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Sr. Environmental Engineer/Geologist/Scientist/Manager

Walnut Creek, CA
October 30, 2019

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(First name is pronounced Soong-chao or Soong for short)

**** ******* ***. #***, ****** Creek, CA 94596

775-***-**** (cell);


An exceptional environmental professional with 20 years’ technical and consulting experience in the U.S. and

- Broad and thorough knowledge in engineering, geology, and chemistry;

- In-depth practical expertise with environmental assessment, engineering design, water resources investigation, waste management, and research and development;

- Skills in solving complicated problems, multitasking, project prioritizing and management, staff mentoring, data collection and analyses, numerical and physical modeling, permitting, technical writing, and interface with regulators, clients, and subcontractors;

- Capability of working independently or leading a team on both field and office assignments; and

- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. LICENSES AND CERTIFICATES

- Professional Geologist (PG), State of California. License No. 9331

- Professional Engineer (PE), State of Nevada. License No: 019826

- Professional Chemist (PChem), British Columbia, Canada. Certificate No: 2010208

- Professional Geologist (PG), State of Utah. License No: 724****-**** (currently inactive)

- Certified Environmental Manager (CEM), State of Nevada, 2011-2015 (currently inactive) EDUCATION

Master of Science, Environmental Engineering

December 2006, Idaho State University

Master of Science, Waste Management and Environmental Science December 2001, Idaho State University

Master of Science, Geochemistry

December 1989, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Bachelor of Engineering, Applied Chemistry and Industrial Analysis July 1986, East China Institute of Technology


Senior Environmental Engineer/Scientist/Project Manager: ERS Corporation, Walnut Creek, California. August 2014 - Present

Senior Wastewater Treatment Process Engineer/Chemist/Lab Manager: Linkan Engineering. Elko, Nevada. October 2012 – May 2014 Environmental Engineer, Scientist, and Project Manager: JBR Environmental Consulting, Inc. (now Stantec) Elko, Nevada. September 2007 – September 2012 Environmental Scientist and Engineering Intern: Troy Risk, Inc. Indianapolis, Indiana. May 2007 – August 2007

Hydrogeologist and Engineering Intern: Rocky Mountain Engineering and Surveying. Pocatello, Idaho. May 2006 – August 2006

Subsurface Science Research Fellow: Inland Northwest Research Alliance. Pocatello, Idaho. August 2003 – August 2005

Contract Aqueous Geochemist/Environmental Scientist: U.S. Bureau of Land Management Pocatello Office. Pocatello, Idaho. May – August 2003 and May – August 2004 Laboratory Instructor and Environmental Chemist: Environmental Engineering Laboratory, College of Engineering, Idaho State University. Idaho. January 2003 – May 2003 Laboratory Manager and Analytical Chemist: Environmental Geochemistry Laboratory, Department of Geosciences, Idaho State University. Idaho. August 1998 – May 2002 2 P a g e


Site Assessment and Characterization

- Performed and accomplished various Phase I/II assessments, remedial investigations (RI) and feasibility studies (FS), soil borings and monitoring well design/installations, spill disposal/dredge spoil site characterization, and UST removal

- Investigation targets included surface and subsurface soil, groundwater and surface water, stream sediment, air emissions/opacity, and waste materials

- Environmental contaminants investigated included metals and metalloids, organic solvents, spilled fuels, PCB, sulfate, HAPs, and noise in the media of soil, water, and air

- Technologies and expertise used in the field included general site inspections, GPS surveying and mapping, manual and machine-driven drilling (hand auger, Geoprobe, CPT, hollow stem auger, rotary, etc.), soil logging and stream gauging, periodical monitoring, sampling of water, soil, sediment, and soil vapor, onsite/laboratory analyses with various instruments including mobile GC, and plume delineation modeling

Environmental and Process Engineering

- Designed, reviewed, and approved various remediation/treatment engineering plans based on contaminants’ physical, chemical, and biological properties and regional geological, hydrogeological, and geochemical conditions in soil, groundwater, and industrial waste water

- Major experience included scoping, RI/FS, numerical simulations of reverse osmosis, nano- filtration, ion exchange, and deionization, bench and pilot test design and execution, equipment sizing, capital and operation cost estimation, contractor quote review and bid selection, construction oversight, and facility operation monitoring, optimization, and maintenance

- Engineering designs included contaminated soil excavation, soil vapor extraction, groundwater air/ozone sparging, in situ chemical oxidation, “pump and treat” with GAC, biological sulfate reduction, acid rock drainage neutralization/heavy metal precipitation, industrial waste water chemical pretreatment and membrane filtration, power plant water supply deionization, stream bank erosion control, storm water catch basins, and mine site reclamation

- Contaminants treated included heavy metals, metalloids, anions, acidity, cyanide, VOCs, SVOCs, PCB, PCE, TDS, and TSS in soil, groundwater, waste water, and soil vapor Waste Management and Risk Assessment

