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16 years of experience in Sustainability, Business and Project Managem

Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
November 01, 2019

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Juliana Rubim

Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro BR +55-21-972**-****


Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro (1997- 2001)

Undergraduate Degree in Enterprise Management

Ibmec (2007-2009)

MBA in Business Management


Professional with MBA in Business Management and academic background in Business Administration, with 16 years of experience in leading multidisciplinary teams in private institutions. Expertise in corporate sustainability management, environment, community relations, institutional relations project management and crisis management with experience in proposition and implementation of corporate strategies, management models and systems, programs and actions to promote adequate and transparent socio-environmental action in Vale S.A's areas of activity in Brazil and Mozambique. Development and maintenance of strategic partnerships with government, companies, and NGOs, offering solutions tailored to the needs of the markets and companies that I was a part of. Preparation of studies and research on infrastructure and new investments, as well as representation and defense of business interests to promote an environment favorable to the development of companies and the state of Rio de Janeiro.

Specialties: Planning and Management, Stakeholder Management, Sustainability, Corporate Affairs, Institutional Relations, and Corporate Crisis Management.

Work Experience

(2016–currently) GRAVITAS AP — Gravitas AP Adviser. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

•Associate Consultant in Integrated Risk Management, Social Responsibility, Environment, and Sustainability

(2006–2015) VALE SA — Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

-Technical Specialist in Environmental Projects (2014 – 2015).

•Responsible for planning Vale's Sustainability Report 2016 based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) methodology

•Coordination of strategic initiatives for managing environmental and institutional risks of a relevant capital project in the state of Minas Gerais.

•Responsible for proposing a new governance model for the Fundo Vale for Sustainable Development (Civil Society of Public Interest) in the Atlantic Forest / Rio Doce Basin

-General Manager of Stakeholder Relationship and Planning (2011 – 2014).

•Conception, implementation and coordination of the Issues and Stakeholders Management Model. The implementation of the model obtained results as: Case of Sustainability at the World Economic Forum 2014 and Global Target for Variable Remuneration (model operation)

•Leading role in the development and structuring of the Department of Communities Relations

•Training of teams in Vale's territories in the Integrated Community Relations Management Model

•Sustainability Projects and Processes Scopes, managing timelines, budgets and deadlines

•Expert team management to support the various areas in the management of social impacts produced by capital projects, providing technical content to define impactful mitigation actions.

•Expert team management to support and provision of information to the various areas on the topics of diagnosis and socioeconomic indicators, social dialogue, involuntary removal, and social investments

•Conception and implementation of corporate policies, methodologies, guidelines, and tools

•Management and control of the economic-financial performance of the Department of Communities Relations, as well as the integrated management of goals, headcount, performance meetings and administrative processes: Headcount under management (2014): 141;Budget (2014): ~ US$ 65 million; Management of contracts and agreements: ~ US$ 45 million; More than 600 payment processes

-Sustainability Master Analyst (2009 – 2011).

•Coordination of actions, guidelines, and projects in the sustainable development area

•Analysis of gaps and preparation of documents for inclusion of Vale in Sustainability Indexes (ISE / BOVESPA - Corporate Sustainability Index; DJSI - Dow Jones Sustainability Index).

•Support for the implementation of international sustainability concepts, indicators and performance standards (eg IFC) in capital projects

•Leading role in the structuring of Fundo Vale for

Sustainable Development (a nonprofit organization). Focus: structural projects to support the combat deforestation of the Amazon

•Fundo Vale Manager responsible for the implementation of the Green Municipalities Program in the State of Pará. The main goal was to develop new actions in model municipalities to generate transformation in the historical disrespect for environmental rules and Amazon deforestation into new public policies

•Fundo Vale Manager responsible for the creation and implementation of the Green Livestock project that aimed to achieve sustainability in meat production in the Amazon. The project was developed in partnership with NGOs as well as the local and state governments with the goal of achieving environmental adequacy and ethics in production and productivity. This was the first project of Vale Fund to be co-sponsored by the private sector (Dow AgroSciences). The result achieved was the 78% improvement in profitability of the six participating farms.

•Support of the coordination of Working Groups (internal and external) for the decision making of the company's positioning on the climate and forests topics

-Strategic Institutional Projects Senior Analyst (2006 – 2009)

•Management support of critical issues and corporate crisis, coordinating internal committees in order to propose action plans, considering the company's weakness and strong points as well as threats from the external environment.

•Elaboration of regular reviews on the main political and institutional themes relevant with the goal of: (i) considering risks, scenarios, and effects of regulatory developments on business and operations; or (ii) developing institutional actions to prevent or reduce financial loss and image damage, optimizing response time

(1999–2006) FIRJAN — Infrastructure and New Investments Specialist. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

•Survey and analysis of economic and financial data in order to attract investments and new business to the State of Rio de Janeiro

•Coordination of economic research, studies, and evaluation of segments of the Rio de Janeiro economy, such as: Regional Infrastructure Survey, Municipal Incentive Policies, Rio Decision (mapping of investment intentions)

•Advisory, attached to the board and chairman of the FIRJAN System, based on the market, socioeconomic and business data, focused on decision-making

•Support and assistance to investors in the state of Rio de Janeiro regarding industrial location, tax incentives, infrastructure (sanitation, energy, logistics/transportation, telecommunications, etc) and financing

•Responsible for BNDES (National Bank for Economic and Social Development) Advanced Office in the State of Rio de Janeiro

• Assistance to business forums such as: Mineral Water Industry, Naval and Offshore Construction Industry, and Metal-Mechanical Industry

Volunteer Experience

(2019 –Today) Volunteer — Coaching.

Development and assistance of young adults by advising adolescents and young adults in designing and implementing conflict negotiation strategies to ensure their consumer rights.

Additional Information

Languages: Portuguese (native), English (proficient), Spanish (proficient), French (basic)

Courses: Age of Sustainable Development, Environmental Licensing, How to Transform Business Memory into Management Tool, Social Dialogue,Social Negotiation and Institutional Relationship, Extractive Sector: sustainability and development in Latin America and the Caribbean

Conferences and Events: Speaker at PMI Global Project Management Forum. IFC Sustainability Summit: Dealing with Uncertainty: Addressing Sustainability Challenges in Fragile Situations (Washington DC). Obstacles and solutions for infrastructure development – ABDIB.

Main Publications: Transpetro and PDVSA tenders: growth recovery opportunities for the Navipeças industry: Rio Econômico Magazine - FIRJAN, Sep / 2005. Taxation: A Barrier to the Development of the Fluminense Mineral Water Industry: Jornal do Brasil - Economics Section. August 6, 2005, and Carta da Indústria Magazine - FIRJAN System, Aug / 2005

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