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Database Administrator

Saint Paul, MN
November 03, 2019

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Oracle Database Administrator

Address:**** ******** *** *, ** Paul MN 55128


Email: Tel: (218-****-***


An accomplished and seasoned professional, Oracle, DB2 and ETL Database Administrator with 6+ years of extensive knowledge and proficiency in Oracle, database administration, EBS (E-Business suite 12.2.5) applications. Specialized training and experience in PERFORMANCE TUNING AND QUERRY OPTIMIZATION, UPGRADES, BACKUP AND RECOVERY, CLONING, SECURITY AND AUDITING, DATA GUARD, RMAN, DATA PUMP, OEM, GOLDEN GATE, RAC (Real Application Clusters), SSMS, INFORMATICA POWER CENTER, CAWA, HOST ON DEMAND, PUTTY etc. I have worked various versions of Oracle software ranging from Oracle 9i, 10g, 11g, 12c 18c, performing various DBA services and across a multitude of platforms (LINUX, AIX, UNIX, SOLARIS and Windows) in production, development and test environments. I am an enthusiastic, proactive team player who is fast at picking up new technology with great attention to detail as well as great communication skills. With my strong aptitude to analyze and resolve problems, I have a well-honed ability to adapt and thrive in a dynamic fast paced and challenging work environment.


Experienced in Oracle 18c, 12c, 11g R1, 11g R2 installations, upgrades, migration, configuring logical/physical architecture, SQL, Performance Tuning, database access and Security and auditing

Highly experienced in Oracle 18c 12c, 11g, 10g Automatic Storage Management (ASM) required to fulfill the storage needs and OCFS2 file system.

High ability to analyze and understand the AWR reports and can fine tune the databases for maximum performance.

Hand on experience in cloning the non-multitenant container database to pluggable database in 12c using the PDB Metadata clone, PDB Remote Clone and PDB Snapshot Cloning feature.

Performed database administration, production support, installation, configuration, upgrades, patches, migration, backup and recovery, performance tuning, and cloning on the above said versions.

Strong experience in migrating database from Non-ASM to ASM and Non-RAC to RAC.

Administered Oracle ASM disk groups (mirroring, compatibility) with Oracle ASM Configuration Assistant (ASMCA).

Proficiency with Installation and maintenance of replication tool Golden Gate by creating extract process, extract pump, and replicate.

Laid hands on new tools and experienced features like Data Replay, Log Miner and Flashback data Archive, Schema Management, Data guard and RMAN in Oracle 11g.

Skilled in developing RMAN scripts for database back up including hot and cold backup options for both RAC and standalone instances.

Performed backups and crash recoveries using conventional hot/cold backups and RMAN

Extensive knowledge in Database Cloning using RMAN, VERITAS Net Backup, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM).

Monitoring and optimizing the performance of the database through Database Tuning - Tuning Applications, Tuning Instance, and Tuning Disk Usage.

Implemented Dataguard in the production environment.

Excellent experience in various migration techniques like export/import, Data pump, backup restore, cloning, and data guard.

Proficient in setting up Standby Database supported by ORACLE DATAGUARD for disaster recovery purpose.

Implementing FSFO (Fast start failover) on databases and configuring disaster recovery site using Dataguard. Also proficient with new 11g features such as Active Dataguard and Snapshot standby database

UNIX Systems Administration - Database and application integration efforts. Heavy UNIX shell scripting, CRON jobs.

Proficient in complete, incomplete recovery of the database, Point in Time Recovery (PITR), and Tablespace Point in Time Recovery (TSPITR) using RMAN utility.

Expertise in implementing partitioning methodologies (Range partitioning, List partitioning, Hash partitioning, Composite partitioning) on tables and indexes for high performance.

Delivered SQL and Database performance tuning services via V$/GV$ views, Explain Plan, TKPROF, AWR (Stats pack) reports, ADDM, SQL Tuning Advisor, SQL Access, Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM), Grid control


Operating Systems

HP-UX 10.x, 11.x. Sun Solaris 2.5, 2.6, 8, 9, 10. AIX 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 6.1 RHEL 2.1, 3.x, 4.x, 5.x.Linux Enterprise Server 9, 10. Windows 95/98/NT/2000.


