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Software Engineer Manager

Fremont, California, United States
November 04, 2019

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Dan Liang or 925-***-****


Highly skilled adaptive software engineer with 25+ year of hands on R&D experience. Excellent communication, technical issue resolving skills. Good team player with solid tracking record on meeting development schedules. Dependable key contributor to multimillion dollar products. KEY SKILLS

C/C++/C#, Python, JAVA script, Assembly, cross compile tools, GitHub/GitLab, Perforce, Clearcase


UNIX/LINUX, MS Windows, Real Time Operating Systems (NetBSD, VxWorks, OSE, pSos)

BGP/EVPN/VxLan, MPLS, Layer2/3 Routing, LAN/WAN, TCP/IP, STREAMS, HDLC, L2TP, IEEE802.1/2/3/11 Standards

Metaswitch, Broadcom, Fulcrum, Cavium, Marvell, and other vendor’s SDK

ARM Cortex-A7/9, MIPS, MPC, Single Board Computers (SBC), Oracle VirtualBox, Hyper VM, Virtual Machine

LIDAR, Advanced DSP, scientific/industrial instrumentation, microprocessor controlled high power systems, RF/IF design PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Principal Software Engineer, Infrastructure Solutions Group, Dell Inc., Santa Clara, CA (10/2011-present)

Involved in multiple network OS (Linux, NetBSD, VxWorks based), network protocols, and control plane management software development. The products are deployed by major data centers and enterprise networks.

Worked with engineer team to performing software development, optimization, scaling, and testing in all phases. The developed software include:

- BGP EVPN protocol over Virtual Extensible LAN (VxLAN) network supports symmetric/asymmetric IRB

- Defined and implemented Dell’s high performance multi-purpose network topology discovery protocol for both control and data planes of stacking or virtual link trunking (VLT) network switches

- Architected stacking network design and integrated BroadCom’s stacking SDK to various Dell’s network switch platforms

- Conducted high availability (HA) model and performance study by employ various methods and protocols

- CLI control plane and backend modules employ NETCONF / RESTCONF protocols and Redis DB

- Python based backend support and debugging / monitoring software

- Embedded web server include frontend UI with PHP, JAVA script, and Python support

- Bring up bare bone hardware and install developed software (Network OS) packages

- Install Linux Ubuntu, CentOs, RedHat, fedora, and debian packages on Oracle VirtutlBox or Windows Hyper VM virtual machine for software development / test

- Port/integrate vendor’s software include Metaswitch, Broadcom, and Marvell SDKs Staff Software Engineer, Tellabs Inc, Santa Clara, CA (7/2003-6/2011) Principal Software Engineer, Vivace Networks Inc, San Jose, CA (12/99-7/2003)

Performed life cycle software development for Multi-Protocol Label Switch (MPLS) on layer2/3 routing applications.

Led and guided software engineers to performing software development, optimization, scaling, and testing.

Provided customer support to company's core products throughout all software developing phases. The developed software include:

- Transport of Layer 2 Frame over MPLS and related applications (rfc4447, rfc4448, etc.)

- Redundancy software for Label Distribution Protocol (LDP) and MPLS (rfc3479, rfc3478, rfc3031)

- LDP software module for MPLS application (rfc3036, rfc5036)

- Resource ReSerVation Protocol (RSVP) software module for MPLS application (rfc3029)

- MPLS software stack evaluation and recommended for purchase

- Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) / Command Line Interface (CLI) modules

- Debug / diagnostic logging system to initiate company’s software development

- Ported OSE RTOS kernel for Tellabs / Vivace's Multi Service Router products.

- Designed / Developed Linux based multi-thread control plane software by employ Cavium multi-core (up to 16 cores) MIPS processor for network data monitoring / acquisition product.

- Designed software architecture for supporting CLI/SNMP/WEB/DB components to manage Fulcrum and BroadCom fast Ethernet switch chipsets.

Principal Software Engineer, Fujitsu Network Communications Inc., Pearl River, NY (6/97-12/99)

Performed system and board level SW/HW architecture design for LAN, WAN, ATM, and SONET applications. Dan Liang or 925-***-****

Created and set the development strategies and standards for the engineer teams. Led, guided developing engineers, performed product feasibility study, system architecture design, and software development.

Led, designed, and developed LAN bridging software for remote LAN bridge/router cards. The cards utilize MPC860 microprocessor apply for ATM LAN emulation (LANE), and Classical IP over ATM (IPOA) technologies. The cards are capable of transferring data with speed up to 155Mbps (OC3).

Consulted in company’s other projects of architecture design for PPP, PPTP, L2TP and IP routing applications. The developed software packages include:

- Ethernet Spanning Tree Protocol (IEEE802.1d), and LAN Bridge protocol (IEEE802.1d/1g)

- ATM LLC multiplexing (rfc1483)

- FPGA device drivers for DMA and wire speed packet or cell switching

- Toshiba ATMo4 and MPC860 SAR device drivers

- Ethernet MAC controller (Intel 21440) and PHY device driver

- Ported and integrated ATM LAN Emulation Client (ATM Forum 2.0/1.0) and ATM signaling software (UNI 4.0/3.1)

- Conducted IP, RIP, OSPF, BGP, IPOA, and MPOA evaluations and recommended purchase of ATM stack Senior Software Engineer/Team Leader, Pulse Communications Inc., Herndon, VA (6/94-6/97)

Led, designed, and developed LAN bridging software for remote LAN bridge modems. The modems utilize MC68EN360 Microprocessor and apply Asymmetric Digital Subscribe Line (ADSL) technologies. The modems are capable of transferring data over regular telephone line with speed up to 6Mbps.

Led, guided software development engineers, performed engineering feasibility study, software design document development, software coding, and testing through the development cycle. The developed software packages include:

- LAN bridge (IEEE802.1d, 1g), PPP Bridge Control Protocol (BCP - rfc1638), PPP IP Control Protocol (IPCP - rfc1332)

- STREAMS based TCP/IP protocol stack for SNMP agent

- SNMP Managed Information Base (MIB) objects for ADSL chipset were presented at ADSL forum

- LAN bridge MIB (rfc1493) and PPP BCP MIB (rfc1474) for SNMP agent on ADSL modem

- TL1 (Bellcore TR-NWT-00831) console and control software Senior Software Engineer/Project Manager, AC&E Ltd. Chantilly, VA (5/91-6/94)

Managed development of Operation Maintenance Console - Central Management System (OMC-CMS) software for Digital Circuit Multiplex Equipment (DCME). The software was designed to manage and network up to 400 DCME equipment located at up to 40 satellite stations on earth.

Developed SONET Ring Craft Work Kit (RCID) software. The software was designed to control SONET (OC48) equipment - the major system of telecommunication backbone. The involved developments include (C++ based):

- Communication protocols: data link layer protocols, TCP/IP, PPP, KERMIT

- Device driver: communication driver for video conference systems, diskette format driver for MS windows.

- Graphic user interfaces (GUI): system monitors, equipment setup.

- Simulation software: DCME simulator for OMC, SONET equipment simulator for RCID development. AWARDS

Gold, Silver, and Bronze Awards Dell Inc., 2013 - 2015, 2018 Exceptional Contribution Award Tellabs, Inc., 2007 Best Product of SupperCom 2002 Vivace Networks, Inc., 2002 Best Product Show of SupperCom 96 Pulse Communications Inc., 1996 Outstanding Performance Awards AC&E Ltd. 1994, 1993 EDUCATION

MSEE Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ, USA BSEE Beijing University of Telecommunications, Beijing, China

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