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Power Plant Engineer

Greenville, SC
October 29, 2019

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Ron Burdette Mechanical Designer

*** ***** ******* ****, ***, S.C.


Professional Summary


Professional Working In Design Engineering, Project Management & Supervision, Architectural Design, As-Built, Automation Equipment Automotive, Auditor, Bid Packages, Boilers, Busbar, Building Reports, Cable Tray, Casting, Certification of Export Control, Checker, Chemical Products, Civil Design, Clean Room, Compressors, Concept design, Concrete, Conduit, Construction Bid Documents, Conveyor Systems, Coolers, Cooling Towers, Cost Analysis, Cost Estimating, Cost Reduction, Customer Proposals, Deactivation & Decommissioning, Drums, Engine Motor Blocks, Equipment & HVAC Components, Equipment Data sheet, Equipment Layout, Equipment Specifications, Electrical Schematics, Ergonomics Estimator, Export Control Review and Approval, Facility Assessments, Facility Readiness Evaluations, Facility Decommissioning, Facility Surveillance & Maintenance, Facility Turnover Packages, Facility Walk Downs, Factory Flow, Feed Pre Heater, Fiberglass Processing, Filemaker Pro 10v3, Fire Protection, Flow Charts, Fuel Injections, Foundry, Gear & Cam Design, Gears/Power Transmission, Glove Boxes, Grounding, Heat Exchangers, Hydraulics, I&C Control Wiring, Industrial Engineering, Industrial Ventilation, Instrument specification, Isometrics, Jigs/Fixtures & Gages, Layout/General Arrangement Drawings GA’s, Latex Process, Lighting Systems, Life Safety Plans, Line-List, Machine Design, Machined Parts, Machinery Fabrication, Machine Shop, Manufacturing Engineering, Maps, Material Procurement, Material Take-Offs, Material Handling, Mechanical/Material Handling Equipment, Mechanical Drive Systems, Mechanical Systems, Methods & Standards, MOU’S Memorandum Of Understanding For The Transfer of Facilities, Ms Access, Ms Excel, Ms Outlook, Photoshop, Ms Power Point.

Ms Windows, Ms. Word, Nuclear Equipment, Nuclear transport & Storage Units, OSHA Safety Rules, Overhead Cranes, P&ID’s, Packaging Equipment, Passport, Pharmaceutical/Biotech, Pilot Runs, Pick & Place, Pipe-Racks, Piping Design, Piping Insulation, Piping Inspection, Piping Specification, Piping Supports, Planning, Plant Design, Plant Layout, Plant Modifications, Plastic Molds, Pluming, Pneumatics, Power Tools, Polymer Process, Pharmaceutical/Biotech, Presentations, Problem Solving, Procurement, Product Requirements, Product Specifications, Product Standards, Process Flow, Property Management Packages, Property Survey Federal Property Information Checklist, Proposals, Process Piping, Project Scheduling, Project Support, Pumps, Punch List, Quality Control Inspector, R&D Development, Reactors, Regulatory Affairs, Research/Development, Resins, Robot End Effectors, Rotating Equipment, Safety Equipment, Sales, Site Clearance Permits, Schematics and Wiring Diagrams, Screening for Disposition of Real Property, Screw Machine Form Tools, Start-Up Testing, Steel Structures, Sheet-Metal Enclosures, Sheet Metal & Fabrication, Sheet Metal Calculations, Spread Sheets, Start-Up, & Troubleshooting, Stackers, Storage Tanks, Strength & Materials, Structural Design, Strut Supports, Surveying, Supply Chain, Technical Procedure Documentation, Tension Devices, Test Machinery, Textile Machinery, Tire Manufacturing, Time Study, Tooling Design, Tool & Die, Underground Piping, Utility Piping, Wire Way, Walk Downs, Web Handling, Weldments, Work Material Flow, Word Processing, US National Codes & Standards, ASME B31.3, NFPA 101, ASME N509/510/B16, DOD-D-1000/DOD-STD-100 & Metric, IEC, NEC, NFPA, NEMA, 1EEE, & OSHA, ANSI Y115B/ANSI Y-14.5 (1994), TS16949, ISO9001:2008, MIL- STD-100 Dimensioning & Geometric Tolerances, ISO Standards, French Norm Standards, German DIN Standards. Skills with Hands-On-Carpentry, Cabinet Builder, Painter, Automotive, Sales & Marketing, Business Oriented, Organizer fundraiser and Entrepreneur.