Oracle 10g, 11g, 12c, 18c


SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX Shell Scripting, PERL.



Database Utilities

SQL*Plus, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Real Application Cluster, SQL developer, ASM, Transportable Tablespaces, SQL*Loader, RMAN, DataPump, Export, Import


Work Experience


Oracle Database Administrator January 2016 – Present


Achieved success in the installation and configuration of Oracle 10g/11g/12c/18c servers and creation/upgrade of databases in UNIX, Linux and windows environments.

Improved Performance of queries by 80% - execution time drastically reduced from 12 hours to 13 minutes using Explain-Plan, SQL-Trace, STATS PACK Reports and AWR Reports, ADDM and explain plan, maintaining Aggregates, Compression, partition, indexing and use of Hints, Stored outlines, Statistics, and won accolades from managers and executives.

Used tools on both OLTPs and OLAPs such as OEM, TOAD, sql loader, sql developer, grid control, shell point, last past etc. to monitor manage and administer several databases.

Implemented Data Guard for high availability, disaster recovery and performance configurations and participated in Data Guard Fail over tests.

Successfully restored 22 TB database having thousands of data files and shrink back to 6 TB of size.

Worked extensively on Golden Gate 12c Replication configuration like unidirectional as well as bidirectional as per the requirement and addition of tables for the existing Golden Gate configuration.

Implementing Oracles Transportable Tablespaces (TTS) feature using Data pump export/import (Oracle 11g, 12c) allowing users to quickly move a user tablespace across Oracle databases.

Partnered in the installation and configuration of 11g Real Application Clusters (RAC) / ASM on Red hat Enterprise Linux 7.3

Carried out day to day administration (backup, restore, recovery, troubleshooting), installation, configuration and implantation of Oracle EBS (E-Business Suite 12.2.5) to air ticket, automate business processes and application systems resulting in lower risk high saving long term results with closed lope system.

Excellent skills in database Back Up, Restore, Recovery using RMAN or SSMS, updating statistics, Rebuilding and Reorganizing indexes, Defrag Tables, Replication, Linked Servers and Database Maintenance Plan across.

Applied interim Patches, Bundle Patches and Security Patched Update (SPU) on Oracle Exadata storage servers, InfiniBand switches, Database Servers, grid control and database servers.

Implemented Oracle TDE to provide transparent encryption of stored to support submission efforts with release of Oracle 11g R2, maintaining database security using auditing.

Oracle and DB2 databases, resolved data integration issues, performed version upgrades and patch installs.

Documented Disaster recovery plans and participated in Disaster Recovery Drills by implementing Root Cause Analysis (RCA) for troubleshooting and resolving the issues.

Engaged in Troubleshooting of Oracle Database; and Performance Tuning using Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) and Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM).

Used normal import and export and data pump import and export for exporting and importing schemas, tables etc from one database to another, WinSCP and ETL batch jobs.

Migrated databases from Non-ASM file system to ASM file system using RMAN

Use Data centric technologies like Technical Testing, Business testing and Reconciliation testing for Validating the Data view.

Wrote SQL and PL/SQL scripts to perform data analysis, database testing and to verify data integrity. Backend testing using SQL on Informatica, involved in extensive Data validation using SQL queries.

Used ETL methodology in testing for supporting data extraction, transformations and loading processing, in a corporate-wide-ETL solution using ETL tools like Informatica and CAWA.

Planning, coordinating and minimally executing Test Data and Test Environment Management activities including environment booking & scheduling, Event management, Data refresh coordination, reporting and metrics, environment design, configuration management, environment monitoring, environment defect management, build & deployment and Batch set-up.

Strong expertise in system development, installation, configuration specification, solution implementation, testing, bug analysis and resolution in infrastructure related technologies (like Server & Database).

Monitored different databases and application servers using Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) 10g Grid Control.

Loading data from flat files to database using SQL*Loader, External Tables.

Worked with the application support people to resolve database related issues and running the scripts for the application support people.

Use Oracle Meta link Support to resolve different issues related to database servers, security patches.

Created, maintained and troubleshoot PL/SQL objects, shell scripts and utilities.

