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Engineer Testing

Dammam, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia
October 30, 2019

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FULL NAME : Hassan Haider Mahmoud RELIGION : Muslim

DATE OF BARITH : 06 / 07 /1989 Residence permit : 212-***-****-Transferable NATIONALTIY : Sudanese Email : GENDER : Male Contact - Mobile : 009***********

MATERIAL Status : Single

Residential address : Eastern Province – Dammam


Omdurman Islamic University

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and electrons

2007 Till 2012 .

Work Experience:

Pried of rental :

ISCOSA, AL MASAREQ, ABB since 01/01/2014 till 22/09/2014 Testing and Commissioning :

Secondary Injection of CT & VT in HV and LV side (freja300).( Testing engineer & supervisor )

Insulation Resistance (Megger MIT520). ( Testing engineer )

Contact Resistance of CB and bus bar (Micro ohm meter). ( Testing engineer & supervisor )

Scheme & Function for SWGR . ( Testing engineer & supervisor )

SCADA commissioning and annunciation circuit. ( Testing engineer & supervisor )

Shifting for 2 Circuit breaker and testing before and after shifting.(Testing engineer & supervisor)

Shifting for 2 protection panel and test after shifting. ( Testing engineer & supervisor )

Scheme & Function for SWGR . ( Testing engineer & supervisor )

13.8 KV GIS CT, VT, BREAKER, DS, ES and GUAGE Testing. ( Testing engineer & supervisor )

ACDB & DCDB testing. ( Testing engineer & supervisor )

Transformer testing . ( Testing engineer & supervisor )

Arrange all the document for office work.

Making review for all the document for the work. CURRICULUM VITE

Pried of ALFANAR testing and commission:

ACDB & DCDB testing . (Testing engineer)

Scheme & Function for 13.8 KV SWGR . (Testing engineer)

Compartment test of the 13.8 SWGR . (Testing engineer)

Scheme & Function for 33 KVSWGR . (Testing engineer)

Compartment test for 33 KV SWGR . (Testing engineer)

Secondary Injection of CT & VT in HV and LV side (freja300) . (Testing engineer)

Insulation Resistance (Megger MIT520 . (Testing engineer)

Contact resistance for ( CB, Bus bar ) . (Testing engineer)

132 KV GIS compartment test ( CT, VT, CB, DS, ES, and LCC ) . (Testing engineer)

380 KV GIS compartment test ( CT, VT, CB, DS, ES, and LCC ) . (Testing engineer)

132 KV interfacing with control room and LCC . (Testing engineer)

380 KV interfacing with control room and LCC . (Testing engineer)

132 KV Outdoor GIS testing for the equipment . (Testing engineer)

Protection panel Bus bar, under frequency, under voltage load shedding (Testing engineer).

Preparation of line scheme for 380 KV . (Testing engineer)

Interfacing of the SAS common panel . (Testing engineer)

Simple relay (ABB - REF615, GE- F650) . (Testing engineer)

Preparation of the GIS 380 KV for HV test . (Testing engineer)

Primary and stability at 380 KV with leading engineer. (Testing engineer) Project with ALFANAR testing and commission:

Second industry 132 / 13.8 KV (Testing engineer) .

AL Rass 132/13.8 KV (Testing engineer) .

Hail 380/132/13.8 KV (Testing engineer) .

Al jouf 380/132/ 13.8 KV (Testing engineer).

Abu ajram 132/13.8 KV. (Testing engineer, supervisor and driver).

Doumt Al Gunde 132/13.8 KV (Testing engineer, supervisor) .

TURIF 132/33 /13.8 KV (Testing engineer) .

AL Mansoura 115/13.8 KV (Testing engineer) .

South Dammam -2 115/13.8 KV (Testing engineer) .

AL Naireah 380/115/33 KV (Testing engineer) .

New support I ndustrial.2 115 /33 KV (Testing engineer) .

TURIF power plan 13.8 SWG, Al Fadle (Testing engineer) . Period of working since 24 / 09 /2014 till 13 / 03 / 2018 Pried of ARC ENERGY:

GCB Circuit breaker installation and testing and commission at AL QURIH Power plan .

Spare part project at QIPP at the Dammam .

Pried of SOUQ - Aramex:

Taking order and deliver it to the client.

Dealing with deferent type of people and try the best to make them satisfy with service . Programmable logic controller (PLC SIMATIC S7 - 200): System covering all theoretical and practical aspects of the so-called program, which comprises of the following:

- The electromagnetic control circuits & troubleshooting of electromagnetic control circuits.

- The hardware of PLC system.

- The input and output devices of PLC system & input and output modules.

- Software of PLC system.

- Application in PLC system.

- Troubleshooting in PLC system.


1. excellent dealing with computer and dealing with all the applications and software and knowledge of computer maintenance hardware & software.

2. Good deal with the ammeter gauges and learn methods of measurement. 3. Excellent communication and project management skills. 4. Ability to develop nurture relation with internal and external contact. 5. Strong communication and presentation skills.

6. Ability to work under pressure with coppered team seeking for the company goal. Languages :

Arabic : writing, reading, talking - Excellent.

English: writing, reading, talking - Excellent.

Career goals:

To join a professional team and a high level; in order to achieve my desire to master new career and develop me, and overcome the challenges of working and its problems, and get adequate training in performing the administrative responsibilities; and in order to develop my skills and administrative process.

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