Behavior of Dynamic Wheel Load.

Developed Statistical Models to Predict Dynamic Response Coefficient. Graduate Research Assistant: September 2007 – December 2008 University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, HI

Analyzed Highway Traffic Noise Impact by FHWA Traffic Noise Model (TNM) 2.5 Software;

Developing Noise Contour Map by GIS Arc Info 9.1.

Reviewed and Updated the 1997 Highway Noise Policy for Hawaii Comparing with other States Noise Policy. EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES:

Enhanced Teamwork Skills through Chairing the Association of Civil Engineering Students (ACES) of the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. Organized Various Seminars and Networked with Eminent Talkers from Different Fields.


1) Ahsanuzzaman, M.; M. A. Gabr; and R. H. Borden (2020). “Diameter Model - A New Approach to Predict Unknown Diameter of Hollow-Bar Micropiles’ in Sandy Soils Considering Installation Parameters” has been accepted for publication and presentation in Geo-Congress 2020, March 25-28, Minneapolis, MN. 2) Ahsanuzzaman, M.; Alex Smith; M. A. Gabr; and R. H. Borden (2019). “Quantifying the Influence of Construction Methods on Hollow-Bar Micropiles’ Pullout Capacity in Sandy Soils.” Geo-Congress 2019, March 24-27, Philadelphia, PA.

3) Ahsanuzzaman, M.; M. A. Gabr; and R. H. Borden (2019). “Load Capacity Model of Micropiles Anchoring Marine Hydrokinetic Devices” has been presented as Poster Presentation for Coastal Studies Institute 8th Annual Symposium Renewable Ocean Energy Program. 4) Ahsanuzzaman, M.; M. A. Gabr; and R. H. Borden (2019). “Assessing the Axial Behavior of Hollow-bar Micropile (HBM) Foundations for Anchoring Ocean Renewable Energy Devices in Sandy Soils off the Coast of North Carolina” North Carolina Department of Transportation Geo3T2 Conference, April. 5) M. Ahsanuzzaman, M. A. Gabr, and Roy Borden (2018) “Effect of Seawater on the Mechanical Properties of Cement Grout Used for Formation of Micropiles in Marine Applications,” Geotechnical Special Publication 296, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), March 2018, pp. 394-403. 6) Ahsanuzzaman, M.; M. A. Gabr; and R. H. Borden (2018). “Micropiles for Anchoring Marine Hydrokinetics off the North Carolina Coast” Poster Presentation, Coastal Studies Institute 7th Annual Symposium Renewable Ocean Energy Program.

7) Ahsanuzzaman, M.; M. A. Gabr; and R. H. Borden (2018). “Micropiles for Anchoring Ocean Renewable Energy Generation Devices”, Poster Presentation, International Conference on Ocean Energy 2018, Cherbourgh, Normandy, France; June 12-14, 2018.

8) Ahsanuzzaman, M.; M. A. Gabr; and R. H. Borden (2017). “Micropiles for Anchoring Marine Hydrokinetics off yhe North Carolina Coast” Poster Presentation, Coastal Studies Institute 6th Annual Symposium Renewable Ocean Energy Program.

9) Ahsanuzzaman, M., Seyed-Farzan Kazemi, Peter Sebaaly, Raj Siddharthan, Elie Y. Hajj, Adam J. T. Hand.

“Dynamic Pavement Response Coefficient (DRC) to estimate the impact of variation in dynamic vehicle load”, The 10th International Conference on the Bearing Capacity of Roads, Railways and Airfields (BCRRA 2017). he_impact_of_variation_in_dynamic_vehicle_load

10) Ahsanuzzaman, M.; M. A. Gabr; and R. H. Borden (2017). “Proposed Anchoring Systems for Gulf Stream (GS) Turbines Accounting for Potential of GS Shifts” Ahsanuzzaman, Md and Mo Gabr, Marine, Energy and Technology Symposium 2016, Washington D.C. April 25-27, 2016. PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP: Member of ASCE, DFI, IFAI, G-I, GEER, EERI and ACI.

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