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Machine Operator

Houston, TX
25.00 neg
November 01, 2019

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Jose Ignacio Benavides

713-***-**** - 281-***-**** call/text/or email

Summary of Qualifications:

● My skill is running CNC Lathes Horizontal or vertical, some V.M.C, and Basic Manual machining.

● CNC Lathe Machinist/ Fanuc controls/ Set up guy; 12 years exp. & job shop exp.

● I can do my own set up, from start to finish with a blueprint, program and with the right cutting tools and measuring tools.

● I can set up my chuck, look for the right jaws for the job, bore them out so the part can run true and have correct radius. Also I can work with tail stocks, steady rest and Omni-rest.

● I can download the programs through wire, wireless or card, i can edit and modify the program, clean it out and write notes if needed.

● If in doubt i will stop and get with the programmer or supervisor.

● I can work with multiple work offsets G54, G55, etc. Set my tools geometry, able to use wear offset page.

● I have cut all kinds of threads from Taper threads pins or box, 8 Round, 10 Round, Buttress, V-Threads, Stub Acme, L.H B.P.V, Acme modified, wicker etc. Blunt Start on front and back if ask for.

● Grooves I cut before I.D and O.D square Grooves, Face grooves, Bx- Grooves, R-Grooves, Dove tails etc.

● Able to plan, layout, setup and perform most machine operations and Capable of interpreting and executing mechanical plans, reading technical blueprint drawings, drafts and sketches.

● Also calculate basic math, calculate RPM, IPR, FEEDS, IPM.

● Maintenance on conveyor belts when they would get stuck.

● I can make fixtures to make multiple parts.

● Mill Exp. 2-3 years Exp. Fanuc Controls

● I can do the following on a mill:

● Get job traveler and make sure you have the right parts.

● Upload programs from card, wireless system or wire; make sure the program matches blueprint number or job number.

● Gather all the tools needed for the job.

● Find a way to hold the part either with bolts and clamps, vises, 4th axis, chucks, fixtures etc.

● Indicate part with a edge-finder or mill indicators.

● read and edit program

● Touch off tools.

● Read blueprints

● Get with the programmer and supervisor to discuss if that's the best way to machine the part.

● Study blueprint, look at the program see what tools I need for the part and prepare them.

● Touch off my tools in my z-axis and enter that info in my geometry offset, modified program and edit your tools numbers and your “H” on the program.

● I have done Face, Drill, Bolt circle, Slots, NPT holes, Engrave parts, Slots.

● But I would like to learn more if there is a chance. For the mill I can do the basic Stuff nothing exotic yet. But on the lathe I can complete part from start to finish.

● Manual Machines I Have Ran 1-3 Exp.

● Horizontal Turret Lathe 4 Jaw Chuck,

● Radial Drill with Layout exp.

● Vertical Mill, Slabbers, Babin Machines,

● Tapping Arm Machine,

● Bullard’s

● I can sharpen my drills and modified special tools and inserts for like dove tails.

● Certifications/Special license/machines

● Familiar with ISO-9000 Procedures.

Licence and Certifications:

● Basic Plus

● OSHA 10

● TWIC Card

● Hytorc tools certified

● Fire Watch

● Confined Space

● CPR trained

● Passport just in case we had to fly out for a job when working millwright. If you need any other license/class I will go get it at the Houston safety council.

● Industrial Forklift with the boom in and out and overhead crane experience also JIB cranes exp.

● Bobcat front end loader exp. 2 years.

● 10. years exp. On Regular Forklift, Hyster, Toyota, Doosan, Cat any brand big forklifts or small forklift exp. I have loaded Pipes, pallets .100 lbs. super sacks, I Can move anything and work in shipping and receiving unload and load trucks strap up pallets and make the load safe .

● Front end loader John Deere Exp. 2 years.

CNC Lathe machines I Have Ran:

● Doosan Puma 240

● Puma 300L

● Doosan 400L

● Puma 800


● MORI (1 YR. Exp.)

● Mazak slant turn just as an operator, I have no Mazatrol programming exp. but I would like to learn the Mazatrol part of it since I know the fundamentals of the machine.

● Vertical Turret Lathes all size chucks.

● Ikega ( old machine this machine the axis are opposite)

● Okuma

● Old machines

● Hyundai 700LA

● CNC Controls I Have operated

● Fanuc

● Siemens

● Mazak operator

● Okuma

● Mori-seike with live tooling (1yr. exp.)

● HAAS Lathe (3 years exp.) Haas VMC (exp. 2 years).

● Anything with Fanuc controls and G and M code I can run it’s all about getting familiar with the machines and with the controls because every control is different.

● I am a fast learner and I follow giving orders well, I am also very mechanically inclined.\ Metals I Have Cut:4140, 4130, Inconel 718 olid Bars, Weld Prep, Stainless Steel 314, Copper, Brass, Plastic, Duplex, Forges, Etc.

