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Hyderabad, Telangana, India
$75/hr on C2C
October 30, 2019

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IT Professional over all ** years of experience in information technology as a DevOps Consultant or Cloud Engineer and builded the data Centers from Scratch which includes rack and stack and implementation experience on Docker Kubernates and Open Shift.

SAN/NAS professional with over 10 years of experience in Information technology as a Consultant and implement and optimize an administrator in storage systems and data migration.

Having a 4+ years of Experience in managing the team and project in infrastructure services.

Managed the storage infrastructure with 4PB and 10000+ VM’s

Expert in Continuous Integration / Deployment Using tools GitHub Jenkins Ansible and Docker

Experience in Virtualization technology VMware and Container technology Docker and managed Docker based deployments

Hands on experience in managing the AWS Cloud services EC2, Elastic load balancers using auto scaling policy AMI, S3, Elastic IP, EBS RDS, VPC security groups Lambda and IAM.

Experience in migrating On-Premises servers to AWS Cloud using AWS Server migration service

Install and Configure Docker and run micro services using Docker containers.

Install and configure the OpenShift container Platform and run Containarized applications using k8s deployments

Experience in provisioning new servers in AWS Cloud and in On-Premise datacenter.

SAN Switch Migrations and Configurations.

Experience in administrating, engineering and maintaining of storage products from NetApp (FAS8K, FAS6K and FAS3K Series) and EMC VMAX, VNX (Block & File), Isilon and HP3PAR and Hitachi VSP.

Configure multiprotocol client access to both 7-mode & Clustered Data ONTAP (SVMs/Vservers) storage virtual machines.

Hands on experience working on different tools of NetApp, which includes Filer View, On Command system Manager, Data Fabric Manager (DFM) and NetApp Auto Support (ASUP).

Extensive knowledge in planning, designing and implementing SAN/NAS with open systems, High availability & Disaster Recovery of SAN/NAS Storage and new hardware and software for future SAN expansion.

Manage virtual and physical cloud resources as required with an overall objective of improving the Scalability, reliability, performance, and availability of the cloud infrastructure

Build and maintain CI/CD pipelines using Jenkins with high reliability for Application / Firmware development

ability to transform business and functional requirements into technical solutions

Supporting the software after production deployment, which includes Modifying existing software to correct errors, adapt to new hardware, and improve performance.

working as member of the global team to engineer solutions to build a platform (aka compute fabric) to support containerized workloads on premise and in the cloud Container technologies in Docker and Kubernates to build and deploy applications using CI/CD pipelines and best practices.

Build, Maintain and Support Kubernetes/ Open Shift clusters

Work with such tools as Ansible, Python, BASH, Jenkins, Git and CI/CD


Cloud Technologies

AWS and Dockers Kubernates and open Shift

Storage Arrays

NetApp FAS8040, FAS8060, FAS 6280, FAS 6210, FAS 6080, FAS 3140, FAS 3170, FAS 3240, FAS 3270, FAS 2040 both (7Mode and C-Mode),

EMC: Symmetric VMAX (20K and 40K) and VNX (5200,5400, 5600), Isilon (S-series and X-series)and EMC ECS. Nutanix

HP3PAR.(7200 and 7400) and

Hitachi NAS (4100 ) and Hitachi VSP. For Replication software Recoverpoint, SRDF and Converged DC : Flexpod and VBLOCK and CEPH and AWS, Docker and Kubernates, OpenShift

Storage Software’s

SnapMirror, Vservers, LIFS, SnapVault(XDP), OSSV (Open System Snap Vault), Snap Restore, Snapshot Technology, Snap Manager for Exchange, SM-SQL, Snap Manager for Virtual Infrastructure (SMVI), Virtual Storage Console (VSC), NetApp OCI, FlexClone, LUN Clone, EMC Unisphere, HP3PAR Management console, OneFS,NDMP, EMC VIPR SRM, PRISM, HDCA.

SAN Management

Command Line Interface, Filerview, Data Fabric Manager, OnCommand System Manager, OnCommand Management Suite, ASUP, SnapManager Suite for Exchange, SMVI, SM for SQL, DFM Server, Navisphere, SMC (Symmetric Management Console), NaviCLI, nSanity, SANScreen, Interoperability Matrix Tool, Upgrade Advisor, NetApp Management Console (NMC).Prism


Brocade Silkworm 24000, 48000 Cisco MDS 9000, 9506, 9513

Operating Systems

Linux,Unix VMware ESX, ESXI, Windows NT/2000/2003,2008

Education :

1.MCA (Masters in Computers Applications) from Bharathidasan University in the year 2010.