Work Ethics:

U.S Citizen, Self –Motivated, Self-Reliant, Self-Directed, Positive, Organized, Honest, Dependable, Hardworking Professional, Good People Management Skills, Able To Handles Multiple Or Independent Projects, Adaptable And Open To Change, Willingness To Learn And Accept Directions, Ability To Work In Teams Or Independently, Communication With Vendors And Customers Concerning Specification, And Application Requirements, To Resolve Delivery And Design Issues.


Degree: Associates, Engineering Graphics Technology, Tri-County Technical College

Studies in Civil Engineering Technology, Tri-County Technical College

Studies in Industrial Engineering Technology, Tri-County Technical College

Studies in Engineering Technology, Tri-County Technical College


3D Computer Vision Cadds 4X (2000 Hours).

3D Solid Works 2003/2015 (3000 Hours).

3D AutoCAD 2012/2015 (25,000 Hours).

3D Inventor 2016 (1500 Hours).

2D AutoCAD 2010/2012 (25,000 Hours).

2D AutoCAD 2002I (2000 Hours).

Bentley Micro station Cadd V8 200, V8 XM (10000 Hours).

Certifications Continued:

Bentley Project Wise (2000 Hours).

Bentley Micro station Cadd (10000 Hours).

SP3D Smart Plant 2011 (2000 Hours).

Certificate: 3D Computer Vision Cad 4X, Greenville Technical College

Certificate: AutoCAD, Greenville Technical College

Certificate: Solidworks 2015, Greenville Technical College

Computer Skills:

2D AutoCAD (Release 9 thru 2008/2012 & 200I); 3D Computer Vision Cad 4X; 3D Solid Works 2015, XP,

AutoCAD Mech. 3D AutoCAD 2012/2015, 6MMA, Bentley Micro Station J and V8 2004, AutoNom New and Puma

AutoCAD Mv6, Ms.Word.

Ms Excel, Ms Access, Ms Power Point, Ms Outlook, Photoshop, Ms Windows 3.11, 98, & 2000, Filemaker Pro

10v3, Passport

SP3D Smart Plant 2011, Inventor 2016

Military Training:

U.S. Army, Honorable Discharge.

U.S. Army OCS Leadership School Training.

Combat Engineering Training, Fort Leonard Wood Missouri, Squad Leader.

Fire & Crash Rescue Training, Fort Rucker Alabama.


General Security Clearance

Confidential Security Clearance.

L Security Clearance.

Holder of TWIC (Transportation Worker Identification Credential) badge.

Nuclear Training:

SDD RCRA Qualification (ZREP1001).

Consolidated Annual Training “CAT” (CAT00000).

Radiological Worker Level 1 (QHRG1300).

Radiological Worker Training II Certification (QHRG0300).

Environmental Laws and Regulations (QREP8001).

Hazard Analysis for Managers (TRWGHA03).

OSHA Competent Person Excavation, Trenching, Shoring (TMAR4300).

ARRA Employee Orientation Read and Sign (HCMSTD00).

ARRA Employee Safety Orientation (ARRATG01).

Hazard Analysis Delta Training (TRWGHA08).

HPI Error Reduction Tool Refocus (SRSHP004).

HAZMAT (Initial and Recurrent) Training (THMWCBT1).

Resource Conservation Recovery Act “GEN” TRNG (QREP1000).

