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Engineer Software

Columbia, Maryland, United States
November 01, 2019

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William F Chick

Columbia, MD *****443-***-**** –

Technical Management Professional

Database Administrator - Software Developer

Database Administration Disaster Recovery

Data Migration

System Analysis

Project Life Cycle Management

Software Testing & Training

Network Operations Technical Support

Cross- functional Team Leadership

Technically savvy professional with extensive experience delivering technical services and managing operations of various multi-million dollar projects.

Excels at implementing network security measures and modifying commercial programs for business needs through collaboration with cross-functional teams.

Adept at installing equipment, monitoring network and system operations, and repairing/maintaining PC and peripheral resources, while working well in team environments.

Proven track record troubleshooting network, recovering system data, and optimizing data transmission and storage.

Ability to support internal IT help desk, conduct research, and provide suggestions to management on technical issues.


Electronic land record Online Imagery < ELROI > State of Maryland 03/1996- Present

Database & System Engineer

Lead DBA and system engineer for the state of Maryland’s Electronic Land Record document imaging system < ELROI >

Designed database repository for 23 land record index data

Supported/Maintained 49 IBM’s INFORMIX databases (BCNF) running on Oracle’s Solaris O/S platform

Administer overall 24 sites, 23 counties and Baltimore city for creating, updating and deleting of interested parties index data and related images for all land records processed for state of MD, while tracking billions of index records and over 600 million image files by utilizing system. Improve database environment several times to remain update with IBM’s support levels.

Direct design, develop and execution of a new e-Recording system for ELROI by coordinating with new sub-contractor, Simplifile, and work with Mindwrap. Lead engineer for creating and supervising development new programs, tables, and stored procedures for processing (inserts/update/delete and extraction) of interested parties and images index data and image files from FTP server on Simplifile. Process files, update index data into system, and share image data to Java program by developing programs. Create additional processes and programs to return “stamped” images to Simplifile server.

Integrated 60 years (back file) of interested parties index data from JIS DB2 database and associated images into ELROI system, while working as lead designer and engineer in this major project. Oversaw database design, development, migration and upgrades, software installation, database replication and patching. Relocate databases, provide third level help desk support to resolve land record issues, and ensure completion of various ad-hoc database activities. Maintain database environment, which include physical structure, performance, security, backup, and recover.

Design and establish number of programs, improve and update database stored procedures and triggers to streamline database environment. Design and develop ESQL/C programs to update records on JIS DB2 mainframe by utilizing thousands of lines of code to update DB2 database in real-time through IBM’s DRDA Gateway. Create various programs in CSH, PERL, KSH, and SH to support/maintain system.

> 99% system uptime

> 99% database uptime

< 2 hours response time for all system issues

Excellent working relationship with customer, contractors and courthouse staff

Informix DBA/Senior Software Engineer, NASD 04/93 – 03/96

Primary responsibility for the design and development of Client/Server systems and database administrator tasks for the Technology Services Division. Assigned to technical staff of software engineering department to provide support for several groups in the areas of UNIX, Informix DBA, Informix 4GL, ESQL/C, C/C++ that included upgrading of a large, distributed, relational database management system (RDBMS.)

Design and development of Informix 4GL Client/Server applications to support and maintain several Distributed Relational DBMS Project leader for Distributed RDBMS for regional office sites. Design and development of an MS-DOS based Automated File Distribution System for a Windows based CBT testing system. This enabled enhancements or modifications of the system to be automatically distributed throughout the system. Development of a Windows styles Tabular Help File system to be incorporated into a Central Administration workstation.

Maintain and support of a C++ desktop system which interfaced via ODBC with a UNIX workstation.

Senior Programmer/Analyst, GE Information Services 06/90 - 04/93

Designed, supported and maintained information systems accessed by worldwide customer base.

Project Leader for mitigation of a 3rd party access DBMS from a mainframe to a HP-UNIX platform. Designed and constructed a user and a vendor DBMS using HISAM (Hierarchical Indexed Sequential Access Method) technology. Designed and developed transaction drive, multi-user file servers to interact with a user and a vendor DBMS. Designed and developed a custom file server that combined two file servers.

Served as Senior Consultant to clients in international remote locations for custom database applications.

Designed validation software for electronic news clipping and 3rd party access services. Served as Technical point of contact for the review of functional specifications, system manager guides, and end user guides at the request of senior management.

Senior Programmer/Analyst, ITT/BT Dialcom, Inc. 05/85 – 06/90

Primary responsibility in enhancing, maintaining, and supporting four information provider systems, accessed by nationwide customer base. Designed a multi-user utility system to remove users from electronic news clipping and 3rd part access services. Designed and wrote functional specifications for a new data formatting system. Created in original interpretive language to access existing files, reformatted data, and created a new file structure. Designed and developed enhancements for a software text retrieval DBMS, which was completed three weeks ahead of schedule. Served as Senior Consultant for electronic publishing DBMSs.

Designed and implemented a major conversion of a software text retrieval DBMS. Directed and performed upgrades of three DBMS's to a more efficient operating system. Conducted system wide testing. Designed and developed a statistical report generator to be used by system managers to record text retrieval data. Developed software that corrected a mailing directory with a 70,000 entry DBMS to remove all existing duplicate entries.

Programmer, Kammerer Computer Services 04/84 - 05/85

Responsible for maintenance and computer operation for an integrated financial and leasing system. Designed formatted and developed statistical report generators. Performed computer operations for a PRIME 750 system.

Career note

Senior System Engineer at SAIC/Leidos

Informix DBA/Senior Software Engineer at NASD,

Senior Programmer/Analyst at GE Information Services

Senior Programmer/Analyst at ITT/BT Dialcom Inc

FORTRAN Programmer at Kammerer Computer Services.




Operating Systems / Software:

UNIX, SVR4 (SOLARIS 2.X) UNIX BSD (SUNOS 5.X), DOS 6.X, Windows 95, Windows For Workgroups, Windows NT, 3.X, Novell, Netware 3.X, GCOS, PRIMOS, Sun Solstice Network Backup, Bristol Isofax, Visual C++1.X Protogen 4.20, Informix ESQL/C5.X, INFORMIX 4GL 4.X Hypertext Authoring System For Windows (HELP MAGICIAN), MOTIF (XII), Visual Basic 3.X, Crystal Reports 4.0 Intersolv Datadirect (ODBC), I-NET For Windows, ESQL/C For Windows, ONNET 1.X, NFS.


Oracle/Sun Ultra/Sparc, Intel Pc's, STORAGETEK 30 Slot Disk Array, NCD-x-terminals, Micro Touch Touchscreens, Sequent 250/750, Bull DPS 9000/90, Prime.


Informix Online 11.X/10.X/9.X/7.X/6.X/ 5.X ESQL/C, I-Star, MS Access, 4gl, Triggers, Stored Procedures, Data Replication, Oracle 7.1.X-Pro*C, Sybase, IBM DB2


University of Maryland University College, College Park, MD

B.S. in Computer Science

Yorktowne Business Institute, College Park, MD,

Certificate of Diploma in Computer Programming

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