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Health Care Food

Calgary, AB, Canada
Open for negotiation
November 04, 2019

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Calgary, AB T*J *Z*

(*25) 994 - 4491

Stella Lopes


To find employment as a Health Care Aide, where I can utilize my education and experience to contribute to the holistic well being of residents.


2019 [St. Teresa ] Calgary, AB

Health Care Aide

Well prepared, organized, able to prioritize and demonstrate excellent team skills

Consistently demonstrated an above average ability in care delivery

2019 [Clifton Manor] Calgary, AB

Health Care Aide

Demonstrated the skills to work in a fast paced, stressful environment

Demonstrated leadership and detailed accuracy

Learned to excel at prioritizing

2019 [Aomega Group Home] Calgary, AB

Health Care Aide

Learned to provide sufficient attention to detail and time prioritization.

Ability to clean, vacuum, dust furniture, mop floors and dispose of garbage in a timely and thorough manner



2019 ABES Health Care Aide Certificate Calgary, AB

Graduated and prepared to work as a Health Care Aide in a variety of health care areas

2019 ABES Medication Administration Certificate Calgary, AB

Certified to administer oral, topical, ophthalmic, optic, nasal, rectally and inhalant medications

Able to research medication and be able to watch for common complications of medications

2019 ABES Hospice and Palliative Care Certificate Calgary, AB

Trained in theories and concepts of Hospice and Palliative Care including: stages of death, optimized individual care, symptom & pain management, supporting grief & bereavement and self care for the care provider

2019 ABES Diabetes and Foot Care Certificate Calgary, AB

Trained in the anatomy and physiology of the glucose system and understand the signs and symptoms of hypo/hyperglycemia

Certified to perform foot care and able to identify foot problems

2019 ABES Supportive Pathways Certificate Calgary, AB

Certified to give personalized dementia care in supportive settings

2019 ABES Food Safe Certificate Calgary, AB

Certified in food regulation and food sanitation

2019 ABES WHMIS Certificate Calgary, AB

Certified in WHMIS

2019 ABES CPR and First Aid Certificate Calgary, AB

Certified by St. John’s Ambulance in CPR and First Aid

2019 ABES Credit Counseling & Money Management Calgary, AB

Certified in budgeting, accounting and credit payment

References Available Upon Request

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