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drilling supervisor

Sali, Adrar Province, Algeria
1200 dollars
November 01, 2019

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Can be a good drilling representative as have sonatrach company with many drilling contractor all over Algeria,

Permanent official Representative of company for the building of oil & gas drilling locations. In charge of gas and oil wells under best conditions of time, cost, safety and quality. Charged to take care of the well and staff safety. Charged to make carry out operations as per the drilling program. To comply with the methods, standards, rules and the procedures of the Company. To comply with the contractual clauses: Drilling Contractors and oil service companies. First person in charge for the material and the personnel present on the rig. To report as required to the operating copany

Charged to make carry out all the operations in conjunction with the service companies. First person in charge of the contractor for environmental protection. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS


Geology petroleum Engineer


Arabic Mother

French Very good

English Good


October 07 – august 08: junior drilling Supervisor Hassi Messaoud & SONTRACH Algeria Development)

August 08 – feb 15: Senior Drilling supervisor

Algeria exploration- Sonatrach (National Oil Company). Bekine; Elborma, Keskkassa; Sif Fatima

Mars 15 till present day: Senior Drilling supervisor in JV Sontrach Repsol. International Well Control (I.W.C.F), Supervisor level, HSE and Life First Aid.

Defensive driving..

Experience in Algeria oil fields;

Drilling of gas & oil wells in development & exploration fields

(Hassi Messaoud, Berkine,, Sif Fatima, Elborma)

Drilling of vertical and horizontal drilling.

Drilling of directional wells with PDM and MWD to have verticality less than 5 . Drilling of the first phase 36" with control of the density out to avoid the risks of partial or total losses

Drilled of the first phase 26” with total loss.

Cemented of 18"5/8 casing with total loss.

Optimization of the parameters of drilling, following the formations drilled (geology) Followed performance of all kind of the drilling bits: tri-cone, PDC, diamond or impregnated.

Gave instructions of all cementing jobs and followed good course of cementing operations.

Set cement plugs and carried out squeezes in fragile formations. Anticipate ordering all equipments of drilling in advance to avoid wastes of time. Animated each day the morning briefing and briefings before each special operation. Realization of the shoes bands tests SBT of 13-3/8", 9-5/8", 7" casing and formation tests FIT.

Coring jobs with Marine and Standard core barrels. Charged to make care on the well and staff safety. Computerised daily drilling report and all special operations report. Calculation and flow up the day laborers of all the cost and the expenditure of the well and the rig.

Control of all persons on the rig while moving and realization of the tests of the BOP' S while drilling.

Assembly, run and cementing of 4- " mechanical liner without assistance. Assist with the liner operator to run and cementing of hydraulic 4" liners B.O.T . TRAINING COURSES

Landmark, Halliburton -Algeria

Well Plan Software “Dims, Open wells, Data Analyzer” Sperrysun Halliburton Algeria.

Horizontal Well drilling

Boots & Coots: Hassi Messaoud -Algeria

Advanced well control

SONATRACH-Training Department, Hassi Messaoud


Date of Birth: 07 th January 1978

Nationality: Algerian

Country of Residence: Algeria

Marital Status: Married

Home phone: +213-**-**-**-**

Cell phone: +213-*********

Cell Phone +213-*********.


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