2.BSc (Computers) from Acharya Nagarjuna University in the year 2007.

Trainings Attended:

1.Training attended on Nimble Storage

2.Trainings attended on Nutanix and CEPH ( Software Defined Storage)

3.Trained on Cloud storage ( AWS, Azure)

4.Attended training on OpenStack .

5.Trained on ITIL V3 from GE

6.Attended training on HP3-PAR

7.Attended training on Cisco UCS.

8.Trained on Avamar and Data domain.

9.Trained on Docker kubernates and Open Shift


1. Nimble Storage Certified

2. NPP (Nutanix Platform Professional)

3. NCDA (NetApp Certified Data Administrator)

4.Microsoft certified professional.


Citi Bank – Irving, TX July 2017 – Till Date

Position: NAS Migration Technical consultant

Citibank is the consumer division of financial services multinational Citigroup. Citibank was founded in 1812 as the City Bank of New York, later First National City Bank of New York.

Data migration from file level including source (NetApp ) and target file systems (VNX), migrated shares and exports, and the final network configuration.

Provide detailed planning for the Service including scheduling and time estimates for the Service, and identification of any potential maintenance windows and rollback plans to account for any identified potential issues.

Prepare new NAS environment, including creating aperture workflows for equipment installation space, power, network, Tivoli monitoring and virus scanning. That appropriate detail is placed in the aperture workflow documentation to effectively manage the setup of the new NAS environment.

Engage Customer’s infrastructure teams to set up DNS and load balance request (QIP, White pages CNAME, 3DNS/Load Balance requirements, etc.) enabling the NAS migration project team to effectively work with the SDT (site delivery team) and infrastructure team to effectively manage the DNS and load balance requirements.

Perform the data migration (Prod and COB) and assist Customer in the cutover of the NAS file systems from the Source NAS Solution to the Target NAS Solution. The data migration will be

Performed CIFS/NFS with Volumes or qtree basis. Global Standards set by NAS operations team will be followed.

Provide testing and validation to ensure that Customer’s data, shares, exports, and network configuration have been successfully migrated and that the data is accessible to the appropriate

Customer users.

Contact the system administrator to schedule with the business an appropriate migration event based on Customer’s business as usual, standard or scheduled application outage windows (green zones).Plan and design migration events including definition of the migration methodology to be employed.

Monitor data copy status and progress and validate or update adherence to the Data migration Plan. Do not run copy jobs during production hours. Throttle copy jobs. Work with the backup team to ensure old backup jobs are stopped after the cutover and new jobs have been initiated before be cut-over.

Success criteria for completing a server migration event consists of the server being fully available on the target NAS system and removed from the source NAS system, all cleanup and post-migration work completed such that the server is no longer connected to or has access to the source NAS system.

Provide Day one early coverage after the cut-over to ensure there are no issues when majority of the users login after the cut-over.

After the cut-over old CIFS/NFS access should be restricted and ensure old volumes are offline for 2 weeks before they are destroyed.

Update NAS Volume Contact Database with new volumes and contact SA

Must engage business/SA teams to provide migration checkout and signoff.

Perform the steps necessary such that volumes have been fully decommissioned, all user and share association deleted so that the appropriate hardware vendor can complete decommission and scrubbing of old volumes and remove hardware from service.

New Hardware HNAS Deployment in the Data centers experience

Williams Companies – Tulsa, Oklahoma Nov 2014 – June 2017.

Position: Senior Storage Administrator

It’s an energy infrastructure company focused on connecting North America’s significant hydrocarbon resource plays to growing markets for natural gas, natural gas liquids (NGLs) and olefins. I worked as a Storage Administrator supporting NetApp/VMware activities supporting 2 PB of storage and 800+ Servers, which includes VMware ESXi servers, Web Servers, File servers, Domain Controllers, Cluster Servers, SQL DB servers, and Antivirus Servers.

Having an experience in Managing the project and maintaining the team in Storage.


Able to perform/create or expand aggregates, volumes for NAS environments; LUNS, igroups for SAN environments and reclamation of LUNS & volumes on SAN & NAS data LIFs.

Use the Vserver setup wizard to create Vserver management logical interfaces (LIFS) in SAN topologies.

Create volumes and Qtrees suitable as containers for LUNs.

Enable storage efficiency for FlexVol volume in both 7-mode & Clustered Data ONTAP.

Restore volumes from a Snapshot copy on Vservers using Onboard System Manager in Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2 storage system.