Work Experience:

● JVIC Zachary 01/07-08/2014

● 2402 battleground rd. La Porte TX

● CNC Lathe Machinist

● Duties: Lathe Operations on ID work and OD work: Turn OD and ID, Groove OD and ID, Thread: taper threads, stub, 8 round, 10 round, Buttress, API BOX or pin, L.H.B

.P.V thread, V-thread, undercuts, Dovetails OD and ID, knurling, Front Blunt Start and back.

● Measure parts and make sure we have enough material, match W/O number and HT: Number, PO: number.

● Set up on 4 jaw chuck or 3 jaw chuck exp.

● Bore out jaws so they can run true for second operations.

● Read blueprints, Pay attention to details.

● Set up part into machine

● Steady rest exp.

● Tailstock Exp.

● Turn Between Centers.

● Upload program, edit programs, feeds, rpms, make sure machine don't crash .

● Set tools on turret qualify my work shift and geometry tools length.

● Run part and modify the program to make next part faster until it runs good.

● First Article inspections on First part.

● Housekeeping

JVIC Zachary 08/2013-08/2014

2402 battleground rd. La Porte TX.



● Take apart pump rework pump on vertical mill.

● Replace seals

● Set up 4 jaw chuck and 3 jaw chuck bore out soft jaws so they can run true.

● First Article inspections on First part

● Turn OD and ID, Groove OD and ID, Thread< taper threads,, 8 round, 10 round, Buttress, API BOX or PIN, stub-acme thread, v-thread, undercuts, blunt start front and back

● +- 001 tolerance

● Use Hytorc equipment

● Use a torch to heat up bolts and break loose,

● Use impact up to 2” inch drive,

● Torque nuts to customer specification,

● Drill out strip bolts with mag drills, and fix threads on hole and run a die on bolt.

● Use come a longs and chain falls, rig parts and signal crane operator.

● Remove/and install New Turbine Buckets

● Housekeeping

● Remove shrouds and install

● Machine seals for flanges cone seals, machine turbine rotors.

● Use manual and cnc machines to repair parts.

● Use Precision Tools.

● Do first article inspection on the first part.

● Proceed to production after first part is set up.

● Housekeeping

PSM 08/2014-02/2016


● Turbine Mechanic/millwright/machinist

● Use Hytorc equipment, use manual lathe for maintenance parts repair

● Use a torch to heat up bolts and break loose,

● Use impact up to 2” inch drive,

● Torque nuts to customer specification,

● Drill out strip bolts with magnet drill and fix threads re-tap holes and use dies to clean thread bolts,

● Use come a longs and chain falls rig parts and signal crane operator,

● Remove shrouds and install

● Precision tools I used here, OD mic, Blade Mics, boring gauges, depth gage, tri mics, CMM machine, groove mic to check width mic, pins, calipers, gage makers, ETC.

● Hold tolerance .0005.

● Rough and Finish OD and ID, Grooves OD and ID, Threads O.D and I.D.

● De-blade rotor,

● Bolt world

● Housekeeping

● Use industrial forklift,

● Remove and put gasket back on fuel piping.

● Remove fuel nozzle

● Remove/and install Turbine Buckets

● Anything that needs to be done for the job to be finished, I'll do it.

● housekeeping

Contract 02/2016-Present

Duties: millwright/machinist


● Use Manual lathes, Bridgeport’s and CNC machines to repair parts.

● Fanuc controls

● Use Precision Tools.

● Do first article inspection on the first part.

● Use Hytorc equipment, use manual lathe for maintenance parts repair

● Use a torch to heat up bolts and break them loose with impact.

● Machine stub acme threads, taper threads, v-threads, buttress, 8 round, Acme, wicker, L.H B.P.V, API pin or Box

● Re-work grooves

● De-blade rotor,

● Bolt world

● Housekeeping

● Forklift driver

● Hole watch

● Set up on 30 foot pipes

● Adjust rollers that stick out from the back of the chuck if not the part will come out.

● We did a lot of special thread, API pin and box

● Edit program and make sure the numbers match the prints and if angles, tapers are correct etc.

● I can do anything on a cnc lathe as long as you have the blueprints, program and material.

● I can check my own first article or check other people there first article.

● Steady rest experience, omni rest experienced, tail stock experience.

● I take orders and I listen and I love to learn.

Money wise I am a machinist not a button pusher I can set up, program, start part and finish the part with minimum to no supervision as long as the program is right i can catch errors and modify it, I can read blueprints and we have the tools to the job I can do the par. My pay rate for a setup guy $26.00hr.-$28.00hr. we can negotiate if i don't have to set up. I can also order tools and program at the machine. Thank you for your time in reading my resume .

Jose I. Benavides.

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