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Engineer Project

Houston, TX
November 01, 2019

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LIDIA ELIZABETH PINZON RINCON, MSc., MBA, DBA candidate, Resident of Texas, USA


With 20+y of experience as a reservoir/production engineer, applied big data analysis, planning, management, and leadership skill with commitment and honesty, I moved to the country in 2014 (I am a US citizen). Due to the oil market conditions, to be ready for skills transfer from experience, education, and research, I am in progress for a Doctor of Business Management – Energy management (working on my dissertation) and coding software in C++. In 2018, I completed two certifications - ISO 9001 - 2015 Lead Auditor and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, and in 2016 completed an MBA. Before 2014 I got certification for portfolio evaluation, Economics and Risk Analysis, and Management. I

Core Competencies

Leads multicultural and multidisciplinary teams

Manages project time, tasks, and resources effectively

Has an “everything can be achieved” attitude

Analyzes systematically and strategically

Learns new software, methodologies, and procedures easily

Identifies effective and low-cost solutions


Strong Data Analysis skills.

Analyzes data using statistics

Historical data analysis and forecast

Field development plan alternatives evaluation

Reservoir data analysis

Integrated Geology Reservoir & production performance optimization

C++ coding

Advanced user of technical/professional users

Comfortable with diverse environments

Translate simultaneously

English - Spanish - English

Professional Experience

Walden University (Online program)- Doctor of Business Administration Candidate (4/2017 – 2020)

Developing the research study on Overall Business performance based on Malcolm Baldrige Award recipients.

USA Experience :

The gaps in working history in the USA corresponded to periods when I focused on my studies

Coding in C++ (9/2019 – current)

By my initiative, trying to keep active in my industry I learned how to code using C++. Right now, I am coding software to identify and evaluate field development options to score 3-5 top technical and economical options.

Oilfield Data Services (2/2019 – 8/2019)

Contract. Project to evaluate GOM wells production performance, PBU, and DD analysis for boundaries identification, MBAL static and dynamic, Connected, and mobile volumes. Reservoir surveillance.

Retail positions (Texas) Christmas season, 2018.

Seasonal Associate for Marshals and Kohls.

Iso 9001 Lead Auditor and Six Sigma certification (May, Dec 2018)

H&R Block (Texas and Florida) Tax Season 2016, 2017, 2018.

Seasonal Tax Season - Jan through April each year. Led a team of 10 multicultural tax professionals’ goals consistently with office/company goals. Managed tax professional schedules to fulfill the customer traffic and managed the office expenses (83% EBITDA). Identified and implemented marketing strategies and areas. Cash handling and daily bank deposit While using less than last year tax professionals kept prior year company revenue. Prepared and filed about 650 simple and complex tax returns for multicultural customers. Filed personal, small businesses, state, and foreign tax returns. Cash handling. Helped colleagues to understand tax system.

Gadela Wines – QuickBooks (01/2018-2/2018)

Organize all information related to the business startup and create a new accounting system using QuickBooks. Create the client’s database, income and payments reconciliation, credit card reconciliation, balance sheet, and required statements reconciliation. Create physical files and folders to support expenses and income. Identify information related to the business startup and current business operations for tax return purposes.

MBA – finance graduated with distinction (01/2014-10/2016)

WRPS III – Houston LP (Texas, USA) (8/15 – 9/30, 2015)

Supervised a crew of three workers to install more than a hundred of dehumidifiers successfully at The towers woodland family homes in Conroe.

International Oil Industry Experience – Reservoir / Production engineer

Lithoil (Colombian Consultancy Company). Reservoir Engineer (11-12/2014)

Working remotely from the USA evaluated opportunities to develop Peten-South Project (Caribe, Tierra Blanca, Chinaja Oeste and Rubel Santo) located in Guatemala. Submitted the project schedule and deliverables. Oil production history analysis well by well and documentation, and remaining reserves calculation using pressure analysis and production decline curve analysis. (OFM, Excel, MBal, PowerPoint, MS Project)

Frontender (Worldwide Consultancy Company). Reservoir Engineer (1-2/2013)

Enrema, Monteagle Project – USA reservoir data evaluation and basic reservoir simulation. Structured the project tasks schedule. Advised less experienced colleges in production history match and forecasting; Identified the project schedule, helped the customer to understand current reservoir pressure conditions and designed a new test to identify reservoir connectivity. Calculated Remaining Reserves (SEC) availability and evaluated reservoir continuity. Delivered reservoir management recommendations and delivered the database. (OFM, MBal, MS office, MS Project)

SGF Global (Global Services Company). Reservoir Engineer (9-11/2012)