SRS Hoisting and Rigging Manual, TM90-7 Section 8 (TMAM0616).

Miller Fall Protection Relief Step Briefing (TMAR2550).

Drilling/Penetration Hazards Awareness Briefing (TMAR7000).

SDD Annual RCRA Briefing (UDCO0029).

Beryllium Associated Worker Training (BAWT0001).

ACP Safety Orientation (ACPIXD00).

General Employee Training (TREGGETA).

BMP/SPCC/Storm Water Briefing (BMPSPCC0).

Behavior Based Safety Team Safety Workshop “Mod 3” (QRIS5007).

Behavior Based Safety Team Safety Workshop “Mod 4” (QRIS5008).

ISMS for Managers/Professionals (TQAISM01).

Cyber Security Code of Conduct (CYBSEC00).

ARRA Hazard Recognition Workshop (ARRATG02).

P/R Area Life Safety and Remote Worker Briefing (UDCOXD02).

Hazardous Energy Control, 8Q-32 Rev. 17 (TREGHEC6).

Asbestos Awareness Training (UDCO0038).

Nuclear Training Continued:

ISMS for Mangers/Professionals (TQAISM01).

Cold and Dark Briefing (UDCO0077).

Required Security Timeout (SSSAWARE).

Incident Scene Coordinator “ISC” (ACPEXD01).

Industrial Hygiene for Managers (XTGGIH01).

D & D Fundamentals (UDCO0057).

WMS Casual User/Access Suite/Passport (TMAC0300)

770-U HWCTR Life Safety Plan (ACPEXD02)

Work History

Project Engineer

October 2017 to September 2019

FlexLink Systems, Inc., a Coesia Company

Greenville, SC

On Contract


Design high speed automated production conveyor systems in a team environment.

Design conveyor components all the way to turnkey solutions for automotive, electronics, food industries.

Design manufacture and assembly to meet customer requirements and per ANSI or ISO standards.

Skills Used

3D AutoCAD 2016

3D Inventor 2016

SAP System

Amber Innovator System

FlexLink Online Ordering & Data Entry

Pproject Engineer

April 2017 to October 2017

Pharma Tech Industries

Royston, Ga.


Design and management of equipment and new building improvements, and process changes.

Preparation and execution of change control documents for defined process and equipment.

Collaboration with teams as well as customers to execute new processes, process changes, and building improvements.

Initiate, edit, manage, and organize all company drawings related to processes, equipment, and buildings.

Engineering support for new business start-up, per line design, equipment specification and purchase process equipment.

Provide engineering support to manufacturing departments.

Skills Used

2D AutoCAD 2016

Solidworks 2017

Project Engineer

September 2016 to April 2017

FlexLink Systems, Inc., a Coesia Company

Greenville, SC

On Contract


Design high speed automated production conveyor systems in a team environment.

Design Cconveyor components all the way to turnkey solutions for automotive, electronics, food industries.

Design manufacture and assembly to meet customer requirements and per ANSI or ISO standards.

Skills Used

3D AutoCAD 2015

Senior Mechanical Designer

February 2014 to September 2016

Michelin Tire Corporation (US1)

Greenville, SC

On Contract


Design components and modifications of tire building production machinery.

Machinery layout of new & existing equipment and conveyor’s for manufacturing of tire material handling.

Plant layout to include, piping, electrical, fire & water, structural, HVAC, and conveyor systems.

Skills Used

AutoCAD 2012

Solidworks 2015

Mechanical Piping Designer

July 2013 to February 2014

Kiewit Power Engineers Co.

Kansas City, Ka

On Contract


Provide construction services for the government, transportation, power, water and other major sectors throughout North America.

Mechanical Piping Design for 2x1 combined cycle power plant in Woodbridge, New Jersey.

General arrangement drawings for 2x1 combined cycle power plant, pipe routing, pipe supports design, piping, isometrics &

system schematics.

