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CEO, General Manager, Country Manager, COO.

Long Beach, California, 90806, United States
November 02, 2019

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I have managed companies, projects and programs in the United Sates (USA), France, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, and China. Some of the missions included building and commissioning production factories from green fields to full production. Some missions included securing governmental permits, regulatory approvals, coordination with architectural and construction teams, purchasing of CAPEX equipment and tooling, and achieving operational readiness for full production launch, and qualification of production lines for automobiles, aircraft, satellites, rockets, Electric Vehicle Batteries and components thereof.

TESLA MOTORS – April 2016 to Present

TESLA GIGA FACTORY RENO, NEVADA – Industrialization of design, processes and supply chain parts and assemblies for Production of Rotors, Stators, Drive Units, Inverters, and Battery Packs. Streamlined Engineering, Industrialization, Supply Chain, and Assembly Line Operations. Accomplishments: Industrialized the Giga Factory from 100 car sets to 1165 car sets per day in less than 2 years.

EUROPE: Responsible for rescue missions at under-performing suppliers for all commodities including CAPEX. Negotiation of claims in foreign languages. Managed Technical, Contractual, Supply Chain, Production, and industrialization for Model X launch. Accomplishment: Designed and produced casting stamping machines, production tooling, and machined samples to launch a Tesla vehicle in record time.

ENTREPRENEUR – April 2014 to April 2016.

Grew and acquired a group of business entities in various market segments such as Polymers, Coatings, Composite Materials, and FAA Aircraft Repair Station Parts Manufacturing Approval Operations. The business entities were located in Italy, USA, and Mexico. I successfully grew and divided the group of companies into 4 separate business segments with significant gains in capitalization and better than expected net profit margins, and minimum initial cash outlay and no outside financing. UNITED TECHNOLOGIES-Pratt & Whitney: PROGRAM MANAGER PROPULSION -NACELE PRODUCTION – January 2013 to April 2014.

The mission was Responsible for recovery of an underperforming production of aircraft propulsion system nacelles and winglets for Boeing and Airbus aircraft families. In approximately six months my team recovered the underperforming factory to the key management indicators mandated by customers, by the receivership legal team, and by major investors. CO-FOUNDER & TECHNICAL DIRECTOR - AM COMPOSITES - October 2013 to April 2015. I tripled the value of this company in only one year. AM Composites was a start-up Composites Manufacturing Company. My direct involvement included hands-on development and launching new products, gaining new contracts for design and fabrication of aerospace components in Carbon Fiber materials, gained regulatory and fabrication approvals from OEM customers such as Boeing, Airbus, Alenia, the FAA, ISA, and ESA. Gained approval from global Quality Assurance third party oversight agencies such as NADCAP and the national Italian civil aviation regulatory authorities. AM Composites was a boutique and very specialized provider of aerospace components in Advanced Composite Material for airplanes, helicopters, rockets, satellites, unmanned drones, and super cars such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, and others. TECHNICAL SALES AND TECHNICAL INTEGRATION – THE BOEING COMPANY. 2009-2013 Spearheaded the technical presentations for major sales campaigns in front of key customer airlines and leasing companies, for several aircraft programs.

Developed and commissioned facilities and assembly lines for whole aircraft assembly, subassembly and parts production. Launched pre-production and production efforts for Horizontal Stabilizers, Major fuselage sections, aircraft nose sections, tail sections, Auxiliary Power Units (APU), winglets, interiors and landing gears for the Boeing 787, 777, 747, 767 Tanker, and 737/Max programs. VICE PRESIDENT - GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN & QA - VESTAS WIND – DENMARK 2007-2008 In two years I restructured the supply chain Quality Assurance requirements and spearheaded global expansion efforts such as opening new manufacturing operations in India, Italy, China, Spain, and the State of Colorado in the USA. Growth drive included a $2.0 Billion investment in the State of Colorado, with better than expected sales and revenues.

SPACE AND ROCKET LAUNCHER PROGRAM MANAGER – 2003-May 2006 Program Manager – United Launch Alliance – 2nd Stage Delta Rocket production, Torino, Italy. Responsible for assembly and production operations of the 2nd stage portion of a rocket launcher. Also responsible for relationship building with the Italian Ministry of Defense, Italian Space Agency, and the research depts. of the University of Rome.