- Performed waste sampling and characterization, identified and quantified toxic releases inventory

(TRI) for more than 10 mine sites, prepared petroleum contaminated soil and solid and hazardous waste management plans, assisted clients with government auditing and compliance assurance, and determined waste disposal options

- Supervised mine site demolition activities, identified physical, chemical, and biological hazards, drafted health and safety plans, including asbestos and lead based paint surveys, reviewed human health risk assessment plans, and provided various safety trainings

- Conducted Risk-Based Corrective Action (RBCA) modeling and Nevada A-K risk assessments for petroleum product spill site cleanup and contaminated soil management Groundwater Resources and Investigation

- Designed and installed numerous monitoring, remediation (extraction and injection), and water supply wells based on local hydrogeology and industrial/domestic needs

- Performed aquifer analyses and testing, including well logging, pumping tests, slug and bail-down tests, well yield estimation, calculations of aquifer transmissivity, hydraulic conductivity, and hydraulic gradient, flow direction and velocity determination as well as groundwater elevation monitoring, water quality monitoring, and submersible pump sizing and selection

- Conducted hydrogeological, geochemical, and remedial modeling. Experience included AquaChem, PHREEQC, EPA Wellhead Protection, Surfer, and RBCA for water type classification, acid rock drainage neutralization/metal precipitation, drinking water well capture zone delineation, flow direction determination, and remedial action selection 3 P a g e

Research and Development and Laboratory Support

- Researched arsenic’s fate and transport in groundwater and experimented and created an innovative “treat and pump” approach for in situ arsenic reduction in groundwater with hundreds of laboratory bench and column tests

- Investigated the lower Blackfoot River watershed in southeast Idaho, identified and quantified both point and non-point nutrient and sediment sources using water and mass balances

- Managed an environmental engineering laboratory and taught a senior-level environmental chemistry course “Laboratory of Water and Wastewater” which included determinations of acidity, alkalinity, turbidity, solids, hardness, nutrients, DO, BOD, COD, VOC, color, etc.

- Managed an environmental geochemistry laboratory and worked as an analytical chemist for four years. Duties included analyses more than 30 major and trace elements and anions in water and rock samples with ICP, NAA, ion selective probes, colorimeters, and titration

- Supervised a process chemistry laboratory and a pilot engineering laboratory, designed and simulated various chemical and physical treatment processes, including pH and Eh control, iron coagulation, polymer flocculation, sedimentation and clarification, microfiltration, nano-filtration, and reverse osmosis, and determined critical full scale design parameters Project Management, Proposals and Report Preparation, and Permitting

- Managed various environmental and engineering projects. Tasks included project planning, work scheduling and staffing, budget monitoring and control, technical and logistical support, and interaction with clients, subcontractors, and government regulators

- Prepared numerous proposals and reports, including Phase I/II ESAs, corrective/remedial action plans, SWPPPs, scoping and feasibility study reports, bench and pilot test memoranda, PFDs/P&IDs, specifications, engineering bids and contracts, and design and construction drawings

- Applied for and acquired various environmental permits, including water discharge/NPDES, HAP air emissions, water rights, underground injection, and well drilling and abandonment FELLOWSHIP AWARD

- $80,000 fellowship, Inland Northwest Research Alliance, funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, August 2003 – August 2005


- Familiar with federal environmental laws and regulations, including NEPA, CWA, CAA, RCRA, TSCA, UST, EPCRA, and CERCLA through formal academic training

- Working knowledge of California environmental laws/regulatory agencies, including CEQA, Proposition 65, CUPAs, HWCA, HSAA/State Superfund, CalEPA, Water Board, DTSC, and USACE

- Proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Project, AutoCAD, and RFF

- Hands-on modeling using ROSA, Avista, CADIX, IP-Pro, Flow of Fluids, PHREEQC, STABCAL, AquaChem, MINTEQ, Geochemist’s Workbench, WHPA, RBCA, and Surfer SUPPLEMENTAL TRAINING

- 38-hour Soil and Groundwater Remediation Course, Princeton Groundwater, Inc., 2009

- 22-hour Innovations in Dredging, WODA and Western Dredging Association, 2016

- 16-hour Sulfate Treatment Workshop, International Network for Acid Prevention, 2014

- 16-hour Risk-Based Corrective Action (RBCA) at Petroleum Release Sites, ASTM, 2011

- 15-hour Well Design and Rehabilitation Workshops, Nevada Water Resources Association, 2012

- 8-hour Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) Reporting Course, USEPA, 2010

- 3-hour SCADA Basics Seminar, Stantec/Nevada Rural Water Association, 2013

- 3-hour Nevada Water Rights Seminar, Schroeder Law Offices, P.C., 2014

- 40-hour OSHA HAZWOPER and annual refresher, 2009-2019

- 16-hour MSHA Surface Miner and annual refresher, 2007-2014 EMPLOYMENT AUTHORIZATION

- Authorized to work in the U.S. for any employers as a naturalized citizen

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