P&ID’s, PFD’s, & flow sheets, construction plans, equipment layouts, piping codes & standards and piping specs. & standards.

Skills Used

SP3D SmartPlant 2011

Mechanical Piping Designer

August 2011 to July /2013

Mitsubishi Polyester Film, Inc.

Greer, SC

On Contract


Mitsubishi manufacturer and leader of one the largest suppliers of polyester (PET-polyethylene terephthalate) film.

Mechanical Design Lead on Film Line 8 Coex Expansion Upgrade.

Design piping for process film extruder equipment.

Supervision of Designers, Process Control, Engineering, Procurement, Vendors & Fabricators.

Maintain progress Mechanical Engineering Schedule weekly.

Conceptual design, process equipment, piping, structural, HVAC, conveyors, and design of a casting machine.

Skills Used

Bentley Micro station Cadd V8 200, V8 XM.

Bentley Project Wise

Bentley Micro station Cadd

Mechanical Process Designer

June 2010 to August 2011

Ascend Performance Materials

Greenwood, SC

On Contract


Front End Engineering for Tire and Industrial Growth Project- Phase 2, Ascend Performance Materials a global leader in the production of Nylon 6,6.2

Design process piping to and from newly installed product equipment & production machinery & supervision of pipe fitters.

Equipment arrangement/machinery & plant layout.

Developed process flow diagrams, electrical schematics, & I&C control wiring.

Modifications of structural platforms and HVAC to accommodate new Process Equipment.

Skills Used

Bentley Micro station Cadd V8 200, V8 XM.

Bentley Project Wise

Bentley Micro station Cadd

D&D Project Support Engineer

June 2009 to June 2010

Savannah River Nuclear Solutions (SRNS)

Aiken, SC

On Contract


Plan and develop Property Management Packages in support of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act FY 2009 Deactivation & Decommissioning (ACP-D&D) and support of the U.S. nuclear non-proliferation efforts, also support environmental cleanup and energy independence, to include the following Documentation to implement a no longer need for selected facilities of the Savannah River Site. Prepare documentation for demolition of K reactor cooling tower by a subcontractor.

Screening for Disposition of Real Property.

Property Survey Federal Property Information Checklist.

Certification of Export Control.

Building Report.

Export Control Review and Approval.

Site Clearance Permits.

Facility Walk Downs.

(LSP’S) Life Safety Plans.

Skills Used

Bentley Micro station Cadd

WMS Casual User/Access Suite/Passport (TMAC0300)

Senior Mechanical Designer

October 2007 to June 2009

SDS Machine Group, LLC

Spartanburg, SC

On Contract


Working on site with Michelin Tire US7, Earthmover Facility. Lexington, S.C.

Responsible for conceptual design for tire manufacturing test machine and safety equipment.

Working on site with Michelin Tire US3, Spartanburg, S.C.

Responsible for re-design manufacturing machine to accommodate a larger tire to be put into production.

Onsite machine design for Michelin Tire US2; Michelin Tire MATC/NWD, & Aircraft Facility, Norwood, N.C.

Skills Used

2D AutoCAD

Solidworks 2003

Project Manager / Mechanical Designer

March 2007 to October 2007


Spartanburg, SC

On Contract


Responsible for evaluating and upgrade of a Pilot Fiber Line for production Cytec Industries.

Redesigned GP3 Carbon Fiber Line for Cytec Industries, manufacturer of advanced chemicals, polymers and carbon Fibers

“Composites for use in the aerospace and automotive industries”.

Piping design for fiber line equipment.

Developed process flow diagrams, electrical schematics, & I&C control wiring.

Project Manage Facility lay-outs and systems; to including electrical, HVAC, Piping, architectural and mechanical design.

Determine specifications for materials and work with procurement on material orders and bid packages.

Skills Used

2D AutoCAD

Bentley Micro station Cadd

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