Create Data ONTAP 7-mode & Clustered Data ONTAP Snapshot copies using the CLI.

Assist clients with mapping drives to cluster mode CIF shares from a Windows client. Also mount exports to 7-mode & clustered data ONTAP exported volumes, junction paths, and Qtrees from (NFS) Linux clients.

Enable CIFS and NFS protocols on SAN & NAS data LIFs.

Create and initialize LS (load sharing) and DP (data protection) read-only volumes for Snap Mirror replications.

Promote load-sharing mirrors, configure Vservers, and intercluster peer relationships on writeable FlexClone volumes.

Performed various L2, L3 troubleshooting on various issues like Filer performance issues using perfstat and ASUP issues.

Allocated NAS storage – CIFS, NFS to various client applications and shared volumes and Qtrees to different hosts.

Worked on DFM – Operations, Protection and Provisioning Managers in collecting the performance reports, configuring the alerts, replicating/archiving the Prod. Data and provisioned the storage to different users understanding their storage requirements.

Implemented FCP and iSCSI protocols, including boot from SAN with ALUA, OS based multipathing.

Worked on Snapshot, Snap Vault, Open System Snap Vault (OSSV), Data Fabric Manager, Multistore and Deduplication technology.

Performed various ONTAP upgrades (732p4, 736p5, 802p3, 8.1, 8.1p1) within the environment as per the NetApp recommendations to fix the BUGS.

Worked on NetApp’s Interoperability Matrix tool in determining the exact version of MPIO versions based on the Operating System and ONTAP versions.

Created Net groups as the part of NAS provisioning while allocating the storage to the huge list of hosts.

Extensively worked on the Snap Manager for Virtual Infrastructure in managing the Virtual Machines by taking the regular backups and performed various restore operations based on the requirements.

Performed various Snap Mirror migrations for the different database applications during the scheduled downtime as the part of Database refreshes.

Provisioned storage to various database applications using the NetApp management tools like OnCommand System Manager and CLI

Performed zoning on the Cisco – 9000 series switches, as a part of SAN provisioning.

Created various reports using the SAN Screen tool that helped the storage team in capacity planning and storage forecasting.

Worked closely with the windows administration team and helped them in managing the SnapDrive for windows. Created the disks/LUNS on windows server and took consistent snapshot copies.

Performed various Snap Restore operations in case of any data loss within the specified volumes or LUNs using the existing snapshots within the volumes.

Installed OnCommand Core & Host packages within the environment that helps in managing and monitoring the NetApp filers.

Performed volume management, capacity management using DFM - Operations Manager along with the creating of reports and alerts.

Knowledge working on the Snapshot technology in scheduling the snapshots during the regular intervals based on the importance of the applications.

Worked on Remedy Management tool in accessing the issues within the environment.

Expert working knowledge on various operating systems like Windows, UNIX, Linux, and Solaris.

Worked closely with the internal storage design team, in designing the Storage Architecture, Capacity planning and performance monitoring.

Migration from 7-Mode to C-Mode.

Familiarity with NetApp Work Flow automation WFA


Experience in Provisioning in HP-3PAR and setting up replication using Remote copy.

Running the compact flash on CPG’s

Creating the Virtual copies.

Creating users and assigning roles.

Firmware upgrades in HP3Par storage arrays, co-ordinating with vendor on scheduled times.

Creating the VV’s on top of CPG and exporting to the hosts and monitoring the CPG growths as

Per the customer threshold polices.


Lun Provisioning in VMAX created the volumes and add those volumes to the respective storage groups in Masking View.

Design and implementation experience in VMAX and VNX

Working knowledge on replication using Recovery point.

Hands on experience on remote replication SRDF and local replication Time Finder.

Reclaim the storage for decommissioned servers.

Lun Provisioning in VNX.

Working knowledge on Disaster recovery tests

Migration experience from NetApp to EMC and decommissioned the NetApp controllers.

Hands on experience in R-sync and veeam copy.

VMware Activities:

Installing / Configuration of ESXI, VM’s

Installing and Configuring Virtual Centers, Versions 4.0. and 5.0

Install and configure Windows & LINUX Servers on Standalone and VM’s in ESXI Server using clone.

Creating & Managing VMFS / VMDK partitions, Migration activities include (Cold & Cloning Migration).

Configuring the ESXI Host for redundancy which includes configuring DRS & HA.

Patching ESXI Boxes

Configure Networking, SAN Storage, Host profiles and provide security permissions on VC/ESXI.