Schlumberger project - Lagopetrol (PDVSA): Maracaibo – Venezuela: part of a multidisciplinary team, evaluated bypassed oil and opportunities to optimize recovery factor applying OFM PASS methodology. Provided reservoir characterization, remaining reserves calculation, and structural, reserves, pressure, and production map to help the customer understand different fields remaining reserves accumulation, and optimum infill-drilling pattern for marginal assets; also mentored less experienced professionals. (OFM, MBal, Petrel, MS office)

AIP SAS (National Services Company). Reservoir Engineer (7/2011-8/2012)

Ecopetrol, Bogota- Colombia, Mid Magdalena Project: Working in a multidisciplinary team environment evaluated opportunities to optimize the Recovery Factor (RF) and evaluated the remaining reserves (SEC using statistic evaluation to generate stochastic results and performing deterministic analysis; uncertainty evaluation and mitigation plan. Identified the project tasks and resources requirements, and project development schedule. Economic evaluation and short-term strategic infill drilling plan for new and marginal fields. Supported geologist interpreting the structure of highly fractured reservoirs in exploratory areas; helped the reservoir managers’ decision-making process providing core economic and strategic information. Supported other engineers on F.E.L methodology workflow. (MBal, OFM, CristallBall, Petrel, MS office, MS project)

Consultec (National Services Company). Reservoir engineering. (03/2012)

Assets not operated by Hocol, Bogota – Colombia. The company received the annual report with certified reserves to SEC and ANH requirements. (OFM, MS office)

Weil Group/Bovil Energy (Oil and gas Operator). Reservoir Engineer (1-9 / 2010)

Reservoir analysis and geologic data interpretation from Andalucía field; managers received information to help them make decisions to either get new leases, operate marginal fields, or participate in a joint venture in Colombia. Identified the project schedule and resources requirements. Delivered reserves evaluation (SEC), pressure behavior analysis, production decline curve and production forecast. Support geologist in the multilayer reservoir characterization. Interviewed new team members and led the new reservoir team (MS Office, OFM, MBal, Pipe Sims, MS Project).

Gow (Services Provider). Reservoir Engineer (11/2009 – 1/2010)

Helped customer understand the risks and uncertainties applying Hydro-Jet technology in Angeles field, Colombia.

Halliburton. Petroleum Engineer (8/2007 – 9/2009)

Portfolio analysis, Economics, Risk & Uncertainty. Project costs control. Project Management and Leadership. Interviewed and led a multidisciplinary and multicultural team, Identified the project schedule resources, tasks and deliverables to complete requirements for each stage of the project. Control of Costs and deliverables, and project requirements. Customers and team members understood the F.E.L. methodology workflow applied to oil Field Development Plan opportunity analysis including risk and uncertainty and provided results presentation and report. Managed projects within 1% budget deviation to help customers/trainees to understand the generalities of reservoir management, budget, time, and costs control (MS Office, MBal, Prosper, GAP, Petrel, MS Project). Projects:

PEMEX (FEL – Team leader): Litoral Tabasco, Campeche: Muspac – PICSG, El Golpe Puerto Ceiba - Terciario; and Cinco Presidentes divisions

YPF (FEL – Team leader) - Comodoro, Rivadavia, Argentina: Multidisciplinary team leader to identify “regional FDPs for Maurek – Cañadon Yatel areas.”

Sonangol Gas – Angola: Managing the project “Technical onboarding program” (1st stage). Egypt, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Medex Petroleum, Argel – Argelia: FEL - Team leader to identify FDPs for WIH, IRLW, and IRLS field

PDVSA (NOC). Reservoir Engineer (8/2006 – 3/2007)

Reservoir VLG3729 – Region I, Maracaibo –Venezuela Helped managers to support decisions to implement a water flooding pilot project analyzing WF implementation options. Helped to improve 3D simulation model integrating water flooding. Led multi-disciplinary workshops to identify resources needs to implement the water flooding project (MS Office, OFM, MBal, Petrel, MS Project).

PSI de Venezuela. Reservoir and Production (7- 8 /2006)

Shell project, Port Harcourt – Nigeria. Reservoir evaluation and production optimization engineer. Trained and mentored team members on OFM application for oilfield data evaluation. Delivered production characterization and reservoir maps that helped team members to understand the current reservoir conditions. (OFM, MS office)

PETIERAMSO S.A. Reservoir and Production (1/2004 – 7/2006)

Maracaibo – Venezuela. Intercompany training - reservoir and production engineering. (MS office, MS project)

CHEVRON TEXACO. Petroleum Engineer (2/1997 – 11/2003)

