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Engineer Mechanical

Oakland, CA
November 03, 2019

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Oakland, CA *****

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Project Manager

Robotics engineer in search of a challenging career to complement a diverse skillset. Software Programming ● Research ● Commissioning ● Trouble-shooting ● Presentation Project Development ● Project Management ● Design ● Testing/Evaluation ● Process Improvement Education

BS/ Mechanical Engineering

University of California, Santa Barbara, California Project Management Certificate (currently enrolled) University of California, Berkeley, California



● Solidworks

● Matlab

● Labview

Industrial Automation

● RSLogix5000

● Wonderware

● Ignition

● Kawasaki,


Project Management

● Trello

● Smartsheet


● Waterfall

● LucidCharts



● Github

● Unity3D

● Powerpoint

Actively Learning

● Python, Jira


WONDERWARE CALIFORNIA, San Francisco, California● 2019 - Present SCADA Software reseller and project services provider for manufacturing companies throughout California. 20 Employees.

Product Specialist: Currently working with Engineers, Sales, and Marketing to provide technical support to our customers and coworkers.

● Have led multiple training classes to new and current customers to help them better understand our products and its capabilities.

● Have worked directly with customers on site and over the phone to provide support and technical advisement for their operations teams.

● Have assisted Account Managers on sales calls to present our offerings in a clear and concise manner.

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RIPCORD, Hayward, California● 2017 - 2019

Robotics manufacturing facility that uses industrial automation, machine learning, industrial robotics, and a medium sized labor force to scan, and digitize paper documents. 80 Employees. Robotic Systems Engineer: Worked for Engineering, and alongside other departments and people to provide technical support and guidance for troubleshooting complex electro-mechanical systems.

● Commissioned robotic machines on-site to prepare them for use on the factory floor. Work included troubleshooting sensors, testing software, rewiring cables, testing pneumatics, testing drives and motors.

● Developed and wrote reference guides and manuals for other coworkers to use the complex machines with better ease.

● Utilized Ignition SCADA software to create HMI’s to increase efficiency during operation.

● Collaborated with mechanical engineers, technicians, manual operators, and management to develop and create tests for future and current machines. KAWASAKI ROBOTICS, San Jose, California● 2016 - 2017 Industrial Robotics engineering company for semi-conductor, automotive, and general manufacturing. 40 employees in San Jose, 300 in US, 10,000 worldwide. Robotics Application Engineer: Focused on client specific projects as well as internal process development and improvement.

● Programmed robots for testing, demonstrations, and client specific projects using structured text, block diagrams, as well as simulation software.

● Provided support and technical advisement to a variety of departments to improve internal understanding and knowledge of a diverse robotic lineup.

● Collaborated with team members to design, build, and deploy a robotic workcell to replace a manual labor assembly.

PREMIER AUTOMATION, San Diego, California● 2012 - 2015 Controls Automation company for Industrial clientele that include Oil & Gas, Snack Food Processing, Water Treatment. 12 employees.

Controls System Specialist: Worked on projects for Oil & Gas, with focus on Automation, Simulation, and Visualization projects that included a robotic arm and an industrial winch.

● Using Solidworks, created a mechanical system layout of different machines and objects to develop an allowed range of motion for a robotic-arm & grabber system.

● Using Unity3D, designed, developed, and created a real-time visualization program to pair with a PLC program to orient robotic components in order to troubleshoot and test developed code.

● Using Microsoft Excel, developed complex Macros to create optimum path algorithms for a robotic system.

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● Using LabVIEW 2013, developed an optimum path algorithm for a 3-joint robotic arm to divert the robotic arm from any nearby collision, moving and stationary.

● Using RSLogix5000, developed code for alarms and fault conditions for Drawworks controls system.

● Created an in-depth Commissioning Procedure for the Drawworks controls system.

● Supervised I/E technicians in the performance of onsite commissioning activities.

● Utilized Excel macros to generate spreadsheets to predict runtime efficiency of a Drawworks.

● Managed the installation, testing, troubleshooting, and Commissioning of a Drawworks controls system on Shell Olympus, an off-shore oil rig. DELKIN DEVICES, San Diego, California● 2011 - 2012 Manufacturing company of solid state memory hardware. 50 employees. Applications Engineer: Worked with current and future users of the products to ensure that their needs were met and their problems were resolved.

REMOTE OCEAN SYSTEMS, San Diego, California ● 2011 Manufacturing company of underwater robotics, cameras, and lights. 50 employees. Mechanical Engineer: Designed, planned, organized, and executed individual and team projects aimed at improving both client specific products as well as in-house procedures. SEABOTIX, San Diego, California ● 2008-2010

Manufacturing company of underwater ROVs. 50 employees. Robotics Service Engineer: Built, serviced, repaired and tested ROVs, employing skills in soldering, and knowledge of oscilloscopes, electrical wiring diagrams, and machine shop tools. TELGIAN, Phoenix, Arizona ● 2007-2008

A fire protection consulting firm. 300 employees.

Quality Field Engineer: Worked directly with fire engineers in the field and generated full reports.

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