Separated the indexes, data, rollback segments and redo log files on separate disks to minimize contention, Monitored the buffer cache hit ratio and the dictionary cache miss ratio. The DB_BLOCK_BUFFERS and SHARED_POOL_SIZE were increased, resulting in tremendous improvement in performance.

Boston Scientific – Maple Grove, Minnesota

Junior Oracle Database Administrator October 2013– December 2015


Responsible for architecting, deploying and managing multiple 24 x7 databases for business-critical applications using RAC, Data Guard (physical and logical standby) and RMAN.

Improved the performance of queries by 98% - execution time drastically reduced from 12 hours to 13 mins using various methods such as hints, sql profiles and indexes.

Scheduled change implementation activity and performed regular random drills to test disaster recovery scenarios.

Implemented the high availability and disaster protection for all the production databases using the Oracle Data Guard feature

Built and maintained security and integrity controls in coordination with security team using the VPD, user privileges, roles, TDE and Oracle Wallets to ensure highly controlled and audited user access.

Grant roles and Privileges to end users.

Implement optimal space utilization in tablespaces by avoiding fragmentation.

Load data into database using SQL Loader.

Perform Data Guard switchover/failover as per requirements.

Carry out quarterly patches, maintaining, monitoring and upgrading the production, development and test databases

Implement recovery strategies whenever required and successfully recover databases in case database crashes, media/disk failures using RMAN, data pump and automated the same using shell scripts.

Responsible for developing needed SQL queries for data extractions, and for optimizing and tuning the performance of database and queries on daily basis and monitored the same via OEM using the ASH, AWR and ADDM reports

Performed Point in time recovery in situations where backup is corrupt and cannot be used for database recovery.

Restore and Recover databases from offline, online and RMAN backup.

Tablespace monitoring, Performance monitoring and tuning for performance improvement and to avoid a database hang.

Perform SQL and PL/SQL tuning, oracle contention and monitored production database using Automatic Workload Repository (AWR), Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM) reports and Active Session History (ASH).

Technical database support in 24/7 environment to ensure system performance and stability.

Installed and configured Oracle 10g/11g/12c servers and creation of databases in UNIX, Linux and windows environments.

Experience in using SRVCTL command for Oracle 11g RAC database.

Implemented Disaster Recovery database 10g/11gData Guard on physical standby database in maximum performance mode using LGWR ASYNC mode.

Scheduling repetitive activities like gathering schema statistics, exports, table space usage report using crontab.

Experience in writing UNIX/SHELL scripts for providing the reports.

Responsible for migration/upgrade of the 10g databases to 11g and 12c

Planned and scheduled Backup/Recovery Strategy using OEM, RMAN and took Logical Backups (with Export/Import Data pump utilities).

Created primary objects (tables, views, indexes, synonyms, procedures, functions and triggers) to help application developers with the application design.

Performance Tuning for Optimized results using Explain-Plan, SQL-Trace, ASH, AWR Reports. Provided recommendations using sql tuning adviser and ADDM reports. Analyzed the trace files Using TKPROF utility

Identified and evaluated industry trends in database systems to serve as a source of information and advice for upper management. Proposed technical feasibility solutions for new functional designs and suggested options for performance improvement of technical objects

Performed database security and user administration via roles, profile, privilege, synonyms and auditing.

Achieved data migration across several databases or platforms using Export/Import and Data pump.

Provided capacity planning, tuning and administration support to application development efforts in Broad vision and PeopleSoft. Goals achieved ranged from I/O minimization, improved hit ratios and contention.

Designed, tested, implemented and documented database migration procedures involving the use of the export/import and migration utilities.

Used Tablespace Manager and Oracle Expert to monitor performance bottlenecks, database response time, instance workload and operating system resource usage.

Maintained record of daily data communication transactions, problems and remedial action taken, and installation activities, reduction, high database availability etc.

Environment: Oracle,, IBM AIX V6.1, RHEL 5.2, RAC, ASM, RMAN, AWR, ADDM, SQL* Plus, SQL*Loader, OEM, TOAD 10.0.


Bachelor of Science – BS, Computer Sciences Saint Paul’s College


Certificate, Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals I, 06/2019 Saint Paul, Minnesota,

Certificate, Oracle Database Administrator 12C Certified Associate 10/2019 Saint Paul Minnesota

Reference: Available on Request

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