LL652 Project, Maracaibo – Venezuela: Central Asset Team: Improved recovery factor from five reservoirs. Evaluated alternatives to comply financial requirements. Reviewed, updated and executed annual FDP applying FEL methodology; contributed to building production optimization team. Improved and implemented production monitoring tools and optimization methodologies to improve artificial lift design/optimization processes. Increase reserves identifying remedial work over candidates, did postmortem technical and economic evaluation, and evaluated new horizontal well locations. Integrated production system evaluation (reservoir – well – surface network) to reduce daily production delays. Optimized water-flooding (WF) project implementation, identified the WF project surveillance plan for reservoir and individual wells. Set next year budget and data acquisition strategy and allocate resources evaluating reserves and forecasting production including economic evaluation. Identified the data acquisition schedule and its economic impact for the project. Also, helped in the effective training and mentoring programs for field operators. On Strategy Team: Got PDVSA’s approval for WF project implementation with the pilot-project proposal and professional presentation. Effectively evaluated WF project improving recovery factor from fields producing light oil with gas lift. Evaluated reservoir and optimized well performance, triplicating production at low cost (1$/bl). (Mbal, Dss, Scada, MSOffice, Petrel, Prosper, GAP, MatBal, PanSystem)

Boscan Field, Maracaibo – Venezuela: Reservoir Management Team: Facilities, new drills, work over jobs, economic. As a primary contact for PDVSA-Chevron contributed to identify Field Develoment Plans to increase production by ensuring new location drilling pattern, and new location identification code following government rules, and by calculating remaining reserves using volumetric calculation and production curve analysis. Heavy oil production optimization, reservoir pressure behavior analysis, and production forecasting. ESP wells monitoring, geologic maps interpretation, and pressure data analysis to identify aquifer influence area and to optimize production from existing wells on mechanical pump. Team member to evaluate flow station capacity and its future upgrade, and part of the team to evaluate water handling and disposal alternatives. (TOW'S database, CENTINELA, SEEPLUS, WEM, MSOffice)

Proserca. Petroleum Engineer (4/1991-9/1993)

PDVSA, Maracaibo - Venezuela: GR core log, core samples selection point, lithological core description, areal correlation, core samples processing and analysis, results in the evaluation and final report preparation. Wrote a GR formation core analysis manual. PDVSA wells at Maracaibo Lake: Onsite geologist to prospective formation top identification by drilling samples description; handling, preservation, and organization of geological drilling samples. ADT engineer trainee for drilling fluids control.

Geoservices. Petroleum Engineer (3-6, 9-10/1990)

Ecopetrol, Colombia. Well log digitalization and ADT trainee

Smith International. Petroleum Engineer (12/1989-3/1990)

Administrative operations and directional drilling engineer support

SERPEN Petroleum Engineer (11/1988-8/1989)

Inventory control for rig's warehouse, and daily rig operations reports.


ACIPET Bogota – Colombia (2010-2011)

Instructor for the seminar “Petroleum engineering for no Petroleum engineers”. Ten modules

Universidad del Zulia, Maracaibo – Venezuela: Graduated Reservoir analysis class. 2006-I

Undergrad professor Maracaibo – Venezuela (2005 - 2006)

Dramatically increased to 95% number of petroleum engineering (PE) students whom attended classes and passed class tests. Optimizes Petroleum engineering class’ curriculums to fit oil industry requirements. Advising thesis related to new technologies (optic fiber)

Instituto Politécnico - Santiago Marino: Subsurface maps class, production planning and production control class, and project planning class; research department coordinator, technical tutor for research projects, advisor for theses of degree, principal jury to evaluate thesis to opt for PE degree.

IUT MARACAIBO: Mineralogy, stratigraphy, and sedimentology classes;

INCE – Venezuela, 2006

HSE instructor for companies’ training program


Doctorate, Business Administration, Walden University, USA, Expected graduation date 12/2019

Master, Business Administration, Keller Graduate School of Management, Georgia, USA, 10/2016

Master, Sc. Petroleum Engineer, La Universidad del Zulia, Maracaibo, Venezuela, 7/1995

Bachelor, Petroleum Engineer, Universidad de América, Bogotá, Colombia, 5/1988


ISO 9000 – 2015 Quality Management Lead Auditor - BSI, USA

Lean Six Sigma, ISSG, USA

Aries – software: Economic Analysis for the oil industry – Schlumberger, USA

FEL methodology and Risk and Uncertainty, specialist, Universidad Olmeca – Halliburton, Mexico

Management Skills Development (PDD in Spanish), Universidad de la Sabana - INALDE B.S, Colombia

Managing Projects, The George Washington University

Economics and Risk Management on E&P, Schlumberger


Six Sigma Global Institute, ASQ-the global voice of quality, National Society of Leadership (NSLS), Society of Colombian Petroleum Engineers (ACIPET),


International Red Cross and St. Anthony of Padua, the Woodlands, Texas (June 2017). St. Catherine of Siena Church, Kissimmee Florida (November 2016 – May 2017). Established and Coordinated the Colombian Culture Committee, and helped the pantry for food donated reception, organization, and distribution.

Mentor for Society of Petroleum Engineers, e-mentor (2012 -2014)

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