Exposure on ESX and ESXI Include working with Versions like : 3.5,4.0, and 5.0

Configuring VC’s, maintaining Licenses.

Install/Upgrade VMware tools.

Taking Snapshot of Virtual Machines (for backup & testing purposes), Using Motioning, Cloning of Virtual Machines, Creating New Virtual Switches, and New Port Groups etc.

Monitoring the performance of VM's & ESXI Host (CPU, RAM, HDD utilization).

Working on P2V migration using different tools.

Build Windows 2003/2008 servers and perform server hardening

Install patches on the servers via HPSA automated tool.

Configure FTP and SFTP account for the users.

Install, configure & troubleshoot windows 2003 & 2008 Cluster servers.

AtoS India Pvt Ltd - Bangalore July 2013 – Oct 2014 Position: System Analyst

Administration and configuration of FAS2000, FAS3000, 6000 Series.

Aggregate Management - Creating & managing the aggregate.

Volume Management - Creating & managing volumes like increasing, decreasing the space.

Qtree management – Creating & managing qtree for users and group.

Quota management – Setting & modifying the quotas to limit the end storage access based on the project requirement.

Ontap version upgrades implementation from 8.0.0 to 8.1 mode.

CIFS & NFS – Creating CIFS and NFS share on filer and hosting the share to Windows and UNIX boxes

LUN – Creating LUNs on filer and presenting those LUNs to windows boxes through ISCSI.

Snapshot management – Creating & Scheduling snapshot on volumes for immediate data recovery.

Snap mirror management – Configure & Scheduling primary to DR Snap mirror relationship.

Hands on Experience on Both VSM and QSM

Member of storage administration team providing day to day storage administration support, migrating volumes from one filer to another using snap mirror

Monitoring and management, status checking (health check).Checking Logs.

Coordination with hardware vendor’s for any hardware failure

Co-coordinating with the Onsite team to carry out the scheduled maintenance activities.

Administration of Data Ontap 7 and above using Filer view and command-line to manage the systems.

Implementing and maintain aggregates, volumes and quotas for non-linear news production environment.

NetApp and making CIFS and NFS shares in an environment.

Providing the NetApp storage to users, setting quota, creation of aggregates, volumes.

Configured File Servers with NFS and enabled auto mounts.

working knowledge in NDMP

Restores the data using Snapshots.

Creating and Managing the LIF’s

Hitachi NAS (HNAS):

Monitoring the HNAS and HUS health of the storage systems

Creation and expanding the storage pools in HNAS(4000 series)

Creation of file systems

Configuration of EVS (Enterprise Virtual Server) Management.

Creation of NFS exports and CIFS shares

Creation and administration of snapshots

Apollo Health Street -Hyderabad Oct 2010 - - Jun 2013

Position: Support Engineer

VM Servers build & rebuild (Deploying the New VM from the Template and Cloning an Existing VM) as per the client request through change management process.

Installing and configuring ESXI servers.

Installing, configuring and managing virtual infrastructure and virtual center.

Creating and managing virtual machines and installing VM Tools into VM’s.

Manage VM’s using VMware virtual center.

Managing VM’s through web access.

Creating and managing VM Ware cluster. Enabling HA and DRS features in a cluster.

Configurations of Virtual switches and network connections.

P2V conversions by using VMware Converter

Performing Snapshots, Cloning, cold migrations and hot migrations.

Creating templates from VM’s and deploy VM’s from templates

Creating duplicate VM’s using cloning technology.

Moving VM’s from one LUN to another LUN using Storage VMotion.

Moving Luns From one data store to another data store Using SV motion

Moving physical machine to virtual machine using p2v converter.

Troubleshooting problems with the help of Event Logs.

Manage task, events and alarms.

Troubleshooting virtual machine issues.

Manage users, groups, permissions and roles

Trained in NetApp Storage and doing some L1 Tasks like Health checks and all.

Spark Technology - Chennai Nov 2007 - - Sep 2010

Position: System Admin

Online call monitoring and resource management

Attending break-fix calls

Managing Antivirus tools (e-Trust Antivirus)

User & Computer Accounts management in Active Directory.

Software installations

Asset inventory.

Managing Print devices.

Trouble shooting Software Applications.

Installing and troubleshooting MS-Office applications.

Escalation of Hardware failures to the respective vendors

Analyze and resolve end user quires through SMS Tool (Remotely)

Updating the Project Manager about the call details

Create Active Directory user accounts

Handle File, Web and Print Servers

Patch the Windows servers as per the Changes scheduled Install and configure the windows servers and do the server hardening


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