Managed the production facility in Torino, Italy and supported rocket launches at tracking stations in Italy, Kenya, & others. Collaborated with the launch teams at the mission control centers in The United States at Kennedy Space Center, and Vandenberg Air Force Base. MIDDLE MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE 2000 to 2003

Program Manager – The Boeing Company - Delta II Rocket Program, Torino, Italy. Leader of the Production Start-up in Torino, Italy. The first unit assembled in Italy was successfully qualified with better than expected mechanical properties. Several units have flown in rocket launchers which successfully launched satellites for customers such as USAF, NASA, The European Space Agency, The Italian Space Agency, and other private satellite owners. INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE – The Boeing Company – 1990 to 2000.

- International Program Mgr. – Supplier Management/Program Mgt. - SPAIN

- International Program Mgr. – Airframe assembly and QA - ITALY

- Project Manager - Structures & Composite Materials - TAIWAN

- Site Manager - Structures, Sourcing, and QA - CHINA

- Sr. Manager - Assembly, Systems and Processes - JAPAN

- International Representative - Propulsion Systems Development - GERMANY

- Country Manager – Life Support, Insulation/Outside Mfg. - MEXICO

- International Representative – Aircraft Co-Production - CHINA/JAPAN

- International Representative – Wing and flight controls Development - BRAZIL ENGINEERING EXPERIENCE – McDonnell Douglas 1986 to 1990

- Sr. Manager, QA & Integration – Electrical, Electromechanical and Avionics Laboratories for Military and Commercial Programs.

- Sr. Manager – Dept. Of Chemical, Metallurgical, Mechanical, and Hydraulic Test.

- Group Leader, Inspection of High Precision Machined parts.

- Engineer Scientist – Aircraft Design, Structures Design, Control Surfaces Design.

- Metallurgist - Micro-section and grain structure examination of forgings and castings, including Qualification of new casting and forging suppliers.

- NDI Level II Tech - Approved by General Dynamics for testing with Ultrasound, X-Ray, Dye Penetrant, and Eddy Current methods.

- Materials Tech – Verification and approval of metallic micro-structures including extrusions, castings, Forgings, new supplier approvals and re-qualification of existing suppliers. ENGINEERING DESIGN EXPERIENCE – Nortec/Northrop 1984 to 1986

- Avionics – F20 Program – Integration Systems Leader

- Propulsion Systems and Systems Integration – F20 Tiger Shark Program Propulsion and Nacelles – MD11, MD90 and MD95.

DESIGN AND QUALITY ASSURANCE (QA) EXPERIENCE – Monogram Aerospace Fasteners 1980 to 1984

- Designer and Manufacturing Engineer

- Research and Development Scientist

- Engineer Scientist – Technical after-market support.

- Metallurgist/Chief Mechanical Inspector

INSPECTION/QA EXPERIENCE – Allfast Fastening Systems - 1978 to 1980

- Metallurgist – Micro-examination of grain micro-structures, Heat treat verification, Aerospace fastener production,

- QA Inspector - FAI Mechanical & dimensional inspection.

- QA Inspector - Cadmium Plating, Anodizing, Alodine, Dry- Film Lube, Corrosion Protection coatings, phosphate fluoride, primer, and top coat protection. EDUCATION:

1. Juris Doctor - Law - WSU

2. Masters of Science - Bus. Admin. Dual Major: Finance and Marketing - UOP 3. Bachelors of Science - Bus. Admin. Mgt. and Economics - UOP 4. Bachelors of Science - Aerospace Engineering - USC 5. Associate Degree - Production of Food, Drugs, and Cosmetics - LATT 6. Associate Degree - Advanced Composite Materials - RHC 7. Boeing Executive Leadership Center: Supplier Management - BLC 8. Boeing Executive Leadership Center: Project Mgt. and Program Mgt. - BLC 9. Private Pilot License - Embry Riddle Aeronautical University - ERAU LANGUAGES:

- English at mother tongue level,

- Spanish at mother tongue level,

- Italian at mother tongue level with certification.

- Portuguese, French, and German at informal conversational level.

- Also learned some Mandarin Chinese and Japanese while on work assignments in China and Japan.

- Currently learning Arabic and learning about Arabic cultures. CITIZENSHIP: USA Citizen with permits to work in Europe. HOBBIES: Success is my hobby in everything I do. I am also passionate about life and learning – learning about business, people, new materials, new technologies. MY PERSONAL MANTRA:

Do it, Do it right, Do it on time, and Do it under budget … No excuses!

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